Please can we extend the maximum charge of god books in line with scrimshaws which were updated to 24hr? as God books are still capped at 3hrs.


i think extending them and anything else to 255 hours [or, infinity, if the game allows it] would be ideal, honestly. on my ironman i have 7 24 hour superior cruelty / elements scrimshaws and 5 superior 24 hour vamp ones, which are taking up 21 bank spaces.


Couldn't you stack the normal 4 hour variants to save bank space? I have one extended scrimshaw (\~15 hours atm) and a stack of 4 hour versions I'll just recharge the main one with when it gets down to 8 or so hours. They even have a nifty divide option in the right click. I mean yes just letting us extend indefinitely would be nice but I don't see it happening lol.


you could do that, yeah.


Is the recent magma tempest nerf being monitored and are you open to make further changes to the ability? Like restoring crits, but changing other parameters like, duration, cooldown, being a threshold and so on?


What's the current situation regarding the player model rework? It's been a long while since we've gotten an update about it, i've heard that the lead developer for that project left jagex, which ofcourse can never be good for the project - does this mean the project is shelved for the time being? Or is it still in the works allthough with a major setback?


Will you roll out the newer tree models and ground textures to the wider game? The F2P area, in particular, feels a little 'patchy', with a strip of the old textures between Lumby and Al Kharid, for example. The same could be said for the Eagles' Peak area in the members' area as well. Has there been any progress on updating models across the game with their Yak Track equivalents? By this, I mean the Varrock guards, unicorns, rats, and bears.


I regret that I can only upvote this once. Pls Jagex! :pray:


Don't let Mod Timbo anywhere near the tree update project.




Pls do this


You'll always have my upvote, Stu.


I would love to hear an answer to all of these, especially the trees point. It would really go a long way with making the game look more graphically consistent, which would mostly solve the issue people have when they say the new graphics style looks “out of place.”


could we also get some more variety in the height of trees? they would function the same. a few small ones here and there and a couple taller ones. them being the same height makes it harder to look through them and the area look dull


Please. I begdge.


EGWD was an update schedule focused on pushing new content out as a priority. Can we have an update schedule focused on patches/ updating graphics I'm certain areas?


You get my upvote too!


I'm looking at you ardougne... Imagine the sense of size of the new port sarim but I'm a giant city. I imagine that being a huge undertaking though.


Thanks for the post Hooli :). My question is: Are there any plans on fixing the issue with some of the fire effects in game? Such as the firestorm nodes in runespan.


Can we get a way to key bind auto casting incite fear and exsanguinate so it's more in line how range bolt switching work. Having to right click mid combat is just annoying.


* Is Jagex aware that in about 2 months time we should see the release of the 20-year veteran cape? * Mod Osborne said the Dagannoth Kings boss pet grahical rework will happen before the end of the year. Will it? * How do you plan to tackle gold inflation in the game? * Any chance for a data livestream in the near future? * Will we see more quests in 2022 than this year? * Are you happy with the release of the golden partyhat? * When will you finally fix the upper-left option text glitch? It's been broken for more than 6 months. * Will we see more old cosmetic items return to the oddment store?


I know the answer to one of those questions! They have previously been asked about the 20 year veteran cape and they've said it's on their radar so they are aware. Not sure about the release tho ^^'


When can we expect to see something for the year ahead? Normally we get a sneak preview on Runefest, will there be smaller alternative?


Are there still plans to add the fun achievements to arch-glacor? They were mentioned pre-release


- Can we get some update to the Blessed Flask to make it more than just a QOL item and niche usage for Top Tier PvM feats? Current items like MW that take long to make give infinitely more benefits despite taking less time to make. - there was recently a very popular post regarding finding a way to combine all the skilling outfits to reduce using so much bank space, possibly making it related to PoH. Is something like this feasible?


Will 2022 see reworks to areas like Yanille or Karamja?


I would love to see Yanille updated, it could look absolutely amazing, instead of just flat


How much of an impact does Iroh's departure from Jagex have on the Player Avatar Rework? What is the timeline on getting the beta worlds up and running for the Player Avatar Rework? Can we expect any sort of progress update in December 2021 on the Player Avatar Rework?


Iroh departed?! oh god that update has probably been shelved now


I mean if you head a much needed rework and then get told 'we can't do it lol' you'd be out of there too faster than a shot. Sad really


The confirmation screen when destroying/dropping/disassembling etc should be consistent. Sometimes it's yes/no with keybind y/n and sometimes yes/no with keybind 1/2. Will this ever be changed to be consistent?


Are T92 armour (Elite Sirenic and Elite Tectonic to be precise) going to be made degrade to broken? Right now, they degrade to dust, which isn't normally an issue for top and bottoms since you augment them, but it seems flawed that something repairable can't be repaired when reaching 0%.


The new abyssal demon creature update please!


They can’t spoil because it’s coming with the 5th “front” (abyss/Erebus)


When I saw Abby demons in Battle for the Monolith I though it was going to give us the new creatures :(


Me too! But Osborne said they weren't relevant on one of the streams.


What happened to the Summer and Winter Weekends. Everyone loved them, why not bring them back?


Status of the update to discourage EDs bot farming?


Are there any plans to fix greater barge targeting issue. The gameplay feel is really annoying when we have to select the target, move away until selection register then barge to apply effect. Is some high ping world, it causes a failed attempt on target


Ironman group dungeoneering. Shop rune packs. Osrs have them and they worked amazingly! Would be kinda cool to learn about how some bugs happen, as someone who knows nothing about programming, like the vorago color glitch during TS. How does that happen when it wasn't touched? Will the Christmas cracker event be coming back? I really want that Christmas lootbeam for my ironman, and I never got it last year :( (If you can even get it from there)


What will happen to the player avatar rework? Will the lovers medallion return next valentines? When will treasure hunter locked items that are no longer available be added to the Oddments store?


Given that we got an alternative Revolution-friendly version of Magma Tempest, could we also get alternative Revolution-friendly versions of other abilities that don't currently work with Revolution? The following immediately come to mind: * A version of Bladed Dive that always attempts to hit your current target like Barge, and is on-GCD so that it always does its AOE damage. * A version of Detonate that has a fixed channel duration before automatically doing damage instead of sitting at 100% if you don't hit the button again.


having gbarge work with auto retalitate & revo would be huge too, they would just need to remove the autoattack that comes before it


Could we please be able to remove urns from Brooch of the Gods? Or at least let the urns function be used from inventory without having to be worn? Right now Brooch of the Gods (when worn), has to compete in the pocket slot with Pulse Cores, Cinder Cores, Skilling Scrimshaws, Scripture of Bik, etc. In these scenarios, then urns are stuck in the brooch since the brooch doesn't let urns be used while it's inside the inventory, only worn.


Will hardmode Arch-Glacor drop the anima and the elder troves in a future update? And can we please get the Elder God Wars drop rates?


There are a couple of things on my mind; - Could you allow players to reset the Rune Goldberg Machine with a daily reset? I'm a fan of the daily rework but we currently use more Wheeze (Vis) Wax than we're able to gather, unless ofcourse we buy it. - As a cluer I feel the need to make it aware that Elite clues are hindered by slider puzzles. A personal gripe of mine is that you can't skip puzzle scroll boxes with the Globetrotter backpack. Hard clues don't have this problem as you receive a puzzle separately and can skip the clue before you receive the puzzle. Even if you receive the puzzle you can still destroy it and the skip the clue, with Elites you have no option but use a skip ticket or do the puzzle. That's all for now, folks.


* Jagex has a phenomenal number of graphically updated NPC models (abyssal demons, unicorns, bears, polar bears, bats, etc), yet the turnaround for getting these in-game seems to take years or never happen at all. Any plans to speed this process up? * What happened to the graphical update to the Dagannoth King pets?


A confirmation the Avatar Rework will not be shelved would be nice.


What's the logic behind not letting ironmen donate to secret santa? I get why they can't recieve gifts from it. But what's wrong with just letting an iron donate?


Any plans on other skills getting the Divination progress bar update treatment? Runespan could benefit from having progress bars over the nodes and the nodes being on a fixed timer. Woodcutting is another skill that can benefit from this change. On the topic of Runecrafting, can bank presets fill runepouches? The skill is tedious to train because it doesn't benefit from the modern QoL changes.


Hitbox fix when


Are you afraid to reduce dailyscape because it hurts engagment metrics? This new task system feels like a step backwards in that regard. Are there plans to add more pack-type shop items to allow more bulk buying? How about making all shops a weekly reset with massive stocks? Why does the team seem completely unaware of the current visual bugs regarding fire? It's been on the subreddit weekly for months. (CFB fire, Runespan fire, etc) How is ironman DG coming along? Can we look at unlocking more content for ironmen? A lot of the restrictions seem very arbitrary (like no demon flash mobs but goblin invasions are ok? No trawler but sus is ok?) Is there actually an ironman council that looks at these things? How is the vis wax supply changing since the new weekly challenges? Prices are up more and more, are you looking at adding more method of obtaining wax or cutting down on how many things use it? Thoughts on making all zerk auras an hour by default like the accuracy and most combat and skilling auras? Why were croesus and glacor ignored in the drop rate changes? You can get more wen anima in 10 minutes of normal glacor than bik in an hour of croesus. I can get 10-15x the pages camping normal glacor compared to croesus. Streaking and enrage at glacor have so little effect that the best rates of core involve camping 0% glacor. This is very counter-intuitive and gives better rewards for doing easing content, which makes no sense. Has a clickbox fix been rolled out yet? Not referring to the one specific to glacor, the game as a whole feels much more difficult to interact with than before the glacor patch.


In May of 2020 the Taverly teleport spell as released with the exact same icon as the Trollheim teleport. This was pointed out by the players, acknowledged by Jagex, and still hasn't been changed. There are actual game breaking examples, like cabbage facepunch fire walls being broken. Seeing how long it takes for some fixes that to my eyes appear relatively simple tends to make me more critical/skeptical of major content and announcements. Is there an internal effort/payoff calculation when it comes to fixing issues like this? If it doesn't impact enough players does it just not get fixed?


The pernix quiver feels not as impressive compared to the work required to get it. Are there plans to perhaps add the teleport options from the Tirawynn task-set to it if those have been completed, or add some other effect like ammo-saving?


Avatar rework?


Are there any plans to finish up older quest series? One of my favourite quest series is Elemental Workshop, which still has plenty of room to be completed and finished


Why are gwd3 drops so rare? It takes the fun out of it. What’s the reason for drops being non existent? Personally I made a goal to complete gwd3 logs but I haven’t even completed a single one, am burnt out and don’t really play anymore. shame really


Are there any plans to change the way vuln bombs activate? They are currently really clunky to use and could use a rework. Vulns should apply instantly to your current target, without needing a second click to throw. If you don't have a current target then you should be able to target them. Some specific issues with them: * Vulns should apply even if your target doesn't have feet (looking at you crassian, yaka, raksha p4, Sanctum Guardian, p5 telos.....) * Vulns should be usable in the same tick as other items (you can't use a vuln + dreadnips or vuln + potion or vuln + food) * Vuln distance needs to be increased dramatically. Even when playing melee I frequently see the message about how I can only throw a bomb from within 9 tiles. Nothing has a 9 tile range, so I should never be out of the range, but this message pops up all the time. * Vulns shouldn't cancel channeled abilities * Mobs moving hitboxes/other players/familiars make it super hard to properly target them with bombs * Vulns don't apply right away, and sometimes apply on different ticks * Vulns delay revolution abilities * Vulns cannot be used from the inventory There have been literally hundreds of posts on the subreddit asking for changes, and anyone who pvms with them knows what a hassle (and requirement) they are.


Is there any idea what will happen with the avatar rework with mod iroh gone?


Any chance for ring of vigour and/or persistent rage relic to be made into passives?


Where's our off-hand snowball override?


When is boss 5 getting released for egwd?


They keep hinting the EGW story will continue in January with the removal of the duel arena.


Any plans to release up to 120 of another skill?


Please give us updates on PAR. I want to know if its still in active development


I want to know what exactly is being done to fix the Cabbage Facepunch Minigame, because I am desperate for patch bombs. The trouble is that minigame spotlight is almost always dead, and I am forced to fight against walls of fire I can't see as well as the usual shenanigans at CFP.


- With the upcoming EDGW drop rate reveal, can we also get the rates for maul pieces in double and triple t3 Big Game Hunter encounters? - Currently the wiki only has "more common than xxx droprate" and it would be nice to have an exact number - With the festive holidays coming up, is there any chance some of the old cosmetic rewards return in a way that makes them reasonable to acquire? (Please Jagex I've been trying for the Present Lootbeam for 5 years and this *pull cracker ever 6+ hours for a lamp and two turkey legs* is complete **bullshit**)


Are there plans for any reworks rather than explicitly new content? The game is great, but many zones, quests, and skills have suffered the wrath of time and feel very outdated. Are there going to be zone refreshes? More skill reworks? Old quest reworks? Graphic reworks beyond the avatar rework? (In-line with zone reworks I guess)


Can Baron Sharks be added to count towards progress on the Yak Track fish tasks? It is super annoying to complete it with a perfect plus active, since there is no way to toggle it off or clear the effect.


* Why does the website frequently request captcha when logging in every time? * Can the website keep us logged in for a longer period of time? * Can you address the issue where an error keeps appearing when attempting to create a new account?


Let us use daily reset tokens for the Vis Wax Machine. Or make an invention machine that slowly generates vis wax.


I think Mod Stu should also do his suggestion of adding vis wax to the weekly reward track so that doing dailies consistently is somewhat self sustaining.


Are there going to be any future efforts to smooth out the tick issues that happen on Runescape? I heard there was talk of that but then put on hold/shelved. Also Shoutout to Mod Shogun!


When will the EGWD drop rates be revealed? :)


They already announced in a few locations they will be coming next month.


December of this year


Any news on upcoming updates for next year? We're a bit in the blue and people would like to know whats coming (no vague answers please) Whats your opinion on having permanent passive effects for ring of vigour and persistent rage effect? Especially adren loss when not in combat is outdated and it shouldnt be locked behind a relic.


I really don't think we need to just remove mechanics to make things easier.


Are there any plans to improve the UI? ​ After all these years, it is still a buggy mess to be honest. It is super confusing for new players, and elements are constantly resizing without ever touching them. Switching from mobile to PC always makes my UI back to legacy, there are many hidden buttons and settings, many overlapping elements, confusing duplicate icons, the main UI should make it easy to switch between the different tabs without having to close and click escape again, etc.


Are clickboxes still being fixed or have they been forgotten about?


Yea, I could upvote you twice I it was possible. It was hot topic for a few weeks and then croesus was there and everyone seem to have forgotten about it


There is growing sentiment that RuneScape would be the best MMORPG on the market if the combat system looked and felt better. Is there a commitment to drastically improving how combat looks and feels for everyone? Includes things like animation/visual effects, clunky interactions, targeting, AoEs, unintuitive abilities etc.


* Any big engine improvements being looked at? Changes to tick system, max cash issues, smoothment, etc. * When is the death cost update?


Has there been any further development on the Kingdom Management Rework?


unshelve this please \^\^\^


Do you have anything to say about Group Ironman coming to Runescape 3?


Can Ironman please do dungeoneering with each other?


Do you ever have thoughts on making things like the holiday loot beams avalible again and not 100% pure rng. I no lifed that event on my ironman and never got it.


Any news on people with Intel GPUs still experiencing client freezes when playing on the regular mode? This started out a month ago as the client not loading, after an update the client did load but still freezes. The initial problem had been addressed [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/qajt84/client_doesnt_load_without_compatibility_mode/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) . Playing in compatibility mode for over a month is no fun.


Could we get a list of bosses at which luck rings or relics do **NOT** affect the drop rate of uniques?


Are there any plans on changing aura scape? The current meta seems to be doing bosses in 1 hour segments which can become a pain if you want to pvm for less time or more time, makes coordinating with teams and can cause some frustration.


When we will see action towards gold inflation in game? When the max cash problem will be addressed? Is the PAR cancelled?


Currently the only way for the game to distinguish between weapons of the same type is by dyeing them. The intention with invention was to allow us to customize our weapons with different perks for different scenarios, making our weapons truly customizable. Requiring a 150m to 900m dye just to be able to do this puts a financial, and in an ironmans case, luck factor to using a skill as intended. Is there any way we could see something such dyeing the augmentors on weapons red or green like we do with rune pouches and the pernix quiver?


Are there any plans to fix prominent longstanding bugs such as the chatbox scrolling back to the top upon hopping worlds or Grand Exchange text fields not updating correctly (causing accidental offers)? We both know there's a lot of bugs in this game, but when things you encounter daily aren't fixed after years it becomes a bit silly.


It's not really a question so much as a request: Please update older areas and quests. Everything to do with the Dogreshuun is so out of date, it's sad. ;_;


Can we get M1 chip support on Mac? Seems like creation of current iOS app technically did most of the heavy lifting from the engine side for ARM support already, but would be really nice if they could make some adjustments to allow for it to be present on the Mac App Store and get full experience from M1/Pro/Max without using rosetta. Currently RuneScape can be ran on M1 iPads, and this would also make using the app on iPad with keyboard a much more enjoyable experience. I do not work in programming so I have no idea of the effort such a task would require, but hoping that it may be coming in the future. Seems like this would provide a large increase to battery life and performance. Plus my M1 keeps randomly crashing while playing. Any update is appreciated.


Can you please give the dbaxe spec a buff bar icon?


Seed bag have a bug since it was released (2 months ago). We can't put papaya tree seeds on it. And yes, since day 1 there is people reporting the issue. Just want to know if you guys are looking into it.


Hi! Just to let you know, the issue was fixed and has passed QA :) It needs to go into RC testing before it can be released, not sure when that will be


Have the other issues with the seed bag also been addressed? * Picked up seeds do not get put into it (gems auto go into the gem bag and herbs auto go into the herb bag) * Auto picked up seeds from seedacide do not go into the seed bag (auto picked up herbs from herbacide do go into the herb bag)


Is there a woodcutting rework being planned?


I do agree with you, doing a woodcutting rework would be nice, like adding axes from new metals, but it would also require reworking other skills aswell to some degree like fletching and firemaking. If they also added new arrowtips from the new metals, that might throw the ranging skill outta wack too so a lot of things need to be considered.


Any updates to moving Brooch of the gods to be an ‘ammo’ slot item removing its conflict with Scripture of Bik? Also perhaps being able to add pulse and cinder cores to its storage functionality? Likewise, urns in general take up a ton of bank space due to the notion of ‘active’ vs ‘inactive’ ones. A bank-saving, storage saving fix to this issue would be to have brooch convert urns into charges and have the brooch just operate by charge instead off ‘active/inactive’


Will you explore any new temporary game modes à la Deadman Mode, Leagues ect. for RuneScape 3? I had an idea of doing a month long Hardcore Ironman server with boosted exp and drop rates for a final battle at the end :)


I think Dimension or the Damned's failure has sullied that idea for a while.


To be fair that was 4 years ago. Old school has had several popular events since then, so we know it can work


I'd love to see leagues for RS3.


Thought's on removing adrenaline drain outside combat? It's been widely supported over the years with dummies, adren urn and adren crystals. Persistent rage would need to be reworked obv.


when will bakriminel bolts in pernix quivers display on buff bars


What's happening with the avatar rework? Most of the people I knew were excited for it, and I actually invited friends to play reassuring them that an avatar rework was coming and that it wasn't going to just be outdated models for long...I hope it was just pushed off and there are plans for it in 2022...


When will we can augment crystal chisel, knife and saw, also why crystal hammer isn't working with construction, even master constructor's outfit has crystal hammer on its belt.


Could the GWD boss room instance doors go into the bossroom instead of planting you several paces back just to go trough the door you just interacted with? It's tedious to have to go trough a warning, a door, an instance door and then the same door but in the instance. I'm not super far into bossing but can't think of any other instances where interacting with the instance door doesn't put you in the boss room upon accepting.


Will the official Jagex APIs ever get some much-deserved love? Some of the current issues: - Player APIs are username based, so changing your name breaks APIs - We can't get any information about achievements - Inconsistency response type (JSON, CSV, headerless CSV, etc.) - Lack of official documentation (the wiki does a great job, but ever since the Jagex-run Wiki shut down, there has been no official documentation available for the public Jagex APIs)


Could we possibly get a cooldown icon in the debuff bar for scripture and God book cooldowns?


When can we get the upper left cursor hover text back?


What happened to Shauny's elemental skilling off-hands that were completed?


*Jagex laughing in shelves. *


Will we ever get offhand overrides for existing mainhand cosmetics, such as the anger sword? Will rogue outfit be changed to reclaimable from Django? Is it not possible to win lucky items from TH anymore?


Any chance we can allow more hitsplats to be visible instead of the current 6?


Why do feminine cosmetics keep shipping with arms that are too long for the animations? The troubadour top isn't even a copy pasted model, there's no reason for it. And battleworn steel still hasn't been fixed.


Rite of Passage when?


What happened to the minion order being added to the AoD interface? I thought it was being worked on


Are there any plans to re-release the Plague Doctor cosmetics soon? Was very disappointed that they didn't make an appearance during Halloween this year. Would love to see them come to the oddments store or something. Also, what exactly dictates which Yak Track cosmetics appear on the oddment store? It seems very random and inconsistent. For example, there's a lot of missing cosmetics from Yak To Basics like the Fight The Fatigue rest animation as well as a lot of the other weapon overrides like the Misthalin Greatsword. Would be nice to know why certain cosmetics never make it into the oddments store. I know people have been wanting the spooky blindfold for ages.


when are the other discontinued walk tokens being added back?


Would it be possible to make the HSR roll passive if you've unlocked the T4 luck relic? It seems unfair to hold either a relic or ring switch hostage if all you care about is the extremely unlikely event of receiving a cheese batta. Sacrificing a LOTD to the relic should be a good enough payment to erase that worry forever, and you would still need to activate the relic for the other effects of T4 luck.


Will we ever be able to custom name our bank presets & action bars? Currently, the options we have are very limited, out of order, and some are just straight up missing. The Rex Matriarchs still haven't been added to he bank presets, and the action bar is missing all of the new GWD3 bosses.


Are there plans to address the max cash issue? Currently many items are not buyable through the GE because they are worth more than max cash and players must rely on spirit shards. Some items are not even buyable with max shards (blue partyhat for example) and need to be supplemented with additional expensive items such as ECB. Is it possible to implement something like platinum tokens like OSRS did?


Are there any additional endgame tasks planned besides Reaper & Collection Logs?


Could POH Menagerie max cap be raised from 30 to 60? The interface is only half full, but keeps the limit at 30. Since more and more pets are being interfaced and Pet Park did not go through, can we ever expect a pet update via POH or something else so we can see all our pets?


are there any plans to bring back TAPP time in some form? a lot of great updates came from this era and was removed in favour of menaphos styled content. afterwards there were gamejams for a replacement but those projects never seem to make it to the game. a few notable memories htat came from tapp time that were smaller but widely beloved updates were for example; guthix memorial angel of death needle skips quest back to the freezer master quest cape etc and plenty more really without TAPP these smaller but great love projects would have never made it in to the game. please allow devs to put their passion into the game, i'm 100% sure that the time put in will be rewarded 10x in return.


With OSRS group ironman out for a little while now: 1. Will it be coming to RS3? 2. What is the uptake in OSRS? Are there many active users?


Can we get another data stream? E.g. what is the percentage of active ironman players in the game?


Can a second colour blind mode be added to Telos? It's great that the mode is there for red/green colour blindness, but some colour blind people like myself can't distinguish red and black (especially the buff bar icons for the virus), making p5 basically unplayable without accidentally guessing right. Second: now that the oddment store doesn't seem to cycle out cosmetics anymore, can we see the other sets that were in there temporarily, like the fallen nihil and captain deathbeard outfits, return to it? (I didn't play yet when most of these were in there)


Could the Wilderness Webs be updated to be cut in one hit, if the player has completed the Wilderness task set? This would put it in line with OSRS


Clue scroll puzzle boxes used to have around 50-80 steps on average, now they average 150+ due to a change a few years back, which has been fairly universally disliked and is a massive deterrant to actually doing clues (particularly elites). Are Jagex aware of this issue, and are there any plans to change?


On-screen action bars are becoming more of an issue, as more abilities, actions and switches are added to the game we are becoming very hard pressed for space. Is there any intention to add more on-screen bar(s), or is this still impossible?


Do you have any good news on group dg for ironmen? I know it was briefly mentioned by u/JagexOsborne on a previous stream and not explicitly promised. But if the Ninja's could have a look at this sooner than later i'm sure it would make a lot of ironmen very happy.


Whats going on with avatar rework? Its embarassing that its in the 20th book and is basically vaporware now since the the original dev left. Seems to be par for the course.


Any thoughts of improvement Staff of Sliske special attack?


Will Adrenaline loss outside of combat be made permanent without the Archaeology relic? Seems like Adrenaline loss is an outdated mechanic that no longer lines up with EoC's intent of starting at 0% and building up, considering the addition of War's Retreat.


Can arch-glacor streak and enrage be made to actually affect the droprates?


Wait... it doesn't effect the drop rate?


I believe he's being facetious because the drop rate is still low as it caps early.


Ah I see, you're probably right there.


Will Rune Stores get some love and get larger stocks / every world indipendent stocks?


As there has been alot of talk about it on reddit recently, are you guys open to extending the lobby timer?


What's next for mobile? I really want to see UI scaling for larger screens.


will there be an elder god quest in december?


Anything planned for clan citadels? Specifically looking for more skilling plots.


In which quarter of 2022 will work on the Avatar Rework restart (if at all)?


When is something going to be done about items that are over max cash? I don't care about rares. The final boss for BIS gear is curently merchers, and that is absolutely unacceptable. If this isn't already in development, then this game is on its 5 year life support. If it is in development, please fucking communicate. Here's a super simple idea - don't drop lootshare style shards, ever - those suck. Require big ticket items (FSOA pieces etc) to be sold as shards. You get the gamblers high (and the only thing corp cares about, $$$) and also can prevent GE buyouts. Get drop, drop is untradable, split into shards, shards are tradable. No new GE, no engine work, some front-of-backend work, problem solved.


What is going to happen with the duelists cap?


* The world is really crowded in places and can feel small because of it. Do you have any plans to address this? * Are there any plans to get through the backlog of more tangential bugs which keep getting ignored? For example the Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza minigame is borderline unplayable for some because of the bug with its fire, and has been for months. * Do you have any plans to work on the core codebase and engine? I think we all know it's spaghetti city down there but there's only so long you can work around the problem rather than fix it.


what do you think of removing summoning points? they seem kind of pointless & inconsequential, just makes it a nuisance to need a restore pot on longer trips where you need multiple pouches


Less of a question more of a statement. Why do some items which are clearly "broken" when equipped on a player model. Remain broken for so long. The bunny ears on male models floats WAY above the characters head. Surely these sorts of fixes do not take long. Is it a case of "we're scared we will break something else fixing this" or "we just dont really care enough"?


when are gwd3 droprates coming out?


December this year


Any plans on letting mains trade cosmetic tokens like the zombie walk with irons? Was a huge disappointment that you guys teased that so much, to release it only on th! It's just a cosmetic let me give one to my ironman pls


Melee is lacking as a style because it went from the tanky DOT style to...well, it's still that but being tanky is killed by Soul Split. Are there any plans to make a t92 shield or t95 armor for melee that may allow it to be tanky and keep up with the decreased dps - which lowers tankiness since soul split makes dps=healing.


Will we see a crafting/fetching/wc upgrade in line with the mining and smiting rework in 2022?


- The hardcore ironman achievement hiscore has been broken for months if not years. Will it ever be fixed? - Any thoughts about bringing more auras from loyalty points to ingame sources, like what was done with Wars Retreat? - Is there any chance we can increase the amount Vis Wax you can earn a day? New dailies increased vis wax needed for an already very limited resource. - What is Jagex' stance on retroactively adding more stuff to comp/trim/MQC, from the years where new fitting requirements were rarely added? - Default quest sorting is confusing for new players, and the recommended quest setting hides perfectly good quests without much rhyme and reason (like Violet is Blue). Can we change default quest sorting to Timeline, and reconsider if the recommended setting is even doing anything useful?


Are you aware players have been able to get items added to their account, practically out of thin air, by submitting a lost item claim on items they never had? I seem to remember someone getting like 30m water battlestaffs a few months ago because of a lost item claim.


Ge tax?


Can we have grico back now that you made magic stupid strong?


Can we get magma tempest to crit again? Don't have to revert damage nerf but chance to crit was awesome


My friend said he accidentally high alched his Slayer Helmet on his Ironman. He also said there was never a confirmation message. It's obviously still his mistake but could that be added or should it be? The value of the items to make it is quite high.


RS3 collection log - any plans? Pls


Could we incorporate data/stats into streams to better convey controversial decisions? OSRS has been doing this for awhile.


Does Jagex think the excessive amount of xp rewards/boosts/events are an issue to the long-term health of the game?


arent we way beyond that? I feel like getting max stats should be a mid-game achievement and these boosts help a lot of players reach that goal. Even with all these boosts, it still takes dozens of hours to reach 200m, by which point you are ranking 10k+ in most skills. Im not sure how it matters honestly.


No, that's a bad game design, we should get away from just handing out goals. The game should focus on the gameplay when earning xp and making progress to goals. This does the opposite.


You say "focus on gameplay" but that's exactly what they're doing. Players are no longer 9-year-olds living in 2003 who consider clicking a rock "gameplay." They're letting people get to all the content in the game that they actually want to do. Even after all 99s or all 120s there's still literally thousands of hours of things to complete, let alone the more limitless activities like bossing or clue scrolls which you can spend years on alone if your goal is to complete those logs. I just maxed after 15 years of on-again-off-again playing; I just don't see new players picking up this game for the first time having that sort of commitment or patience. I honestly believe we're part of a different era of gamers.


That’s my point. Rather than fleshing out the game, half of it is dead. We are throwing out 20 years of content to say, only the new stuff is worth doing. That’s a horrific mindset. Work should be put into allowing people to focus on gameplay from the moment they enter the game. Not be faced with a grind they feel obligated to skip. Many players think the current solution is good because they don’t even understand the problem doesn’t need to exist in the first place.


It just sounds like you are stuck in xp-minded gameplay Runescape was. RS is now a 20 year old game and rs3 now has been curated for fast level achievements and long gear upgrades and skill cap. Faster levels is better, and there are 0 downsides to that.


Rubic rarely has good ideas.


That must be why player retention is so low then right…


Im not going to pretend to know how to answer that. And you can't either, its a multi-factorial issue.


It's safe to say that Group Iron Man on Old School has been a success; are there any further plans to bring the game mode to the main game?


I think the gim was made to give content creators content making the game more interesting to watch. But I don't think rs3 would have the same content creator player base as osrs would have. There's just too much to do on the main game that it's not worth having a gim just because


When can we expect you to revert the changes to magma tempest? For all I care, that ability can do 1 damage each tick, but if it lets me crit I’m more than satisfied!


Is group ironman still on the shelf has the release on osrs make you consider pushing it ahead? Are there any plans to expand on slayer, like task only bosses, unique drops from elite spawns, weapons that are bis for a specific cluster task, extra extra long tasks, etc Can you consider adding an ability that would use the first available basic ability on the action bar, making kiting and target cycling easier for people who don’t use full manual Let us use item tags in the bank search so “armour” shows results from bank/Diango/tag search, or add a modifier like “t-food” to tag search and show anything edible


Question: how much money did you make by posting the wrong patch notes "accidentally"?


This stinks of controversy, what did I miss?


Money? Wtf


Why was the bug where players exploited the infinite Zuk loot bug on release never addressed? Were these players punished? If not, why not?


Any plans on turning the phoenix eggling into a familliar override (even with a generic attack animation). Such a shame not being able to use it.


Can we get more group content accessible to mid-late game? Something like croesus but with combat and less skill gated than AoD/Solak. Elite dungeons is good group content but the drops rates being nerfed for groups is a huge turn off.


What made Khazard change his mind about keeping his lich face after the 18th Ritual of Rejuvenation? He has a face in Senntisten.


Holiday event related: Can the Icicle crown (Queen of snow) from the 2011 easter event be rereleased? Also, can we have a 'queen of snow' outfit as a reward in-game from the Christmas event?


Any plans to change splintering and deathspore arrows? they are still underpowered compared to bakriminels.


Any updates in regards client crashing after updating Monterey OS?


I would love to know if there are any thing you can say about upcoming quests, I liked the miniquests over the last year, but I miss my meaty kinda quests.


Are we getting a quest to tie up elder god wars in december?


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When will old yak trak teleports be released on oddment store? Such as heroic leap from kerpac yak trak that has been forgotten.