Neal agrees to one-year deal with Blues

Neal agrees to one-year deal with Blues


Fuck YES we are fucking STACKED


We are. For the life of me, I did not expect us to put *this* roster together with everyone we knew we would lose after last season. If Tarasenko sticks around, then damn. Could be a fun year.


I'm hopeful, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here. 2018/19, 63GP, 7g, 12a 2019/20, 55GP, 19g, 12a (playing with McJesus) 2020/21, 29GP, 5g, 5a July 2021 he was bought out of the last two years of his contract. This is a low risk, maybe high reward deal. but let's not pretend this makes us stacked. Sunny LTIR Buch might have high upside, but so far he's a 20g, 45pt guy. Like it. But hardly a force to be reckoned with yet. Saad is solid but not exactly a top six point prodcuer. No clue what Tarasenko can bring to the table. Even less idea what Neal will do. Certainly could be a great team if guys can stay on the ice and they compliment each other well.


Oilers fan here. James Neal never really played any significant amount of 5v5 minutes with Mcdavid or Draisaitl, and Chiasson/Puljujarvi got a lot of his PP time after that first year. I think he'll fit the Blues style MUCH better than the ultra-fast rush game that Mcdavid/Drasaitl play. Tbh Kassian has been our only bottom 6 guy that would make most other teams through those years, so I think if he gets more time with better players that also aren't literally the fastest human being on skates, he'll do a lot better. Always loved his nasty stick on the forecheck.


If everyone stays healthy we’ll be exciting to watch


ESPN has Boston Washington and Edmonton ahead of us in their ranking. Lol. I love this team. I think we got more skill and more grit somehow. Hopefully we’re healthy


Definition of a low risk high reward signing


He earned it man


It says a lot about the Blues that players over the hill are willing to come here and stick it out for league minimum. Definitely a well liked organization.


750k?! Absolutely


Yup. No problem with this deal at the price.


You could almost say that it was a steal!


real deal neal steal?


Real Steal Neal Deal


Oh hell yeah. Low risk, potentially high reward


I love it, especially for that price you gotta take it. He looked good and can hopefully keep it up. If he can’t, then you replace him with Sundqvist when he returns, or move up a guy like Neighbours or Kostin. We have so many line options at this point. I’m excited.


20 goal season incoming


I just want to stir up shit and say Neal will be and do what Hoffman was supposed to last year. A goal scorer and someone you improves and scores on the PP. Now he is going to do it in an entirely different way by being in front of the net and deflecting pucks into the net but the results will be what we expected from Hoff last year.


His playstyle fits the blues a lot more. He's a grinder.




$750k This is a real deal.


Let's Go Brandon!


We got the real deal neal at a steal!


James Neal gonna be Bill Guerin 2.0. But cost less in the process. And get more back in a mid-season trade.


Kind of suprised, but we signed Upshall off of a practice tryout and that worked out.


Edmonton doing their best Colorado Rockies impression, paying more than triple Neal’s 2021 contract for him to be a 30 goal scorer somewhere else. You love to see it


Eh. Covid really screwed him and eventually he got out used on the roster. I love James, I want him to become the 30 goal scorer we know him to be


Lol Neal was dogshit in Edmonton and Calgary. They are not pulling a Colorado.


He was far from dog shot in Edmonton. 19 goals in 55 games would be a good year for the majority of the league in an 82 game schedule. Then he got injured and covid fucked everything up, and he never found his way again. He’ll be a 20-20 guy for the Blues. Trust.


I mean Ed and calg have been meh for a while too though


I mean I’ll take 10-15, 30 ain’t happening.


I only saw one and a half preseason games - who was Neal playing with the most? Thomas and Tarasenko? Was he getting PP time on PP1 or PP2?


He was generally with Thomas/Tarasenko and Bozak/Barbashev. Didn't really get much PP time because the Blues have so many other good forwards. O'Reilly, Perron, Schenn, Tarasenko on the first unit, and Thomas, Kyrou, Buchnevich, Saad on the second unit. I'm sure they'll work him in though.


I like this a lot


James "The One Year Real Deal" Neal!


The Real Deal James Neal*


Good deal for the Blues !


We’ve had big names in the past and it never paid off. Give me a lineup stacked with grinders and hustlers waiting in the wings. Stoked to watch all the new talent.


loooove this.


id honestly rather have a bag of pucks than a declining 34 year old winger whose been perpetually inconsistent since over 10 years ago lol


Not sure about ten years ago but the last three for sure.


His stats are really up and down from year to year since his high water mark in 2011. The dude was a machine for a while but like hes on the downhill by a lot


He was still solid and had positive value until he went to Canada. Can he get back to at least a 20 goal dude?


Great addition! What are y’all’s thoughts on a Clifford - Sundqvist - Neal 4th line?


Sit cliff and sunny d all day


Where's Barbashev going?