I would say it depends on what content you wanna do. Example: Raksha = sgb Kerapac = cryptbloom


I personally love cryptbloom and use it for just about anything. Animate dead makes everything so chill. I'd buy it over sgb any day.


Whats your mage weapon/range armour situation


Full sirenic. Ascensions with c4 and grico. Bitting 4. And tectonic with inquisitors. 99 range and mage. And 99 prayers for both. Gconc and limitless unlocked too


Id say a sgb is a good idea


Thank you


I bought cryptbloom and got bis perks on it and have used it once. To get a hard mode zuk kill and it wasn't even flawless. I made it to aken flawless with virtus and my yak died (wasnt at full time) so I ran out of food. Personally I'm torn on keeping it or selling it again. But I think it's over priced at the moment it's not nearly as good as my clan mates made it out to be. In my experience.


Personally i use cryptbloom boots, gloves and gelm with elite tectonic almost everywhere. Yes its not the most optimal dps, but the loss from not using cinderbanes ist as abyssimal people believe. I gained alot of survivability, which mage needs, so i recommend cryptbloom.


Sgb imo would only be good for an eof spec. Cryptbloom is the way to go. I have the full set but only use body/legs/boots to get the 3 pieces perk with using the other slots for a dps boost, its not the best dps but trust me the damage reduction is rediculious and that is with only wearing 3 pcs.


Im biased cause I don't have an sgb but I use cryptbloom over 70% of my bossing now just cause how chill it makes everything, if you want to pvm while not having to stress about dealing with mechanics perfectly or dying quite as much its 100% worth it.