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Someone find Rich Eisen!


Can't wait to see his reaction tomorrow.


I waited until it was over before I believed.


The ptsd from that one UofM vs MSU game Edit: the MS was bothering me I had to fix it I’m sorry




Yeah, I’m waiting on the clip of the field being stormed. Those are my favorite. Well… Anytime now.


Iowa against Penn Sts backup QB (while being ranked higher) was my favorite this year


I live here in Iowa and everyone at work knew that Iowa was on borrowed time. They were just enjoying the luck for as long as it lasted. Now we have backed into a championship game against Michigan and we're just gonna keep riding this cloud.


I’m not even a Michigan fan, but watched that game with my diehard brother in law and I think *I* still have ptsd, that was horrific


Some buddies and I were about to head out to the bar as time wound down in that game and decided to watch until the end for what we thought would be post-game celebrations... Oh, there were celebrations alright. The wrong kind. Lol


Michigan fan here, I was on a camp out that weekend and missed the game. I caught the final score on my phone and thought eh must not have been their night. I made the mistake of watching the recording when I got home. I skipped through thinking “oh Sparty must have had a good last drive.” Then I got down to the final minute, Michigan had the ball and was up and I thought, “what did you do?!” What followed was horror and a lot of swearing and pacing. My dog had ptsd from that night until he died a few years later.


I'm not into football but I'd like to see it. Do you happen to have a link or remember the date so I can look it up?


[damn you for making me revisit this](https://youtu.be/RBlgN85wB6U)


Thanks! The good thing about not being into football is that I can just enjoy watching how completely shocked and devastated the fans look.


My favorite part will always be the two boomer MSU fans at :29 gathering their things and going for a polite handshake.


Google “whoa he had trouble with the snap”


Thanks! I always like seeing the reactions of the fans after a huge upset. Also, now I understand the picture I've seen before where iron man's head is on a Michigan state player and Thanos's head is on a Michigan player and they're trying to grab the infinity gauntlet.


MSU vs CMU circa 2009. I will never forget that game. A bunch of us CMU buddies went to State because we figured we would lose so at least we could party hard with the victors. One onside kick to end the game later and we took off back to CMU and partied far harder.


I was at this game (FIRE UP) with my MSU buddy. He said before that kick "let's go, CMU cant come back". And I told him we gotta wait to see the onside kick. CMU was the highest ranked team in Michigan that year.


I was in the Big House for that one… Last home game I ever went to, and goddamn did it hurt. It still hurts!! What a nightmare lol. *drinks to forget*






You were just supposed to comment WOAH and let some else comment HE, so on and so forth lol














Yeah I didn’t say a word until we scored again at the end of the 4th


Yeah, when OSU made that final touchdown I was thinking "this is where it falls apart." They definitely needed this.


I was 90% sure we were going to blow it when OSU had the back to back 4th down conversions to drive for a score.




I laughed out loud at this! This is a weird feeling for sure!


Yeah, I was waiting for a Michigan meltdown but Haskins and O-Line were dominant today. I’m glad Ohio State is out of the playoff. For now. Michigan needs to not have a letdown next week.


Hard to have a letdown when it’s the Big Ten Championship game and a spot in the playoffs. It’s not like they are following this with Rutgers


I’m liking our odds next week, especially if it’s against Iowa.


I, and probably most Wolverines, wouldn't even be that upset if we lost the championship. We beat OSU. Any further wins from here are just icing on the cake.


We could get completely curbstomped by Iowa and I'll still have this same smile on my face from today lol


I was at the game and you could kind of just feel that they were gonna pull it off this time.


I didn't watch this game just like I didn't watch the MSU game because I figured it was going to be like that one. I only watched 2 snaps of the MSU game and it was 2 turnovers. I'm glad I at least watched the last 2 minutes of this game.


Even 15 points ahead with 5 minutes left, I was sure there was going to be a bad outcome.


Watch the whole game. It was a total win on the brightest stage they’ve had in a long time. They ended OSU’s season while propelling themselves forward. It was the best game of Harbaugh’s tenure. By far.


Oh man yes to this


Didn’t we all


When OSU made it 35-27 with about 4:00 left it seemed like the collapse was inevitable. This team avoided the brutal late mistake U-M is known for, and now they look like legit national title contenders.


Happy for Harbaugh, after all the crap he's gotten from a lot of Michigan fans. They went 2-4 last year and his job was on the line. Then this year they go 11-1 and end the losing streak to Ohio State, potentially eliminating their arch rivals from playoff contention. Now go make the playoffs, Wolverines, Best of luck.


OSU grad and lifetime fan here. I’m happy for Harbaugh and Blue, too. Of course it sucks to lose this game, especially with the playoffs on the line. But the Buckeyes have had their fair share of playoff experience, and they’ve beaten Michigan A LOT in recent times. It’ll be nice to see a different team in the playoffs this year. Best of luck, Wolverines! You earned today’s W. I’ll be rooting for y’all from home.


This comment makes me severely question whether you’re actually an Ohio state fan I’m not gonna lie


When you are 9-1 over the past decade, I think it is okay to concede the singular L graciously.


There’s graciously accepting a loss and then there’s saying you’re happy for your biggest rival beating you and that you’ll be cheering for them in the CCG/playoffs


My 65 year old dad has been watching Ohio State since Woody Hayes was the coach. Today after the game I said: "will you root for Michigan in the playoffs to support the big 10?" And he said "no".


That's a big duck no. Cincy is my new favorite team.


Yea nah. If Michigan goes on a roll and beats Ohio State thirty times in a row, I’ll still be screaming fuck Ohio State for game thirty one.


I admire the spirit.


It’s not a singular L. They’re not gonna make the playoffs cause they lost this game.


Also it makes a rivalry game mean something when it's not just a one sided affair every year.


I'm that Buckeye fan that roots B1G all the way during bowl season. So as much as I hate the loss today, Michigan better not shit the bed in the B1G CG.


I get it! You’ve every right to question my love for the Buckeyes given my comment. But I stand by what I said. I love Ohio State, and I always will. But for now, it’s time to take this loss in stride and root for our conference. Go Big 10!


Wow. That is really stepping out of your comfort zone. Respect.


Thanks! Go Big 10!


Go Pac 12 (someday)!


It seriously pains me to say it, like every neuron in my brain is firing trying to keep me from typing this, but yeah I agree. Simply outplayed this time, Michigan did a great job this season. I hope they don’t let this opportunity go to waste and keep training hard!


Hey, losing is a part of life. I, too, hope Michigan does well in the playoffs. The better they do, the better the Bucks look!


If there's one thing we can agree on as Big Ten fans, it's to root for our teams against the SEC. I'm a Wolverine fan for life but I've never rooted for an SEC team against Sparty or the Bucs. It's blasphemy!


*Context:* For those who aren't familiar with football, Ohio State-Michigan is the most iconic rivalry in football, but has been completely dominated by Ohio State in recent history. Michigan hasn't won in a decade and lost 14 of the last 15 against Ohio State. On top of that: this game was the most important OSU-UM matchup in years. This is because the game is essentially functioning as a play-in game for the College Football Playoff; winner makes the playoffs, loser misses out. Ohio State has made the playoff 4 times since it was created. Michigan has never made the playoff. Biggest rivalry in football, playoff implications, jobs on the line; *the magnitude of this game was enormous*. Michigan's head coach was likely getting fired if he lost again. And in the most important OSU-UM game in years, Michigan **finally** won... you could almost see the relief on Jim Harbaugh's (UM coach) face lol.


Jim wasn't getting fired if he lost. Notwithstanding, huge for all the reasons you highlighted.


Even with a OSU loss this season exceeded expectations.


Yeah with the turmoil UM had been in from the early 00s to hiring Harbaugh there is no fucking way they would fire him even if he kept losing to OSU. UM doesn't have the prestige they did in the 20th century, yet Harbaugh has gotten decent classes and done well with them. This is a big win for them. But OSU will still out recruit them, and it is going to take several wins in a row to start tipping the balance of power back in their favor. Their best hope is Harbaugh doesn't go anywhere and stays for 30 more years. Even if UM Loses the next 5 OSU games they can't get rid of him or they will lose the consistency he has been building. UM was a dumpster fire when Harbaugh got there. He won today with the less talented team. So your spot on. They aren't getting rid of him.


Does he still lose his f’in mind like he did at the Niners? As a Seahawks fan that was fun to watch.


Makes playoffs provided they beat Wisconsin net week


You're correct, Michigan must still beat Wisconsin to make the playoff. Sorry, should've mentioned that. However, the B1G West (Wisconsin's division) has never beaten the B1G East (Michigan's division) in the B1G Championship game. Never. The divisions are extremely unbalanced. So I like Michigan's chances.


Or Iowa. Not over yet. EDIT: https://youtu.be/VCBbxjwSboQ


Badger fan here, to get in we're playing Minnesota, which is another historical rivalry game that has been one sided as of late. Let's not count our chickens yet...


Just checked the score, could be Iowa lmao.


Fleck runs a good team and has made the rivalry more respectable. Gophers are a tough team under him.


Iowa fan here. It's us. FML


MN alum here. You’re fucking welcome.


Didn't Wisconsin beat Michigan State in the very first one?


That was before the major conference realignment 8 years ago. It's a different era now.


Legends and leaders


No, the East has won it every year since realignment.


Dude. Why would you go and jinx it?


Holy shit I didn’t even realize that. I mean I guess it’s been dominated by OSU since it’s creation but still…


TBF that imbalance is primarily due to Ohio State’s dominance.


I don't agree with that at all. As an IU fan I would trade divisions with Purdue in a second. I would happily rather play the West's three best teams over the next 3 in the East after Ohio State every year.


Let's see... Michigan ohio state Penn State Michigan State Or...... Iowa Wisconsin Purdue Minnesota Pretty obviously unbalanced even after you remove the top teams.


Iowa fan here. I'm quite content with where we are.


And Michigan has almost never beaten OSU lately and I’ll just see myself out.




Or Iowa if Wiscy chokes today.


And they did!






You mean Iowa. Wisconsin can't even beat Minnesota


Further context: These teams have 2 of the 5 largest stadiums in the world. 100,000+ people. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_stadiums_by_capacity


And outside of North Korea, Michigan Stadium was the largest in the world until last year.


The energy in the Big House is something else. Can only get that with a world class stadium I suppose... Go blue!


>loser misses out :*CFP committee cracks knuckles*:


Ohio State is not making it. A 2-loss Alabama though...


Don't count out a Bama team that beat unranked Auburn in 4ot


Harbaugh definitely wasn’t getting fired the year that USC and LSU are both looking for coaches. Both of those jobs are better and Michigan would be stuck with the third best candidate a best if they fired him


Florida is also looking for a head coach. They canned Mullen last week.


Forgot about them. That is a good job too


USC and LSU are amazing jobs but I doubt that far ahead of Michigan at all.


And it provides one of the most bizarre transitive swings you might ever see. Oct. 30: No. 8 Michigan State upsets No. 6 Michigan 37-33 Nov. 20: No. 4 Ohio State destroys No. 7 Michigan State 56-7 On paper, transitively, Ohio State is set to obliterate Michigan Nov. 27: No. 5 Michigan upsets No. 2 Ohio State 42-28 Michigan > Ohio State > Michigan State > Michigan


The transitive property does not work in sports


Honestly it was rock-paper-scissors with this circle. ALSO, the home team won in each of those matchups as well. In college football, more than any other sport, a rowdy drunk crowd of students and alumni make a huge difference. 4 fumbled snaps and several false starts by OSU were all due to a loud UM crowd today.


5 false starts! The jumbotrons kept count every time it happened. I’m hoarse after screaming for UM defense


So you’re saying ttun is better than ttun Orrrrrr every week is brand new and what happened last game doesn’t mean shit


That's what's known as the [circle of parity](https://www.reddit.com/r/nrl/comments/ns3r7x/with_the_panthers_finally_succumbing_to_defeat/)


If Iowa wins, neither make the playoffs.


> Ohio State-Michigan is the most iconic rivalry in football *to people in the midwest*


That was a fun game!


This was a classic case of getting flat out outcoached... the playcalling and defensive scheme from Ohio state was absolutely atrocious... sure there were a couple key penalties missed by officials, but Michigan just outplayed them...


Agreed. To be fair though, Aiden Hutchison was getting held all day and it never got called. They were just letting the kids play for the most part.


Say what anyone wants about refs, but Ohio was absolutely fingerfucking themselves with penalties the entire game. I was shocked.






As a Buckeye fan, I hope this is a restart of the rivalry.


One can only hope. I have no issues losing to the better team. But it’s 1000% more enjoyable when the games close, clean, and really fun to watch


Michigan vs Ohio State. Winner: Michigan. Loser: Cincinnati


I feel like they HAVE to let cinci in now. If cinci bests houston next week which is a ranked opponent, they have to put them in. It will be a crime to not. But the magic gods will get the bama Georgia matchup and bama will win, those 2 will be in and all hell will break loose.


UCF got jobbed twice when they had an 12-0 seasons back to back going into the playoffs selection. Cincy is in their conference and it gets no respect from the commttee. Edit: I misremembered something


Honestly not really. As a big OSU homer, we’re out of the playoffs 100%, Michigan just replaces us in all discussions. No two loss team has made it so far, and a team that got rolled and didn’t even make their conference champ game absolutely isn’t going to be the first. We’re not in Cincy’s way


Pretty sure it would require insane amounts of chaos including Alabama losing to auburn, Notre dame losing to Stanford, Cincinnati losing to Houston, and Oregon losing again. Then maybe it could be Georgia, Michigan, Big 12 winner, and OSU as the 4 teams but that might not even happen.


Bamas losing to unranked Auburn right now... This could get interesting - UC Fan


I sure as hell don’t want Notre Dame in the playoffs though. Oklahoma State beating Oklahoma better let them jump ND


How? This doesn't change Cincys status


I disagree, OS has 2 loses and isn't in the conference game. No idea how the selection committee could get people to swallow letting them in.


Lol yep that’s what I said. They’ll use the excuses of “hostile road environment” and “snow/weather” to only drop OSU to 4 and move Michigan to 3. Keeping Cinci out of the playoff.


As a massive Ohio State homer, there is absolutely 0 chance a 10-2, non champ OSU gets in over undefeated Cincy. The committee does weird shit, but that would be waaaaay beyond even them. We probably drop to like 6 or 7 this week.


I suspect that various computer rankings \*will\* do this. Hard to say if the committee will or not.


Even worse if Michigan loses to Wisconsin or Iowa OSU will make the playoffs and Michigan won't. Why? Because college football rankings are bloated bullshit.


I thoroughly enjoyed this. I have been a diehard UofM fan since the early 90s. I have never been on pins and needles more than any other game.


As someone who is a Michigan fan once a year, I can't tell you how thrilled I am.


Sparty fan?


could be literally anyone from anywhere that isn't an OSU fan.


Touché. The state rivalry in Michigan is huge but both fan bases hate OSU to death. The hatred of Ohio started way before the football teams even existed, so the history clung to the sports. I can’t stand Sparty but I do root for them big time against the Buckeyes.


Georgia lol. When yall lose America wins.


Does it make me a shit buckeye fan if I kind of don’t mind this? I’m 32 and Ohio state has dominated this rivalry for as long as I can remember. It’s kind of boring.


As a Red Wings fan who had started to think the first round of the playoffs were "kinda boring", fucking enjoy it - lol. It sucks hard when/if it goes away. I know the OSU program attracts top tier prospects like a black hole, but man... When it's gone it sucks. Go Blue, regardless!


I get where you're coming from. Rivalries are better when they're competitive, which this one hasn't been for a good while. Some good games in the past few decades, but it was this was just Michigan's second win in the rivalry since 2003. Next year it's going to be heated.


Buckeye fan here. While I wanted OSU to win, Michigan winning is a good thing. It keeps the Big Ten competitive and interesting. If they make it to the playoffs, I’ll be rooting for them to represent.


Michigan fan here. Your graceful reaction to losing is gratifying to me, if slightly puzzling--I came up in the Bo/Woody era. I like this way better and I hope my fellow Wolverines won't be too insufferable in their chest-thumping this weekend.


I'm from Ohio (now living in Florida) and I'm loving it. Too many fans because it's easy to root for the powerhouse teams. Too many "fans" who only wear gear because it's popular and don't know crap about the game (my own family does this). I'm happy to see them lose. My Facebook feed is awfully quiet.


>Does it make me a shit buckeye fan if I kind of don’t mind this? absolutely not. I am a die hard Ohio State fan and we just got outplayed. Ohio State's defense is EXTREMELY young. Something had to give eventually >It’s kind of boring. THIS is an issue imo. If you think dumpstering your rival constantly makes it boring then youve never been on the receiving end of that happening. It is hell to get dog walked every year by your rival. Stomping them year in and year out is a fucking treat


At least your rival is in a different state. Our rival is in-state and we're neighbors. Bragging rights means everything for the year. Clemson-Carolina.


Same here. My freshman year at OSU was the last time we lost. I was barely 18 and very much so still a kid. So this is practically the first time we’ve lost in my adult life and I would be a spoiled ass if I were too upset about it.


We were just talking about this. I'm a lot more interested in this match up next year now.


Doesn't make you a bad fan. I have been one too for my whole life. Mind you I wish it wasn't on a year we were heading to the playoffs. I'd prefer it to be a year when we went 8-4 or something, not a year we were supposedly looking amazing.




Committee’s trying to draw up a plan to put Ohio state in the playoff


Not a chance in hell Ohio state gets in IMO.


If Michigan fails to win the conference championship, Ohio State still has an outside shot at that 4th spot. Then again, Notre Dame does to...


Are you part of the CFP committee?


F*** man real f****** give Cincinnati a chance


Amazing game! About time too... Michigan brought their A-game and OSU couldn't get out of their own way with all their penalties/unsportsmanlike conduct throughout the entire game. Ngl makes me feel good after all their over-confidence and smug shit-talking after the Michigan State loss. Go Blue!


Blue really showed up today.


Lost a hundred bucks on this game


Meanwhile, Auburn had it in the bag then totally shit the bed.


It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine!


Hopefully this puts the bearcats in the playoff!! Lets go UC =D


I live in Michigan. Literally 15 minutes after the game was over, on a corner of a decently busy intersection, there was a guy in all U of M gear, violently waving a U of M flag. Every other car was honking at him and screaming “GO BLUE!”. Mind you it was 20 degrees and snowing like hell. U of M fans are literally insane




Better Michigan today than Alabama in the tournament.


Bama down 10-0 to Auburn in the 4th. We can dream


You jinxed it. We could have seen OSU and Bama fans crying on the same day.


I regret my entire life


As you should. You probably doomed humanity into seeing one of them in the playoffs again.


Really feels like Auburn just gave up. Kneeling to end the game, overtime, bleck


I'm an OSU fan and I don't mind it at all. I have to admit that I haven't followed the team as much over the years--it got boring. College football as a whole is so much better when Michigan fields good teams, better rivalries, more excitement, etc..


Except ohio been talkin' shit all year. "They ducked us" "We gonna hang 100 on 'em" Any ohio fan that claims they don't care after a huge loss ends their season, losing the B1G Championship, no Playoff ... All to **Michigan**... To pretend you don't care is *laughable*.


Jim Can Keep His Job 😭


Somehow my family includes a former Michigan faculty member and an OSU mega fan, and they both turned around to shit on me, an Arizona alum


This made my day better after Auburn lost to that other team today. I hate Ohio State.


Fuck ohio state, and double McFuck Ryan Day.


[all of ohio right now](https://imgur.com/iIIUQBW.gif)


I grew up 30 minutes outside of Ann Arbor, went to school there (the city, not U of M), most of my friends are big U of M fans. I also have family in Ohio and have spent a lot of time there. I always was kind of unnerved by the rivalry. Like, I had plenty of friends and family on the Michigan side who were like, "oh yeah, OU sucks, I really hope we beat them, they're the big rivals", and maybe they'd be mad for 15 minutes after Michigan lost. But the Ohio State fans were always a different animal. Like from the Michigan side I always saw a good rivalry, from the Ohio State side I seriously got the vibe of "I would like to murder several students of thay school, and I would be proud to do so". Always kinda weirded me out


Damn, there are some cool OSU fans in here. Props and sorry for your loss. Go blue!


THE Ohio State got THE ass kicked. Love it.


I’m glad Michigan won because the bar we tried to go to couldn’t seat us due to an Ohio State watch party :)


Great game, only time I’m a Michigan fan.


I love watching THE Ohio State University lose at anything.


A happy ending for hate week


Happy for Jimmy.


As an Ohio State fan, we didn't deserve the win. Played like absolute garbage. Congrats to TTUN.


Ohio state fans still cant spell Michigan


2nd time since the iPhone was released....




A perfect addition to one of the craziest overall Big Ten seasons I’ve ever seen. What a nutty year.


Omg, someone pinch me. I never thought I'd see the day.


If I'm dreaming, please don't wake me up.


This game was awesome


Go Blue!!!!!!!


The offensive line really deserves a lot of credit. They basically parted the Red Sea and let them run the ball wherever they wanted. The defense was also just savage.