Hey Reddit, I’m Cristiano Amon, President & CEO-Elect of Qualcomm. We created the Snapdragon Insiders program because we believe in the power of community and collaboration. That’s why I’m here to answer your questions about Snapdragon products, the future of 5G, and more. Ask Me Anything!

Hey Reddit, I’m Cristiano Amon, President & CEO-Elect of Qualcomm. We created the Snapdragon Insiders program because we believe in the power of community and collaboration. That’s why I’m here to answer your questions about Snapdragon products, the future of 5G, and more. Ask Me Anything!


There is a lot of talk about how 5G could widen the digital divide. What can be done to ensure to bridge this gap and have a meaningful socio economic impact for everyone.


Actually, it's the opposite - 5G brings a unique opportunity to democratize internet access and computing power. In addition to bringing high-speed broadband to millions it will connect everyone and everything to the cloud and bring the computing power of the cloud to every person and device. I wrote about this for the World Economic Forum - I believe policymakers should prioritize 5G rollouts and unlock its potential. [https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2021/04/superfast-internet-broadband-can-democratise-access-post-covid19](https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2021/04/superfast-internet-broadband-can-democratise-access-post-covid19)


Congrats Cristiano!!! What areas/technologies does qualcomm plan to expand in and invest more in?


I love this question. Qualcomm will continue to define the pace of innovation in wireless connectivity and high performance computing for power efficient devices. 5G is taking Qualcomm everywhere. Beyond mobile, we are growing in Automotive - we're powering 150 million vehicles already - as well as computing, XR, AI, wearables, networking, industrial solutions, and many more.


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I was going to comment " or Semiconductor Chips"


Hi Cristiano, I'm curious how 5G will be/will not be implemented into Autonomous Vehicles. I understand that communication between self-driving fleets and their servers are fairly data intensive and will only become more-so over time, and I assume that something like 5G would be used to allow better communication. How will this impact service for others using 5G? Is there anything in the works to resolve this issue/create a separate data connection network for basic infrastructure such as emergency services? During the last major wildfires in California, companies decided to charge emergency workers extra for data they needed to save lives. Do you have any plans to create a system to resolve this issue? Thanks!


We believe that 5G CV2X - cellular connectivity between vehicles, and from vehicles to pedestrians, traffic lights, and infrastructure - will be as important for safety as airbags and ABS brakes. The addition of vehicle & pedestrian information to navigation systems, in real time, will fundamentally change traffic safety whether the car is autonomous or if you're still behind the wheel. We are strong believers in 5G's potential for safety in the transportation industry, that we believe such data will be treated in the same way as 911 connectivity. We're not there yet.


I really appreciate your answer on this, especially where you admit where we are and are not. The usage of 5g in many safety features may scare some people, but it's true; 5g can easily improve safety with relation to intersections and emergency vehicles. I do believe we can get to a safer tomorrow within the next 5 years if carmakers are willing to utilize the technology. Now for where we are not. With 911 connectivity, we can only hope that as 5g becomes a more common and accepted part of society, society will accept new rules and roles for the use in emergency services. I think the movement forward on this will rely heavily on the capabilities of 5g to democratize the internet. Thank you!


What are the 3 main differences between the 5G we are seeing today (deployed and accessible to consumers), and the 5G that you are excited about (as in most developed but not out)?


I am super excited about the 5G we're seeing today, and as you pointed out, we are just at the beginning of the 5G transition. Not only am I excited about what 5G is bringing to smartphones, but its upcoming potential to transform every industry.


I've seen news reports of a global microchip shortages (link below). Are shortages like this going to spill over into the phone market or other smaller products that I buy more frequently than a car? [https://www.wsj.com/articles/gm-to-halt-production-at-several-north-american-plants-due-to-chip-shortage-11617893417?mod=searchresults\_pos3&page=1](https://www.wsj.com/articles/gm-to-halt-production-at-several-north-american-plants-due-to-chip-shortage-11617893417?mod=searchresults_pos3&page=1)


The pandemic significantly accelerated the digital transformation of the economy globally. That drove demand for semiconductors for connectivity, processing, and cloud across every industry. Additionally, as predicted by Qualcomm, the 5G smartphone market continues to grow, and will hit more than half a billion 5G devices at the midpoint of our projections. If anything, this semiconductor shortage highlighted the importance of our technology to the future of our economy and the significance of the opportunity ahead of us. We are optimistic that the semiconductor supply constraints will improve in the second half of the calendar year.


My question 3: With recent announcements of low-cost sub-6GHz only phones (granted they are mostly on T-mobile which doesn't have large mmWave deployment), do you think there is a threat of mmWave becoming a differentiating or premium-phone only feature? How are you planning to bring down the cost of supporting mmW in mid-low tier phones? I understand your chips support it. But I think antenna and RF is still a significant cost hurdle?


We always said that you can only unlock the full potential of 5G with mmWave. 5G has been designed to work in all spectrum - existing frequencies with DSS, the new mid-bands, and mmWave. mmWave takes longer to deploy because you need new cell stations, but it is part of the 5G rollout plan of virtually all developed economies. We're actively working to bring mmWave to devices broadly and make it available to everyone.


Do you see integration of automatically switching between mmwave 5G and lower powered 5g?


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I stopped counting. 😀 You gotta check out Snapdragon 888 & 8cx Gen 2.


What are the stories behind the things behind you?


Thank you for noticing. It's a reminder of all the blood, sweat, and tears required to get us here. 😀


Does Qualcomm plan to support standalone AR/VR devices in the near future?


I'm really proud of the work we've done in the XR (Extended Reality) area, and the innovation we've brought to that sector. Our Snapdragon XR2 Platform unites 5G & AI, and is available in standalone devices like the Oculus Quest 2. You can read more here: [https://www.qualcomm.com/news/onq/2020/10/29/oculus-quest-2-how-snapdragon-xr2-powers-next-generation-vr](https://www.qualcomm.com/news/onq/2020/10/29/oculus-quest-2-how-snapdragon-xr2-powers-next-generation-vr)


Why is it so important for Qualcomm to get into RF when other companies who focus on only RF are there?


5G technology offers an opportunity for Qualcomm to bring significant innovation in RF that translates into more coverage, higher speeds, and improved battery life for smartphones. Unlike our RF competitors, we are a creator of standards and a systems company vs. a component provider. The result is the success of our new modem to antenna RF solution. We are moving from a new entrant to a leader.


Perhaps you will get added to the MOAT etf or even ARK " We are moving from a new entrant to a leader. " Just bought an indirect chunk with SOXL but trying to de lever with individual stocks-- Impressed that the CEO graced this online forum with his presence... Fidelity has QCOM listed in 21 Etfs --


/r/snapdragon seems like a Qualcomm-sponsored 'safe space'. Why not do this AMA over on /r/android? I think /r/android draws a large, diverse crowd and would have provided a more beneficial AMA. So in keeping with the spirit of Android fanboyism, how well does Snapdragon compete with other mobile SoCs? Where does Snapdragon fall short compared to Exynos? Also, Qualcomm announced a "Cloud AI 100" device some time ago but when will we see these generally available? Are there any interesting general purpose computing applications?


Good suggestion about r/Android, and we take it as a compliment that Android is synonymous with Snapdragon. We believe that Snapdragon set the pace of innovation and it is the platform of choice for advanced technology in wireless. Have you checked the Samsung Fold lately? We did Cloud AI 100 with the belief that the data center will move to the edge where power efficiency and performance matters. You can learn more here: [https://www.qualcomm.com/news/onq/2021/03/15/qualcomm-cloud-ai-100-amd-epyc-7003-series-processor-and-gigabyte-server](https://www.qualcomm.com/news/onq/2021/03/15/qualcomm-cloud-ai-100-amd-epyc-7003-series-processor-and-gigabyte-server)


What is you most powerful chip to date and could it be use to power a budget laptop?


We have been making mobile computing platforms for always on, always connected PCs for years now - we launched our Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 last fall and we have a full roadmap for compute segments coming up. Qualcomm's key differentiators in compute are always connected - like your phone, best in class battery life - also like your phone, and advanced AI & camera capability. These differentiators allow us to create the most compact form factors for productivity and consumer devices. Working and learning from home transformed the PC into a vital communications tool. It creates a significant opportunity for Qualcomm to redefine personal computing. You can learn more about our mobile computing solutions here: [https://www.qualcomm.com/products/mobile-computing](https://www.qualcomm.com/products/mobile-computing)


Is QCOM supporting linux on arm for the 8cx Gen 2?


Hey Cristiano, thanks for doing this AMA! 2 questions: When will Qualcomm be adopting ARM'S recently announced v9 architecture? What can we expect from Qualcomm's NUVIA acquisition?


My question 2: With Verizon spending big $$ on on C-band spectrum (>$45B on auctions + $10B on deployment), do you think that might dampen their investment in in mmWave in the short-term (2-3 years)? No question though, they will need mmWave for venues, and definitely for the long term....


Not at all. Verizon continues to launch new markets with mmWave and it is very well positioned for many of the future use cases of 5G - as well as the future connected enterprise and connected home.


Is their an advantage to having more than 8 cores on a mobile SOC? Will we ever see a 12 or 16 core snapdragon?


Cristiano - This is great! Thanks for doing AMA.. My question 1: With chip shortage getting worse, do you think US govt should loosen sanctions on SMIC , at least on producing older nodes (e.g. 20nm and lower),so that supply squeeze is addressed to some extent?


As mentioned earlier, resolution of the current semiconductor supply shortage is very important. The United States fabless industry should be able to use all available capacity or this capacity will end up utilized by our competitors. We are optimistic about and supportive of the US government's current actions on critical supply chains.


with lots of chips being produced on the same nodes using similar underlying arm architecture how does one differentiate their chips and continue to do so in the future or is the focus less on the chip and more on its integration with the whole SoC and all the components


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Where do you think will be the physical limit for advances in terms of bandwidth? Currently, we are talking about GHz and millimeter-waves. Will THz ever become a reality? P.S. Really cool to have a Unicamp Alumnus as incoming CEO of such an important company. Congrats!


Look, there is no question that wireless will continue to need more spectrum. The technology behind mmWave spectrum applied to 5G is amazing - it works incredibly well despite the initial skepticism. THz will be the same. Thank you very much - I hope I made my professors proud 😀 I have a lot of good memories of my time there. Valeu!


How does it make you feel that you are seen as the [biggest barrier to long-term Android support](https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/03/the-fairphone-2-hits-five-years-of-updates-with-some-help-from-lineageos/), leading to lots of wasted resources, do you want to change this, and if so, how? What do you think of mainlining linux drivers?




How will Qualcomm and 5G improve the current mobile gaming experience, considering the newest microchips released?


We believe that 5G, with its inherent low-latency, is a game changer for mobile gaming. It will make the cloud your console and give you access to an almost unlimited number of games. Of course, we're not just doing that - our latest mobile platforms have all sorts of high-end gaming features that make your mobile phone your best gaming device. Learn more about Snapdragon Elite Gaming here: [https://www.qualcomm.com/news/onq/2020/12/02/qualcomm-snapdragon-888-levels-mobile-gaming](https://www.qualcomm.com/news/onq/2020/12/02/qualcomm-snapdragon-888-levels-mobile-gaming)


Hey Amon, it's a pleasure that we're presented with this opportunity. To what extent does the global silicon shortage affect the rollout of new Snapdragon products? Is there any point where the industry might look for materials other than silicon? Thank you.


Due to new research conducted in 5G being used as a power grid as well, will Qualcomm research and try to develope any methods on adding to this new sector? Source: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-020-79500-x




ARM architecture really started to take off in the last 6-7 years and now with Apple slowly switching to ARM, when should we expect a competitor to Apple's M1?


How are you responding to Google coming out with their own processors?


Have you guys ever thought about making you own 100% branded phone


* what if any competing product is QUALCOMM working on to compete with the apple m1 on laptop/desktop? can you make a product on windows that competes with apple in adobe products like premier with similar battery life and performance? * with the recent push to have silicon factory's in the us to combat the shortages and forge in reliance is QUALCOMM going to make a fab in the us? * as a manufacturer why do all the cpu and gpu names suck? if you tell someone a product name without snapdragon or QUALCOMM attached to it they arent going to get much out of it and if you ask them to repeat it the seemingly random series of letters and numbers sounds like gibberish and they wont remember what it is much less be able to tell you who made it or how the product differentiate. i dont have a solution but do you see their is a problem? do you have a solution?


I'd like to know: 1. when is Qualcomm adopting ARMv9 (probably this/next year with stock ARMv9 CPU cores like other OEMs) and if Nuvia CPU IP is getting tweaked for ARMv9 (so next year there is no regression in that regard when Nuvia CPU IP starts trickling into Snapdragons), and 2. if Qualcomm has plans to design a custom low-power high-performance CPU core like Apple's "Icestorm", and 3. going beyond 8 CPU cores on mobile SoCs. DISCLAIMER: I understand that some/all of these questions can't be answered due to them dealing with unannounced future products.


Will updatable drivers be more available to more supported Qualcomm Snapdragon devices? As a person who has a supported chip (a 765G in a Pixel 4a 5G) and one that actively tries to test the limits of the Adreno GPU inside of it, I find some disappointment with the inability to update and improve the quality and performance of drivers way faster than OTA updates could ever do. All in a single click and a restart.


Any plans of building your own architecture. I know it takes a lot of time to build a Architecture that supports various OS but in current market of smartphone and laptop's there aren't other options.


When will we get read/write accelerometers and gyroscopes. Every accelerormeter I have had is readonly. This makes space travel more expensive.


Are really snapdragon planning for powering high end laptos... And whats about snapdragon gold


How will Snapdragon begin to combat the rise of custom SoC's that manufacturers are adopting?


when will qualcomm release a SD processor that will rival apple m1 chip in a mac?


How well will I be able to stream Cars in 4K on my phone?


will there ever be a chip with overclock capabilities?


You going to do anything like the M1?


How's it like working with oculus?


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Given that the Snapdragon has been flown now on the Ingenuity copter, that makes it very much more likely to be chosen for other extraplanetary robotics. Ingenuity used a custom FPGA to monitor dual Spapdragons and reset them as needed, but are there any special consideration for radiation tolerant designs in the future of error correction at the chip level possible? Perhaps a small built-in FPGA? I happen to know your chips are being considered for other space projects and I'm curious to know if that is a market you are choosing to go after. The concepts are applicable to many real time systems and having so many features built in makes your chips a nice solution. Also - is there any chance an IMU might be built in? It would really be the goto all in one robotics chip.


Hi Cristiano, Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions here. I have a question for you. Qualcomm typically only releases a single new SoC in the Snapdragon 800 series every year (with the exception of the higher binned Plus derivatives), but this year the company unveiled the Snapdragon 870 (derived from last year's 865) and the Snapdragon 860 (derived from the two-year-old 855). Will refreshing previous-generation parts become a new trend for Qualcomm's Snapdragon line? If so, is this being driven by the ongoing [global chip shortages which are boosting demand for older chips?](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-forum-semiconductors/qualcomm-ceo-says-shortage-of-older-chips-likely-to-ease-sooner-idUSKBN2BC05R)


Just a comment Christiano. Would you please consider trying to ease the investment community about your relationship with AAPL? In other words, instead of answering the question, “we will continue to innovate”, why don’t you say we have a licensing agreement with them that runs x years. We are currently selling them chips from a capacity constrained situation. If they decided to build their own they would have to find capacity and then pay is a licensing fee for our patents. At the end of the day it’s more profitable for us to have them build their own chips for a licensing fee as it allows us to increase our production of Snapdragons which in combination make more money than making modem chips for AAPL alone.


Hey Cristiano, Thanks for doing this. This is Neil from Counterpoint. Some questions here: What is Qualcomm’s 10-year plan? Any gaps in the portfolio or capability or segments where Qualcomm would like to grow to a level similar to smartphones? How soon can we see Qualcomm convincing the Tier-1 smartphone brands to launch ACPCs powered by the Dragon? Automotive, Network & HPC segments are hot. See Qualcomm’s position in auto is growing, the network has just begun but HPC will it be left to Intel, AMD, NVIDIA-ARM? Qualcomm’s key clients such as OPPO, Google, and others have the ambition to build their semiconductors especially ISPs or APs, any thoughts on those developments? Thanks. Neil.


1. The massive success of the Quest 2 says alot about the Snapdragon XR2 inside of it. Will we see other headsets with the XR2 inside? 2. Any exciting things you can tell us about the XR3? How far along are you guys on it? 3. With Quest 2 120Hz support coming, I'm curious, was it always capable of this and did you guys already test 120Hz in reference designs? Is 120Hz the hard limit for XR2 or can it do 144Hz? 4. When will we see the release of light-weight AR glasses powered by smartphones? 5. Will we ever see Snapdragon chips in media players that will compete with nVidia/Shield? 6. Will we ever see a Nintendo Switch-like console powered by Snapdragon?


Will Qualcomm ever have interest in making Snapdragon products available to the higher end maker space? Specifically I mean to individuals to allow for the use of the Snapdragon products in sudo-research and maker type projects. I understand that there is more design challenges involved when compared to that of a SOC like the PIC or ATMEGA microcontrollers. In use cases like mine where the user is working on systems that outpace existing maker type SoMs it's arguable that these users can handle the design requirements.


I am currently a junior studying Computer Engineering and my dream would be to study/work with 5G at Qualcomm when I graduate. I am doing research at my school for 5G-V2X systems for automotive cybersecurity and become excited when I come across another Qualcomm article. Unfortunately, I didn't pass the internship interview this year (I asked for feedback but did not receive a reply), but what things can I do next year to interview again/land a full time offer? Thank you!


Qualcomm discontinued the Centriq line of ARM but has now bought NUVIA. In hindsight, do you think it would have been better strategy to keep Qualcomm's custom ARM team intact to develop cores for not the server market it was targeting and the new market targeted by the NUVIA acquisition? Was the cost of continuing internal ARM development (including the benefits of several more years of improvements) higher than the $1.3B of purchasing a relatively unknown quantity?


Hi Cristiano , I'm currently working on a prototype device and would love to use the snapdragon family chipset yet I'm a really small company getting started, and I find it incredibly hard to contact or find help throughout the company I sent emails and even called just to get a data sheet so I can start building my device around your chipset technology. In the future what steps will the company take to ensure everyone has a fair chance at competing with the big three?


**Cristiano Amon, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G, I've researched this phone for approximately 4 Months. I especially like the fact that this phone has a MicroSD Card Slot? Very Happy. However, would you please hazard a guess as to why the Samsung Galaxy Note21 Smartphone's Do Not have a MicroSD Card Slot?** **Lastly Sir,** **When do you believe that the Continental US, will have 5G Capability Nationwide?** **Respectfully,** **Ronnie**


So its not a question but I want to say that congrats and I am extremely surprised that real people asked questions and got real responds. Not like corporate propaganda when they will make accounts, ask pre determined "Safe" questions and get a cheap response I am very surprised and happy that you didn't do that. So I will award you with the highest honor is can bestow, an upvote and a cross post to r/android.


I love my s21 but with all the technology inside it their isn't many games that can use it to its fullest extent and their is no way (i know of) playing Linux games and testing how far it can go. Mobile gaming is a great idea but the intense advertisements and horrible controls. People need better input than a touch screen for games, anyways what's your thought on how this is going to be fixed in the future.


The Wall Street sure feels mobile and 5G story is already done with. Why is Qualcomm still seemingly focussed singularly on smartphones & 5G only, while competitors are expanding and thriving in other high impact areas of AI, ADAS, Cloud. What are the top 3 areas Qualcomm expects to expand into? and what is being done to make Qualcomm Snapdragon products best-in-class across those areas?


I was lately checking the best smartwatches to buy, and ones having SD Wear are very low on battery life with most of them needing a daily charge. Would you consider adding an additional low power chip inside primary chip so that it serves both smart purpose and would work as a basic watch with fitness needs once battery drops below 10% or so?


Will 5G be just as accessible as 4G was? 4G especially was a huge leap which helped in scenarios ranging from disaster relief to getting a ride home from school to getting that last game in before a show. Essentially Will 5G be just as reliable if not more reliable than 4G was during these scenarios? I'm not good at asking questions sorry.


Asking this as someone who doesn't know much about the intricacies of phone hardware, but what makes more of a difference in the speed and operation of a phone, the processor or the RAM? Reason is I have a phone with a Snapdragon 855+ and 12GB RAM, and a base iPhone 12 with 4GB of RAM, yet I feel like the iPhone is generally faster.




I would love to see a tweak in the potential fix for the snapdragon 888 chip to prevent over heating on normal usage. I'm not gaming on my Xiaomi mi 11,but for a 800 euro phone you'd expect that there isn't a major problem. Can we expect software tweaks for this chip in the nearby future?


Im all for 5G! But Tell us how dangerous 5G really is, & why new builds in my community need that “BLACK PAINT” to keep houses close to 5G towers protected from being i’m bombarded with the signal 24/7. I’m all for 5G but let’s talk about both sides of the story, dont ya think ?


I own an old Android phone (that doesn't charge) with an old Snapdragon processor in it. Not sure what the processor is, but the phone is LG Optimus Zone 3. Is it possible for one to remove the aforementioned processor and use it for something?


Is too much dependence on TSMC to produce chips a good option? How does it impact Qualcomm, if China-Taiwan tensions flareup for a major showdown? Does Qualcomm has a backup plan for chips procurement other than TSMC?


How would you describe your business ethics concerning global trade to create and sustain your products and services? What about ethics of environmental and consumer health considerations, specifically tied to 5G?


We consider ethics and sustainability as a key part of the Qualcomm Way. We're committed to responsible business practices as we design & source our products, and make sure that we protect people and the planet throughout our entire operations. You can learn more here: [https://www.qualcomm.com/company/corporate-responsibility/responsible-business/sustainable-product-design](https://www.qualcomm.com/company/corporate-responsibility/responsible-business/sustainable-product-design)


With a push from the US govt to bring in Semi manufacturing back to US, the cost/chip is expected to go up. It is hard enough to compete with cheaper asian brands, how does QCOM see this playing out?


Why are you not giving competition to MediaTek and Exynos in the mid-range and budget range processor. Why snapdragon 888 is having a heating issue, can we expect more processors like SD865+?


Does Qualcomm plan to produce their processors in house, or are they going to continue to outsource production? Also, is Qualcomm going to make a Snapdragon XR3?


Cristiano, Is there an antivirus software that supports ARM-Samsung S Book? McAfee is not compatible. Thanks for taking time today to answer our questions.


You can make your own smartphone, laptop, many more like Microsoft, and Samsung because brands like Xiaomi, oppo, and Google are making their own processor


Hi, I am Samuel from Chennai, India. I want to be useful to Qualcomm. But, I am not a technical person. Is this Possible? Sincerely, Sam


Why have 5g roll out when 4g isn't consistent and doesn't ever hit its cap speed of 100mbps. Feels like 5g is just more empty promises


Awesome! This is some good PR if you are into NFT'S https://www.accesswire.com/viewarticle.aspx?id=640925&token=21cge2ew9g5oi2rg2h3y


Why Snapdragon 855+ from 2019 is calling Snapdragon 860 in 2021 without no changes. Did they have any differences?


Are you able to meet all your customer chip demand this quarter? If not, how much percent you are able to meet?


Can you gave as you latest products to snapdragon experience it and take the review from common people like as


Will there be a snapdragon phone that is capable to mine and/or provide hard wallet security for cryptos?


The naming scheme of Snapdragon chips is all over the place. Will you be doing anything to fix that?


is Snapdragon working on 900 series chipset (possibly to take on Apple A14 Bionic's performance)?


What is the minimum number of chips, Qualcomm allows companies to order when building aphone


Do you plan to create ARM chips based on Snapdragon technology for use in consumer laptops?


Does Qualcomm have any plans of allowing external contributors to send in patches for CAF?


Is the name snapdragon have any correlation with Kenny Omegas signature Snapdragon Suplex?


Why no support of AV1 video codec for smartphones? In 2023 it will be crucial.


Are we going to get some Snapdragon devices for testing? I am using iPhone rn


Of all the awesome smartphones out there, which one is your favorite and why?


Is their an advantage to having more than 8 cores on a mobile SOC?


Can we have fewer cores but more performers SD next processors


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how fast is globalstar 5g inside Qualcomm


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Why no Support for AV1 in sd888?


When is the next chip coming out


How can I get this for my phone


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How is Qualcomm going to handle the new advantages discovered. The wireless energy one can harness with a certain type if antenna within a range of a 5g panel everyone is talking about...


How do you feel about the direction of FIRST Robotics, and how FTC's world's got canceled for almost no reason?


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Why is the stock not going up!? 😇