Gilligan: >”You can’t keep putting all your money on red 21. I feel like we probably pushed it doing a spin off to Breaking Bad [but] I could not be more happy with the results. Then I did El Camino and I’m very proud of that too. But I think I’m starting to sense you’ve got to know when to leave the party, you don’t want to be the guy with a lampshade on your head” >“I don’t have any plans right now to do anything more in this universe. I know probably gave the same answer at the end of Breaking Bad. I gotta prove to myself that I got something else than me. I’m not a one trick pony, that’s what I’m hoping. Peter Gould: >”That’s a big investment to ask for an audience and it’s unique… how dramas are going to get that much time (Describing Breaking Bad and BCS). I couldn’t be happier or more proud of the work. but like Vince, I think I want to try there are some things I wanted to try. Having said that, I love Albuquerque. I love Bob I love Rhea, I love Vince, love the whole group so we’ll keep as much of the band together as we can and also, never say never, who knows how we’re going to feel in a couple of years.”


I respect his ambition, but when you produce a spin-off and that spinoff is BCS, I’m not sure who would call you a one trick pony


I mean he also did a lot of great episodes of X Files too. He was never a one trick pony. I think this is a more diplomatic way for him to say that he wants to move on for now and try to create other stuff.


His X files history is the thing that made me give BB and BCS a chance. I grew up on X Files. He’ll never be a one trick pony to me


Just think of how good The X-Files revival seasons could have been if Vince had been in charge.


Shoot it in Vancouver and bring back flashlights in the forests. Then never talk about what they each saw each episode ever again. The conspiracy theory in the desert shit dragged on too long.


Nah. Give it to Gould and Gilligan. Shoot it in NM as a pair of new agents picking up the threads left by the Spooky Agents.


And I mean it's totally a safe move, you can only keep making in universe stuff before you become creativly bankrupt for it, see star wars for a great example.


Star Wars is not a good example. Them not being able to produce good stories out of it does not mean the source is dry.


Sure he mastered television and movie, but I want to see what he can do with the medium of burlesque mimes.


Either that or his next project will be a psychedelic rap concept album.


psychobilly tap opera about vietnam draft dodgers


I would watch the hell out of any show Vince and Peter Gould make. Doesn’t need to be another Breaking Bad universe show.


> “I don’t have any plans right now to do anything more in this universe. $ony will make sure someone else does.


Sure [didn't](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt20516438/) stop them from trying Slippin' Jimmy.


Man that was horrible!


I was going to give it a go like many others, but thankfully a lack of marketing prevented me from watching it on release. After seeing it scored an impressive 2.6 on IMDB, along with the highest rated episode being 5.1, I am inclined to believe it can safely be ignored.


Slippin' Jimmy felt like a joke show the characters would watch in Community or South Park or something. Like if they started airing entire episodes of Terrance & Philip or Inspector Spacetime as their own shows. I kept waiting for them to reveal the joke and then realized "Oh, this is actually the show."


I refuse to accept that this is real.


>Before Saul Goodman, before Jimmy McGill, there was: Slippin' Jim. He's a sly young slipster trying to make it through Catholic school without landing himself and his best pal Marc in detention - again. This is the start of my Joker arc.


I thought this was some sick joke from okbuddychicanery


What in fuck, this is real?


unfortunately so


Season two: Slippin’ Jimmy meets a rad dude from outer space named Poochie.


*Poochie and Slippin' Jimmy died going back their home planet*


I mean they can try but Breaking Bad Universe isn't exactly MCU or Star Wars that you can keep making spin offs from it forever. People will notice if Gilligan or Gould aren't there which probably means that the main cast of either BB or BCS would also not be there. Let the universe end. It's been an amazing ride. Give Gilligan and Gould money for whatever they want to do next, whether it's a movie, TV Show or miniseries.


First he made Meth, now he’s making it to the multiverse Walter White: “I am the one that knocks across time itself” Back to Breaking Bad


I know you’re joking but Walter White is a rumored future character in MultiVersus, lol


we need Huell not Walter smh


Walt and Jesse travel back in time to try to convince young Walt to become a full time member of Gray Matter, accidentally take over the Salamanca Cartel and kill Gus's partner. The rest of the series played out exactly like Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, except Hector is replaced by an old Walt and Mike is replaced by an old Jesse


“You don’t have enough stickers, bitch.”


Jonathan Banks is like 75 years old. This universe has a shelf life and I'm glad we got out of it what we did, a lot of cast members are either going to be unrecognizable or dead in the next 10 years.


Don Eladio looks quite different in BCS. Other than that they all look pretty similar to BB.


Yeah he does that's a great example. Tuco was noticeably older than he was in the past as well.


Gus and Mike look much older. If you watch scenes of them in BB, it's very apparent


Aaron Paul to me. And Fat Todd.


I feel like everything I could say about this is summed up by that poster with "Better Call Saul Presents" at the top. Couldnt describe it better if I tried.


> Gilligan: ...but like Vince, I think I want to try there are some things I wanted to try. Wow, never new Vince spoke about himself in the 3rd person like that! Edit: The comment didn't have the Peter Gould part when I responded, it was all attributed to Vince


Kizik believes that you should try it at some point, it's wonderfully freeing.


Gilligan said he loves Vince, huh?


Meanwhile, AMC is likely begging him for 10 more spin-offs, a cartoon, and three reality shows where real people break bad.


Gilligan is the smartest writer I ever met and he's too stupid to see AMC made up their mind 10 seasons ago


AMC: Wait… Don’t you want to know where your money is? *Vince shoots AMC*


Vince: I am the one who spins off!


"My name is Vince Gilligan, and you can go fuck yourself"


**"You're Goddamn right!"**


For a second I was ready to ask if you'd actually met him, then the quote clicked in my head.


Something else clicked in Hank's head after he said it.


haha yes the gun shot him


No 'Mo Hank, but at least we've got NoHo Hank.


This is the heaviest Hank reference I've ever seen.


AMC: Do it. You want this VG: Nothing happens until you say "I" want this! AMC: I want this VG: *drops laptop* Then do it yourself Cut to: Breaking Badiverse 2024 announcment


Looks to me like AMC gave them plenty of creative freedom. If they had a say they would probably keep releasing seasons until the show was dead, like with The Walking Dead.


They already got the cartoon.


And it’s absolute garbage 🗑


meanwhile they're still eating off the dead corpse of The Walking Dead after all these years


The last season of every AMC series should just be about the characters dealing with the zombie apocalypse.


96 year old Don Draper just getting swarmed at his condo.


Don probably ain’t gonna make it to 55.


Don made it. You gotta believe he was behind the 90s Budweiser frogs.


You mean he moved to the PNW and did all those cool '80s Rainier ads, then Sally cashed out when Budweiser stole them?


Don Draper is a perfect example of why no celebrities died in the 1980s. Because all the people of his generation either died of lung cancer in the 70s or lived to be 100 like ~~Victoria~~ *Olivia De* Haviland. Edit - Who TF is Victoria lol?


There is no way Don is making to 96 with all that smoking.


TBF, he balanced out his smoking with excessive drinking.


He better not! If Don makes it to 96 I’m going to root. After what they did to Betty?! And after giving Pete fucking Campbell his happy ending?! (Yes, I’m still bitter). I’d love to see how Sally turns out. She’s a baby boomer. Does she become racist, climate change denying Karen? A faux progressive? Lots of opportunities there.


Watching Pete throughout the series, that happy ending is doomed to be fleeting.


Give the people what they want. Huell's House.


Better fuel Huell.


I ate Kim.


Is that so?


Better Wank Hank


We already got that in Breaking Bad


Skeet Skeet Skeet with Skinny Pete


Gomez is what the people want. A buddy cop series about young Gomez, newly hired DEA, partnered with this complete asshole with beautiful long golden hair.


Half the entire runtime of the show would just be them sitting in their car in various places while Hank makes racist jokes and talks about how much of a pussy his brother-in-law is.


[Huell’s Rules](https://youtu.be/8domW4NwpBQ)


Better Fuck Chuck


That's why they made Slippin Jimmy shitty on purpose, so the network realizes it's not worth it


I recently discovered that there is a BCS prequel cartoon called Slippin Jimmy. I gave it an honest try but couldn’t get into it.


I'm not even sure that can be called a prequel considering it includes supernatural stuff like demonic possession and doesn't fit well into the BB/BCS universe. It's more like a parody. I actually managed to make it through the entire series, and you didn't miss anything. The last episode was okay, but everything up to that was horrid.


I didn’t even get far enough to notice supernatural occurrences. Thank you for filling me in.


It’s literally the only show I watch that has commercials (and I use AMC+ this season) I don’t think I’ll ever watch a show on a network again.


We got 11 seasons of some of the highest quality television over the past 15 years, so no regrets if this is really the end. It's bittersweet to say goodbye to the Breaking Bad Universe, but it's been one hell of a ride.


I kinda see it as one big show now at this point with 11 amazing seasons + movie.


Hell when was the last time we had a TV show of 125 episodes that has remained this consistent in quality throughout? When your weakest season is Breaking Bad Season 1 , you know you have made an all time great show.


Curb Your Enthusiasm


That's fair. Larry David is also a rare kind of a showrunner especially when we add the majority of the Seinfeld along with Curb to his whole record.


I’ve been kinda Larry David meeh on the last couple seasons. There have def been some good episodes but it’s not as good as earlier seasons


I agree that last season was definitely on the weaker end, but I thought Season 10 was hilarious. Curb is definitely less consistent than it once was but still maintains a decent bar for quality.


Was that the season with the spite store and John ham? I did like a bunch of those episodes Don’t get me wrong if a new season comes out I’ll 100% watch it but the last couple have just been hit or miss for me. I appreciate him being able to make episodes long than 30 mins but some of them just take way to long to get to the punchline and didn’t hit as hard for me


That's the one, the Jon Hamm one is a personal favorite of mine. I do think you have a point about the length, if they would commit to 30 minutes I think the episodes would probably feel funnier. It's that tight construction that made Seinfeld and earlier Curb so satisfying.


If you cut out all of the Gene parts, you could watch better call Saul before breaking bad and it would all seem like one show that shifts from one main character to the another halfway through


Yeah I hope some crazy bastard does a chronological supercut of every scene in this universe. Starts with Chuck and Jimmy as kids, couple scenes of Walt at Gray Matter, Hector and the cousins as boys; and then all the Gene stuff together at the end, the BB era scenes from BCS actually in their place in the timeline, etc. I think it would work surprisingly well.


Not really for most of it i think. The flashbacks in those episodes always have a purpose related to the story at that time.


It wouldn't work for someone watching for the first time, but for someone who's already seen both I think it would be very interesting to experience it that way. Like Saul's conversation with Mike about how Walt is an amateur spliced into Breaking Bad would be fascinating to see. And the black and white scenes could easily all be cut together chronologically into some sort El Ca-Gene-O finale movie.


Yeah exactly, I wouldn't recommend it to a first timer or anything but for the fans who enjoy rewatching multiple times I think it would have some value.


Christopher Nolan released a special edition DVD of Memento that included a chronological version of the film and it was outright trash. Don't think it would work very well here either.


15 years? Nah… *me counting on fingers* …fuck


And honestly it seems like Vince can mold any block of clay into something noteworthy. I see no reason he won't just create a new universe that people will love just as much. As long as he's not hanging it up, I feel like the best is yet to come.


The fact that this story actually has an ending makes it more appealing. I understand the desire for franchises, especially for money-making reasons, but I dislike the fact that every successful series goes on forever instead of reaching an end. It makes me less interested in continuing a series if I know the producers are going to keep making spin-offs instead of letting it have a proper ending. With *Breaking Bad*, *El Camino*, and *Better Call Saul*, the entire story of every major character has been covered well enough that there's not much more to keep it going.


Atleast Jesse is living a free life in Alaska somewhere, things don’t look great for Gene unfortunately.


In my little head canon. I would imagine it doesn’t work out well for Jessie in Alaska, I’m sure someone would notice him just like what happen with Saul, he’s a wanted man and I’m sure in BrBa world There would be a couple of documentaries and movies about the Heisenberg empire which would not help Jessie’s case at all.


I think the biggest difference is that Jesse is ready to settle down and live the quiet life. Saul could not keep his nose down for more than a couple months before losing it. Marion wouldn’t have made the connection if it wasn’t for Gene getting her son in trouble, or yelling at the dog the previous night. If he was just some guy she ordered a Cinnabon from, she’s not looking closely.


Also Alaska is pretty famous for people moving there to try and escape a sketchy past. The towns are small, the people are self-reliant and not super nosy. People keep to themselves for the most part unless with their actual friends and family. Much easier to lay low in Alaska than Omaha, Nebraska


I mean whitey bulger lived in SoCal, took 16 years to be recognized


Hell, El Chapo was vacationing in DC and getting his pictures taken in front of the White House while he was one of the most wanted people in NA EDIT: Pablo Escobar, not El Chapo


Pretty sure that was escobar in the 70s or 80s


Jesse is just some random dude that’s in the shadow of Gus, Heisenberg, and his funny lawyer who had goofy commercials on tv. No one is going to recognize him. And in real life, many people go to Alaska to escape their old life, and generally people just know to not get involved in others peoples business.


“Hey aren’t you that meth kingpin?” “No ma’am, I live in Alaska, we all look like this”


You jest but there's a video on YouTube (can't find it at the moment) from one of those Cops shows where the officer pulled over someone in Alaska over a taillight and discovered the person he'd pulled over had been this extremely prominent methamphetamine kingpin. Fortunately no longer wanted, he'd served his time and retired up north.


Jesse is pretty hidden and doesn't have a death wish. Gene got away with it and had everything tied up, nobody was looking for him in Omaha and Jeff and Buddy weren't going to bother him anymore, but like has been said about him before, he just couldn't help himself.


I mean, yea, he was wanted in ABQ, but he wasn't the level of Walter White where his face was plastered everywhere, and if he makes a single phone call and gives out his real name across the country, the place is swarming with cops. He's looked at like a low level nobody. Meanwhile, Gus is dead, Heisenberg is dead, the main cops interested in going after him are dead, and his car was last seen ditched near the Mexico border. The blue is going to quickly disappear as no one is left who knows how to make it. At that point, I don't think they care that some low level guy no one really cares about who they expect is in Mexico got away, and there is no way his face was out there more than on the local news. As long as he sticks to his new name and doesn't get into cooking again (I doubt with his trauma, he wants to go anywhere near that again), he will be absolutely fine up there.


I feel like if Jesse just waited for a few years to age and also changed his appearance like growing his hair out or a beard it would help him significantly. But I doubt he could ever live a normal life.


Considering how aged he looked in the latest episodes of BCS, I'd say he has a chance of laying low.




Yeah the scene in the most recent episode of Saul was perfect for him. No close-ups, dark lighting, put him in his baggy clothes, have lots of ambient noise to mask the change in his voice. Not a knock on him at all, but he was on BrBa a decade ago, everyone ages.


As long as he doesn’t run into a certain lumberjack . . .


I think he should do one of those dvd board games. Maybe a western themed one.


that's where everything is headed




This reference is streets ahead


Holy shit is that actor him? I watched community after breaking bad and thought I recognized him.


The Breaking Bad to Community pipeline was REAL




You call Apple Computers work? What kind of company offers stock options as a Christmas bonus.


Pile of bullets? Pile of bullets.




I think it's time he tried cocaine.


Sorry but I’m waiting for 8 Simple Huells


Huell Be Sorry?


Gotta Fuel Huel


Better Fuck Chuck PLEASE AMC


Huells Rules all the way and it will be like Reverse get out without the drama. Huell will have a happy Home with his wife and kids in Louisiana and that will be it.


I love that >!nearly 9 years later, the creators of Breaking Bad/BCS were committed to finally resolving that plot hole about Huell being stuck in the safehouse!<


Huell might be the closest thing to a friend Jimmy has. He was the only other person at >!Jimmy and Kim’s wedding.!< Makes sense he would want to know what happened to him.


That’s not a plot hole, that’s a loose end


Is it even a loose end? Did we have to see him physically leave the room or get confirmation that he didn't die of starvation in it?


No we didn’t. I always thought Huell being stuck in the safe room was a funny meme, and the writers just decided to resolve the meme. Apparently some people took the meme too seriously lol


"Plot hole" Nobody on Reddit even know what it means lol It can be frustrating reading this site at times smh


Yeah, why do I keep hearing this? What was the “plot hole”? Huell was free to leave at any time and if he didn’t I’m sure the DEA agent with him clued him in/possibly arrested him. He did get let go but presumably after being charged and going to court.


Huell's Rules is cool but I was thinking we could just give him a 1-off movie like El Camino and call it 'Babineux Country For Old Men'.


Better Feed Sneed (Formerly Chuck's)


Ann Cusack is going to get that bag.


We find out that Chuck actually created the Salamanca crime organization and sponsored Chilean refugees, one of them being Gus


Chuck single-handedly introduced crack to the world


I only look forward to Monday's because of Better Call Saul. I will resume hating Monday's again starting August 22, 2022.


Orange cat moment


Called Breaking Bad off before it became stale, creating a masterpiece, is about to do the same with BCS, absolute champion. As much as I don't like them I hope the money men actually do well from this, i.e. making tonnes through merchandising like they did with BB so that this kind of thing becomes more common rather than squeezing every last penny out of a show until it kills off its entire memory


What was that one show called again? Throne of games or something? /s


The dead are walking or something


Personally, I don’t want him to do any more Breaking Bad stuff. I wanna see his new work, movies, new shows, etc


He and the rest of the crew are too damn talented to be stuck in one fictional universe.


This makes me both incredibly sad but immensely happy. I want more content, but I think that’s the perfect place to say goodbye.


Kid named respectable showrunner.


Unironically Bravo Vince.


Can't wait for Better Paint Finger


A writer that knows when to get off the carousel


Exactly. Thankfully this time seems to be it. Between this and El Camino, Vince has done the impossible. The amount of people in this thread who each want a Gus, Mike, and Huell separate prequel series gives me no hope however. They're the reason why reality television still has reigned supreme for over 20 years, and why Walking Dead is on its 18th season and why we're finally on its 25th spin-off.


It's a blessing that it was extended this far. I don't think I'm alone when I wasn't optimistic when I head about the Saul spin-off. But Vince found a way, since he's one of the best.


Ok, but how about a show starring Bill Burr, where he gets turned into a dog because of a "chemistry accident," and he has to solve crimes to figure out how to become a human again. Call it Kuby Doo


Anything with Burr with Vince and Gould, I’m in.


Wait until Disney buys the ip and we’ll have a family friendly sitcom of Walter white in chemistry school or some damn thing.


I want a young Nacho when him and his Dad still have a healthy relationship.


Better Watch yo Nacho


8 prequels all about Walters super secret criminal life before the cancer happened


Breaking Bad CINEMATIC UNIVERSE A complete reboot of the Breaking Bad timeline where phase 1 will have 2 seasons devoted to Walt, 2 seasons devoted to Saul and 2 seasons devoted to Mike with a post credit scene of Gus in the season finale of Mike's show to set him up as the big bad.


Malcolm in the middle


It's funny to bring Disney into this, considering it's already owned by *SONY*, who's making a whole universe around the Spider-man character's that aren't Spider-man.


If Disney is involved it'll definitely be set on Tattooine for at least a few episodes.


I feel like BCS/BB will be a complete package with no need for any sequel or prequel.


BB *was* a complete package with no need for a prequel. Need's got nothing to do with it.


I read your comment in [Snoops voice](https://youtu.be/N2JjP8ATI7s?t=36)


For real I hate when people say something doesn't need to be made and its becoming so common whenever something gets a sequel. It's entertainment and art nothing ever needs to be made and its definitely not up to people not involved with creating it to decide what does.


What are some other very successful spin offs? The one that immediately springs to mind is Frasier.


Simpsons has had some success


Xena. One of those cases where the student became the master and the spinoff became the much better show.


Good. I’m so happy with that.


Give it 10 years then make a show about Holly


I mean, what else can you really do with BB/BCS now? Saul was ripe for a spinoff given how little we knew about the character, the strength of the actor and all of that stuff. The only spinoffs people suggest at this point are memes. Gilligan will be able to make whatever he wants now and have it get tons of attention because of his name. Great position to be in.


> Saul was ripe for a spinoff given how little we knew about the character That's a hilarious claim now, given how apprehensive the general fandom was when BCS was announced.




Keeping Pinkman alive was the best move, yo!




The show also focuses on Mike a lot which helps add the seriousness and danger elements. If it was always Jimmy even that might not be good enough. Mike’s side of the story really gave the show balance.


It wasn't terrible, it just was going to be a completely different tone than Breaking Bad. I still think a half-hour Better Call Saul comedy show with Vince's writing would have worked. That said, I'm incredibly grateful for what we got.


Plus Bob's background is in comedy so he would've still pulled it off. I'm happy either way


Wait so no Huell spin off?!


Fine with me. He's already top 2 all-time for me in terms of TV creators alongside Lindelof. Two interwoven dramas spanning 11 seasons, all excellent. The fact that he pulled off the whole "we're making a prequel about the comedic relief guy, but it's still a prestige drama, and it'll be so good that he'll usurp Walter White as the main character for the whole shebang now too" thing is just absolutely bonkers. I still remember thinking it was a joke when it was announced lol


I think Peter Gould should also get enough credit for crafting BCS


I mean, when the spin-off to your revered TV show, which many consider the best of all time, also has a legitimate claim for being the best show of all time, it’s probably best to not push your luck.


I just hope whatever Vince does next is crime drama


Gilligan said he’s working on a new series. An article from deadline.com gave a vague description of it. *“Described as a blended, grounded genre drama, the new series also is being compared to The Twilight Zone. It is said to be set in our world while putting a tweak on it, focusing on people and exploring the human condition in an unexpected, surprising way.* *Thought-provoking but not a morality tale, the new show is expected to carry the signature Gilligan tone that infuses drama with humor.* *Like he often does with his original creations, Gilligan has written material that is accompanying the pitch, giving buyers a sense of what the new project would look like. I hear it is envisioned to play over a couple of seasons with an overreaching story arc.”*


I hope it is sci-fi or horror.


Wow. People ITT really want more. This is why Disney is the way they are today. Y’ll really want Breaking Bad to become a Disney property?


What about he settles this with AMC execs over a game of piles o bullets.


Great. Now he can come back and revive his role in the Community movie


If you watch the show it wouldn’t surprise you at all. The finality of the universe is apparent in these last few episodes


Vince needs to go back to his X-Files days and make a new scifi show!




So a movie it is.