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Not technically the truth, due to the existance of bi couples, lesbian/gay couples with a trans partner, ifv, sperm donors, and surrogate mothers.


They are gay, not pedophilic praying mantises.


Behind every gay man there's an uncle who helped them discover their gayness


Bro :/


Lmao. (These jokes can get you banned if it isn’t a sub with dark jokes in them. This can be reported as child harm for example)


FML, I didn't realise it could be taken as really offensive, my bad




This is simply not true. EDIT: apparently noone on this sub has heard of ifv, sperm donors, surrogates or most glaringly; bisexual people.


The joke isn't that gay people can't have kids. But the kids of gay people aren't more likely to be gay than anyone else, because that sort of thing isn't contagious. So, yeah, most gay people have straight parents. It's just a silly "oh, ha, that's funny to think about" kind of thing.


Its not true though, like to put it simply it would be absolutely possible, and even easy, for children to be born if straight people didnt exist. Its not technically true.


It is and your mad. Yeah females can make babies fully by themselves using bone marrow but then the baby would probably turn out lookin something like a mutated donkey Kong mixed with a goldfish


Have you heard of ivf, sperm donors, or in fact bisexual people?




Thats not what a bisexual is but ok. And bisexuals could pretty easily reproduce, meaning the gays dont need to rely on the straights. They could rely on the bisexuals. And again, thats only if we pretend that ivf, sperm donation, surrogates, etc dont exist.


Sperm donors are the one credible thing you’ve mentioned and I haven’t acknowledged. “the average I.V.F. cycle can cost anywhere from $12,000 to $17,000 (not including medication). With medication, the cost can rise to closer to $25,000.” - NY Times With the world the way it is it’s not worth spending that sorta money to bring a baby into this world, this shit is slowly deteriorating with our current inflation and all the other issues that can arise post Ivf just add extra potential cost.


Are those american prices? Or worldwide? And again, bisexuals exist. They are not straight.


Pretty sure American because it’s in the NYTimes but regardless I can’t see it being super cheap / affordable anywhere it’s a crazy process and it’s cool it exists but it just isn’t feasible for the average person


Why isnt it feasible? I know several family friends who have gone through it. Its really not that big of a deal. And it comes under the nhs so its all good on that front.


I’ve seen bi people mentioned already, but there is definitely more: pan, demisexual, aroace, non-binary, demigender, agender, or trans people in general. These people are perfectly capable of having kids with either natural means (pregnancy) or unnatural means (putting sperm/eggs in freezers for a surrogate). Honestly, with how advanced medicine is these day, we don’t really need sperm to have babies (marrow). Soon we might not even need uteruses (artificial wombs).


Not true at all. Ever heard of in vitro fertilization? Gay sperm donors? Lesbian surrogate mothers?


Sure, but the kids of gay parents aren't more likely to be gay than anyone else. So it's kind of true. But who cares? Nobody's trying to make more gay people. Just trying to make life better for people who are gay.


People make babies, some becomes gay and some becomes straight and some are left with stupidity that you have to explain every time "No, the gays are not trying to take over the world!"


But the post says "gay people rely on straight people to produce more gay people" which is false. It's not technically the truth, because it is just not the truth, gay people don't need straight people to "produce" more gay people.


This one is not true lmao


Flat out wrong 🙄


The gay trans community would like to introduce themselves


This presupposes that gay people have some interest in reproducing specifically gay people which as far as I know is not particularly true. Some hetrosexual parents may have an interest in the sexual preference of their children but that is just because they are perverts