Plant all your trees, fruit trees and all all other patches before the weekend starts so they are ready to harvest. Same with animals in your pkayer owned farms!


This. Except the pof bit. Pof animals aren’t affected by dxpw.


that will defintley be happening since im currently doing fruit/tree patch runs currently. ima check whether reeds or grapevine are the better choice for hop patchs.


Grow dragons to adolescent stage and sell to granny for beans this will give u loads of beans before dxp is over


if you have loads of beans you can buy the insta-grow leafy from pof that insta grow ur cactus, plant golden dragonfruit instagrow harvest repeat , i belive its 1k beans per insta-grow thing and the golden dragonfruit gives like 20k farming xp with out the bonus , its nb method but considering its low beans from pof used makes it nice


that is currently one of the things i planned to do, but decided to ask reddit just in case there some better use for the beans. and unfortunately i only got 44k beans not too much and not too little.


Toooo little. You need to get more. Selling adol pavos will get you like 30-40k beans alone


Magic beans -> woody/fruity growth potions -> plant(elder trees/carambolas)- use potion- harvest- repeat


Farm beans in pof. Buy fruit tree pots from POF granny. Plant tree. Use pot. Chech tree. Remove tree. Repeat. Ez 10m/h during dxp


is it better bean to xp than golden dragon fruit?


I personally did golden dragonfruit and found it efficient


No idea, just went for the quick route I knew. Most XP per check, which was carambole tree i believe for me


I'm going to do this, already have 400 potions. My question is: do you gather produce too? Or just check health and pay the gardener to remove it (is that even possible or just in osrs)


Gather produce (porters). Never hurts to get a little money back. And only a few seconds to gather all produce


Golden dragon fruit is the best XP/bean


The wiki has an xp/bean cart


What's the best way to farm beans?


Buy adolescent dragon from others and sell for beans. But it can be very expensive.


I just bred and sold dragons and scimitops mainly. Also zygos and chins but they are not so good


If no beans, then there's always seedicide at turoths (or aquanites cause let's face it, turoths gun be crowdddd). Turoths are up to 200k p/h according to wiki, can be afkd somewhat, so 400k over double xp, and if using all 40 hours, that's up to 16m farming through glorious double xp slaughter. Them fruity pots are better though by a mile, but you do need a lot of them already? I only recently returned to the game, and started PoF properly, and beans can only realistically be farmed for the equivalent of between 400-500k base xp per week if 100% efficient farming (only doing normal PoF). I have stockpiled 131k beans so far and thats worth 4.5m xp on double xp through Fruity Pots and Guarana seeds. The big difference being that all of those can be processed in well under an hour from my understanding. So unless you have fruity pots, then seedicide is the way xx


I used the same method as ReweraRS. If you're using instagrowth potions and you want to push the rates higher, wait for the respective VOS hours at Prif. It might also help if you stand in a public area before you start training to also gain the benefits of the meditation stone and/or pulse cores. Remember to use any buffs you have them - things like auras, the wise perk and outfits. Remember to activate your clan BXP if you have it and complete any additional farming tasks at Manor Farm for Brassica Primers. Also, don't harvest your crystal tree at reset. Wait until DXP begins before you harvest it!


i actually totally forgot about the crystal tree i havent even included it in my farm run \*facepalm\* tyvm for that. luckily i got some decent xp modifiers myself. aaand i might need to buy more urns


No worries. Yea, they can be extremely useful and you can burn through them fairly quickly at higher levels. It wouldn't hurt to have a decent amount ready to go.


Camp Turoths with Seedicide.


thank! didnt think of this one. i just hope there will be free worlds and not many people are camping them.


Golden dragonfruit with insta growth potions from pof. End of discussion. Netted me over 12m xp/h on dxp i believe.


Definitely do normal herb runs whenever you get on as the xp they provide might not seem much, but they do add up over time Fill up your pof with 10 black dragons and if you have access to it, get the highest 8 dinos and place them in the pof on anachronia. Make sure you get bxp and pulse cores as they will boost xp gained exponentially. Checking those everyday alongside running fruit and hard trees daily will help as they also stack with bxp and pulses (1 black dragon gives 200k xp at elder rank with appropriate buffs) There's also an elder tree in priff and the crystal tree which helps edge out the last little bit of xp if you have the access. If you find you are about 119 farming, don't be afraid to use beans on leafy potions for the fruit trees, specifically the carambola. With dxp, bxp and pulses you pull a good 180k+ xp per tree so you can spam that last bit of xp needed very quickly. Following these rules, I was able to get 120 farming in 2 dxp from 101-120, where I got 120 on the most recent dxp. Make sure to make notes to check your herbs trees and dinos for that reminder cause there will be some days you will not want to do farming.


>If you find you are about 119 farming, don't be afraid to use beans on leafy potions for the fruit trees, specifically the carambola. With dxp, bxp and pulses you pull a good 180k+ xp per tree so you can spam that last bit of xp needed very quickly. If he's just looking for instant xp on DXP, he should do this first :p


Golden Dragonfruit.


Guys I have a question too I believe my farming is 95 what should I do to get it 99


Supreme growth pot. Im doing golden dragonfruit