Gold Flake Taco v Gold Flakie Taco

Gold Flake Taco v Gold Flakie Taco


Gold Flakie is a holographic gold, and the new Gold Flake looks like bits of actual gold leaf. Color aside, the biggest difference imo is Holo.


Gold Flakie should have been called Yellow Flakie imo. The new one is definitely gold and the other just looks yellow (especially when put by the new one)


not really, it depends on the gold, some gold is very yellow and cool, some goes more copper. If anything, the new one is more rose/copper gold and the old one is an actual gold :)


Ehh I guess. I think it also comes down to personal opinion and how you've seen the color/color name through your life. For example, my school colors have always been black and gold since I was a kid (University happened to be the same colors). So gold has always been a darker color (I guess you could describe it as a yellow with hint of brown) to me. Yellow is much brighter/lighter than gold imo just because that's how everyone I grew up around specified between the two. Since Gold Flake is darker, I consider it to be actually 'gold vs Gold Flakie which is much brighter/lighter and thus a 'yellow' color. Heck if you just Google "gold color" you'll get 10+ shades that are all called gold In the end, color shades and their names entirely vary from each person, company and material.


Official gold colour is #FFD700 I do agree with your point that subjectively gold is different for everyone


I've kinda always seen it as there is a blue, purple and yellow? This is such a better gold


I agree I think it's more yellow and thus is more of a true gold


Ahhh my brain is happy seeing this comparison lmao. I am so excited!!


Wish the Flakie was still available as well, I want both.


I’m really watching my money right now but I want this set so badly!


Thank you!!


Thank you!! I was wondering about this so much that I scrolled all the way back in the HT’s Instagram to see it😅


Omg thank you! I didn't realize there was a difference and I definitely want the gold flake. Can anyone answer me on if these are limited edition? I know the box is but are the cremes or is the gold flake limited edition?


Only the box is limited edition. The polishes will stay so long as supplies last.


Awesome! Thank you