Brown sus

Brown sus


Zeke literally just says "Eren Yeager isn't my enemy" and no one catches on to that until Pieck does mental gymnastics.


>Zeke literally just says "Eren Yeager isn't my enemy" Well to be fair he does say that his enemy is actually Levi right after so it kinda looks more like it was personal.


Yeah I'm pretty sure that enemy line was just another code/signal.


Porco makes a face like "Wait huh?"


Found it curious that when it showed Pokko’s reaction to his arrival, it did not show Pieck’s reaction, but rather just her mask. I’m surprised that no reactor Really caught onto that.


In the anime he said "eren yeager is no match for me" or maybe I watched with wrong subtitles.


Yeah wrong ones


I saw that translation too.


I've seen those subs too. Maybe it's just some wonky translation. Japanese isn't the most translator friendly language after all.


In japanese he says something like: Eren is not my enemy because first it's your turn, show yourself Levi.


Yeah they were literally on a battlefield with the founding titan right there.


I can't wait to see how anime-onlies react when they see Zeke working with the Scouts. I saw one guy comment how glad he was that Levi finally killed Zeke for revenge on Erwin


There are many in the r/anime thread who have already guessed that Zeke must be working with Eren due to the baseball scene and Zeke saying time in running out


*There are many manga readers


Well true, manga readers disguised as anime ones


We really dont get the feeling in the anime that Zeke is working with paradies like we did in the manga I am sure most of the people who are saying taht in the threads are just manga readers.


Watch Semblance of Sanity


Yeah when you over analyze everything you do notice things, like because they like baseball and know the terminology, they know Zeke has a connection to baseball and since Eren had a baseball glove they just connect the only references to baseball in the series...also the whole "Eren Yeager is not my enemy" or the more damning one when Zeke says "Levi you're running out of time" and then Levi looking at his pocket watch for "some reason", a lot of people guessing this probably are hidden manga readers but some people are just smart enough or observant enough to catch the hidden details that Isayama puts in his story


nah it's mostly hidden manga readers, they can't help themselves


Yeah I know most of them are but I just wanna remind everyone that some people are just really observant/smart, I see a lot of people calling genuine anime onlies "hidden manga readers", some people just catch things faster than others, I myself am not smart/observant enough to catch Isayama's hints and clues, I'm sure most of us don't catch these details at first too. It just bugs me a little cause just because we didn't catch it on the first watch doesn't mean others can't catch it and predict something sooner. Like I said, a lot of them are probs manga readers but it's not all of them.


A lot of Manga readers guessed this back when that chapter first came out as well.


Wait was there baseball scene in the anime? I thought the only allusion to baseball with Zeke was actually the Perfect Game and his throwing motion. Am I forgetting an anime scene? I thought they cut the Zeke and Colt playing catch scene. Unless you meant Eren when he had the ball? I'm surprised to see anime only's making any connection to Zeke and baseball tbh.


I mean Zeke talks in baseball lingos "perfect game" "changing my motion" and his signature move is throwing shit. Everyone knows he's related to baseballs lol


They didn't, they're all manga readers pretending to be anime onlies for some imaginary Internet points


I’m pretty sure there wasn’t even a scene of Zeke playing baseball with Colt in the anime. I think it’s a lot harder to put it together when the only clue is a seemingly throwaway 2 second scene of Eren saying “oh yeah this baseball was a gift from my family.” At least the Zeke/Colt scenes are what made it click for me, so they might be manga readers


Bruh. Next week is going to be an utter meltdown.


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I have an anime only friend was able to guess correctly that Zeke is Eren's brother. But she didn't find Zeke sus this season. Although I didn't ask her about Zeke cause that'be spoilery. But she said she found Levi killing Zeke satisfying.


Zeke was confirmed as Eren's brother in the anime tho


I am talking about before the basement when it was still not revealed.


Reiner braun was not an impostor. One impostor remains.


Reiner is the guy who doesn't get killed but gets locked in Electrical.


He wants to be a ghost so that he can do tasks quickly but imposters don't kill him.


I saw monke vent


Pieck probably: You were doing fake tasks.


Porco. They don’t allow nutcrackers into the military


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brown faked rock throwing task i saw


[When the imposter is sus](https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRl5cHlLRvEpYAmJ3loqTwYwMU0m5mAzlmp1Q&usqp=CAU)


Alright since I have nowhere else to post this, I have some questions about Zeke and the the Marleyan army. They know Eren Jaegers name and they know Zeke is a Jaegar too. Is it canon that they're aware that Eren is Zeke's brother? Cause once they learn that, I feel like they really should've been more cautious about Zeke considering that their enemy is his brother after all. I don't really remember Zeke explicitly stating Eren is his brother and in the scene where Bertolt and Reiner reveal that Eren is Zeke's brother, we see Zeke not say anything to them and go have a breakdown in private. So what's the deal with their relationship, is it common knowledge they're brothers in marley or not?


i guess they just thought that Zook would treat Eren like he treated his parents


Probably that You don’t expect the guy who “sold out” his parents to hold family in high regards


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Wait why did they change the line from “Eren is not my enemy” to “Eren is no match for me”?


Crunchyroll subs had Zeke saying "Eren is not my enemy", I guess the source you were watching translated it differently


wrong fan sub. Zeke daid not enemy ... there is no other interpretation i believe


Man I can’t wait for the panel revealing nugget Zeke just chillin with Eren and Yelena. It’s so awkwardly funny in the manga.


It was fun watching reactors who couldn’t believe how easy Zeke was taken down, but none of them put two and two together.


Monke vented


I saw Reiner vent into wall shiganshina


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