No title yet, but there's 8+ networks listening to the pitch: >Described as a blended, grounded genre drama, the new series also is being compared to The Twilight Zone. It is said to be set in our world while putting a tweak on it, focusing on people and exploring the human condition in an unexpected, surprising way. >Word is that the new show harkens back to Gilligan’s tenure on The X-Files. But don’t expect a sci-fi drama — when he was a writer-producer on The X-Files, Gilligan was known for focusing more on the human condition in his episodes, which is something he is said to also be doing in his new series, exploring similar themes of bending reality while holding a mirror to humanity.


Honestly reminds me of The Leftovers. Extraordinary event occurs that can't be easily explained and then just deals with collective human experience afterwards. Very interested to see this new show after Better Can Saul has been one of the greatest shows surrounding character development


Man I would love to see him do something like that. For some reason I never wanted to see what caused the event in The Leftovers to happen (usually I would) and didn't realize people were dissapointed it wasn't explored until I started reading on reddit after watching. On the other hand I recently started watching Manifest which also has an extraordinary event occur and I'm dissapointed that it seems they'll explore the event.


I don't know how people could've been disappointed when Lindelof said time and time again that they weren't interested in ever answering that... and then still threw a bone at the people who wanted to know where the people went in the finale (if you choose to 'believe').


The series is literally about how people deal with the unexplainable


Yeah explaining it would be really stupid and go against the whole point


The main title theme song is literally “Let the Mystery Be” lol some people just refuse to engage with a show on its terms.


Most people don't search for interviews with the writers. I liked the leftovers but I can understand why people might have expected a different type of show.


> For some reason I never wanted to see what caused the event in The Leftovers to happen (usually I would) Same, I kinda think that is the point of the show. Never getting the answers and dealing with that.


The Leftovers is one of, if not the greatest, television show ever made.


I’ve been told by many that I’m dead inside, yet find it impossible not to cry every time I rewatch Leftovers. Very nearly my favorite show, second only to maybe one other.


Same my friend. Sometimes I will just think of certain scenes and then I hear the music in my head; instant goosebumps and teary eyed.


S2, Kevin in his truck crying while the instrumental version of “where is my mind” plays. Every single time.


If it’s not it’s definitely in the Top 5, and I’d argue it has the single greatest series finale ever pretty handily.


You’ve convinced me to watch The Leftovers again, but in my world Six Feet Under gets the honor of best series finale 😁


Definitely not in the top 5. First season (which is 33% of the show) is too weak. IMO the Mount Rushmore is: The Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad and Mad Men. The fifth spot is a tossup between Deadwood, Atlanta, The Americans, Fleabag and some others. The Leftovers MIGHT be in the top 10, but I’m not even sure of that.


I can agree with a lot of the shows you mentioned, though I disagree with leftovers not being in the top 5. However, I think Mr. Robot deserves a spot on the mountain


Honestly forgot Mr. Robot even though I’m obsessed with it. It’s either on my mountain or very close to it (probably replacing mad men in the case of the former).


> greatest series finale The Americans imo


I never could get through it. Not because I didn't think it was great, if anything it was too good. After the end of every episode I just felt empty and depressed. The only other thing that I can compare it too is the feeling I got after watching Requiem for a Dream, except on a weekly basis.


Oh it’s a depressing, heartbreaking ride for sure. My wife turned off the tv and stormed off crying pretty early into the first season.


My wife seems obnoxious


That's understandable. If it helps, I would say that the show ends to as close of a happy ending as it could get.


>Honestly reminds me of The Leftovers. Lindelof and Gilligan are my top two TV creators with The Leftovers being my favorite from the former and the only <4 season show I'd consider for GOAT. My hype is through the roof right now lol


What an amazing and underrated show that is.


The 3-season average ranking for the entirety of the show on Rotten Tomatoes is almost 92%, with the last season rated at 99%. It's plenty highly rated.


They mean that the show simply didn't get the recognition it deserved. The show should be put on the same pedestal as Breaking Bad, and yet, not many average TV-goers have even heard of it.


The X files ep he did with B Cranston where Cranston had that weird hearing thing and Fox had to drive around like a fucking madman was absolutely riveting Yes it involved weird tech and whatnot, but yeah it was very grounded in human reality


He also wrote Paper Hearts, Small Potatoes, Bad Blood, Dreamland, Field Trip, and twenty-five others.


Nobody calls him Fox; he goes by Mulder. And it’s weird how you just do the first letter of Brian Cranston’s first name.


Omg thank you. I was seriously confused and thought he was referring to the channel Fox which the xfiles was aired on!


I aim for weird


Nailed it


Mulder even made his mom call him Mulder hahaha.


Good episode, they drive until they reach the coast..


Sounds Black Mirror-esque


One might even say it sounds Twilight Zone-esque.


Twilight Mirror X in a way


One might even say it sounds Outer Limits-esque.


Is it, perhaps... Beyond Belief?


But Vince Gilligan is actually a good writer...


So like a contiguous black mirror?


Apple TV gonna grab it. Mark my words. They get the most exciting projects that go up for bid. This sounds and feels very Apple in the content description as well


So a technology less black mirror?


Good lord, vince doing twilight zonesque show? My body is ready


Sounds like Black Mirror. Pretty interested in this.


Wouldn't David Simon make sense? He has more to say about society than Gilligan ever did. He's basically the modern day Rod Serling.


What? You're expecting Vince Gilligan to hire someone else to come up with the show he's coming up with and pitch it for him? That doesn't make any sense. I'm sure David can pitch his own ideas.


I mean he should do a show like this.


Uh, well he's not...so....


I will give him a ring, light a fire under his ass lets see what happens


David Simon is a genius whose wheelhouse is extremely well-established, and Twilight Zone is nowhere near it.


"Bang"? It better be "Pile of Bullets".


These VCR games is where everything is headed


Rumour has it he sold all his Apple stock to fund it


Oh man that's where the money's at


Hopefully it’s a spin-off of the VCR game Pile Of Bullets


this comment is streets ahead.


That’s nice!


Damn I was hoping for part three of the Breaking Bad Universe: Too Huell for School. Huell Babineaux returned to Louisiana after the events of BB and finds himself in charge of a class of high school ne’er do-wells. With his particular skills will he be able to win them over?


Set in 2022, Huell depends on the advice of his best work friend and fellow new teacher, Lyle.


Hueeeeeeells ruuuuuuuleees!


In all seriousness, I know this wouldn't happen because the actors are even older and it would take place before Better Call Saul started, but I'd kill for a show about the Salamanca family rise to power.


I wanted a Mike Erhmantraut origin story.


Starring Jonathan Banks as the now-40-year-old Mike Ehrmantraut


Nah, let's take it back to high school. Banks can play 17. Also, that way Bryan Cranston can play Walter White again but as Mike's chemistry teacher. Also Don Draper is there.




Mike In his 40’s looking like Hector on wheelchair.


Pop pop cop cop?


Like the origin of him being a cop in Philly? Or the origin of how he became a parking booth worker?


Parking booth worker


Is that so?


[He'll win them over in a Landslide] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89CwGQEIZnA)


The viewers want a Lyle spin-off!


What about a Magic Mike show lmao


Assuming it will be good, I hope someone besides AMC gets it. The level of marketing done for Better Call Saul is atrociously low for how the show should be pushed. I'd love for his next project to get some more hype.


I do like how AMC have just let them get on with it though without sticking their nose in and have not insisted on more seasons (of Saul and BB)


Yeah that is crucial. I guess if I had the choice between quality or hype, I'd choose quality, but it is a little deflating to go up to people and ask, "hey, are you watching Better Call Saul?" and to just hear, "nah." in return.


Once all 6 seasons are on Netflix it might pick up a bit. It's a show that's rewarding to binge so I could see that helping a lot.


I think they’re gonna get outbid by like five different companies, “a new story from the creator of breaking bad” kinda sells itself


Think the limited marketing was intentional. Vince and Peter wanted to play the last season really close to the vest given how eagle-eyed the BCS audience is when it comes to clues.


I really hope he can get with HBO. They’re the kings of quality TV right now and I would love to see Vince with a large budget and no restrictions on mature content.


So long as Discovery doesn’t f-it up. My top picks are HBO (proper not max) or Apple


Honestly, Apple is more interesting assuming he brings the crew from BB/BCS with him. They’re all at the top of their fields at this point and I can only imagine what they’d do with Apple’s budget.


I feel like being on AppleTV+ would severely limit its audience. There are a ton of great shows on there that have zero buzz among audiences.


Apple would give the biggest dump truck of money. Fits their more adult audience too.




I am strongly expecting Apple to snap this up. Big name recognition. Prestige. Sci-fi elements. Buzzy. Expensive. And with a “message” ala Twilight Zone. It’s like Gilligan focus grouped this for Apple TV+. Apple will pony up insane levels of cash to acquire this. Mark my words.


Thing is i think vince wants his show to be on a platform that a lot of people are already on like HBO or Netflix


Apple has awards recognition, and is growing very nicely. He will have greater artistic freedom and more control, given that Apple is growing and needs him more than he needs them.


Rarely anyone has apple tv these days though, Netflix and hbo will be able to spread his work to a wider audience


It’s a long play. He joins a fledgling service, ensures full control of the product - and can make more demands, and Apple eventually becomes a big player and this show gets its audience. What happened with For All Mankind and Ted Lasso. Started out unknown but are now big time names and many many people watch and rave about these shows. Ted Lasso cast thought nobody would ever watch Ted Lasso, and then it sweeps 2021 Emmys (and probably 2022) and becomes a cultural phenomenon. Remember that Breaking Bad started out on the unknown AMC with a tinyyyyyyyy viewing audience. Eventually (after 3 seasons or so) it became a cultural phenomenon and rated top 5 TV of all time. This isn’t Vince’s first rodeo.


Still can't get over AMC submitting Mando in Supporting instead of Guest. Cost him a nom.


Why would he be guest?


Cause he only shows up in 3 of the first 7 episodes , making him eligible for the guest category


Careful what you wish for. Netflix got El Camino.


Another season of Slippin’ Jimmy?


No, Slippin' Jimmy the cartoon about Jimmy's youth doesn't exist and will never exist. Stop talking about the cartoon Slippin' Jimmy.


Today is the first time I’ve heard of this show. Was this a real thing? Presumably something that didn’t have Gilligan or Gould attached?


Peter Gould is an executive producer of Slippin Jimmy, which as I have stated, does not exist and never will exist.


Yes, but it's not for the faint-hearted: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt20516438/parentalguide


Wow. - Slippin jimmy has sex with Hitler - Slippin jimmy has sex with a shoe - Slippin jimmy has sex with the air - Slippin' Jimmy breaks in a fifth grader's class naked and teaches them about sounding and pegging. - Young Marco remarks that he has raped 28 women across 4 states. Young Francesca walks by and he says "make that 29.". - Slippin' Jimmy slips on multiple women and is arrested for statutory slippin.'


I was surprised by how many racial epithets were used in the show, but they were all necessary to the plot.


I think Gould was Exec Producer if I recall correctly


I’m very excited to watch whatever he does next. He’s created two of the greatest series in the history of television, and I truly think Better Call Saul is one of the most impressive feats of TV storytelling ever. To make a show so good and so riveting when it had to fit into an existing narrative and the fates of several characters were already known before it started … just incredible. I’m on the Vince Gilligan bandwagon until the wheels fall off.


I have the exact same sentiment man. I don't care what his new show is about, I will absolutely watch it, no matter what. Dude is brilliant in every way.


Deadline’s headline is terrible - it’s explicitly not a follow up to Better Call Saul, it’s a totally unrelated project. Title makes it sound connected. Gillian has stated multiple times he’s done with the Breaking Bad setting


Technically they're related since Vince Gilligan is involved in both, but yes they don't take place in the same universe.


Imma watch it.


Let us hope this happens fast and we might even see a debut late 2024. I don't want to wait until 2025-2026, that's a long ways off!


It’s not the kid eating breakfast?


A documentary series about him taking his family to resorts.


I think before starting a new series, Gilligan should do spin off about that Heisenberg fella with cancer from episode 11. That sounds promising.


I feel like Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are the "new" Tarantino, The Rock or Nolan in that whatever they put out they will have a massive fanbase watching.


> Tarantino, The Rock or Nolan Never thought I'd see the day where these three would be in the same sentence.


Feels like Peel and Denis V are on that level too


You could give many more examples but it seems increasingly rare that audiences will follow star power whereas in the past that was the norms


Also Damon Lindelof and Noah Hawley for TV.


I hope Peter Gould joins him. Peter Gould deserves equal credits or probably more than Vince for Better call Saul. If Vince could bring in Thomas schnauz and Gordon Smith for his new show, then its almost guaranteed to be top notch in every aspect.


I hope he can get with HBO or Apple TV. The premise sounds interesting.


Vince Gilligan is a great writer, and an even greater showrunner. His greatest skill was assembling a team of talented writers and creating an environment of collaboration. Just look up some of the ideas he had in mind, such as (Breaking Bad S2 spoilers) >!having Walter purposefully inject Jane with heroin so that she'd OD!<. A lot of times it was his fellow writers that pushed back, and the alternative was undoubtedly the right choice. Link to him telling the story: https://youtu.be/c5UWwMMFw0A?t=90 Here's hoping he pulls that off again, and that some BrBa/BCS writers join him. Edit: Included "and an even greater showrunner" because my comment is being seen as backhanded compliment, which it's not.


He's just a very modest guy. That story doesn't speak to any weakness of his as a writer. Every writer in any writer's room is going to have a plethora of ideas that don't come to fruition. That's just the nature of the collaborative process.


My point wasn't to call him out on his writing ability, hence why I prefaced it by calling him a great writer. My point was that he valued his writing team to the point where his own choices could be and were vetoed, that he recognized the correct course that the story should take even if he had something else in mind.


I absolutely despise this nakedly backhanded "the best thing X ever did was assemble people better than him" shit that you always see whenever a creator gets praised for an extended period of time.


No one is saying the other writers are better than him. They’re saying he acknowledges that his instincts don’t *always* lead to the best choice and that he empowers those around him to challenge him.. those are good qualities in a showrunner


What do you think calling it his "greatest skill" is if not devaluing his writing ability? I agree he's someone who needs to be reigned in (plane crash was awful), but BB is still his baby and his credit.


He never said that. You used the word devalue when he was praising his ability to have a collaborative process.


You're putting words in my mouth. I called him a great writer, and my follow-up wasn't to discredit his writing ability but to emphasize how he's an even greater showrunner.


Except taking advice and letting people reign you in is standard for showrunners? The egotistical auteurs are much less common than people like Vince.


So you accept his explanation and yet remain angry because “ignorance”? C’mon, dude.


He says it himself, actually. Hilariously, he considers the BB pilot - widely considered to be one of the most brilliant pilots ever - to be its weakest episode, because it's the only one he wrote alone. Not so much "better than him" as that Vince is an enormous believer in the power of teamwork, and is resolutely humble about sharing credit with everyone who makes up that team.


That’s not backhanded at all. You seem overly sensitive.


You do know a scene that never happened isn’t a spoiler right?


>!But it's also fair close to, and hints at, what really happens. The unused version still includes Jane overdose on heroin, it's just a question of whether Walt directly caused it or passively let it happen.!<


Negative capability is a thing, it’s fair to call it a spoiler. If someone were going into that season blind there’s a lot they could suss out from just that one sentence.


Really fabulous point. Both BB and BCS are very much collaborations, and Vince allowed that to happen Walter doing that would have been him turning totally evil way too soon in the series.


>Walter doing that would have been him turning totally evil way too soon in the series. >!I mean, letting her die when he could have saved her is quite evil as well!<


Even more important than being able to assemble a great team, is knowing when to yield to them. What makes him so great is that he himself has immense talent, he has such an eye for talent, and has the wisdom to use others' talents.


This is headed to Apple TV. Watch.


I’d be down. They have the best streaming quality out there. With how beautiful Better Call Saul is it’s kind of a shame you can only see the last/current season in 720 or 1080p afaik.


100% agree. As I wrote elsewhere, I am strongly expecting Apple to snap this up. Big name recognition. Prestige. Sci-fi elements. Buzzy. Expensive. And with a “message” ala Twilight Zone. It’s like Gilligan focus grouped this for Apple TV+. Apple will pony up insane levels of cash to acquire this.


Breaking bad but it's just a kid riding a bike in the desert for 5 seasons


No doze spin-off confirmed, here goes doez


He has to get his next Battle Creek out of the way before moving to the next Breaking Bad spin-off


Wasn't *Battle Creek* a pilot script he wrote 20 years ago that CBS decided to unearth in the wake of *Breaking Bad*'s success, but in which Gilligan was barely involved beyond a creator credit? I don't think this next show will be that.


I remember being so excited for the series premiere due to Gilligan and David Shore (House) being involved in it. I lost interest after the first episode.


Yes, and he wasn't very involved because it was right around the time Better Call Saul was starting. But, the joke is about there being parallels to the way this new show is being covered as his post-BCS project and Battle Creek was his post-Breaking Bad project.


hope not.


Great, I’m looking forward to “Better Fuel Huell”


I would be shocked if this doesn't turn out absolutely amazing. I hope he takes all the writers and cinematographers with him from BB/BCS, including Thomas Schnauz and Peter Gould!


What if it shows all the events that happen after BCS ended? That would be sweet


Did bcs do well in ratings? No one o know will watch it past the first one who likes bb. Obviously I love it.


Netflix paid for it to have the international rights and it was able to get several seasons in its own terms. It probably did good enough.




If it hasn’t done decently on Netflix up to now it should definitely get a bump in the future after this amazing season. Since only Netflix sees those numbers it’ll be hard to tell though.