What's most important to you when considering a new smartphone?

What's most important to you when considering a new smartphone?


Unlocked bootloader...


Given the demand for the unlocked bootloader on this subreddit they're being pretty tone deaf by not having this as an option on the poll. u/Snapdragon Can you comment on the developer edition variant of the Snapdragon phone? Is this going to be available for purchase?


I just wanted to confirm that we're definitely listening to the feedback we've received regarding the bootloader. We don’t have anything to announce today but we know that this is a very passionate and important subject to this community and we are actively gathering the feedback. Edit: Also, there's only 6 options for a reddit poll ;)


What does the bootloader do ? Can it upload high resolution images and videos like this ?[https://bernardboffi.net/products/canadian-triptich-stamp-print](https://bernardboffi.net/products/canadian-triptich-stamp-print) ​ I need to have the latest tech with lots of storage, never heard of a bootloader before.


ohhh. Good call. That ties 1st for me with battery life. The SSI is awful for battery life. It's a pretty disgraceful phone for costing $1500 in my personal opinion. Hard for me not to view the positive reviews as being paid for. Even those positive reviews call out glaring issues on the phones with promises of future updates..... what other phone is allowed that luxury in a review??


Longer support... That is the most important aspect of any phone.


Well I would be looking for a flagship phone which requires these things and some more at a bare minimum Unlocked bootloader, expandable storage, headphone jack and quality DAC, with a color accurate screen, decent camera and the newest flagship SoC. Connectivity is very useful and important but is also under utilized at the same time due to the lack of 5G and WiFi 6 devices and location with bandwidth to utilize it. Unfortunately there exists no phone that meets flagship requirements despite advertising as a flagship (Samsung's recent devices are especially guilty) It would be good to add in power efficiency as well for obvious reasons


Soc and good customs development


Price. You priced yourself out of the market with the Snapdragon for Insiders phone.


Battery life should be an option


Reddit polls only allow for 6 options, but we just updated our post to comment if your choice isn't listed.


In addition to the processor and Ram, for gaming class mobile phones, the cooling fan is also a support so that the cellphone does not get hot easily.


Personally it's not 1 single feature that makes me pick a smartphone, it's a balance of multiple features. For how I use the phone, a solid display (responsive, bright, large size) is a must, as is the battery capacity to run that screen for a good 10+ hours of SOT. Equally the audio needs to be top spec in terms of front facing stereo speakers but also connectivity for headphones (including the headphone jack!). Finally smooth performance is the last "must have" feature. Snappy processor and clean, bug free software get the thumbs up here. The camera needs to be "good enough" for what I want, and if it was IP rated then it would be a bonus (but not essential). Similar can be said for SD Card support, provided large enough internal storage (>256mb) is available in the range. Dual SIM isn't essential but is certainly a positive to avoid me using a separate handset for work. I usually spend about 3-6 months filtering through price and availability of devices.


Now let's flip this a little bit..... Why was the insiders phone not for me? 1) Battery - there's no way 4000mah was going to cover what I use the phone for. As a result it got removed from the options as my next purchase straight away 2) Buggy software - I can live with some "teething" problems, but most of the reviews I saw on the device absolutely slated the bugs or had to nervously skirt around them. From a marketing POV it was a car crash. Snapdragon should be the masters of optimising their own hardware. If you can't get it right for a product launch, then it casts serious doubt on the final product. 3) No headphone jack - I love the idea of optimized audio performance (software bugs aside!), but then you remove the best vehicle to deliver that feature to the consumer? It's like adding a racing engine but then limiting the speed. Utterly pointless for audiophiles and really not a selling point! 4) Pricing - I have no problem paying more for better "stuff". I'd happily pay £1200 for a top of the range phone if it met all of my desires for a handset (the Xperia 1iii was VERY close to getting my money). But to try and charge top level pricing you have to deliver a top level product. Not cut corners in some areas (e.g. battery) or release a device with half finished software. With the phone's obvious flaws, it was too much money to risk against a sub-par device.


Processer and display. I prefer a phone with a high refresh rate screen


Battery life


The display is top for me since that's what I'll be looking at mostly. Second is processor/RAM since that is what makes the experience smooth.


Its gotta have a good camera but also high resolution screen display and lots of storage. I have to have alot of apps and the phone has to function in such a way as to enhance my art dealer activities. For example I need to be able to display my products to others instantly on my phone and via the internet in a way that is highly visible and professional. https://bernardboffi.net/products/canadian-triptich-stamp-print


Man I they suck don't buy them trust me