Gotta love a captain who says fuck this shit as soon as they realize a little something is off.


Ye that's what I loved about it. They see something wrong, they immediately and without hesitation decide to gtfo. Nobody dies due to plot-induced acute retardation that causes them to make super dumb decisions. When you have a bunch of professionals who make the right decisions and do the right things yet still fail, that really elevates the "antagonist" to another level. Makes it so much more bad and evil and powerful than some monster that lurks in a forest and hunts short skirt wearing college girls who seemingly have 15 IQ and no awareness to speak of.


THIS! Thank you! I love scifi and horror both but they both usually fall in the same trap. The point of conflict is always reliant upon making one very critical mistake so that the moral of the "cautionary tale" that makes up most scifi and horror isn't lost upon the audience. So, for the sake of the plot, a crucial character has to make a critical mistake that is super obvious and impossibly obtuse. And it is so frustrating to see, every time, because all it really does is undercut the power of the concept established. If the thing we're supposed to be afraid of is really so scary then it should be scary even if don't make any mistakes. Even if we do everything right, we should still be able to fail. Because that is how real life works too. You can do your very best, over and over and over again, and still come up short, and that is a real lesson. That is real terror.


>Even if we do everything right, we should still be able to fail. Because that is how real life works too. Jean Luc called, he wants his quote back lol




i always thought he said ship


He did. I meant to summarize the feeling, not the specific dialogue.


'something is off' is a tame way of describing watching a blood orgy :p


Huh, that's morpheus


No, that's an actor named Laurence Fishburne.


Jesus christ... that's Laurence (fish)B(o)urne.


I got the reference but, my dude, that was a huge stretch


And now my humor is flexier for it!


Nah. Beggar King.


Oh, this too? So this was in the cinemas at the same time as Starship Troopers? Wow. How incredible would that have been: hit up one after the other on the big screen.


It sure as hell was.


'Event Horizon' was an excellent Sci-Fi/Horror movie, with an interesting premise and a great cast. The movie was released in 1997, that year was a good one for Sci-Fi movies. Beside 'Event Horizon', there were 'Contact', 'Gattaca', 'Cube', 'The Fifth Element', 'Starship Troopers', 'Men in Black', all released in 1997. I hope the [planned TV series at Prime](https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/event-horizon-series-amazon-1203291883/) will get out of its own development hell.


Dang, that's a ton of cult hits in that lineup.


Tough market for a movie like Event Horizon though.


Alien Resurrection, too. Might not have been a good Alien movie, but was a good sci-fi movie.


Event Horizon is one of the most critically underrated movies of all time. 29% on Rotten Tomatoes. So crazy.


61% Audience Score. Still too low tho.


Wow, I had expected an 80%+ audience with such a low critic score. Underappreciated is the right word!


> ““I don’t think we were ever going to test great because the end of the movie is a bit of a downer,” Anderson shared. “When you disturb an audience they’re not going to go, ‘Oh that was an excellent cinema-going experience.’ But we delivered a movie that really stayed with people. I think that overtime it’s been appreciated for that.”” Seems about right… Test audiences (imho) are useless, and the ‘average cinema goer’ is a muppet…


waka waka.....


This is the perfect time to remind everyone not to pay too much attention to rotten tomatoes or other movie rating sites


It was way ahead of it’s time. Someone said it came out in 1997, it would have done a lot better if it came out in 2007.


Would have been a great double feature with Sunshine.


I think it’s leagues ahead of sunshine.


Rotten tomatoes is an aggregate, so almost 3/10 critics like it. It’s a cult hit and I don’t know how well received it was.


I didn’t find out they flew through hell the first time I watched it. The second time, I reacted with oOOh!


Welcome to WH40K


Loved it. Do you have anything similar to recommend?




I’ve seen them all probably but who knows, pandorum was indeed very nice !




For the opening up portals to hell type of hing, you could go with John Carpenter's 'Prince of Darkness', or maybe the Babylon 5 TV movie, 'Thirdspace'. For fighting aliens from hell in space, can't go wrong with 'Doom', starring the Rock :) It's cheesy and rubbish, but I enjoyed it over a few beers one evening. But I have very bad taste in movies.


Nuts! I remember going to watch this at a dollar movie by myself in the 90’s. I walked out of that theater shook.


Because outside the space setting, it's a fairly generic haunted house film. Edit: someone thinks the film isn't very good, inline with general audience reactions! Downvote away!


And? What's wrong with that? You can remove the specifics of any movie and it becomes a generic whatever type of movie it is. That does not explain why this one is so poorly rated. Poltergeist is kind of the classic generic haunted house movie. It got 87% on RT. Blair witch, to pick one more contempory, got 86%.


What's wrong with it? Nothing, just don't expect people to think the film is great if it's doing anything different or interesting. Setting it in space/desert/snow but then still following the super strong slasher villain tropes is the point. There's a reason why people say that Sunshine is a good movie for the first 2/3rds, because it did the exact same. >Poltergeist is kind of the classic generic haunted house movie. It got 87% on RT. Blair witch, to pick one more contempory, got 86%. I've not seen Poltergeist so I can't comment on that, but pretending that BW was just a generic horror film is silly.




If it weren't for Sam Neill eating his way through every scene, I don't think I'd even remember it


I remember going to see Event Horizon at the cinema, I don't think I have ever left a cinema so angry and disappointed. I'm no stranger to the ideas the movie presented having been a 40K player in my youth and having friends who loved hellraser, but Event Horizon handled those ideas so utterly poorly that it is, to me, the worst film I have ever paid to see. I don't review on Rotten Tomatoes but I would give it 0 if I did.


Then you didn't see the room in theaters


You are right, I did not.


Which room?


IMDb: : The Room https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0368226/ One of the worst movies ever made


It makes sense now. You might want to capitalize titles so that there's no ambiguity. Thanks!


The loss of the director's cut is a crime against cinema.


Welp, can't unlearn this now.


What happened


I believe the master print was stored improperly and decayed, or damaged in some other way, making it unusable.


It was stored in a wet, cold cave if I remember correctly.


Burnt right up. Made no sense.


Iirc, I might be thinking of another director's cut but I think the basement where it was stored was flooded.


The director's cut was lost.


Watched Event Horizon when it came on HBO late at night when I was, like, 12 years old. I liked space shit so figured it would be fun. Boy was I mistaken. It's an absolutely phenomenal movie.... That to this day I've never watched again


That scene with the dude hanging above the operating table, with his guts spewed all over... Ugh. I'll never unsee that.


he's fine. he recovered and went on to become a wizard


What an insane opinion in a world where movies like Alien already existed.


There were already pretty scary aliens by then (even in the Trek universe), but this went straight to the warp (core) topic of that universe. Star Trek always had that concept of going in an out "somewhere else" to reach FTL, and Event Horizon painted that somewhere else as, well, basically hell. That DS9 had a wormhole with god/evil like entities somewhere inside didn't helped exactly. Of course, playing with analogies and not about what people actually thought back then.


TNG had some moments of genuine horror as well. I remember in the episode In Theory a yellow shirt phased through the floor and Geordi turns around to see half her corpse sticking out.


Also, the parasitized ~~Admiral~~ Lt Commander who gets phasered and you see the parasite in his vaporized torso. I still can't believe that got on TV at the time. While less graphic, the "cellular peptoid cake" also got to me as a kid.


You mean Lt Commander Remmick, but yeah they even enhanced it a bit in the remaster.


This! I was shocked and delighted when I saw it! It was like John Carpenter level gore on TV!!!


Schisms had the real potential to scare the shit out of the right person. The surgery and experimentation angle was bad enough, but what got me was the insect like chittering.


The scariest part of Schisms is when they are in the holodeck and the abductees are trying to remember what the dissection table they were on looked like. Which they do in an earlier episode, Identity Crisis. Where Geordi is using the holodeck to figure out that a strange alien was in a recording of an away mission.


I'd almost forgotten about that episode, but I agree - it shows just how good the next gen could be with suspense and psychological horror. Another one that jumps to mind is *Phantasms;* where we discover that not only does data have the capacity to dream, but apparently his brain chooses that precise moment to communicate a danger and the imagery is terrifying. I don't think I'll evre forget the imagery of troi being cut up like a cake, or crusher drinking riker's brain juice with a straw.


Schisms seriously creeped me out (especially that *click click click*) but Phantasms just seemed funny to me. Still iconic, just more absurd than disturbing.


B5 would be a wayyy closer analogue and was still on when event horizon aired. ST warp just creates a field that warps space around the ship they don’t go elsewhere (although transwarp seems to but that hadnt really been established at the time), in B5 they goto another dimension/place that is inherently weird and travel through there. Ultimately though nothing is closer to event horizon lore than 40k to the point that it’s largely seen as an unofficial prequel by some people. FTL in 40k is pretty much exactly what’s seen in Event Horizon. As a random side note trivia, Star Trek actually used B roll horror footage from event horizon in one episode (Voyager S4E10 Random Thoughts).


> B roll horror footage from event horizon in one episode (Voyager S4E10 Random Thoughts). I never heard of this, but [yeah, it's true, with examples!](https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Random_Thoughts_\(episode\)#Visual_effects)


That's not how warp drive in star trek ever worked.


I thought Event horizon used a black hole and not a warp bubble. So it takes you to a hell universe then you can punch a hole out of hell anywhere you want. Wormholes are a direct way to bend space from A to B, they may be limited in range. They are also unstable besides the deep space 9 one. Warp bubbles bend space around you and its the space that moves and not you. Transwarp, is like a wormhole only they allow a greater range and require you to travel at warp through them. They seem to be more stable. IDK that's what I think.


It does. It's nothing like star trek.


It Is not like average TV watchers read the Star Trek Technical Manual. The visual effects are that the ship elongates itself (or something like that) and then disappear in a flash.


They don't need to read the technical manual, nothing about what you described and nothing ever hinted or shown in the show ever suggests disappearing and re-appearing.


I thought they might mean wormholes, which well predate ST, but fit the description much better.


> Star Trek always had that concept of going in an out "somewhere else" to reach FTL That's decidedly _not_ Star Trek's FTL. Star Wars is closer to going "somewhere else", but not Star Trek.


More like it went straight to the Warp.. amiright? I'll show myself out.


The GORN in strange new worlds is something of a pretty scary aliens, but miles away from this movie.


>TNG had some moments of genuine horror as well. I remember in the episode In Theory a yellow shirt phased through the floor and Geordi turns around to see half her corpse sticking out. Meh, the movie reeks of being an homage to Warhammer 40k at the end of the day. Seems odd to compare it to anything else.


Event Horizon is bordering on torture porn, Alien is almost a different genre.


I remember watching Event Horizon at 12 and thinking it was terrifying. Something about seeing the hell scenes just being disturbing


This movie always made feel really left out, honestly. I'm a big fan of horror movies, both the weird cinematic arty stuff and the low brow and budget schlock, and an even bigger fan of horror movies with Sam Neill (In the Mouth of Madness, one of my all time favorites) and I still just really don't like this one. Fishbourne and Neill are great in it, but for me they're about the only highlights in an otherwise solid C- of a movie. What am I missing, because I know this is a really well liked one in the horror community?


the best 40k prequel ever made


Blood for the Blood god...


Meh, I know people love to make this comparison but it's nothing like the 40k warp really.


well we dont really know since we never see the other side, but everything else seems to be pretty spot on for what happens when you enter the warp without a gellar field, and I imagine in 40k the first ever experiment with warp travel would've prettymuch gone this way, the only thing missing is demons hell the ship is even designed with inspiration from gothic architecture


I’ve been wanting to check out 40k books. What’s a good one to start with?


The Eisenhorn trilogy is a good, often recommended start. The main character is an Inquisitor, charged with rooting out daemonic and alien conspiracies. The Forges of Mars series is also good, it features a lot of different factions to introduce you to the setting, it's about explorers gathering to investigate an anomaly beyond known space. Gaunt's Ghosts is another common one, it's about the commander of a regiment of Imperial Guard, the Tanith First and Only, the only remaining survivors of their homeworld. The Ciaphas Cain series is also pretty good, it's about a galaxy famous commissar attached to a unit of Guard, but it's a lot more lighthearted and humourous than Gaunt's Ghosts.


Looking forward to checking these out. 🙏


Eisenhorn is the place to start. There are other places to go, but Eisenhorn is pretty good.


The Siege of Terra series is pretty good. I wouldn't recommend it for an intro into the 40k universe though. But if you have some knowledge of 40k, they slap pretty hard.




The people on the event horizon simply go insane and hallucinate things that make them behave the way they do. 40k's warp physically manifests. It'll alter the ship, mutate people, rip open holes in the fabric of reality for demons to manifest through. What happens on the horizon is people going insane. Also, the Event Horizon itself isn't gothic looking at all.


>40k's warp physically manifests. It'll alter the ship, mutate people, rip open holes in the fabric of reality for demons to manifest through. What happens on the horizon is people going insane. Depends how *active* the warp is. Or rather, how close to the Eye of Terror (which doesn't exist until much later in the future). In our year, the warp would be much more stable... malicious, but less effective. As the Empror hasn't given Chaos' jimmies and big ol' rustle yet.


The eye of terror has nothing to do with it. The warp is everywhere like an ocean. It's just more active in the presence of sapient minds. Between galaxies, the warp wouldn't really do much because there are no minds to give it form. The eye of terror is just an open wound into the warp.


In event horizon the ship comes back alive/with an entity of pure evil.


God, that fucking film. I saw it at the cinema (theatre) with a couple of mates, laughed all the way home talking about it, and then my subconscious kicked in and I couldn't be anywhere with the lights off for TWO WEEKS. Where we're going, _you don't need eyes_


Saw this in the theater and was impressed. Thought, 'we need more of this.' Alas. Why is this rated so poorly online? Are people daft?


I mean, we did have the exact same movie but under the ocean with 'Sphere'




Same. The book had an amazing plot that was different to the film, or the mystery was lost in the film, if memory serves.


The book is one of my favorites and I read it every few years. The movie isn't terrible, but it has more of a psychological horror vibe whereas the book is more about the human mind


I feel like they really wanted to call that movie came Sfear.


I think it's pretty easy to look around and see, yes, people are indeed daft.


This movie absolutely terrified me as a kid.


Slandered Star Trek? Hell no, but it did fellate Warhammer 40K fandom with a mouthful of more teeth than the Osmond family. We're talking the kind of Warp beej you can only get from a Slaaneshi Daemonette.


Wait, is that the same Paul W. S. Anderson that made those shitty shitty Resident Evil movies, that awful Monster Hunter movie, and [almost killed a stunt woman by changing the camera path during a motorcycle stunt at the last second and not telling anyone about it](https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/business/story/2020-05-04/resident-evil-stuntwoman-lost-her-arm-hollywood-accidents-milla-jovovich)? And then denied her workers comp so she'd have to pay for the amputation of her arm herself? The guy who keeps casting his wife as the central role in all of his godawful movies as his own OC DO NOT STEAL? If so, I didn't realize he had made something good at one point.


My question is, where can I stream this in 4k?


Or in 40k.


When that connection was made for me it was so good. It meant that I’d be never left wanting for what happens next. For those not in the know: https://screenrant.com/event-horizon-movie-warhammer-40k-prequel-theory/


I don’t think it’s available to stream in 4K. The 4K blu ray comes out this week (I’m excited for that). Or you can rent from apple or Amazon for 3.99.


Amazon Prime.


It's on Netflix atm in the UK


I loved this movie. The game Doom also used this premise. Especially Doom 3. Teleportation via walk through hell. 90s really were one of the best decades for movies.


I saw this movie in the theater on LSD ​ It was scary AF, not what they showed but how my mind completed the visuals ​ Took me about 10 years to have the courage to watch it again, it was much easier the second time ​ Now I can watch it easily and enjoy it for what it is


You’re a brave soul to watch this on LSD


In all honesty we had no idea what we were walking into


I've got a massive love hate relationship with this movie. I adore the now Expanse style astehtic of the setting and the half in jest meme of the Event Horizon being the first ship to "discover" 40k's Warp. At the same time, on a pure movie watching level I just can't do jump scares and gore porn. So I've never made it past the opening quarter of the movie the times I've tried to watch it.


I still support the Warhammer 40k prequel theory


Great horror film. One of my favourites.


This is one movie I would fully support a remake of


Why though? It stands up just fine as it is.


Mainly because of all the rumors about how gruesome the original cut was. I'd like to see a version with updated special effects and just balls to the wall body horror. That's just my personal opinion though.


Fair enough.


and now star trek slanders star trek :(


Didn’t Star Trek end up using Event Horizon footage? Could of sworn I’d seen some on voyager maybe?


Hello, it looks like you've made a mistake. It's supposed to be could've, should've, would've (short for could have, would have, should have), never could of, would of, should of. Or you misspelled something, I ain't checking everything. Beep boop - yes, I am a bot, don't botcriminate me.


I recently heard something about Hollywood that goes * "𝙉𝙤𝙗𝙤𝙙𝙮 𝙠𝙣𝙤𝙬𝙨 𝘼𝙉𝙔𝙏𝙃𝙄𝙉𝙂 𝙞𝙣 𝙃𝙤𝙡𝙡𝙮𝙬𝙤𝙤𝙙, 𝙗𝙪𝙩 𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮𝙗𝙤𝙙𝙮 𝙋𝙍𝙀𝙏𝙀𝙉𝘿𝙎 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙮 𝙙𝙤." This headline only re-inforces the point.


This is still one of my favorite "older" sci-fi horror films of all time.


Man I love this movie! When it came out me and my best friend were convinced there would be a part 2. My husband still makes fun of me for that lol 😂


It was a really good movie, watched several times


Fuck that movie freaked me out.


Went to see it without knowing anything about it other than "Sci Fi". I always hated horror movies. Would not recommend it if you are me.


You all are making me want to watch it. It sounds intellectually interesting, a good story, a compelling one, with ideas and more than just things blowing up, except... ...I hate horror films. They're just not entertaining to me.


I remember seeing this movie Halloween night at midnight, like 15 years old and high as giraffe tits. I was entirely unprepared, we thought it was going to just be "aliens on a spaceship".It was terrifying, still one of the best horror films of all time


lol couldnt slander it worse than what they did to Star trek nowadays.