Polishes haven’t shipped yet

Polishes haven’t shipped yet


Wasn't launch day Saturday? They take longer around launch day they work hard.


Yeah I understand they’re busy. I usually order on launch day and they usually ship pretty quickly. Seeing that others have received their orders already I was just curious if others are still waiting for their orders to ship.


I ordered on launch day and got polishes other than the new stuff, and mine just shipped today


Yes, a lot (most?) of us are still waiting for our orders to ship.


I'm still waiting too. I've found that if you order something other than the collection box it's always slower to ship. They probably already have the collection boxes packed and ready to go. If you have an order that has a specific set of polishes, they take a while to ship. Hopefully they get shipped next week at some point.


That's what I am figuring because I also ordered the peely base and menchi/zyler set along with the collection and mine hasn't shipped either..


Mine just shipped today! Patience young grasshopper!


Mine haven’t shipped either, I placed a different order yesterday and that one shipped today. I wonder if it’s just that collection that’s taking awhile


ooh that's interesting. I would expect the oldest orders get shipped first.


Mine have not shipped yet. I didn't just get the collection, I got a couple other items too, so I think that is the hold up. I bet they had a ton of them pre-packed and ready to go, but they'd be just the collection. My suspicion is that those shipped first. But I'm just guessing! I'm getting antsy too, but trying to be patient.


What I have heard (and my experience agrees with this) is that during releases they have some number of prepackaged boxes containing just the collection box. If you only buy the collection box, it should ship pretty quickly. If you get anything else, it will take longer.


Things take longer during releases. She’s said this several times. She’s also said that if others are getting theirs it doesn’t mean yours isn’t on the way. She also said don’t call customer service cause they’ll tell you basically all this same stuff.


Mine shipped during the live stream on Saturday and it's arriving today. It's so random sometimes cause I've had it take awhile and I've had them ship right away. I also heard some people last time with the remix collection didn't get shipping notifications. I'm sure they're just really busy tho.


I received mine today but never got a shipping mail.


Apparently I spoke too soon! I just got my shipping email like 10 mins ago!


I ordered some on Monday and i haven't gotten a shipping notification yet. That being said, since they've switched to USPS i've found that packages arrive pretty soon after you get a shipping notification.


Mine hasn’t shipped yet either. But last launch I received the package before the shipping notification.


Maybe it's because I'm close to the warehouse, but I ordered a few individual polishes, and they arrived today.


I received a shipping notification on Tuesday, but as of yesterday, the package was not yet with UPS.


I order Sunday and mine have shipped. Worth noting tho: I received an email on Tuesday with tracking number but no tracking info was available until today (Thursday). Today I checked the tracking status and it had all kinds of tracking progress for the package that was from days ago (ie, scan leaving warehouse, scan arriving at UPS, scan leaving UPS facility, etc). I think the tracking info isn’t uploading to UPS or something because I was checking everyday and thought my package was still in New Jersey (where Holo Taco ships from). Now it says it’ll be here tomorrow!


I ordered 5 minutes after it dropped, but mine still hasn’t shipped yet. I ordered extra polishes, and I’ve found that slows the shipping. I think, like others say, they have the collection boxes already packed and ready to go. When you order more, they have to gather the extras.


Seems like it’s taking longer than usual this time for my order as well. But mine shipped today.


If you didn't order a single collection box, it'll take longer to ship. They have boxes of those packed amd ready to go they just need to print a label and smack it on. The only exception I've found is when you order a collection box shortly after a creme drop, because they seem to anticipate those orders and have boxes prepped of those too. Im just super bummed we no longer have the option of expedited shipping.


I ordered mine on Sat around noon and still haven't gotten it. I emailed Sup. and they said it can be 10-14 days to ship due to the volume of the launch. So I will patiently wait. 💅😉


Mine hasn't shipped yet either. I got only some of the new collection, plus a lot of other things so I'm sure that's why mine is taking longer


I ordered three of the tea polishes plus The Floor Is Guava, and mine just shipped this morning. Hopefully you won’t have to wait much longer! 🤞🏻


Thanks for posting this, I was starting to worry about my order too since I placed it on launch day and it still says “unfulfilled.” I ordered a couple of polishes from the collection as well as a few others so I guess that’s why it’s taking a little longer. Clearly I’m just being super impatient and need to chill lol.


Me too! I haven't heard from them since I ordered on tuesday😢 Hopefully your order gets sent out soon


If you only ordered some of the polishes your order will take longer to ship. I believe ordering singles makes you third priority. IIRC.