TIFU by underestimating the impact of an earthquake

TIFU by underestimating the impact of an earthquake


The injured foot is where the current left your body as it grounded. Presumably you only picked it up with one hand - if so, that’s why your experience was relatively mild. If you touched it with both hands, the current may have run through your arm, across your chest, and then grounded….that would have been rather bad.


I did pick it up with one hand and I am currently very thankful for it!


“Currently” thankful. That’s a shockingly bad pun mate!


Wait who gave this the “take my energy award” is this mockery or watt


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How dare you make me read that with my own two eyes. Take my award and upvote


What a ride! Great story


Oh damn. I should have seen that coming. Lolol


I was meditating over just that. Ohm mani padme ohm… but alas, no spark of clarity.


Revolting. Take my upvote


Resistance is futile, we have come full circuit. :)


And yet, we're still all amped up.


I’m charged!


For that pun? You should be, pretty sure it's against code.


Ah I was just getting amped to join in. I just wanted to Tesla theory..


This thread is hilarious 🤣. Came here for the electrical puns and am not disappointed.


As an electronic engineer .. all I can say is **Ohm My God** !


I know it's a mantra, but Padme didn't have Force Lightning. That was Darth Sidious.


Hey, I know we're making jokes, but the important thing is that you've got yourself to a hospital and hopefully don't have any lasting damage.


I try


Despite resistance


Ohm y god


"Shockingly" bad pun. I see what you did there...


My uncle did a lot of (amateur) electric work. His motto was “fingers crossed, the devil won’t get you.” Meaning always keep your fingers crossed behind your back with one hand, so you’ll never accidentally grab something with both hands and shock your heart. He was an idiot in a lot of ways, but he never did electrocute himself!


Did he also wear rubber shoes or would the fashion police arrest him


Rubber boots? Of course! *Insulated* boots? Nah, that shit’s expensive. Worn out rain boots are probably fine. I did say he was an idiot lol.


My grandpa got electrocuted (but survived) doing construction work. He had burns all over his feet, though, from the nails in his shoes.


Yeah, his chest meaning his/her heart resulting in a very probable cardiac arrest. EDIT: dunno the gender


ps- if you don’t know gender then you can use “their” as in “their heart” rather than his/her


Yeah, was thinking more of their heart at the time, so it didn't really pop into my mind.


Female but I appreciate it either way


Oh no. I was proud of myself for having read this whole post in my head in a burly male Australian accent. Now I gotta try again and I'm not so good at imagining Australian feminine voices.


That’s okay. You can imagine my voice however you like. That’s the beauty of the internet


I've just realized how close I came to dying as a child. I was plugging a light in in the dark and I held both prongs to guide them to the holes. Then, American sockets being as unsafe as they are, I was still touching the prongs as the prongs touched the contacts. I remember feeling pins and needles through both my arms and immediately let go. I thought 'huh' and completely forgot about it until now.


Glad to see you're still alive and well! And if anything, you've got a story to tell at parties now haha


I can check that one off the bucket list I didn’t want


Ah yes, the 'anti bucket list', mine is way too long.


So time to upgrade you fuse box to use Residual Current Circuit Breakers. They will save your life.


Absolutely. We have them installed but SoMeTHing tells me it may not be working properly


You’re actually very lucky. Electricity can cause muscles to tense, so many people who get shocked in the process of picking something up can sometimes be unable to let go. The fact that there’s an exit wound on your foot means that at least some current went to ground. Your RCD absolutely should have tripped and, if it’s non-functional, it’s urgent that you get a sparky out to take a look. Are you sure that you have an RCD and not just circuit breakers? Older buildings can be like that in Australia. Feel free to comment/PM me a picture of your breaker board if you’re not sure - I’m in Adelaide so a bit more familiar with Aussie wiring rules.


I would have no idea if it’s a circuit breaker or better. I do live in a partially heritage front so anything goes


Most of them have a test button.


I'd like to think that the test button is just two copper terminals that you cover with your finger haha


RCDs can only protect you if current flows from the wall to ground. If you touched the lamp and contacted both live and neutral wires (which is more likely in lamps which have 2 pins on the plug), then it is possible to get a severe electric shock and not trip the RCD breaker.


Hah I posted the same thing but I searched for "safety switch" which is what they are called in Australia. The entire house circuit must be protected by an RCD by law. If anything, they tend to be too sensitive. I had one nuisance tripping all the time, caused by an Uninterruptible Power Supply.


hmmm, I've always known them as RCDs in Australia. Also older houses/flats (not sure about commercial regulations) may not have RCDs as they were not mandated to be retrofitted unless the work was being done on the main breaker board (many older houses will not have RCDs esp. rentals that approach the affordable end of the spectrum).


Hey stranger, if you got electrocuted please go to the hospital that a doctor can check you out. It would be horrible if your heart stops beating in your sleep. Take my words serious, please.


Is that something that can actually happen??


Yes..it can. See where the power went in(your hand/finger) and left(foot/toe) your body. This risk can be underestimated(ask the the doctor you see today) Btw..i hope my words make sense..english is not my native language. Now..go to the doctor and keep us updated.


OP I believe this stranger!!! Please look after yourself.


https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00392-019-01420-2 You can read it Better safe than sorry i say..doctor it is


Sound a lot more reasonable than the "Dont get vaccinated" advice i see online... Source : i did my research...


You don't need a vaccine if you've been electrocuted.




Studies have proven that vaccines don't stop electrocution!


I'm gonna need to see some proof my guy


Source: Trust me bro ©


We don't need vaccines. Please watch this 20 minute long video about how electricity is shocking, water is wet and eating healthy is good for you. We don't need vaccines, our bodies are perfect as they are...i read a lot online!


So what you're saying is nobody needs to be vaccinated if we smell what the Rock is cookin'?


Just wanted to let you know your English is great :)


Thank you very much!


Thank you. I was unaware of this!


u/heavenlyangle \- Absolutely mate - It's our basic requirement at the smelter I work at, any shock, of any kind or magnitude, is always escalated to the local GP, or TasAmb, for ECG Tracing and general check-over of the patient - As the potential here is >1000vDC The risk remains present for days - If you've set it out of whack, just a little, you need to know now, so it doesn't fail on it's own later. 99% you're fine, 1% you die randomly - Don't panic, but it's Australia mate, go get it checked out, worst case it costs you $40 at the local doc, or free at the local ER. Source: Am Primary first aider for site & part of Emergency response team.


Fuck. I just thought about this as a 'Murican and I'm like "couple hundred/thousand for the ER, or gamble with my heart.."


Canadian here (Alberta). Healthcare is free. But we are at level 2 triage. Seems there is some bug going around. So ya... no hospital care at all unless you are about to die. Then they see how old you are and what your odds of survival are and sorta flip a coin on whether to let you in or not. We are so screwed.


'Some bug'. lol. something, something, Kenney.


And yet on the other side of the country in a "have not" province, ERs are busy but still accessible and it only took me a couple hours to get some stitches (6, it's been a month and my thumbs still hurting) when I had a kitchen accident. It's almost like a competent public health response makes a difference.


I feel you. Thanks to covid, there are hospitals that are having to turn away patients who don't *need* medical care. Things are batshit.


Unfortunately, even people who do need it are getting turned away. I’ve read about at least two people who died of treatable conditions (not covid) because they couldn’t get into a hospital in time because all the ones close to them were full. A hospital in my area has had the national guard come in and set up tents in their parking lot for overflow. It’s awful.


Yup. Stay safe out there.


>Things are batshit. I see what you did there! Excellent job sliding that pun in!!


Lol. Not intended but gotta love a happy coincidence.


We admit **all** patients with electrical, open flame and chemical burns, as well as any burns to the face, hands, feet or groin. Just an fiy for anybody that has doubts about seeking medical attention. It might be just an overnight stay, but it’s better then letting them go unchecked.


Isn’t it crazy how we Americans FIRST think of cost before getting medical treatment, especially emergency services? My mom was recently in the ICU with septic shock and pneumonia and had a hospital stay of 10 days. With her Medicare and her secondary insurance (that was part of her retirement package - she worked hard for a long time), she only had to pay $1,000 out of pocket of the $160,000 hospital bill. Very, very lucky to have those two insurance programs. All I could think is, “We’d just have to let me die.”


I'm glad I have a secondary insurance through work that will pay out directly to me for any accidents or critical illnesses I may get (cancer, heart attack, etc). Won't work on small illnesses, but at least if I end up in a hospital from a car wreck, I won't have to worry about my out of pocket costs. And, yes, it's insane we have to think of these costs while also dealing with life-threatening situations.


It's funny because it's true... But also sad... Maybe mainly sad. I'm not from USA, and health isn't exactly cheap here, but there is crazy expensive.


Think about it this way: it's expensive, but you get the service. Here in Brazil, it's also insanely expensive (we pay a huge amount of tax on everything, so forget it if anyone says it's free), and when we actually need the service, we have a good chance of dying while waiting for it on a months long queue.


No one in the US thinks that the taxes for universal healthcare aren't expensive, but it is cheaper than what we have now, which is health insurance companies making billions while denying coverage for life-saving meds and treatments. And because it's so expensive, many people forgo the services until they absolutely can't, resulting in higher bills, poorer quality of life, and higher chance of not being able to recover. I know there are countries that have had issues with universal healthcare, but there are plenty more that have had major successes, and I'm so done with being told by my insurance that I can't have basic services without putting a second mortgage on my house.


1000VDC? What kind of lamp is this?


Those lava lamps are getting pretty serious


Generates actual lava!


Electric arc furnace I'm guessing, dude said he works at a smelter.


Yes absolutely. I did something similar once and got triaged straight through a very busy ed. They take it very seriously, but its also a very quick check for them. Go to an ed now, you will be in and out quickly (hopefully).


Yes, it's part of why electrocution is so dangerous. I went to hospital after my incident with it about a decade ago


I worked at a place where even if you licked a 9v, they took you in an ambulance to be put on a heart monitor for 24h


I double that, it can even happen hours or days later. See a doctor and get your heart checked! Source: I work for a power company and that was the first thing they made sure everybody knows.


I work for a power company aswell they drill that into us every year.


Wonderful. /s Now I have something new to worry about. I've been electrocuted a number of times, both with 110 in the US and 220 in Europe. Never got checked out afterwards - not dead yet. Fuck.


What the heck are you doing to get electrocuted several times around the world - are you trying to slurp up live wires like ramen noodles or what?


The voltage gives them a special tingly spiciness.


Nah, I've just lived in a lot of different places and am apparently shit at electrical safety.


Same here (well, electric shocks, electrocution implies death..) on 240V and 415V supplies, and many more times on very low voltage 1.5/5/12V systems. I've mostly never been that bothered by it, apparently I need to reconsider that in the unlikely event it happens in the future.


Oh do I have great news for you! Dead people don't need medical check ups after being electrocuted.


Hi you..this i knew, too but i hoped that OP takes what i wrote seriously first time. I wait for a new post and thank you that you wrote that, too


"It would be horrible if your heart stopped beating in your sleep" is about the most understated threatening thing I've ever read


But true, though.


I don't understand. I've been electrocuted plenty of times. You're telling me that my heart could just suddenly sto


Listen to Auntie


Thank you. But you know what..this is not common knowledge so i don't judge anybody by not knowing. The only thing what annoys me is when some people write here that 1. It's not true 2. That nothing ever happened to them when getting electroshocked...well they lucked out.


Please, please take this serious. See a doctor and stay a night at the hospital if supervision is necessary.


I am totally with you. I know it only happens to others till you are the others(gosh i hope that makes sense i translated that from my motherlanguage to english)


It makes sense. Your English is good enough to communicate effectively.


Thank you


I've been electrocuted multiple times, never went to see a doctor. So I had to check this up, and yes, this is a great advice. In extreme cases you can even have reactions, like never damages, showing up weeks or months after the accident.


Technically, if they were electrocuted, they should just get straight to the morgue. But yes electric shock is serious, especially if you are feeling tingling etc after the fact.


I know but no time for picking on words. Safety and life first, right!


In fact, you should be calling an ambulance


OP went already to the hospital..good decision!


Man... I took a nasty shock after my MiL spilled a jug of water over an active power point when I was a teenager, I rushed to switch it off (I was a young idiot) and took a huge shock up my arm. I wish I had known how dangerous that was! This post taught me even minor shocks demand a trip to the GP.


Yep, this is reminding me of a time I was also shocked as a young kid, and realizing now that apparently I was quite lucky.


When I was in second grade one of my classmates was shocked by a loose wire near her family pool and she passed away. So yes, you were definitely lucky, and I've been very cautious around electricity ever since.


Mate get to the hospital right away, you need to be checked out. Electric shocks are no joke and they can mess up your heart rhythm. I work in heavy industry and we are sent right away regardless of current/voltage.


I got pretty badly shocked as a child. I stuck a piece of metal into an open light socket (very smart, I know) and it knocked me off my feet. I never told my parents because I knew they'd yell at me. My doctor did an ekg a few years ago because I was having heart palpitations from anxiety and she noticed an arrhythmia... Could it have been caused my being shocked so many years prior??


>I got pretty badly shocked as a child. I stuck a piece of metal into an open light socket Haha I did the same thing. Kids are dumb. My parents definitely knew though - there was a loud pop, all the power went off and we had electrical problems until we moved out of that house lol.


It was an upstairs room that my dad was renovating and it was so long ago I don't remember if it blew a fuse or anything but I'm sure he figured out I was fucking with something. I also got a nice lil shock by trying to use a knife to get my toast unstuck from the toaster so clearly I didn't learn my lesson lmao.


not super likely, but possibly worth checking anyway: if you had a medium quake like that and something in the structure of the house (or outside the house) shifted or broke the lamp might not have shocked you, it might have been the path to ground. one of the worst shocks I ever got was from a floor with a water leak that had found its way to an electrical box but not tripped anything until i became the ground. probably just a broken lamp & a slow ground fault device, but maybe wear rubber soled shoes when you get home until you check.


Taking some advice from Dr Who - should always wear rubber soles!


Respect the quake. I like this.


Why didn't the safety switch (RCD/GFCI) trip? To me that means this house is unsafe - all houses in Australia require a functional safety switch by law, right?


It has a switch, I’m not sure why it didn’t trip. It will be reported up


Depends. GFCI will only trip if the shock current is going to ground, not neutral. This is often the case, if one wire is exposed and you end up grounding it through your body, especially in bathrooms with water and grounded plumbing. However if OP ended up touching both live and neutral of the lamp there's really know way for the circuit to know they aren't the bulb.


Glad to hear that you're finally... discharged


Never come near me or my family again. Have an upvote


>Yes. I got electrocuted. It's always a good idea to go to the hospital after dying. But for real, I'm glad you took the advice here to get checked out.


We’re not out of the woods yet ;)


Well you live in Australia. I don't think you will ever be out of the woods.


was searching for this comment. Electrocution = Death by electricity (Note that the -cution portion of the word stems from execution, thereby reminding of the resulting death of an electrocution) 'being electroshocked' is the non-lethal variant by the way.


Descriptivism vs perscriptivism. I think the battle on this particular word was lost a while ago.


Keep in mind, folks. We use 240V here in Oz. That really would hurt! Hope you're OK, OP.


I have a little shock, pun intended. But just waiting out the muscle tingled and seizing. Emergency rooms in Melbourne need to be only for super emergencies at the moment


It is a super emergency, please I hope you’ve seriously gone to the hospital. No need for an ambulance but you should go. 99% chance you’ll be fine 1% chance you might not be fine.


You have my sympathies. I live in Sydney and keep hearing ambulances going by day and night lately.


Sometimes the aftershock is what gets ya, I bet the experience was…electrifying


I'm sure this was a shocking revelation to OP.


Are you saying that the quake brought out OP’s electrifying personality?


Man it sucks, im from Croatia and we had problems with earthquakes for 2 years now, first big one was last year in Zagreb, it made lots of damege to old buildings, peoples houses and hospitals, then this year in Sisak and Petrinja and we didnt recover from the first one yet, lots of people lost their homes, still to thes days once in a while thers a small quake.. i pray for autralia and i dont wish this to no one..


So how do I avoid getting electrocuted after an earth quake occurs, do I not touch anything that's connected to a power point for a certain amount of time?


It's nothing to do with the earthquake really, simply that the lamp fell off a shelf and broke. I'm guessing it was a metal lamp, and some live wires touched the outside case when it broke. If electronics ever take a tumble, unplug them before handling, just in case something inside is touching where it shouldn't be.


jus making sure I'm totally understanding here, but theres no danger at all in unplugging the cord? just don't touch the (metal) lamp?


An *undamaged* insulated cord should be just fine to grab and rip out of the wall, it's just plastic. If the cord got pinched and you can see wires poking out, that's another story. Worst case scenario, you have a sheared off plug hanging out the wall, with no way to grab it without touching bare wires; go outside and flip the breaker, then pull it out while wearing a pair of rubber gloves just to be sure. 240v mains seems scary, and it can definitely kill you if treated improperly, but it's honestly very low power compared to what else is out there, and relatively easy to protect yourself from.


thanks for going in great detail! found it very informative


Hope I’m a special case and this won’t happen to you? I wasn’t taught quake protocol...


You might have a case for a lawsuit against the maker of the lamp. A simple drop from a table should not have created this situation unless it has a manufacturing defect.


The lamp maker WILL hear about this, don’t you worry


Have you heard anything yet? Hope you’re doing okay


How good was it to have a little frightening earth quake to focus on instead of the damn covid lockdown!


So happy to read you went to the hospital!! My mother was a nurse. Mostly in nursing homes but worked in the ER for a while in a town that got a lot of bad storms. She saw a few lightning strike victims and ALWAYS stressed to us if we ever got any kind of shock to go to the ER. One man had reluctantly gone to the ER after a non-direct lighting strike (if I remember correctly, it struck near him and he got hit by the ground current). His wife made him go even though he thought he was fine, just shaken up and burned. Turns out it was effecting his heart and he could've died if he didn't come in


Out of curiosity, what would the treatment be for this ?


Well huh. TIL. I live in a place that gets earthquakes and I had no idea that shocking yourself in this kind of way was a possibility after an earthquake. I knew it was a risk outside with 'things' that might shock you but for some reason never considered the same risks inside. Honestly- thank you.


That earthquake really shook things up today huh? I’m from NZ so I’m used to earthquakes, but it was all new and exciting for my kids! Well, I was excited.. they were a little terrified. How’d you go getting a checkup OP? Hope all is good!


Years ago I was living in Wellington, New Zealand and experienced my first and only earthquake. I was on the 25th floor of a skyscraper but the swaying was mild and just a really bizarre phenomenon. Spoke with my other half later talking about how crazy it was. We rung family to tell them (kind of bragging) about our experience. Later on we found out some friends of ours were caught in an earthquake in Nepal and trapped in the Langtang valley. Trapped in a mountainous area amid dead bodies, rockslides, no food, no ability to contact home and no consular support sounded like a harrowing experience. I too will never underestimate the impact of an earthquake.


220v there huh, 120v kinda tickles, fuck that


Probably a dumb question, but how did OP got electrocuted from picking up the lamp? Because that sounds like something I would’ve done without a second thought…


As many people have pointed out, the correct term would be “shocked”. How? Idk. Lamp angry? God said not today? Idk fam.


No, electrocuted is a proper term. It does not indicate death. It can also simply mean injury by shock, which you were. The ones correcting you are wrong.


Quite a long time later but hope you’re back in action. So the lesson is, ALWAYS UNPLUG any electrical wires BEFORE picking up the item itself.


Yes mum. I’m sorry. I will be better.


*pat pat on the head and hugs* love you.


Just by reading this and the comments has probably increased my personal chances of not getting shocked by some significant percentage points. I am grateful for your outstanding commitment to good journalism 😆


Journalist integrity is my number one priority when browsing reddit


Man, I was spooked by that all the way in NSW. Could barely imagine being right next to the epicentre. Hope you are alright, mate.


I have lived thru hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions and and can tell you the worse thing about a earthquake is it comes as a surprise.


What’s the worst thing about the others? Is it the overbearing in-laws?


Hey mate! We felt it too this morning, house shook for a solid 2 minutes. We FU because we just stood inside deciding if it was the wind, local construction or an earthquake. If it was worse and did structural damage, we could have been in some real shit. Hopefully you have no lasting effects from the electric shock. Go the doggies!!!


Glad you're ok! You seem to be a fun person that you're able to laugh at yourself and say terrible puns. I like you.


Hope it lit up your day more than mine


People asked me how it feels when you stick your finger in an electrical outlet. To be honest, it Hertz.


Disgusting. Have an award


Just one more thing in the land down under that can kill you. I think I will stay where it is safe thanks. ;-)


I'm a melbournian living in WA who is really freaked out by the closeness of OP's username to mine


I just stalk reddit and piece together bits of gold I find like a dumpster diving crow


I barely post just scroll around peaking my head into random shitty subreddits like a bin chicken


I always wanted to experience an earthquake out of sheer curiosity and then one day I did. Once was enough. It ain't a fun feeling.


When I was a kid I used the word "electrocuted" when I was talking to a teacher who was 70 or 80 years old. He was greatly offended because apparently even though we now use it to mean "oops, I got shocked" it originally meant that you got electrically executed by the government, which was a controversial issue among old-timey liberals. Edit: Just preemptively if anyone thinks I'm lib-hatin', I am not.


TIL that standard AC in Australia is 240V. 😲That's lethal. You must be pretty tough. When I mess with wiring here in the US, I'm always glad it's just 110V. That's plenty for me.


Good to know hear that you are in the hospital! Keep us posted.


Hope you're doing alright!


was one of the weirdest things to have happen in a morning, glad you're getting checked. stay safe and feel better.


Glad you went to get checked out!!! I asked my husband to call his friend in Melbourne to check in on him after I heard about the earthquake. (We’re in California- so earthquakes are normal… but we felt a nice little 4.4 jolt last week so I can only imagine the 5.9 you got!!)


I would imagine that's a FU a lot of people could make the mistake of. Scary stuff. Wish you the best of health and hopefully no serious or longer term problems from your run in with the lamp.


Watch out for Soil Liquefaction!


This is when the quicksand we've worried about our entire childhood finally appears


Wtf how much current is in your lamp


Enough to annoy me that’s for sure


nonsensical question...


Yeah, but electricity is black magic to most people.


Glad your okay! And just to point out to the grammar nazis, electrocuted works in this instance due to the severity of OPs shock. Absolutly moronic to argue about something you're ignorant about. You may be shocked about how i said electrocuted then called it a shock, it is because i am not an idiot and voth words can be used. One makes more sense than the other in context. Amazing how words work! Also to clarify, OP was not in shock. Just had to throw that in


First time i read non-sexual post in this sub tho


was the appliance grounded? at least where im from all (or at least a very large majority) of them are grounded with an earth wire, so maybe try and get those of appliances next time lol


I'm a bit concerned that the breaker didn't trip the moment the housing was electrified


Go Doggies.


My favorite part about being Australian is that we can recognize each other by how we make light of life shitting in our dinner. In all seriousness though hope there's no further complications and you're out soon mate.


i had the fortune to experience the '89 SF quake. Natural disasters are neat and all but nothing feels quite as scary as the ground fucking shaking. Hope y'all are doing ok.


You got shocked, which must've made you *shooketh*


Glad you are you okay! You did the right thing getting checked out.


Fellow Melbournian here. Glad you are okay!


>TIFU by underestimating the impact of an earthquake Respect nature because nature has no respect for you at all!


I think you learned the impact of electricity, not earthquakes.


After a big earthquake I went through the dryer vent became disconnected somewhere in the line. Around a week later there was a fire in the roof. Apparently it had been smoldering a couple days and happened to flare up , luckily, while someone was home. Happens with gas lines too, with possibly even more dramatic results. Check a lot of things after a good shake