“Climate Change Disinformation is Spreading Rapidly” on Facebook

“Climate Change Disinformation is Spreading Rapidly” on Facebook


Facebook is such an active cancer in society.


Facebook is the Doomsday machine.


Facebook is death.


Facebook is Skynet


Would you like to poke the human race?


Facebook has a horrible UI.


The only reason Facebook UI isn't a crime against humanity is because SAP exists


The sleaziest scammer I knew growing up is now an SAP salesman.


Still better than myspace. So many True ads. Now fb has every third post as an ad. Reddit is not far behind.


No Way! The customization on a MySpace page was great!


Football is life. And Facebook is death.


It's morbid and a bit callous, but the same folks who are getting sick and dying of covid now are the same who are anti-climate as well. The Venn Diagram for this group is nearly a complete circle in regards to the two anti-science situations.


Also “It’s George Soros [the Jews] fault”, “flat earth” and whatnot.


that's a slightly smaller circle inside these two other nearly overlapping circles


slightly smaller


Christian Conservative Republicans? Yup.


If you extend the circle a bit you also get conservative republicans that arent christian


Technically no conservative is a Christian, if you completely disagree with Christ about everything, it shouldn’t count. Trumpians.


They have their Republican Jesus.


"You can't fix stupid." -- Ron White


The only thing they actually care about is the unborn fetus. Once the fetus is born, you’re on your own. It’s a death cult with a sadomasochistic streak.


The "Dont paint me with the same brush as them" party.


Same ones who tend to support a person of more orange tint as well (and small hands). I'm noticing a trend, among those I know, who have fallen for the Trumplican party. Before, they tended to be happier, more open and pleasant people. Now, they seem always angry. Everything is a slight. Those that have gone full conservative are not open at all. One of them, fully yelled at their 13 year old daughter for saying she supported Biden. They won't let her talk about anything LGBTQ in the house. Even if a friend brings up it, she'll get yelled at later for it. It's odd to see the shift happen in people I would never expect it from. You can see the shift in the FB posts as well (I've recently cut all of them off, family included). FB posts went from happy shots and announcements. Going out with the wife. Pretty sunsets, ect. Now, rage over every little decision made that they don't like. Rage at people wearing masks. Rage at the news reporting stories that don't follow their orange tinted narrative. Flouting them not wearing masks. Middle fingers. Flags upside down. One put a picture of the Wa state flag with Lenin in the center, instead of Washington.


Thats the point. For facebook and conservative media, angry= more money since angry=more engagement with content= more views and clicks= more ads seen and this tactic is clearly working.


Honestly I feel like the reason for this phenomenon is that things are fucked up and there is no real solution in sight. People are dealing with skyrocketing cost of living, lower living standards and no upwards mobility. Meanwhile we've had it drilled into our heads in this country that suffering from any of these things is essentially your fault, with the most extreme evangelists of americanism viewing poverty as the result of moral failure. Even the dipshits that are in denial about existential issues like covid or climate change aren't fully blind, they see people dying and fires burning, denial is a powerful tool to deal with the harsh reality of the future and blame an even stronger one. It's a hell of a lot easier for people to bury their heads in the sand and point the finger at everyone around them than it is to admit individual powerlessness (which seems almost impossible for americans, especially conservative leaning ones). Zuck should be tried in the Hague, he's caused more human misery than is even calculable and is doubling down on causing even more.


I have cut my time spent on fb dramatically in the past couple yrs. slowly working towards deleting the account.


It's a bit scary how easy influencing people with a weak foundation for their self identity and beliefs is. Completely unfounded opinions just slide right into their ears and into their decisions and behavior.


~~Facebook~~ Mark Zuckerberg is such an active cancer in society. ftfy


Zucko's gone malignant


The death machine can continue to operate without its creator. Both are problems.


If you look at the top news stories on here, of the top 6, 1 and 3 are sucking Bezos nuts saying how great he is, 3-6 are about trump. There should also be a priority on actually reporting what’s happening


Reddit is basically facebook but for democrats. The only difference is that people on here dont get violent about it


Minus a lot of the alienation since you don't actually see your cousin or high school friend entering a conservative death spiral here. It's mostly anonymous.


You're not wrong, but Facebook isn't the cause, just the most effectively delivery method for the common denominator. The real problem is how society allows anti-intellectualism not only to exist, but grow unfettered. It's not ideal to not want to learn or to wish to remain ignorant, but it's understandable that a lot of people just want to exist without thinking or learning, but what is not right is giving these people the time of day whenever they want to have a seat in the table.


I don't think so - the delivery method matters. Newspapers just can't do the same direct feedback, dopamine cycle reinforcing delivery that social media can. Facebook has an AI black box that it told "keep everyone on Facebook as much as possible", and it's stumbled on the fact that people engage most with outrage and disinformation, and they can directly profit by feeding that to the target audience for pay, and use that engagement to sell ads.


If you think traditional news media hasn't capitalized on this just as much, you are wrong. Ever since the internet has opened up competition and people aren't stuck with set TV channels/locally distributed newspapers to get their information, regular media has embraced this garbage coverage just as much in an effort to stay relevant. Even alternative media has embraced this rat race to the bottom. Gotta stay relevant. Gotta get clicks. All news media is much more polarizing and includes genuine disinformation and hate/fear-mongering no matter which "side" it represents. Facebook is a very effective echo chamber of bad ideas, yes. And they need to do more. But getting your news from Fox is just as bad, because all they want is your views and clicks too. They'll gladly twist or omit the truth to suit their narrative. Only difference is that a TV channel has SOME reputation to uphold, whereas your aunt Becky sharing climate disinformation on Facebook doesn't give a shit if what she's saying even has a basis in reality. But she's family, so you trust her.


I mean, facebook is definitely enabling and encouraging it, but it's not the root of the problem. Stoking a fire makes the flame grow, but it's not what makes it burn.


Right, but a contained controlled fire is far less destructive than one left to spread indefinitely


> but Facebook isn't the cause [The guy who run the place for a while disagrees with you](https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/dec/11/facebook-former-executive-ripping-society-apart)


I blame Facebook


Indeed it is 🤨


Delete Facebook ffs


FB internal docs show that they are massively growing in third world countries. That is who they are targeting now


Fb preading propaganda in countries being exploited and benefiting Fb biggest accounts.


Person from 3rd world here. Fuck FB.


why are people Still* using facebook ? its like anti vaxxers


For me it’s the easiest way to get ahold of family and group events. Otherwise my newsfeed is nothing but fucking memes or dumb videos of asinine “advice” from tik tok teens or some shit. I miss when FB was just a fun place for college students


"Facebook climate science center" ​ Does the existence of this terrify anyone else?


Just imagine, a political party in charge of weather.


"It's not raining, I swear!" *gets washed out to shore on live tv* *At the wake*: "We will never know what happened to him, he one day just disappeared." "Dude, it was on tv. A flood pulled him out into the ocean due to climate change." "Fake news! Why does everybody believe this stuff? 😣"


fox news is getting ready to launch a Weather Channel.


They will fight the climate change story with a massive disinformation campaign full of nonsense propaganda just like fox news runs right now.


"It's just climate *entertainment.* No reasonable person would believe this crap"


OH S\*\*\*. I thought you were kidding.


“Facebook using climate change for profit center” there corrected it.


Nah, it's just one of the centers that are ran by the ministry of truth. As long as I agree with the issues that they are currently enforcing, I am all for completely deplatforming everyone who disagrees. People should not be allowed to be wrong about anything. Luckily, I think I will always agree with what the billionaires in charge want to enforce.


Outright climate denial isn’t credible anymore, so opponents have [retreated to more evasive forms of denialism](https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/climate-deniers-shift-tactics-to-inactivism/). These new tactics are designed to have the same effect as denial -- to nudge people toward *inaction*. The new playbook: **Doomism** / **Despair** **mongering:** The un-scientific narrative that we’re already committed to catastrophic runaway warming, and “we’re effed” because “it’s too late” to act. Doomers spread misinformation on tipping points and feedback loops to lead people to hopelessness, avoidance and inaction. Doomism isn’t new: This framing was used in World War II, when those opposing US involvement argued “it’s too late for our involvement to make a difference.” In reality, this August’s [IPCC report](https://www.ipcc.ch/report/ar6/wg1/#SPM) shows we can still limit warming to well below 2°C by acting now. Climatologist Michael Mann explains here ([25:31 - 30:10](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KoAPZk7NNE&t=25m31s)): "the science tells us that we can stop surface warming very quickly." **Soft** **doomism:** Dismissiveness of climate solutions based on the self-reinforcing and self-defeating belief that “we won’t act” due to perceived political or psychological barriers. **Deflection:** Attempting to deflect the conversation away from the [consensus solution](https://www.ipcc.ch/sr15/technical-summary/) -- the phase-out of fossil fuel carbon emissions. A common deflection tactic is promoting a *hyperfocus* on solutions that don’t create systemic reductions in fossil fuel use, like [individual lifestyle changes](https://www.businessinsider.com/fossil-fuel-companies-spend-millions-to-promote-individual-responsibility-2021-3), tree planting, carbon capture, adaptation, etc. This is a nuanced point, because these things *are* needed as part of a comprehensive climate strategy. But bad actors strategically promote them as a *substitute* for what must be the centerpiece of any serious climate policy -- phasing out fossil fuel carbon emissions. **Division:** Creating infighting within the climate movement so that climate advocates are not speaking with one coherent voice. Opponents may attempt to fuel arguments about our solution preferences, and drive wedges into pre-existing fault lines like age, race, class, etc. **Disinformation:** Spreading lies about climate policy and renewable energy. Attempting to erode public trust in the scientists, activists, politicians and institutions that advocate for climate solutions. Borrowed from other industries (tobacco, single use plastics, etc), this messaging is being amplified by fossil fuel funded think tanks, online bots/trolls. Because this disinformation campaign is so successful, these talking points are now being repeated by well meaning people. To combat the messaging above, “We must fight back every bit as fiercely as we fight outright climate change denial.” Reference: [Michael E. Mann](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_E._Mann), The New Climate War, 2021


Very nice write up! Especially Doomism is something I get faced with a lot talking about climate change. "It's to late" "What change would it make" "it's pointless", extremely difficult to reach these people as they are convinced about this. But even if it's pointless, wtf let's try it! For your cousins newborn or your little brother.


Thanks! Doomism seems to be the most popular choice here on Reddit at least, which is why I gave it some extra space. From the same book: >There is no one well-defined threshold that defines dangerous human interference with our climate. There is no cliff that we fall off at 1.5C warming or 2C warming. A far better analogy is that we’re walking out into a minefield, and the farther we go, the greater the risk. Conversely, the sooner we cease our forward lurch, the better off we are. (p. 179-180) >*But how much* additional danger we encounter is largely up to us. There is agency in the actions we take. The latest science tells us that, to a good approximation, how much the surface of the planet warms is a function of how much carbon we’ve burned up until that point. It is our decision-making henceforth that will determine how much additional warming and climate change we get. (p. 181)


I'm personally a soft-doomer. Definitely not too late to do something, but it will take major political action on a global scale. Individual efforts are great and all, but they're relatively meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Most people are still connected to the grid and still rely on commerce to get food and supplies. These are high-carbon networks and infrastructure, and most people aren't in any position to live independent of them. We need major infrastructure, city planning, and financial incentives overhauls if we want to make a meaningful impact. That said, we should still vote for change and educate/influence those that we can. Being defeatist or nihilist is counterproductive, but clearly presenting the severity of the situation is absolutely necessary if we want political action, in my honest opinion.


I'm not a doomist because I think the climate is already too fucked to fix. It is fixable. All it would take is, as you said, "major political action on a global scale"... THAT is why I think we're doomed.


I don't think you're a soft-doomer. I should have done a better job describing that term in my original comment. It sounds like your views are actually in line with what the [IPCC](https://www.ipcc.ch/sr15/technical-summary/) says we need. If you ever get pessimistic, remember that there are [people](https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/pq3ujj/world_on_catastrophic_path_to_27c_warming_warns/hd8p3vu/?context=3) out there working to make the major changes you described.


Having people think we need large scale political action, will lead to large scale political action \^^


Can you not normalize identifying as a doomist or soft-doomist or anything related? Sounds like soft-trolling.


It's a descriptive term that I think works very well to capture the stance it is referring to \^^ A lot of people already identify as doomers. Which is essentially the same.


In other words accepting and normalizing their bad behaviour instead of trying to improve their mindset into something that helps fixing climate change and stuff. I might sound a bit extreme here, but... yeah. Just take it as my five cents.


I was being introspective, looking at my behaviour and thoughts on the matter and trying to identify my position. I have a position similar to one of the other replies: I think that things can be done to dramatically improve our current trajectory, and I will continue to be politically active and help educate others. That said, I recognize the current barriers to progress, and I believe that it is highly unlikely that appropriate and significant action is taken to correct course. Hence my self-identification as a "soft-doomer".


Every self-described doomer I've spoken to already commits more personal action, and believes in and supports collective action more than any other 'climate ideology' I'm aware of. The quickest way to becoming a doomer is doing the most, researching the most, fighting the most and seeing no one else even bother. The best way to combat doomerism isn't tut tutting the ideology and telling them to keep their chin up, it's doing something to cause positive change instead.


Well that would depend on if being doomist is considered good or bad. As it's a new term it does not have any of those connotations to them yet \^^ Being doomist and doomer is not a healthy mindset. But I don't think it comes from a point of ill will from the person. It's just exhaustion for most I think.


I think you misunderstand the doom and that we see here. As others have pointed out, it's not that we are doomed because nothing can be done. It's that we are doomed because there is no expectation that enough people will care to force the appropriate things to be done. Given this last 18 months of pandemic and, at least in the US, the willingness for tens of millions of people to not care while hundreds of thousands of their fellow citizens are dying doesn't give one much hope.


>Especially Doomism is something I get faced with a lot talking about climate change. That's to be expected when it's supported by all the science. Life isn't anime where you can "get determined" at the last second and undo decades of fuckups. It's flat out insulting that people say dumb things like "maybe our financially crippled education system will produce a miracle worker who will solve all this like some kind of climate jesus!". They would need a time machine. Worse, we *have known for years what to do about this*, **we just aren't allowed to do it** because capitalism is more important somehow. What you call "doomerism" is the rational conclusion, you just frame it as bad because you don't like the truth. [We are pretty much here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XM0uZ9mfOUI).


That's just doomerism with extra steps. I don't doubt that you have a layman's understanding of climate change but when you say "supported by all the science" and then cite The Newsroom, of all shows as your example that we don't like "the truth" then it implies to me some sort of emotional bias and that the science you're referring to is more infotainment than science. Because here's the thing. Even if you're 100% correct doomerism still isn't a healthy mindset to have. All it does is shut down the discussion so we spend energy debating whether or not we're fucked instead of fixing what we can for the next generation that inherits this planet. Even if I entertain the insulting notion that we won't change anything I'd rather go down actually trying than cultivate a toxic mindset among my peers.


Reality is reality, regardless of what moral labels you want to put on it. You are either on the side of reality or on the side of delusion, and delusion doesn't get much done. Also, are you really implying that a youtube clip of a tv show is a citation, just so that you can try to call foul? That's hilarious, and i'm guessing more than a little projection. As mentioned below i work in wetlands conservation and am pretty current on climate science. That said, even if i linked a Spongebob meme, it doesn't change the reality of what's happening. If that's your best angle of attack, you are reaching pretty bad. Spare me the climate equivalent of "thoughts and prayers". Ignoring reality and retreating into a comforting delusion isn't the brilliant solution you think it is. There is no social or political will to solve this, capitalism would rather kill us all than let us do what needs to be done (or we could have fixed this years ago).


This is a very good overview. This happens on Reddit too. A lot of focus on what we can't do and how horrible everything is (which tbf is a pretty shitty situation), but almost no focus on what we all can do and what is working. Good news is often spun into something negative. Every bad news article gets the "we're so fucked"-comments and every positive news article gets the "it won't matter anyway, because [point at country's emissions] is still bad".


While I'm sure some of it is people promoting doomism as an excuse to not have to do anything, I suspect a lot of it is coming from people who are just clinically depressed.


To expand on this, traditional forms of climate change denialism are put forward by corporate public relations firms disguised as positions from legitimate scientists. The people responsible for slogans like ''of course climate is changing, climate has always changed *implying that it is part of a natural cycle that is relatively harmless and out of the control of man*'' are the same people arguing that action on climate change is impossible because China *implying that climate change is a serious issue but pursuing any action on it is impossible and would gimp us economically while everyone else goes around polluting*. They don't care about the truth, what they want is to muddy the waters by manufacturing a debate so your average dipshit NuanceBro goes ''well I guess the truth is somewhere in the middle hurr durr.'' Meanwhile they get million dollar bonuses helping their clients destroy the planet.


> renewable, renewable, renewable If I could ask for one thing, it'd be to remove "renewable" from the climate change discussion altogether. Right now it doesn't matter if whatever alternative energy source we start using to replace fossil fuel will last us forevermore or not. What matters is that it doesn't fuck up the climate and environment like what we're using right now. In short: **please stop ignoring nuclear energy already.** It won't matter that we'd *eventually* run out of it if **not** using it means we won't last that long anyway.


The key part of what you say is "replace". Adding 100GW of renewables here or there means jack shit if it's just to keep up with increasing demand while fossil plants stay open. Speaking for myself, I largely ignore nuclear energy because it's expensive and takes 10 years to build before you get even a watt of power out of it, and longer still when you include design and getting all the permits. Taking Hinckley Point C as an under-construction example, that's set to cost £20 billion for a French company with all their nuclear-building expertise to build, plus a double-the-going-rate strike price costing tens of billions more for about £50 billion total, and will generate 3.26GW. If you want to move everyone from direct fossil fuel use to electric vehicles and electric heat and defossilize the electricity production then the back of my envelope says that worldwide we'll need something like another 8TW of electricity generation (accounting for the better energy efficiencies of EVs over ICEs). So that'd cost about £125 trillion ~ $175 trillion (about twice world GDP) to build with nuclear power plants, with construction beginning between 2026 (since they need to be planned and custom-designed for their locations) and 2040 (so they can all be online by 2050), so about 13% of world GDP during that window of time. That's... not small. Non-hydro renewables can be built to enter service pretty much starting today and ending on the last day of 2049, so there's twice as much time to complete this project and the magnitude of the per-year GDP demands for new generation buildout is halved. Plus it's cheaper and therefore more than twice as palatable. There's no time left to make mis-steps though so I do support an "all of the above as long as it's not fossil" policy. New reactor designs have some promise and dispatchability is valuable, so we're just going to have to throw money at R&D and to build demonstration plants of the most promising. If something significantly cheaper and more readily mass-producible (but I repeat myself) than existing under-construction designs should emerge, great. But I'm not going to be holding my breath.




I meant it as **yes, and,** not **instead of.** If renewables *can* provide a better and faster return on investment **and** not hit scaling problems that could be complemented with nuclear, then by all means forget about nuclear. But I was under the impression that that was not the case, and that some heavy investments in nuclear would be a big nail in fossil fuel's coffin and everyone was just sleeping on nuclear because **scary** and **not renewable.**


Isn't nuclear renewable? I guess there's waste? But not for a really long time and its not headed into the atmosphere, melt down aside. Its just steam as byproduct.


It's not renewable because there's a finite supply of nuclear fuel available to us, as opposed to renewables, which should be inexhaustible\* on a very large timescale, with our current understanding and technology. \* Inexhaustible ≠ limitless. There may be limits to how much of a renewable energy source we can harvest practically, but the point is that we shouldn't be able to run it dry soon enough for it to matter.


Thanks for posting this. Nice to see what's going on put into words


Nice. You've just significantly reduced some underlying anxiety. I'm off to delete Facebook now.


👏 stop 👏 using 👏 Facebook…


Stop using clapping emojis


Never did, never will. Gonna be 60 in a few days too!


That's not really an achievement at your age. You're like two generations too old to be peer pressured into using social media. You're so old when you were in school smartphones didn't even exist, your generation used crayons to draw on chalkboards and play with wooden toys! The real miracle is that you figured out how to sign up to reddit and be quick enough to use your two index fingers to type a reply before the browser session expired.


Although I agree w your logic most older people I know if not all are addicted to fb badly


Deactivated FB and never looked back.


I did it about 10 months ago and have zero regrets. But I'll admit I do still sometimes read something on the internet or have a thought about something and think "damn, I should post that on Fa ... nevermind".


Yeah I slipped up this past Friday but I'm back off it now. Deactivated.


Weaponized Disinformation


It's like a nuke but the explosion happens over decades and globally. People are contaminated by stupidity and deaths are caused by their stupid actions. Like anti-mask and such bullshit. Disinformation agencies or whatever should be added to whatever treaty that "disallows" nukes.




Anyone thinking of deleting Facebook from their lives remember, it would be difficult to find anyone with regrets after doing it. My life is certainly better without it constantly stirring me.


One of the best decisions I've made


Yup, got rid of it like 2 weeks ago. Such a good decision. Reddit is next.


lol i do miss feeling important when I updated my status with one of my new pieces of artwork. Thats how FB got me really, it was a mix of the attention it would bring my art and a mix of me wanting to show off to my various crushes. Yada yada thats not what art is about, I know, but I'll tell you what. Combining the dopamine from finishing a piece with the baseline dopamine that Facebook gave me was like crack. It was such a waste of my talents and almost feels like I damaged the reward part of my brain somehow, to speak in pure conjecture and anecdote.


All these idiots that get their news from Facebook. YIKES!


Facebook and Instagram are cancer


Disinformation on Facebook? And then completely ignoring that it's an issue? No way


The joke is on them, the climate doesn't care what they think.


Time to shut it down


Who is still using Facebook??


It's been over 6 months after I quit fb and it was one of my best decisions.


At this point it makes more sense to just have the app be deleted from the AppStore


Of course it is


Fine Facebook Billions.


Can we please jail Zuckerberg for "Doomsday" crimes.


Like, I know that there is a consensus of 97% of climate scientists agreeing that climate change is anthropogenic, but Bob on YouTube has some pretty interesting theories. Bob’s dog whistles about a specific race help me justify my position of privilege, so I’m going to go with Bob. /s


Facebook is the biggest gift the west ever gave Russia and China. Instant low cost globally distributed psychological warfare you can pay for with a credit card and it’s cheap.


Do you ask your garbage collector for financial advice? No? Then, don't ask Facebook for scientific reporting.


Hilarious how quick the doomsday agenda changes...all backed by the Tyrants social media monopoly...one cute vaccine science button one day, climate change science button the next. Science is not about questioning anymore...it's about just fucking listening to psychopaths and shutting the hell up.


The scientific method is objectively about asking questions and challenging assumptions. Infotainment is just entertainment disguised as science, like a cheeto masquerading as a carrot so you'll think it's nutritious. I don't get the context of these buttons. All I know is that the vast majority of scientists say that Covid is real and that climate change is man made.


Who the fuck even uses Facebook anymore? What a cancer that place is.


FB is garbage! I sure don’t miss it. Reddit is pretty damn close too.


Yep. Although i do like the anonymity here. Seeing that I have racist, anti-vaxx, climate change denying "friends" and family on facebook makes it twice as depressing.




Good News: These are the same folks who are anti-vax and having a rough go of it lately. So maybe not so completely doomed.


But it effects is all


If we don’t shut down Facebook, humanity is doomed


We can solve a great deal of societal issues if everyone just got rid of Facebook.


And Twitter, and Instagram, and Youtube, and Snapchat, and Tiktok


Facebook needs to be broken apart already. Same with Amazon and Google.


Water is wet...film at 11.


If you haven't deleted Facebook already, you're crazy. It adds 0 value to anyone's life


I’m coming up on a year. The first couple of weeks was weird, but the urge quickly faded and I haven’t looked back. Instagram followed soon after. It’s awesome. I actually have genuine reactions when I catch up with friends instead of having to feign interest due to already seeing online the story they’ll tell.


Facebook is the fast track to fascism


Are people really saying they want Facebook to have more active censorship? Wouldnt that be worse?


People don’t know what they want except Facebook bad. Of course Facebook is just a symptom, as I see it.


The argument is whether humanity is intellectually honest enough to prevent themselves from being sucked into whichever disinformation bubble appeals to them most. I think we have the answer... it's not.


We see that every single day with Reddit, but in this case the users love the disinformation they're being fed because it fits their narrative.


Can't ask that on Reddit, most of the people on here love that shit.


As they do.. exactly the same with covid denier's


Well censorship isn’t the answer either. Ever heard of the lab leak theory? How it *was* heavily censored and Facebook permanently shut down credible scientist and casuals alike… until FOIA request showed all the previously redacted emails showing the theory is still credible and can’t be ruled out. Then FB and YouTube etc. quickly changed their misinformation rules to no longer censor the lab leak theory…. How on earth and why, would anybody trust FB or any social media to be the arbiter or truth and censorship when they have consistently towed the official narrative, at the expense of VALID skepticism and journalism.


Shutting down misinformation networks that manipulate facebook's algorithm is not censorship - Propaganda has no rights.


Zuckerberg has singlehandedly done more damage to the fabric of America, and possibly the world, than any person in recent times.


Jack Dorsey would like a word, and Youtube demands their due as well


They’ve all fucked us over, but I think FB is the worst, at least up until this point


It has become entirely obvious that Facebook (and others ,but especially Facebook) is causing society to fray. We don't have time to deal with this nonsense anymore, we need strong action YESTERDAY!


Ban Facebook


We should really expand treason laws to include intentionally deceiving or paying to intentionally deceive the public with verifiably (by multiple, credible sources) false information, (knowingly) against the public good, for gain/profit.


There is a direct source of this. The fossil fuel industry is spending a billion dollars a year funding PR firms and lobby groups to slow down action on climate change. Facebook is an easy, and relatively cheap way to spread their lies.


Does anything good come from Facebook? All I hear is anti-vax, scammers and Karen’s


Facebook needs to be shut down now.


"~~Climate Change~~ Disinformation is Spreading Rapidly" on Facebook


That moment when you're willing to destroy the entire species so you can have some more money and power. And Zuckerberg still cam't feel anything inside.


Fuckerberg is an android. Looks like the real life version of Data from Star Trek.


Can’t someone nuke Facebook now? Like how is it even useful in our lives?


'Social media' has become a very anti-social mockery of its namesake.


The Lizard Man is alive and well. 🙄


Can we delete Facebook? Can we cancel Facebook? Can we do something? I'm so exhausted of the role Facebook plays on the organization of these anti science movements .


surprised pikachu face


That’s like saying, “the sun is warm”.


The Donald should have nuked the Silicon Valley.


Can we just cancel Facebook?


But it most definetly is not spreading on reddit! Its not like it depends on the community and people you interact with. There is so much ati climate shit on reddit that its crazy. Love how reddit just trashes facebook for the most random reasons


This is bullshit. Freedom to share opinions, disseminate information, discuss and draw your own conclusions is paramount. FB needs to a be place for people to freely express themselves, regardless of what bullshit they may or may not be spewing out their ass


Everything spreads rapidly on Facebook. Not news.


Can we go back to the “You’ve got Mail” days!?


I miss a good AOL chat room


#facebook is cancer


What? Disinformation is spreading on Facebook? No, surely not.


The only reason I lurk cancerbook is for friends and events. I would have nuked it long ago.


I was the same, but I nuked mine anyway at the beginning of this year, and it has been glorious.


I deleted mine once unsuccessfully for 8 months. But I tried again shortly after, but this time I started a few group chats with some friends. It’s been 2+years and I’ll never return. We keep our chats pretty active 1-8 memes/pictures a day. It’s helped me feel connected. They remember to invite me to things. And there’s no bullshit in it.


Ban facebook


If you're interested on the history of how climate change became such a divisive issue (we disagree on the solutions vs. we disagree that there's actually a problem), I suggest the excellent book [Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right](https://manoflabook.com/wp/book-review-dark-money-by-jane-mayer/) by Jane Mayer .


Reddit is nearly the same.


Reddit definitely has its fair share of dumbasses who try to bubble themselves the same way many FBers do. Bit harder to do here because the echo chamber isn't handpicked, but they do try.


Facebook is mental poison.


It's mental heroin. Pure addiction, alluring because of its tailored worldview bubble that insulates its users from anything challenging their ignorance.


Facebook is the leader in Disinformation.


FB is cancer - Do Not put up your art, photos as they own it.


Wow so sad. I thought social media would make us smarter by sharing knowledge. Seriously… FB misinformation or not….. anyone who stepped foot outside in the last year sees climate change is real (record temperature, floods, forest fires, just to name a few)


Well how do you think climate change information started to spread in the first place? Facebook. Just because bad information gets spread, doesn’t mean just as much or more good information doesn’t get spread.


No one is allowed an opinion, a calculated measure of whether or not climate is changing so all the info comes from the globalist's playbook....


Ignorant opinions that purposefully undermine educated fact? - Yes, Fuck that propaganda nonsense.


There are facts and there are perceptions of facts.


Lol no need to tell us whether you believe in facts or the "perception of facts"


Ignorance of a threat does nothing to diminish it, you have proven my point.


Ignorance of facts does nothing to diminish their truth.


I think it’s time for disinformation-disinformation to spread rapidly. I mean if people are stupid then we might as well catch them at their own game.


You see there is only one truth, and it accepting it means coming to terms with a systematic failure in our society. Specifically that unfettered Capitalism has actively damaged our world and threatens our continued existence. Capitalism is a holy cow for many people, capable of doing no wrong. So Instead of challenging their beliefs, they choose comforting lies, and thanks to the big petro companies, there is a veritable smorgasbord of alternate realities for them to dwell in. They aren't going to come back to reality without a good reason, and the fact that what we are telling them the truth is not a good enough reason.


Climate change isn’t about capitalism. It just isn’t. Linking these things together is accomplishing nothing. Climate change is about the fact of our animal need to create shelter and warmth for ourselves. Capitalism just happens to be the most effective way to do that. Burning coal and oil releases carbon into the atmosphere as it generates electricity which allows us to warm cold house and cool hot ones. And it allows us to keep food fresh and power hospitals and literally all the things which we need to survive and all the things we want to make that survival worthwhile. The idea that without capitalism this wouldn’t be happen is just false. It would still be happening, just much less efficiently. Which is, truly, *not* preferable. You really need to understand that climate change is the result of making the world a better more hospital place. It’s maybe the deepest irony of human existence. But truly, and honestly, the reason the climate is changing is because of all the ways in which humans have improved the world. From astonishing increases in transportation and communication technology to all the medicine and food storage and just about everything else that defines modern civilization, good and bad. We have terraformed the earth into a less hospitable environment by creating things which are good for us. This is not to say we should do nothing. It is to say that the real root cause of this problem lay in the solutions we have for a vast array of other very serious problems. We need to find out how to continue to do these good things, in a way that doesn’t damage the environment. Climate change is by far the most complicated problem that currently exists. And when someone offers you an easy solution, that person is lying to you.


whats new, Facebook is a global monopoly on misinformation


Mother Jones complaining about disinformation. Lol.


A better title would be. Disinformation has infiltrated Facebook and Facebook does nothing to not offend anyone.


So Facebook isn’t only responsible for God-knows-how-much CO2 because of its datacenters, but also doesn’t even in the slightest tackle the spreading of lies and disinformation? You know, I didn’t care much about your election or that crazy broken system of yours. If you don’t want something more democratic well then that’s on you. But this threatens the whole world now. By enforcing fake narrativeres and spreading lies, Facebook shovels the grave to my kids living in a habitable world. What a disgrace of a company. My vote since long time is and remains: shut that useless cra* down.


Alien family looking down on us. Smallest one turns to mom - "Mommy what killed off the human race" Mother embracing little one -"social media my dear, the trolls win" "Really? What a dumb species."


Things were so much easier when we only had to worry about global warming.


So stupid people getting stupid lies fed to them... Is something new here? This has been going on for a while. Delete facebook and move on.


Man this means we need to censor a lot more. Ya know like the good guys in every movie ever made. Remember the good guys are always aggressively shutting down people’s ability to speak freely. You’re all idiots


You can still go into your front yard and spout whatever crap you want