GameStop Says It's Moving Beyond Games, "Evolving" To Become A Technology Company

GameStop Says It's Moving Beyond Games, "Evolving" To Become A Technology Company


So are they going to start carrying graphic cards? Cause that would be dope.


They sell all kinds of pc parts and pre builds. They just sell out as quick as anywhere else, you gotta pounce on it.


And I’m pretty sure they give their rewards members first dibs


I didn't know about that but that's pretty cool. I'm all console gaming so I don't know about their priority with pc parts. I do know they often sell used console accessories at better prices than I could find on Amazon and ebay and got them mailed to me within a week.


They 100% give you a heads up on a drop with a pro card. I got my PS5 this way and my RTX.


They do. You can sign up if you're a power up rewards member, which actually is a really good membership program. The coupons you earn are digital and the sales person will tell you when you earned one and when they expire so you don't even have to actively track it. You just get discounts at the register... Pretty consistently too.


Pretty sure they carry them already. They're just hard to get your hands on.


They already do, and if you're a pro member you get first dibs on their restock.


It’ll be at retail prices then. The reason online shops destroyed the retail components market is how much cheaper they were.


Sooo cannabis dispensary and hentai game store?


Hey, the peripheral market alone in those industries would be a goldmine


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I’ve been sitting on this idea, hopefully others will do the same


If Gamestop becomes the "Delta 8 THC and Radio Shack DIY electronics" store, I will have a new favorite store.


From what I hear RadioShack is making a slow comeback in the areas where it kept a few stores


As a hobbyist shop with caps and resistors and diodes, or as a cell phone store?


As a hobbyist shop. They have a small foot print in my city, where they sell some basic electronics, but their "store" is just a section inside of hobbytown usa. Its not bad, but i can't really see myself going there for pretty much anything.


Yea I can buy their stuff at hobbytown but I'm glad they got out of phones. I worked there during the closing when we had like 5 stores within a 15 min drive. Phones killed them


*Beyond games* You gotta think beyond.... They're probably setting up a whole porn production.


Bruh you gotta go beyond that like a GameStop planet (with porn and video games)


Where gonna make a new GameStop! With black jack and hookers!


You know what forget the GameStop


Like ready player 1?....they are already working on it😎


Yo maybe it’s why they changed Ebgames. What if Ebgames is now. EbgamesPornProductions?


EBPP I like it !!


Electronically Stabilized Robot Porn = ESRB


gamestop at night


> Bruh you gotta go beyond that like a GameStop planet (with porn and video games) In fact, forget the GameStop planet!


Can't wait to trade in my used porns


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All of the GameStop porn is required to have at least 6 sources of RGB in the background.


So they’re going into the hot tub streamer market twitch has given up


"Beyond games" makes me think they're starting to make vegan video games.


It’s like Beyond Meat. Vegan hentai sounds hype.


Isn’t all hentai vegan… unless wait I don’t wanna know


[Gotta watch out for them toxins.](https://youtu.be/LWXcMZeQ_00)


Dem tentacles aint made from tofu.


They can be if you draw them that way. Don't let your dreams be dreams


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CBD Games and Beyond


bed bath games and beyond... Merger coming?


Can't wait for them to mail me all dem coupons


VR hentai experience store


Cannabis dispensing hentai funko pops. Think Pez dispenser, but it comes out from between their legs or the octopuses legs.


Now I HAVE to buy more GME.


Don't threaten me with a good time


Gotta give them some credit. Investors breathed new life into the company and they are doing the best they can to take advantage and make the necessary changes to prove their value rather than ride the wave.


But are there any quality engineers joining, too?


Check out their recent hirings they have poached micrsoft facebook and amazon execs


Don't forget about the blockchain knowledge that they attracted.


Beyond Ryan Cohen coming in, the hiring list is actually insane. Nobody is better setup to win


they’ve gone fucking nuts with hiring tons of new directors and mid level engineers. if they make the right moves i think gamestop truly come back like a phoenix




They also have tons of world class crypto programmers dropping dream jobs to go work for GameStop. Me thinks GameStop is about to drop the virtual games ownership NFT market. Basically, a digitized version of what made GameStop successful 10 years ago. This could very well compete with Steam, Amazon, Sony, Microsoft, Ninento, etc. Can’t forget to mention the massively unrealized esports sector. E sports revenue is projected to surpass the NFL by the end of the decade. GameStop is in a unique position to capitalize rapidly and efficiently on a largely unrealized sector. GameStop gets into e commerce = competes with Amazon. GameStop opens an NFT blockchain & open sourced non-fungible items market = competes with all digital platforms. GameStop gets into e sports in a much larger way = capturing an untapped and highly lucrative market.


Get into the gpu market and sell me a 3080 plz.


They do sell GPUs now.


And if you are a member of their pro rewards, you get first access to new consoles and computer parts when they drop.


Its going to be the first solid use-case for NFTs and a monumental point for the gaming industry. Game Developers make money when they sell a new game. When someone turns around a re-sells it; the developer gets nothing. NFTs will allow developers to collect royalties EVERYtime a digital copy is re-sold. Think about the implications of that for a moment.


Meanwhile AMC is filled with dumbasses... CEO printing shares like there's no tomorrow and the company itself hemorrhaging funds by the quarter. Gamestop has a very talented board and there's plenty of sectors they can expand into.


To me they seem to be shifting to a toy and collectible store. with Toys R Us closed in the US i know a lot of toy collectors that would rather deal with GameStop than Target or Walmart.


Probably thanks to their purchase of ThinkGeek a few years ago (which I still lament)


They like collecting Flash games on Kongregate too


Wait they bought Kongregate? Why would anyone buy a flash focused company. The death of flash started like 20 years ago.


They bought it years ago right when HTML5 really started to overtake Flash. I used to play games there quite a bit and IIRC, after they bought it, it seemed like they weren’t doing anything with the site but it was unclear why. Flash was dying and FB games, and soon after, mobile apps, became popular. …Also I just looked it up and it was 2010. Holy shit, it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. It is owned by another company since 2017 (never heard this before). I’m glad several devs/studios that posted on Kongregate (and similar sites) have continued making games, like Bloons, Kingdom Rush, Defend Your Castle, etc. They’re still fun.


Kingdom Rush became a huge mobile series.


Yeah, I saw the studio just had a new release too. Haven’t played yet though.


A fair amount of IP was attached to it I believe and kongregate publishes quite a few games on iOS.


Ugh I miss ThinkGeek so much


Same, it was such a great place for unique and fun gifts.


My Portal 2 Bookends are still one of my favorite gamer decorations from them. I actually didnt buy them while they were in stock, but several years later I was thinking about them still and managed to find a new old stock on ebay. I use them to store my games though of course, not books :)


Wait, ThinkGeek is dead? :( :( :(


It was bought out by GameStop years ago. If you went to a GameStop store nowadays you can probably notice they have more merchandise that you think would be on ThinkGeek.


They have a tight relationship with Funko and Nintendo/Pokémon. That alone probably pays the bills. GameStop’s in the middle of nowhere still get dozens of Pop figures a week and hundreds of Pokémon cards. All of which they sell through instantly. When you have ~4000 stores that adds up.


It probably costs $100,000-$150,000/yr between wages rent and overhead to operate even the smallest GameStop That’s a lot of funky pops.


Assuming a GameStop sells, on average, 20 Funkos a day, that’s be more than $87,000. Factoring in 50 packs of Pokémon cards a week, that’s another $10,000. So total, a year, GameStop stores make $97,000 in revenue just from those two things. And I’m only speaking to what I’m familiar with having worked in a small town store. Other GameStops probably have a lot more inventory they move daily and there’s also more expensive editions of Funkos and Pokémon cards that are sold.


Those sales figures sound wildly optimistic to me.


Yeah what the fuck twenty a day?! Which crevice did they pull that from?


Revenue is not the same as profit though.


Uhhhh if your revenue is equal to your overhead, you are out of business. What's their profit margin on Pokémon cards by the time it gets to a retail store, like 5%?


It sounds like you’re assuming they make like $12 per funkpop and $4 per pack of Pokémon cards. Retailers make like 20% on most goods. Idk what the margins are for those, but they can’t be literally the whole price. At 20% markup, that’s going to be less than 20k, so a little over one employee.


You have to remember, they don’t get the funkos they sell for free…. Believe me at best they make 30 points full price, no sale. Same with almost every thing they sell. Good rule of thumb is $1mil in sales for every 100K in expenses.


$97k a year doesn’t even nearly cover the lease in any mall which is doing well.


I don't think any malls are doing well in this age of Amazon and COVID.


Luxury malls are doing fine and premium outlets are doing very well. I work with a large premium fashion brand and in the US their D2C retail sales are 96% of what they were in 2019. They operate in malls anchored with Nordstrom’s and premium outlets mostly.


Affluent areas see more revenue? Color me surprised.


Urban malls are also performing much better than suburban malls. In NYC last year, the single most requested Uber destination was a mall. Also, as the other person said, luxury malls are doing well too.


You know they still sell a handful of video games and consoles, right?


there are malls doing well?


Yes, the closest mall to where I live is doing just great, always full of people, only a couple empty stores, with new stores moving in. It's actually the second biggest tourist attraction in Canada, after Niagara Falls, with over 40 million visitors a year. I think all the dead mall content on the internet kind of gives a skewed view of malls as a whole. There are lot of malls that are doing just fine. Mostly higher-end type malls, with Apple Stores and Pottery Barns, and anchored by Nordstrom instead of Sears or JC Penney. The reason so many malls are dying is that America built way too many malls in the first place, with way more retail space per person than any other big country in the world.


GameStop’s have mostly pulled out of malls at this point.


It’s also only two items of their entire inventory, which is expanding rapidly


You know they don't get those for free right?


Is 20 Funkos a day realistic for the average store though? I’m not into that scene so I really don’t know but selling 140 of those a week in every store seems like a lot. I used to work for GameStop (years ago) and there were days I’m not sure we saw even 20 customers (we were a mall location with 2 GameStop’s in the same mall) let alone 20 who were buying collectible plastic figures.


Yep, we all knew it was the unfortunate death of ThinkGeek when the purchase news was released.


You would think, but I heard from the ThinkGeek employee in my local mall that Gamestop is closing all ThinkGeek stores. The one near me had like nothing in it. Bare Shelves.


How long ago was that? Because they shut down the thinkgeek website like 2 or 3 years ago.


Yup! My kid loves going into GameStop because they have cool toys that Target doesn't. At least... They display those toys better.


how is shifting from video game retailer to toy retailer a move to being a "technology" company????


Because it's not different. This guy is assuming that they are only going to do this. They've been hiring high level software engineers. They've also hired on people specifically for Blockchain roles. They are definitely working on something bigger than business as usual.


My guess would be they're working on platforms for games, potentially something with streaming.


Well they’ve hinted at esports but the blockchain part is probably the most advanced. Something to do with NFTs (digital assets). So like an old school video game retail store, but actually online with digital goods.


NFTs imo has to do with reselling digital games. Maybe an actual GameStop currency. Not totally sure yet but I’m fucking jacked to the tits with what Ryan Cohen can bring to the table.


I‘m rather scared to the tits with now seeing that the float is 248 million on Yahoo Finance. F to economy… I hoped for 150 max 📉


Yeah if the economy tanks (we’re absolutely setting up to) it isn’t going to be because of the float on GME homes.


nft.gamestop.com Complete mystery what this is about...


Selling toys didn't you hear?


Because the assumption they're shifting to toys is erroneous. This thread is gonna age like milk. Sharehokders have been discussing this transition for the better part of a year. Turn off the news.


I think it’s more likely they’re getting into the crypto space in an effort to bring gaming to the blockchain. Checkout nft.gamestop.com


this means they are going to focus on eCommerce, possibly more focus on digital games delivery, and consumer electronics. they aren't going to pivot to quantum computing


Let's ride their stock into the quantum realm and then time travel!


The parallel universe where EVERY game is Battletoads, and they say "yep, we have Battletoads!"


tbt to when DFV decided to go all-in on GME!


I don’t understand why MSFT and Sony would want them involved in digital content delivery.


Agreed. Nintendo probably wouldn't have much interest either, and the PC world is monopolized by Steam, which I wouldn't change. So... Idk.


Would love for an American chain retailer to offer decent PC part selections. Hope they will be more Best Buy-esque in that sense and do a better job. Cities have "emergency buys" easier, but many rural areas you literally can not buy decent replacement parts for PCs. Best Buy is the closest we have to a nation-wide PC part seller, but totally fails this market by having very poor selection. Best Buy tries to get off with "we'll ship it to you", then has higher prices than Amazon. If I need a PSU today I need a PSU today, and in much of the country you can't get a good quality PSU intended for a gaming PC locally.


I think we need to push for more MicroCenter's everywhere. They are literally everything you asked for and more.


MicroCenter is like Toys R Us for adults


I walked into one for the first time a few months ago. It was, without question, a religious experience.


Or old school Frys, before corrupt and incompetent management bankrupted them. I never had one on the east coast but I always heard awesome things about them online in the early 2000s.


I have heavy nostalgia for Frys from when I was a kid but havent lived near one in ages


I miss Fry's... The one near me closed down just a few months ago. I used to love going there.


GameStop & MicroCenter should have a baby


And they can call it MicroStop.


Yes! GameCenter is also dope.. MicroStop is the retail, GameCenter is like an OG internet cafe club where you can do all night LAN parties and pay to play on PCs and next gen consoles that people might not otherwise be able or willing to afford since hardware is scarce and expensive... actually seems pretty viable, also MicroStop wouldnt need to stock everything but could facilitate shipping from the few regional MicroCenters to the local GameStop storefronts where people could shop catalogs or something because MicroStop only sells certain things In-Store.... it's crazy but there could really be something here and both stores could use an ally like that i feel like plus both have adoring fanbases that are very similar


The MicroCenter BYOPC section is insane, I miss living in Houston and having that right down the road.


Thats likely down to volume and inventory. What parts do you keep? For how long? How much inventory? How often is it going to sell? Thats just a problem in general when it comes to rural areas and stocking products that people dont buy every week.


For sure, and PC parts "expire" unlike, say, lawn mower parts. If you go to a rural mower store they will have a catalogue of pretty much every part you will ever need for any mower made in the last 2 decades, but that's because they have a central company that leases the parts to them instead of them having to buy them up-front. When the parts become truly obsolete, the home company takes them back and gives the stores valid replacements. Game Stop is enormous and could follow this model. Imagining it terms of PC parts, Gamestop would have to rotate parts quite often as things become obsolete far faster in the PC market, but even if my rural Alabama Game Stop in a town of 6,000 only ever sells one RTX 3090, that's ok, because they're part of the larger web of Game Stop stores and they're helping build brand loyalty by being there for their customers. They would keep a couple in stock until they're obsolete, at which point they would be collected back by the home warehouse and probably sold on a sale or whatever. Gaming is ubiquitous. I live in a town with under 4k population in a 25k population county, and I put computer repair ads in the newspaper/on craigslist and FB marketplace/etc. and I get a couple of people a month inquiring about building a gaming PC/repairing a gaming PC. It isn't an enormous market in rural areas but it's not small. People game everywhere, and Gamestop's much smaller store presence could address this better because Best Buy is so enormous with their TVs and appliances and stuff that you can not just build them anywhere. Every town has a game stop or could have a game stop because they fit into smaller storefronts.


The problem is that we've been down this road a bunch of times. See Radioshack, Incredible Universe, Fry's, etc. Yes, there's a small market for people to locally purchase PC parts but at 6% gross profit on hardware (particularly the latest and greatest) you've got to move a lot to pay the bills or sell other higher margin stuff (like washing machines and vacuums). And there is a ton of pre-existing sources (Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, NewEgg, TigerDirect, you get the idea) that are already competing heavily on margin and operating at a significantly lower cost than 4800 geographically distributed brick and mortar retailers that all get to deal with their own leasing, staffing, training, marketing, inventory control, returns, loss prevention and whatever else on top of trying to compete with the big guys. Do people that build and modify PC's maintain enough brand loyalty to get up from their 'battlestation' to drive 20 minutes to a brick and mortar that will likely have to charge more than Amazon?


You forgot to include CompUSA


The one next to Circuit City?


If I was cynical, and I AM, I would say the problem is that there are people living in towns of sub 4k people who expect the same services and infrastructure as cities with 500k+ people. I think Amazon is probably the best you're going to get, and even amazon only functions because of the ENORMOUS subsidies urban centers pay to provide services to rural regions.


Realistically, if you cannot wait a day for something to arrive, then you need to have a spare one sitting around, or don't live in Bumfuck, Nowhere.


Meh, I live in a metro area with over 1,000,000 people and I know of exactly 0 stores for PC parts except Best buy or joe's overpriced parts palace that has 12 parts available, all for 200% msrp.


Why wouldn't you just buy off of Amazon or any other online retailer? Sure, if you need something very quickly, you'll want a physical store, but it's not like you're buying clothes. You don't need to feel the parts or put them on first to know whether or not they're suitable for you. You just look up on the Internet if they're compatible with your build and then order them online. In Sweden, if you want cheap PC parts, you buy them off of the one of the 2 major online-only websites that offer cheaper-than-usual PC parts. There is no in-store pick-up because there are no stores but if your order is over a certain amount (the equivalent of ~$60), you get free shipping.


I get them from Amazon or Newegg. There's been plenty of times i need a fan or a PSU or something, and would have liked to driven 15 minutes away to go buy it instead of waiting 2-5 days though.


Sounds like it's time to get that business loan. If there's truly that big of a vacuum considering the population, and Amazon hasn't already monopolized the business, you'd be killing it as long as you can be reasonably price competitive to Amazon. Chances are though, that you can't beat their infrastructure's economy of scale. Otherwise, it's a tough space to get into. High inventory costs keep the barrier to every relatively high, and more importantly, knowing what and how much to keep in stock can be killer. Dead stock kills so many pc shops.


What, really? My city is sub 400k and still has a memory express. And it's a *busy* memory express.


Never heard of memory express... Where abouts are you? Edit: looks like Canada based on Google maps search.


Yeah, so just looking into this a bit, apparently I should not make assumptions about US cities based on Canadian equivalents. Basically every city in Canada over 120k a) has a university and b) has a place to buy custom PC parts. The exceptions tend to be places very near other locales (IE, Kanata is near Ottawa, so not hard to get parts).


Yeah, 90% of Canada's population lives within 100 miles of the US border. The population grouping just isn't comparable unfortunately.


Everything moves online and you expect them to open brick and mortar stores in your village? For the chance that maybe your PSU burns?




Looking forward to GameStop re-selling phone service.


Customer: Hi I would like to trade in my iPhone 12 I bought last year for $850. How much is it worth? GameStop: $3


Cricket is GameStop!


RadioShack is a prime example of adapting the target market to a large number of dying electronics while abandoning the hobbyist electricians. If they moved into PC components and less competitive markets than third party phone reseller where you already had to fight the first party service providers maybe they'd have fared better. Sadly selling cheap CD players, crappy low budget phones, and e-waste products as main selling points really doomed walk in customers.


Microcenter would like a word and their prices are as good as amazon


FYI, Gamestop is doing a big push in this sector. One item I'll note from this comment, they do have same day delivery capabilities! I've seen plenty of stories of satisfied quickly turned around purchases this year, tons of stories of people receiving purchases within hours. Obviously thats dependent on where you live, but they are pushing growing this sector heavily


Yea my local GS has 2 MSI 3060ti laptops and some gaming displays sitting in a glass cabinet. They have a few PCIE gen4 m.2 drives as well! And we are not even in a special high tech town or anything. It’s awesome. I’m so stoked they are evolving.


Best buy has never had shit for pc parts. If gamestop sold pc parts like fries used to do I think they would be a hit. I don't mind paying a little more for pc parts if I get them TODAY. I think one of the worst torture methods is waiting over a week to get all of your parts and everything shows up but a single component you need to turn your new pc on. Three pc builds ago or so for me every single part finally showed up, I hooked it all together and realized I only needed one part, a sata cable to plug in the hdd. The closest place to buy a sata cable at this point in time was fries in wilsonville oregon, which is about an hour away. Do I wait 10 days to get a sata in the mail or do I drive to wilsonville? Nobody is going to wait that long to turn on their state of the art computer back in like 2009 or so when I didn't realize that neither the hdd or motherboard I ordered came with a sata cable after opening the box. If I could drive half a mile to the mall and get one from a gamestop I would be a happy customer, instead they sell nothing I want.


Or worse, everything shows up but one crucial part is defective


Like radio shack? Or Frys? Or Comp USA? Everyone buys this stuff online


MicroCenter fits the bill - huge computer parts chain store that carries practically every piece of electronics known to man. Problem is, they only have like 25 stores nationwide. They should expand.


I don't know that MC would work outside a major metro area, honestly. You need a lot of sales volume to move expensive stock that becomes obsolete quickly.


They have diamond handed Redditors to thank for this.


As well as Ryan Cohen who saw the potential early 2020 and went all in, then shook out the bad management. His SEC filings show GME as his only stock investment still


this is the way


Apes together strong


One thing I've noticed every time I visit the mall: the places that seem to do best are the ones that provide *venues* and *experiences*. There's a reason the book store has a coffee shop in it: it makes it a social destination. The theater has an arcade and there always seems to be people in it, and then they buy from the concession... If GameStop stores become a destination, rather than just a place to buy stuff you can get shipped to your door from Amazon, I'd be more likely to go. The last time I was in GameStop, I was pleasant. I was hoping to get a PS5 - and failed miserably - but it was nice to talk to the person at the counter about games, the chip shortage, etc for a few minutes. I think after the pandemic is truly over, most of us are going to be reaching out for more in-person experiences, and I say that as a profoundly introverted guy. So maybe a good tactic for GameStop would be to put on in-store events... competitive gaming nights, streaming events, game dev workshops, whatever. Throw a LAN and arcade in there. A coffee shop that sells game-themed concoctions or whatever. But those a physically big ideas, and I don't know if GameStop has the resources left to make it happen. I hope they make something work. As much as I find Amazon convenient, I've begun shopping more locally (even if it's just ordering from smaller retailers headquartered in nearby cities), and I really don't want to see our malls and downtowns become ghost towns of failed businesses.


I wouldnt lie, I'm curious where this is going.


To the moon


To be honest, I've been purchasing top up cards/codes from Gamestop ever since Amazon fucked up their side of things by making me wait 24hrs or more for my DIGITAL CODES to arrive in email lol - At first I was ashamed, hated the thought of giving my money to this failing business that somewhat deserves to fail but hear me out.... If it hasnt happened to you yet, it will... They form it was a way of protecting you/themselves but its fucking stupid how Amazon does this delay... on purpose... I purchased 3 different codes online from Gamestop, separately, and all 3 codes arrived in the SAME email in under a minute. I applaud Gamestop for knowing how to run an online store better than Amazon nowadays. At least when digital codes are involved.


Amazing! I'm evolving to be a buzzword man.


Let's stick a pin in it and circle back.


Would have been cool if they had a digital store like epic and steam but can also purchase physical and other goods? Could make for more interesting collectors editions ect.


Game stop and local e-sports should be synonymous. They have the locations, they have the name recognition, and they have the fans. All they need is something to pull people in for small, even daily tournament.


They’re gonna bridge NFTs and gaming


I'd kill for a company that shipped it's own PC parts to my door. GENTLY.


Nothing is ever going to be shipped gently when you pay warehouse employees what they get paid. It’d be courier prices for that not shipping prices.


Hedies R fucked


GameStop is *now* moving beyond games? My local EB Games (GameStop's Canadian brand) is mostly a toy store at this point. Video games have been relegated to smaller and smaller sections of the store to make room for thousands of Funko pops for years at this point. I don't feel like I'm missing anything here. Edit: Ah, the article says this in the first few sentences.


EB is now taking on the name GameStop in Canada. The problem is that games don’t make money the way products do. New games maybe earn a dollar and the rest goes back to Sony or Microsoft or whoever. Consoles are basically a $0 sale for the company. Whereas toys and collectibles are actually profitable. So if they sell you a $90 ps5 game and you also pick up a pack of Pokémon cards the store made more off of the Pokémon cards.


I’ve been shifting purchasing habits during the pandemic, mostly away from Amazon. GameStop carries so many items in the tech realm now I’m astonished. Will definitely be doing 80% of my Christmas shopping on their site. TV’s, goPro’s, vinyls, collectibles, card and board games, smart devices for the home… the list goes on and on. I’m proud of them!


I like the stock


More good news? Guess the stock is going down again today


It's sideways Saturday.


What? GameStop is evolving to Gmerica!


Just wait until they announce what their doing with NFTs. GME 🚀


GameSpot reports that GameStop will stop shipping games from their shop.