Why ‘Y: The Last Man’ Was Abruptly Canceled

Why ‘Y: The Last Man’ Was Abruptly Canceled


Doubt HBO would want it as the article says, since they have The Last Of Us coming


And for this reason too: >Should a suitor for the series emerge, FX Productions would face the decision of selling library rights to season one as well as transferring ownership of the series or becoming a third-party content supplier — something that under Disney is considered a long-shot given Disney’s push for vertical integration. (FX declined comment on the cancellation as well as for this story.) Something Disney really focuses on vertical integration with having their own content on their own streaming services in both the US (Hulu) and internationally (the Star hub on Disney+).


The series was cancelled by FX and Hulu can still revive it if they want. Hulu or Disney+ are the only two services that can revive it. But most probably this show is dead. Also, I'm not sure if Disney+'s international units are allowed to order shows in America since Star isn't actually available in the US.


Why would Hulu revive a show that was already premiering on Hulu? It was produced by FX for Hulu, not for FX


Because as the article states, Hulu had apparently no say in the matter. FX canceled it solely due to the cost of keeping actors on contract. Hulu might still want to keep the show.


Because Hulu Originals are controlled by Hulu. 'FX on Hulu' exclusives are controlled by FX and Hulu has no say. If the showrunners take this show to Hulu then it can still revive it as a Hulu Original which it currently isn't.


Disney+ directly won't take it either since it only goes up to PG13 content.


Yeah only in the USA. Internationally we don’t have that restriction. Hell I watched 28 Days Later on Disney+ the other night


Outside the US, Disney+ does have R-Rated and TV-MA content.


And it's only a matter of time before it's the same in the US. Once they fully own Hulu, they'll do the same thing


Over here in Oz (Australia) they made Star, a part of Disney+ that hosts Fox, Hulu, etc that isn't suited for D+. ALL teen/adult ratings, PG/MA15 to R18! Best part is all the content that Americans pay extra for (more services) vs just this, no ads! My advice, grab a VPN and use our D+! 😂 EDIT : I mean (in long form) that D+ can use it, just not in America! Which is odd. America has freedoms guaranteed, we don't, but way more freedom here. 😂


Star is pretty much everywhere except the States since Disney has full operational control Hulu, but not ownership. At least until 2024. At that point they can payout NBCU's 30% of Hulu. After that, if they wanted, they could maybe just rebrand Star as Hulu everywhere.


Makes more sense to just be Star. Fits the Disney theme. You know! "When you wish upon a..." 😂 😉


In Europe there was a big push for the series in commercials and on billboards, I doubt as well Disney will just throw it away. In any case, I don't see suitors lining up, the cash is better spent elsewhere for more seasons of established IP or gambling on new IP. Y didn't break out as a huge hit, a new company would already be in it with a handicap.


Don’t throw good money after bad. If it’s dead, it’s dead


They can juggle Peacemaker and Doom Patrol, Flight Attendant and Search Party, Euphoria and Gossip Girl, Westworld and Raised by Wolves, Black Lady Sketch Show and That Damn Michael Che. Two somewhat similar concepts or tones is not a barrier.


True true, but another thing is this show would severely hurt their reputation for consistent quality, its so bad


Yeah lol sure HBO have had some misses in the past but you expect something better than this shite


And why would they be interested to buy a failed series that can be considered the lesser version of the The Last of Us?


If you read the article, you'll see why this question is based on a false premise. The decision to cancel was not based on viewership.


No but it might have been based on quality.


S1 clearly didn't draw enough audience to worth the fund of another season. Therefore it was cancelled due to low viewership. And the quality was also low.


Dude, I agree it would be seen as a lesser LoU and that HBO isn’t going anywhere near this thing, but facts are also facts: > The cancellation decision was, per sources, not based on viewership figures; Hulu, like other streamers, does not release traditional ratings data. That means FX had little to no data on which to evaluate the series, including how it performed in its entirety over a certain timeframe, etc. While sources note there had been a drop-off among viewers, it’s worth pointing out that mid-series declines are not uncommon now that viewer behavior has shifted to binge-watching entire seasons of a show.


Ever getting around to reading the article?


HBO doesn't even renew it's own single-season bombs. Why would it grab someone else's


Plus has HBO ever revived another show? They might give the people on cancelled shows jobs (Maher comes to mind)but it’s still different shows


Article cites HBO Max, not HBO proper. HBO Max has picked up Search Party (from TBS) and The Other Two (from Comedy Central), along with several series from Cartoon Network and the now-defunct DC Universe.


Even sooner, they've got Station Eleven, which is about a pandemic wiping out 95% of humanity.


It’s also pretty boring. Hbo max dodged a bullet


Having read the graphic novel, it just doesn’t do it justice at all. My wife thinks it’s just boring. It had some moments, but def fell short so far.


I'd agree - it is boring. It's reached a point where nothing is happening. The simple task of getting him from one point to the other has turned into this comedy of errors and no we're focusing on side characters I don't give two F's about. Great graphic novel, cool concept, and they just...lost the point.


My sentiments exactly. I'm not in the least bit surprised by the cancellation. Sadly, the live adaptation has been...BORING. Damn shame too because the graphic novel series is anything but.


It's the Walking Dead where all the men were zombies for 0.5 seconds and are now all dead.


Why? Because it was horrible.


I wouldn't say horrible, but it's middling at best for sure.


That's where I landed. I think the biggest weakness was Yorick - he was just much, much too unlikeable - but the focus on the White House drama and the general problem of it being a show with no one to root for and a huge number of people to root against just made me quit caring at a certain point. I was especially disappointed because I was a fan of the comic and I thought that nearly all the changes they made just made the show worse.


I think Yorick was going to be a redemption case. You hate him in the beginning but later he redeems himself.


It is like that in the comics. That said, he is still whines like a lost puppy for the entire comic.


Thats why the reveal of how he stayed alive was so good.


It’s been a minute since I read it how did he stay alive


If I remember correctly, the female geneticist impregnated herself with her own clone, her geneticist father thought this was the worst thing that could happen and evil, so he created a disease to kill the clone, he put it in a Capuchin monkey and shipped it to her hoping to infect the clone fetus. The monkey instead went to Yorrick and handling the monkey crap made Yorrick immune. Also I think there was some weird para-science about the clone baby causing the earth / mother nature to kill all the men because they weren't needed anymore. But I don't remember if that was real or just a crackpot theory by one of the characters.


There’s several plot devices that the reader could chose to their head canon. Taken from the wiki: The Culper Ring, who may have created a chemical agent designed to prevent women from conceiving male children. This agent was introduced into China to cripple their economy, however, something went wrong, and the chemical agent instead killed males of all ages. The moment the plague struck, Agent 355 removed the sacred Amulet of Helene from the nation of Jordan. The amulet carried a warning that if it was ever taken from its homeland, it would create a tragedy greater than the Trojan War. It is also suggested that the wedding ring Yorick bought for Beth may have protected him from the effect of this curse. The Earth cleansing herself of the Y chromosome, as believed by the Amazons. The Rapture taking all men and leaving women as a punishment for original sin, as believed by an air traffic controller. The remaining (female) members of Sons of the Arizona were convinced that the government was responsible for the plague, and the top government leaders were lying in wait to take over the country. Changes in the Dreamtime impacting normal reality, as believed by some Australian aboriginals and Beth. One member of the "Fish & Bicycle" traveling theater troupe advanced the theory the plague was a direct response to the exclusion of women from true parity in the performing arts, thereby upsetting the natural order. In support of this theory, it was speculated the total exclusion of women from the stage in Shakespeare's day had resulted in pandemic outbreaks of the Bubonic Plague.


Handling Ampersand's feces and cleaning him. Ampersand had the genetic mutation that let the two of them survive the plague.


You wouldnt believe it the explaination is completely apeshit...


That may well have been the plan, but that's a risky thing to hang a series on, in case something like this happens.


It happened to Olivia in Fringe too, there was a reason why she was a shy girl that barely emoted. I think Anna Torv went a little too far with that characterization. They kept that attitude (and her backstory was hidden) until halfway the first season, but in other times you had more than 10 episodes to *perform*.


I think the bigger issue was that the guy they cast just didn't have it. If you have enough charisma, you can be a bit whiney and still have is rooting for you. See: Owen Wilson


Not anymore. Now he's just an asshole forever.


Bit of a shame, really. The show has been gestating for years now, and I loved the comic book series. But I'm four episodes into the TV show and it's just... boring. Yorick is far less sympathetic than in the comic book, Hero is just moping around in a deep depression, all the White House stuff is dull. 355 is the only character I kind of like.


The white house stuff should have been better but it just felt unsure of itself. I heard that much of that isn't in the comic which makes sense. But I think the bottom line is, they screwed up the casting for so many characters but especially Y.


I think everyone else's actions other than yorik was the most horrific shit I've ever seen, why the fuck is everyone's first reaction to try and kill him?


The execution and focus of the political plot line is the weakest part of the show, imo. It’s fairly needless, and it hasn’t given a good sense of the scale of what’s left. For the most part, it portrays a complete collapse, so who really cares what’s going on with a failed government or who the POTUS is?


The president's storyline would be a lot better if it was actually focused on fixing the state of the new world. Instead, it's like the only thing they care about is stolen helicopters and 355 being on the run and of absolutely zero threat to them. You'd think they would have things a little more important to worry about. There's basically no stakes there whatsoever, because it doesn't really seem to matter who the president is for the reason you mention. Not only that, but that part also really does very little to accomplish their goal of wanting to explore gender identity and what it would mean if all the men died aside from Diane Lane becoming president. It would be interesting seeing them deal with things like how many men were pilots, farmers, firefighters, etc. and how few trained women they have. Instead, it's just Democrats and Republicans squabbling when the stakes should be a little higher for the leader of the country.


Exactly. There’s billions of women out there alive still trying to survive, and the political drama is myopically focused on power squabbles that couldn’t possibly be the focus in this world.


>That's where I landed. I think the biggest weakness was Yorick - he was just much, much too unlikeable I don't know, he is basically the only person on the show that I even "like" or have empathy for, even if it is just in a "loveable moron" kind of way. At least he is not DIRECTLY an asshole, but cares. If anything my problem with the show is similiar to the problem I have with "succession". Namely that I just can't deal with that level of assholes, egotists and outright comically 'evil' people for 40 minutes. They may be well done, the point may very well be "well, product of environment" and such. But I have negative emotions about people enough. If I want to feel like having to switch off because I literally can't take it anymore, I watch some documentaries........ Like... "I steep myself in fictional "even worse" scenarious to come out of it going "reality isn't THAT bad, maybe, slightly" doesn't work for me as entertainment anymore. Especially if there NEVER is any resolution, and honestly, none of them deserve any. Like: I don't need a show that tells me "women can be just as bad if it comes to that, maybe men as a whole aren't the problem, but a specific mindset of people is regardless of ones perceptions about statistical representation sorted by gender of it". I'm aware.


> But I have negative emotions about people enough. Exactly. I'm so darn tired of all this dark and gritty violent TV. I'm not here to make myself feel worse or shitty about people. Why are the programs trying to do so? It's gross


I have more issues with communication, and egotism and selfservedness than the other parts that make up "gritty / violent" >Why are the programs trying to do so? It's gross It's basically to feel better afterwards about reality. It's how most of reality TV works too. It's about feeling better about yourself and be able to discard self criticism by adjusting the scale to "even worse". It just doesn't work for me


Don't watch it. It's simple lmao. > I'm not here to make myself feel worse or shitty about people Literally nobody is forcing you to watch 'dark,' tv shows if they effect you that much. Sub to Disney+ and watch those marvel shows. Might be more your speed


I can see the logic in the bigger changes they made like focusing on the White House stuff, and making much more focused on characters that aren't Yorick. It just didn't translate well, what made the comic interesting was Yorick's journey.


What's funny / disappointing is that the latest episode was actually pretty interesting and finally seemed to be taking a wilder turn, which would have upped the energy of the show. I've been struggling to find it interesting through much of this season because everyone is an asshole and not a lot has made me invested in the story. This last episode introduced some new dynamics that seem kind of fun and wild. But oh well.


It really wasn't very good.


Non-comic-reader here. I've found it very enjoyable and look forward to it each week. The political plotline may not be as dynamic as Yorick's and Hero's plotlines, but to me, they haven't felt out of place.


Yeah, there definitely seems to be this divide in opinion where people who read the comics aren't able to see past whatever the differences/changes are. The show was pretty decent in my opinion, maybe a few pacing issues here and there but nothing that I couldn't forgive for a first season.


I read the comics and I love the show for what it's worth. It's not the same as the comics, but that's because it's not the same thing. I would be bored to death if it were just a shot for shot translation of the series, because I've already read that. There are enough differences and changes that I can be genuinely surprised by stuff since I already know the major plot points. The only thing that really matters to me is that the OG writer Brian K. Vaughan has said he loves it and hopes it finds a new home.


It just isn't good. It has nothing to do with reading the comics. I barely remember the story at this point. I just know I liked it. I know I like saga even more. It's a bad show.


Seriously. It was very bad and I don't really buy this "it was secretly great but the cancelation was all about contracts" excuse. Kinda comes off like laundering the fact that yet another ultra-woke production turned out a complete failure.


Nailed it.


That’s exactly what I came here to say….it was simply dreadful.


ive been very entertained each week despite it not being too accurate of an adaptation


Adaptations don't have a responsibility to be accurate. That's why they're adaptations. They can change to fit the medium.


There are much worse shows that have run for much longer.


Read the article. Delays before and during covid caused costs to increase/rights over the IP issues. Has nothing to do with the quality or the viewers.


I have to believe that if it were good and viewers were flocking to it, the costs would be justified though


I really don't believe that. Those issues could have been overcome for a genuinely good and popular show.


What made it horrible, please elaborate.


It spreads itself way too thin with multiple plot lines that progress at a snails pace as opposed to focusing on what is most interesting and maximizing it and making it feel meaningful and impactful. I also feel like it doesn’t effectively utilize it’s premise all that well


Thank you. I was looking forward to seeing it but since it was cancelled why bother as well.


The first episode is good for a pilot, the 2nd and 3rd kind of give you an idea how the show is going to be.. I bailed out at 4th, it became too cartonish, I liked the premise but it didn't went where I thought it would go.


I wouldn't say horrible... but they added so much stuff that didn't need to be there and spread thin the best parts. The show is called Y the Last Man, but many episodes end up being less about him (which I think they did Yorick really well) and more about his mom and the horrible American political analogues that surround her. Again, I don't HATE it... but since I read the books a lot of scenes are simply pulling me along as I pick apart the differences.


You won’t get a decisive answer. Every time I read a critique about the show people blame different things that eventually result in a poor outcome. I’ve yet to see any consensus about why the show is bad. It’s kind of interesting how people fixate on different things to blame so I can only conclude it’s just a poorly made show all throughout.


Maybe, but that's not their reasoning, contracts were expiring this month due to all the delays between initial signings and production, and: > Ultimately, FX brass declined to pay $3 million to further extend options on the Y cast as execs did not want to leave the cast in limbo yet again. The cancellation decision was, per sources, not based on viewership figures as Hulu, like other streamers, does not release traditional ratings data. That means FX had little to no data on which to evaluate the series, including how it performed in its entirety over a certain timeframe, etc. While sources note there had been a drop-off among viewers on the FX on Hulu hub, it’s worth pointing out that mid-series declines are not uncommon as viewers have shifted to binge watching entire seasons of a show.


if they do get a second life, i hope they cut back on the politics (shit, recast Diane Lane, which im sure would lower costs), and focus on Yorick and 355 (which was the dynamic that made the comic for me), and have Hero be in the B Plot.


Why was half of this show about politians in the White House? This only existed in the book for a little bit, and and made the series DRAAAAAAG.


No one would give a crap about the white house and politicians they didn't elect during a literal apocalyptic event. Show should've focused a lot more on the nitty gritty. Could've shown women in the supply chains, trade skills, scientists and other categories they're typically less represented in to promote women in STEM fields etc. Instead like so many other things these days they slipped in the victim role, preaching to a population that no longer existed within the narrative, so breaking the 4th wall instead.


> preaching to a population that no longer existed within the narrative Ugh, god, this so much. Although it's actually hilariously sexist; the assertion that even with all the men dead, the women are still obsessed with men, the issues and grudges they have with men, and the world men created and ran.


I mean of course they would be obsessed in the sense that men all dying would drastically change the world. For instance, how would the there be future generations, ie kids if all men were dead? Isn't that a huge problem that is worth focusing on.


The thing is they were more worried about identity politics than that aspect you mentioned. It wasn't just humans, it was all life losing the male part of their species. Plants, animals, insects, you name it. Half of it was all gone. Everything on the planet was on a timer and they were worrying about "now everyone knows I'm a transman and I can't get my hormones" bullshit.


Yup, and see how society tried to handle the affect of men not being around. Sanitation, power supplies, utilities, etc. The shit jobs that is dominated by men because women just do not apply to said jobs. Would be nice to see how a women society scrambling trying to teach and learn the rest of humanity in something they never wanted to do. Just to keep things in working order. But the show, like you said, liked to bitch more about men and transpeople than focus on the apocalyptic event that transpired. Because it wasn't just the make humans, it was the animals and insects as well. I think plants also. How would they reproduce? How are they going to fix it?! Nope, rather bitch about men and transpeople


Not just that, but your lead "character" played by Diane Lane is quintessentially an asshole all throughout the entire show.


Yeah that sounds awful. I was on the verge of starting it, but "West Wing except all women" sounds dreadful.


And they also added these MAGA characters who took up way too much screen time. I just wanted to see Yorick, 355, and Allison's journey.


Rumor is they had to retool that because of covid. The comic book is more mostly a road movie. Not really feasible during a pandemic.


Every time the two separate groups of women dramatically walked toward eachother (which for some reason happened more than once), I nearly choked on my own spit. So stupidly funny.


I wouldn’t give it a second life. It’s dead in the water. The show was way more focused on sending a political message than making it a good show.


I think the political message was fine, especially the new stuff about trans men. But the actual politics- all the stuff with Diane lane and the fake Meghan McCain- I think can be cut back


How long would trans men even be a thing in a world incapable of producing a steady supply of hormones. They can't even keep the power on or feed people, but we better throw in some concerned sermonizing for .0001% of the population.


Yeah, I'm from from being anit-woke but the whole trans thing was baffling. The point of the book is the Yorrick has to constantly hide his identity because all of the forces that are out to secure the last man alive. In the show he could just constantly say "I'm trans" and that would be that. Yet somehow he still has to hide his identity and when people find out they somehow just knew he's a cis male. Literally one character assumed he was trans and everyone else was like "Look, it's Y: The Last Man!". They let their need to make a statement get in the way of their job to tell a story.


> Yeah, I'm from from being anit-woke but the whole trans thing was baffling The point of the book is the Yorrick has to constantly hide his identity because all of the forces that are out to secure the last man alive Why act as if you've read the 'book' when you obviously haven't. The comics has trans men in it as well and Yorick manages to stay hidden in plain sight by letting people assume he’s trans in the comics too. It just didn't have any major trans character, which the tv series added via Sam. That's the only difference there. Your whole 'in the books he had to hide his indentity, they couldn't assume he was trans' is a load of bullshit.


It would maybe still be a thing but no one would entertain their hardships when immediate survival is at stake.




this show deals with the immediate aftermath- at that point, trans men are still very much a "thing". its interesting, and could open great storylines if done right. the show literally has 1 main trans character, and hes arguably had the most interesting arc of everyone minus Yorick


Not really. I'm sorry but in a world where half the population of **all species** is gone, not just the humans, the problems of a transman is fucking nothing. I won't give a shit about their politics, I won't give a shit if they can find a way to her their hormones. Their problems are so miniscule to the overall survival of life on Earth that it is ridiculous to even give them a thought.


The article mentions they originally envisioned 50 episodes - honestly, if it maintained its current pace I'm glad they killed it. I love this kind of stuff but it's painfully boring and unfocused.


Really poor show with problems everywhere you look. The writing was bad, directing was poor and acting was never convincing. It also has to be said the show looked kinda cheap, which is surprising. Such a shame because this story has so much potential, but clearly they hired the wrong people to make this happen.


all the characters in it seemed way too chill about it being the apocalypse. it was so odd


They could have showed women learning new skills or banding together to fix things. But instead they showcase political arguments. They had the phone call with the lady who could keep the nuclear powerplant running. Show that. We don't need to worry about if a character *might* want an abortion.


Alas poor Yorick…we really didn’t know him well at all.


Wasted opportunity for one of the greatest non marvel dc comic of all timr


Because it sucked and nobody was watching? They literally get real time audience data with Hulu. Not hard to see the path it was going down


The article says it wasn’t based on viewership.


The sources claiming "cancellation decision was [...] not based on viewership figures" might be people associated directly with the show. The article later on mentioned viewership decline while trying to justify that: > **While sources note there had been a drop-off among viewers on the FX on Hulu hub,** it’s worth pointing out that mid-series declines are not uncommon as viewers have shifted to binge watching entire seasons of a show.


I'm not seeing this mentioned anywhere, but there was a Y: The Last Man panel at NY Comic Con just over a week ago. They had several cast members in attendance and I believe FX executives were there as well. In a year where people were desperate to get into any popular panel, this thing was at maybe 50% capacity. They started the panel with an early screening of episode 7. All of the jokes fell flat and you could hear pin drops in between the dialogue. There was polite applause from the crowd when the episode was done, but you could sense a notable lack of energy from the crowd. Especially from Comic Con. If executives were in attendance this had to have played a factor in their decision.


The show is worldwide on Disney+ so its likely getting much more viewers collectively than a lot of Hulu shows (which are usually put out to foreign markets months after release)


> its likely getting much more viewers collectively than a lot of Hulu shows That's highly doubtful given the abrupt cancellation by FX, a network that "rarely cancels its scripted content and instead tends to announce final seasons for its originals. It’s also incredibly rare for the network, which became part of the Disney fold a few years ago, to lower the ax on shows that are still running" according to THR.


Just read the article.


It's terrible and no one is watching it. I watched the first episode and couldn't even start the second. I was really looking forward to it.


Yeah. I made it 2.5 episodes in and turned it off. I couldn’t stand Yorick. Not necessarily the acting, but the character was so moronic and inconsiderate and generally unlikeable


Yea, I didn't read the comics but if it was accurate that he was a magician who lived off of one young student to come take lessons weekly... I'm already lost and don't enjoy watching that idiot live an idiot life. You get what you get. And I didn't appreciate being forced to think he is some sort of hero after only being presented his failures and frustrations.


> I'm already lost and don't enjoy watching that idiot live an idiot life. I understand where you're coming from, but I think that's the point. He's supposed to be a loser. Humanity's last hope is a dude who got dumped by his girlfriend and is more worried about seeing her again than anything else. I find it hilarious. That being said, it was annoying even in later episodes he *still* doesn't fully understand the gravity of the situation.


This is disappointing. I really like the series. I don't really understand the people in this thread who are saying that characters have to be likeable. I like parts of each of the main characters and hate a lot about them too. In my opinion if you have a good side of purely likeable characters and another side of villains doing evil things for no reason, then the show comes out to be cartoonish. Additionally, everyone gives the appearance of barely hanging together and being on the edge of madness. Which is a completely understandable reaction to having half of the people that you know drop dead as nearly every species on earth becomes critically endangered. I hope either the first season gives a good closing for the stories or this gets renewed.


A character doesn’t have to be likeable, but they do have to be interesting.


Well that's exactly what I'm saying. These are interesting characters to me.


Same, I don't normally go straight to conspiracy theories but there are a ton of new accounts making the same or similar criticisms. What's especially infuriating are the people who say it's missing the point of the original comic when the writer for that comic said he loved it.




The "wokeness" goes deep. They went out of their way to only hire women for crew jobs...which....I'm pretty sure is illegal. Imagine going out of your way to only hire men. But maybe it's not illegal..I dunno. I'm sure they met some kind of quota to keep it legal. But the biggest atrocity is bending the story and making it worse for the sake of pushing ideology. And I'm not even saying the ideology is something I disagree with or agree with. I think the way so many "woke" people do it now days is just clunky and painful. Meanwhile it was done with finesse and it was actually effective as far back as the 50's. There's no nuance anymore. It's just blunt force non-sense and it has the opposite effect of what they want. Everyday I keep seeing liberals who are fed up with it. It's ruining entertainment. And the people who actually claim to love this over the top "wokeness" aren't even watching these shows/movies. If they were, they wouldn't have such low viewership and ratings. I hope better people get a chance to do this story justice in 5 years or something. People who aren't out of touch.


How was the story bent for 'wokeness'?


Imagine a world that only one male is alive. One male, not a man but a male. That means for animals, plants, insects etc. This means no reproduction of any of those things. Imagine all the male humans, who take majority of the jobs that keeps society running, sanitation and utilities, power grids etc, gone. So instead of focusing on that, the last human male and how to find out the cause of it all we get transman complaining they're men. Asking for hormones and medicine...when production lines have fucking stopped because...again the males are gone. Some white house west wing bullshit that takes up way too many time, like anybody is going to give a fuck what the government had to say about anything at this point. They did keep some elements of the comics but man, they took like one to two trans people for one short story in the comics and made like 11 trans characters with all the same arc. I mean...yeah. It was bad. It was a show about Y the last man on a road trip with his better guardian because Y is a loser. Still a loser in the show as well but less focus on the road trip aspect with his guardian More MAGA and x rights than concentrating on the collapse of life on the planet. Shits fucking broken ladies!!! Pick up a fucking book and learn to keep society from collapsing!!


Where are the 11 trans characters? Can you name them. The west wing politics was also a part of the comics, they ended up extending on it more as there was budget issues and that's much easier to film than the road trip scenes. Overall though, it seems like your issues are with the comic too. As alot of what you say in terms of criticism can be said for the comic as well.


Lost me when they were trying to survive and make a plan while the one person could only worry about getting “hormones/medicine”


I wish they would have gone into the real ugly scenes of what running out of hormones would be like for a transgender man under these circumstances. Then it would have had more weight


They might've gone there eventually. It's still only about 6-8 weeks after everyone with a Y-chromosome dies, so testosterone shouldn't be too difficult to come across since basically only trans men would want it and it has a decent shelf life. In the show, the trans character we follow ended up in a pseudo-Costco where the pharmacy is stocked, but as the show went on, it's not difficult to see where they'd eventually reach a point where it's not as easy to come across.


Don't make me feel bad about my forced feminization fetish.


Now, now, we all enjoy forced feminization every now and then! It's just, you know, this show had an opportunity to really explore this and have some fun. It's a real issue within the transgender community and it would have been interesting to see it explored.


I wanted to like it so badly, but lost interest extremely quickly because it was another story driven solely by the idiotic, irrational, and illogical decisions of the characters. Aside from that, it was boring as hell and a horrible adaptation of the comic. It's like they wanted to solely try and copy The Walking Dead... but haven't seen the billions of posts online criticizing it.


I stopped watching because I couldn't get over no one picking up a book or manual to learn the stuff the men used to do. You don't need a Y chrom to rebuild a carburetor...


I didn't get that far, but it sounds like it got a lot worse. I can understand having trouble in the immediate aftermath with highly specialized roles, but even those were too big of a stretch. They only had 1 nuclear physicist who could keep all the nuclear power plants from melting down? That's not how it works, that's not what nuclear physicists do, that's nuclear engineers. On top of that, I can name 5 famous nuclear/quantum physicists right now who are women. But who knows, maybe they got caught up in an accident like the real successor to the president was; either way, relying on hand wavy story telling lets us know the writing is shit.


I liked it but it’s definitely more Diane Lane in Y the Last Man tbh.


The shown is bad but a lot of people seem to hate it for personal reasons while saying its not like the graphic novel. His mother does become president in the graphic novel. There is A LOT of politics in the book, the TV show dialed it down (no Israel/Palestine storyline), The Amazons are in the graphic novel they weren't added "to make fun of conservatives". There are trans people in the graphic novel.


She doesn't become president in the comic. She becomes Secretary of the Interior. She is also anti-abortion in the comic. What trans characters were in the comic? I remember one character mentioned her post-op partner was murdered by the Amazons and there was a cis-gender sex worker who dressed as a man for her clients, but I don't recall any other characters.


Guess I'm in the minority here. I LIKED it. I hate it when a great graphic novel series gets "not interesting enough for modern society " labeling. Geez.


The GN still gets a lot of praise everywhere, it's just the tv show people were lukewarm with.


It's weird, because I read Y TLM in a weekend a few years back and I remember it basically just being a TV show. Now they make a TV show out of it and it sucks. I guess it's because comics move a lot faster than shows but still, if any comic is rife for a TV adaptation it'd be Y. The DC comic 52 is probably the ultimate TV show comic though. It's structured exactly like a typical American show with a lot of different plots and characters that slowly moves along each week. No idea why they never made a show like that.


It's pretty different from the comics in tone and plot. Probably for a lot of reasons - times have changed, trends in storytelling have changed, and TV shows need to worry about a budget in a way comics don't. The end result was...lackluster. Just made me want to reread the source material, tbh


I admit I still haven't watched it yet. I might check it out of curiosity but I'm sure it won't be too great. I remember thinking the comic wasn't a masterpiece but it was very engrossing, and I loved all the stuff towards the end. It sounds like a similar situation to the difference between the Preacher show and comic, but at least Preacher was held up with some good performances and such. Pip Torrens' Herr Star was some perfect casting and the main reason I tuned in every week haha.


LOVED tv Preacher!


Well they made major changes to the source material sooo


I dunno Brian K Vaughan liked it and he wrote the source material soooooo.....


I liked it too (not loved). I really wanted to see where the storylines were going.


I really really liked it. With so many carbon copy apocalypse shows out there this one was rather fresh.


Any news of this show gets brigaded by incels. That said, its pacing was a bit off.


Huh. Interesting take. If true, that would explain why the only plotline they seem to care about seeing fleshed out is Yorick's.


Literally havent seen a single not downvoted incel comment on any single thread on this sub but you two keep living in your world.


Poor show, tried to long and hard to get made and then this. It’s like the drawn out version of Jupiter’s legacy


Because it was hot garbage where the showrunner decided to turn the show into a vehicle for their personal politics and focus on that instead of the main characters and their adventures while traveling.


My only question is this: is this show going to end up cancelled on a cliffhanger season ending?


Of course, the whole thing is one continuous story


I'm not surprised it got canceled the previews were horrible. The show just didn't seem interesting.


The male protagonist was annoying, the show made too many people think about the state of trans culture, the world without men was not portrayed as a utopia. It pissed off more people than it thought it would and couldn’t even tell a good story to make up for it. If they’re saying it’s money or whatever, it’s a bs story to cover the real reasons. As okay as they all were at pretending to be people they weren’t(I’m sure the guy is actually annoying in real life too) they didn’t strike me as the expensive sorts of actors. And the sets are basically generic, could be filmed anywhere.


Yorick is a macguffin for a show set in that world, which is incredibly frustrating and disappointing. We waited SO long for an adaptation of Y: The Last Man and instead we got a bait and switch show that should have been called "Fear Y: The Last Man"


Huge fan of the comics and was excited about the series up until I watched it, leaving me whelmed. The conclusion I have come to is adapting this comic now is tough in today's climate. The series is about the last man on Earth, but that gets messy and weird when you consider the gender politics going on due to the existence of non CIS men, post-op men and so on. Yorick in the comics is super special and hyper rare (1 of 1). This show can't really sell that and not get raked over the coals by the LGBTQ+SDJLKDGFLKJFDKJRUIEKLJFD community because even if all but one person with a Y chromosome died on Earth, there would still be hundreds of thousands of "men" (people who identify as men, many who even look like men) on Earth alive. Hell this show features one of those characters and just by having him on screen it makes Yorick less special. The other big problem is this premise was always (classic Hollywood) going to end up in the hands of a production team who wade deep into the politics (D vs R) and gender politics aspect which the comics just barely touches on and can't go along with the idea of making the lead a CIS straight white male in a world where there is just one man. What that means is the showrunner and writers shrink the role of Yorick and accentuate, grow and create larger roles for the once supporting female cast. Beth goes from a barely there character to getting her own arc starting in season 1 that we follow. Yorick's mom (along with everyone in the political storyline) have Yorick level screen time devoted to their stories when in the comics you saw little pieces here and there that supported Yorick's story. I can only imagine how much screen time they would have used diving deeper into who Mann, 355, Hero, Sam and the others were. Btw this isn't 100% wrong, I like the idea of going deeper and seeing more with some of those characters but all? At the expense of Yorick? No. Like it or not (cause he's a straight white CIS male) but Yorick is the lead and this show isn't better for shrinking his role in order to increase the roles of the female characters in the story. Cut back big time on the political story, cut back a LOT on the gender politics, move Yorick to the forefront OF HIS FREAKING STORY and either get the budget to show this cross country/planet journey properly or don't try at all. I'm tired of every scene being the pit-stop on the journey (they stop to pee and get caught up in some mess) and the show not feeling like an epic on foot/by train/on motorcycle journey across the country then to Australia/Japan all because this show didn't have the budget to pull it off. This show needs more episodes like S05E10 of TWD: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXqLjTs8UnQ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXqLjTs8UnQ) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxTlOC7ApSY](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxTlOC7ApSY) Talking and walking with the camera following them or leading them. Ideally with impressive or unique landscape behind them to properly show the viewers they are on a slow, long journey somewhere. The pitstop style of finding a place, not showing us their journey and showing something "interesting" happen while they were stopped is PLAYED OUT and BORING AF. It also makes the show feel cheap because we the audience recognize why it's being done; it's easier that way. Not showing the journey with long moving takes but instead showing stunt people riding a motorcycle down a road then cut to night and they're stopped for \_\_\_\_\_ reason and then things happen. Lame.


I am extremely skeptical of this excuse. It was a bad show.


Given your post history, I’m extremely sceptical of your comment or that you’ve even watched the show. You’re here to spread far-right bullshit and you make no attempt to hide it.


Great comic, bad show. Typical


Glad I hadnt started watching it yet I guess


The show was really slow and just wasn’t very good


Surprised at the reception to this, I thought it was pretty decent on the whole - I was pretty sceptical going in, too, but I've enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.


It was ok, but for a show called Y: The Last Man, it seems like he's hardly in the show and every choice he makes is the dumbest one. I felt the last episode was the most enjoyable for me as it was pretty much a single story which interested me. However, over all the show has been decent not good for me. I'll finish it off and maybe read the graphic novel.


Hulu picking it up and it becoming a Hulu Original would be the most seamless transition in history. Nobody would notice or care. Most people are confused by the FX on Hulu configuration anyway. "I can only watch it on Hulu. It's a Hulu show." Easy-peasy.


OP had a blast writing the heading


I can answer this without reading. It was probably just a bad show.




Huh? Lovecraft Country’s viewership increased every episode. Its finale was equivalent to Season 2 of Succession and Watchmen. HBO staffed out a whole writer’s room for the next installment and they (and I guess Misha Greene had a say as well) canned season 2 because they couldn’t break the story for where to go, not because no one was watching.


Really? The show runners seemed fairly upset about the cancellation


Yeah, the whole "couldn't break the story for where to go" sounds like why they canceled Watchmen after one season, not Lovecraft Country.


I really respect this decision. It's ok to have only one season of a show if you told the story you wanted to.


Counterpoint, The Dark Crystal was really damn good, didn’t insult the audience, and still got canceled after one season 🤷


And Manifest spent a long time in Netflix’s top ten and La Brea is winning its time slot.


I’ll never get over that cancellation. It was such a good show!




Isn’t that kind of the same thing though? Like, if something has low viewership but is cheap to make, it might get renewed. So when we say something is cancelled due to low viewership, implicitly we are saying “not enough people watched this relative to how much it cost” Maybe in The Dark Crystal’s case there is no reasonable amount of viewership that would make it financially viable


That's just another way of saying the same thing though. If the show had a bigger audience, the costs (both time and money) would not have been an issue.


Is Netflix still in "Cancel 99% of shows after 1-2 seasons" mode?


Lovecraft Country was a great show imo.


Lovecraft had great moments. The pilot was brilliant. But the rest of the series was disjointed. It’s fine to do a “story of the week” but each episode had a different style which was confusing to audiences. A season two would have been interesting to see. But I don’t feel like I’m actually missing much.


Putting it on Hulu (FX on Hulu is just Hulu) probably didn’t help. I bet it would be a bigger hit on regular FX


That blows


Why do people keep talking about this shitty show lol


It needed more female viewers


The article doesn’t even say why it was cancelled, but insists it had nothing to do with ratings


I couldn't make it through the pilot. Your hero needs to be likable. Horrible casting choice (I see it wasn't their first), and just not a likable character


Is the hero not Agent 355?


IMO, 355 is not likeable either. They're both deeply flawed. Yorick has his priorities all fucked up and drops his guard at the drop of a hat because of *feelings*. 355 is so goal-oriented that she drives herself to dead exhaustion instead of remembering to maintain peak condition in order to achieve that goal, fuck feelings. They're both so head-strong in their ways that it's frustrating. God, it's like the story writes itself beyond that. xD


Whoa now flawed, human characters with room for growth? How unrelatable.


hol up!!... a show where all men are gone, and women can't get along amongst themselves.... yeah it figures... ​ that poor surviving dude is gonna carry ALL of the blame of society now... he got his work cut out foir him, killing bugs and opening pickle jars....


The graphic novel is like 20 years old. There are far too many comments like yours "of course they make a show where there is no men in 2021".


I really liked this show and was optimistic about where it was going. Think they did a great job adapting the material for modern audiences. Really hoping this gets picked up by HBO.