We have to see if it lasts though. Last night was a very interesting episode since it was HHHs first full show In charge. Hell I haven’t watched a RAW episode in years and I tuned in because of the hype I was seeing about it on Twitter and Reddit. I can’t be the only one.


I think a lot of people who stopped watching were curious about what a Vince-less show would look like. I thought it was a fun show though 3 hours is always going to feel like it drags a little. - I'm curious to see what the show looks like around the Royal Rumble and on to Wrestlemania. 6 months for changes to happen and take effect.


I used to love watching it when I was younger but I couldn’t fathom dedicating 3 hours in one sitting now


That’s 3 episodes of a great show on HBO Max, Hulu, Apple TV, Netflix, Prime, etc. No way I’m spending that much time watching a TV-PG episode of WWE.


If it helps, it's TV-14 again now. But I totally get your point.


Me too, but I’m pretty sure I was just bouncing around and paying half attention to most of it.


I consider myself a pretty big wrestling fan, but yeah 3 hours for a weekly show is too much. And that's just one of their many weekly shows! It's crazy how much content they put out. That said, this is the first time in a long time I've been even a little interested in WWE. I hope they keep it up because there's no such thing as too much quality wrestling in the world.


3 hours for a non-PPV will always be unreasonable despite the quality. But money talks and life moves on. I'll be honest these days the show I'm most interested in is NXT. Something about the new version of the show just hooked me like it did back in 2013/2014. But as you said there's no such thing as too much quality wrestling. If they can be consistent and keep eyes that have in the past turned away from the main shows then it will be an interesting year.


Even HHH has said that 3 hour show makes no sense. After the second hour they are just filling time. It’s the networks that are requiring the long shows


How was the show? Haven't watched since shortly after the WCW/ECW take over but kinda read up on the lastest goings on in the wrestling world when the Vince allegations starts coming out.


The actual wrestling was top notch. Every match was good. No gigantic surprises, but it was a good show for wrestling fans. If you haven’t watched in that long though I’m not sure how you’d feel… it’s much different these days.


I quit around that time, give or take, and when I watched again a couple of years ago I was really disturbed by the camera edits. Constantly shaking the camera at the impact of a move or changing angles at a rapid pace. And then the wrestlers started doing a Doritos commercial in the middle of an interview or something and I noped the fuck out. I was lucky enough to be a kid during hulkamania and a young man seeing ECW live in Philly every month. I got two perfect wrestling experiences. But I can't imagine ever watching again


It'll definitely be interesting to see how HHH handles things and we're already seeing some effects of it already. There was a thread on /r/SquaredCircle comparing the wrestling time between the latest two episodes to Vince's last run episode and there was significantly more wrestling in the ones HHH were running.


No lie summer slam main match was pretty dam good. Everyone suspects it was only because HHH had a hand in it. They freaking lifted the entire ring with a tractor.


Vince sobbing violently rn


Crying and throwing up fr


More like screaming at the TV and rage-texting HHH booking changes for 3 hours while he violently shoves steak wraps into his mouth.




Wresting is basically a never ending soap opera when you think about it.


The way I've always seen it is that WWE isn't a wrestling show. It's a soap opera *about* a wrestling show, with live action stuntpeople as actors.


It's a show about a show


While that works, I've used "live action anime" to pretty good results, as well.


Some of their fans are certainly just as weird.


It's even better. The guy in charge of creative now, HHH, started as a wrestler in the 90's. In the early 2000's, he had a storyline where he ended up dating Vince's daughter (it was actually Vince's daughter, but it was a story). Except that they also started dating and got married in real life, which then essentially made HHH part of the McMahon family where he eventually started taking a backstage role. Now he runs the place. The character HHH essentially became a God. He now controls the world he once existed.


People have been saying that for decades. They had an Entertainment Weekly article back in 2000 or 2001 on the WWF(E) saying the exact same thing.


Vince wouldn’t even allow the word wrestling it was “sports entertainment”


Triple H bringing people back


What a difference a sudden regime change has made, from Vince's WWE to Stephanie & Triple H's WWE.




I wish she would start some shit with me wearing a braid like that


Everytime I watch an episode of RAW by chance I wonder how can people still watch this rubbish...


Won't lie, same. I gave up probably around 2015. 3 hours is too long and the show is always overwritten and they cut off talent so much with stop and start pushes that it's impossible to care. Maybe now that Vince is gone I'll wait if people give the show high reviews for a few months and check it out.


> and they cut off talent so much with stop and start pushes I used to watch wrestling years ago, but I don't know what this means.


He’s referring to WWE’s bad habit of starting to build someone up and possibly make them a star one week only to abruptly drop it the next


Thats how i feel so i only tune in for ppv events that have people i like in it. Same with Aew


Haven’t watched an episode since the summer of 2012. That shit is hot garbage.


2016 was a great year you missed out, but you did make the right decision overall


Have they fixed the camera cuts? I won't watch again till they stop the non stop camera cuts and camera shakes.


No, the guy in charge of TV production is still there. Kevin Dunn. I've heard that Steph and HHH hate him though so we'll see how long he lasts.




It seemed a little better but the same production people are still there. There's rumours they might be on their way out though.




Maybe I’ll watch it again. I stopped watching it full time in 2018. Tried watching raw again here and there but for me it’s best is just meh. Hhh will hopefully turn things around


Most RAW I've watched in ages, was very good but three hours is alot and the awful camera cuts are still there.


Still think 3 hours is a piss take these days.


I'll wait til next year to see if it is actually better. Still too early to tell


Last week's Raw was the best in years, I'm usually an AEW and Impact guy but I will watch Raw regularly again if it keeps up here with the TV-14 rating.


I'll be impressed if this is maintained or there is a noticeable uptick because a lot of old fans who had quit (like me) came back knowing that Trips was in control, but people could easily just decide to not watch, or only watch in fits an starts.