Was there an ep about Walt’s retirement and the current state of the Stash? Does Mike or Jeff run the actual retail comic side of the business, now?

Was there an ep about Walt’s retirement and the current state of the Stash? Does Mike or Jeff run the actual retail comic side of the business, now?


Mike now has Walt's old manager position, he got it when the stash moved to the new location a few months back. Sunday Jeff is still Sunday Jeff, as he operates the store on Sundays. That's all I know, based on what they've said on TESD.


I think people underestimate how much money the pod and Patreon bring in. If I was Walt I’d also want to focus 100% on TESD.


Does gitem not work for the stash proper anymore? Sounds like he works in the general store with Walt. Does someone else work selling comics?


Definitely not an employee. I wouldn't be surprised if Mike simply didn't want him to work for him given its clear how well Git Em got on with both Sunday and Mike.


Walt for years warned GESD about how he treated mike, you cant blame the guy if he isn't a fan. Also GESD seemed more like a walt employee than a stash employee, im sure he was officially a stash one but weve all heard the difficulties of him in all workplaces hes ever talked about. If i were to guess id say he is a TESD patreon employee.


He’s for sure not an employee of the stash anymore. He’s pissed because they hired more people to do the job that he himself was doing. Kev’s cousin works there as well as a lady. Sounds like they hired another person based on his tweets


I can't really say I blame them. We've heard stories over the years about Git Em having trouble completing basic tasks, not being able to do anything unless getting explicit instructions, etc. And not to mention the irritating quirks. I don't mind him in small doses, but if I had to work alongside him for hours on end I would probably be jumping out the nearest window the first chance I got.


Kevin and Mike talked about it briefly in SModcast #445 or 446 (I think) when Kev said the web side of things was closing down in NJ so he wanted to bring those people (including his cousin) over to the store. That's what displaced Git'em, I believe. Despite Walt being on that podcast, they still never plainly discussed Walt's departure. I know only what Walt said many months ago: he left to save the Stash money but he still gets health insurance for his family. We've still not heard Git'em's story.


any more info on this? sounds fucked, since he said he needed to save money and ended up hiring more people


I’m not gonna get the guy in trouble but the tweet is still up. It’s a reply but if you go back he’s def still upset. I understand why he would be. Got let go and three more are hired in your place. It’s a slap in the face and I don’t want to get too involved but whoever decision was to fire GESD and then just hire more folks is fucked up. Idk if it’s Mike or Kev or someone else we don’t even know about, but I hope git em is okay financially


How far back I canna find the wee tweet


Oh I see it now. After what was done to Walt and then GESD and them hiring 3 people in their place, while crying poverty leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I disliked Kevin's entertainment output over the past few years, but this makes me hate the person


I don’t know whose decision it was so don’t blame Kevin over tweets from a pissed former employee and a stranger on the internet. Plus it’s just that, the internet. Take a deep breath and relax it’ll be fine


This bothered me more than it should’ve too when I heard about it. Completely speculative but I just assumed mike fired him because mikes mike.


he didnt hire more people, the people were already working for Kevin doing the website orders.


He was a lazy worker anyways.


Some tidbits here: https://www.reddit.com/r/tesdcares/comments/ovg06n/487_we_got_musk/h7lzvgc/?context=3 We need some sort of "The Stash&General Store - who works where" thread lol. Somebody who can collate all these pieces of information from different places, and turn them into an easily readable guide.


That and Walt runs a small store withing yhe new stash, where he sells noyhing but TESD merch with Git em


This has been asked so many times, you would think Gitem would address it on here, or it would be brought up on TESD. Even the Old-Timey Radio Show?! ​ We care Gitem, make it happen.


But then he would no longer be a topic of conversation on here.




When you're right, you're right.


I remember hearing all about this when Kevin Smith visited and thy did the 3 part eposode.


https://wwsd.simplecast.com/episodes/ep21 interview with Mike right when he took over