This is why we don't trust people on the internet...


Can I trust that?


Can I trust that too?


NO! Don't trust it


x to doubt


Don’t worry, you can trust me!


No, everyone agrees I am the most trustable


Give me headpats and I'll tell you no lies.


Don't worry, I'm from the government and I'm here to help.


Would people really do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?


Yup. Had a guy wanting to join a family plan together. No thanks lol.


This is why so many people don't join random strangers accounts to "save". Problem is that not only did that person scam you but you also knowing took part in a scam. You are not associated with his business so you tried to "get one over" too.


I don’t understand anyone who joins these prepaid groups with random strangers on the internet. I mean, there might be some genuinely honest people out there, but you’re taking a huge risk. Your turning ownership of your number into somebody else’s hands. What’s to prevent them from porting out your number, canceling your line, or just screwing you over in some way. Numbers are used for everything these days, and it’s just too risky to not have your own account.


my rec to everyone is to setup a google voice line for all 2FA that doesn't support auth apps. then 2fa your gmail account to your auth app of choice and store recovery keys (in triplicate) somewhere safe. Now everything is (theoretically) safe and doesn't rely on a random CS rep not selling you out.


A lot of places won't take GV numbers for 2FA


If someone is providing a product or service always go Paypal goods & services. Never send money through cashapp/venmo/etc…unless you know them personally


> If someone is providing a product or service always go Paypal goods & services. That’s the one thing PayPal is really great at, they always take the buyer’s side. They’ll refund your money, then go after the seller, holding their account hostage.


Iirc doesn't Venmo have a goods and services option as well now? Should be good since they're just PayPal.




They don't have the same services or terms.


You should know better.


No shit. Who would have thought sending $500 to a stranger over the internet for a $10/month plan would be a scam?


there's a prince in Nigeria who would like this dudes email.


All you have to do is pay a small fee to get rich of millions lol


Who in their right mind ports their number to some cell plan account owned by some random person online? That is one of the stupidest things to do. They can then easily steal your number and get into accounts of yours. If you want a cheaper rate, setup a family plan with well known family members and close friends. I do this with my family and my brothers family, along with a close friend who can’t afford much so it helps them out. Saves us both a fortune. They just send me the money each month with Zelle.


Who in their right mind sends $500 to a random person on the internet?




OP does.


Hopefully he didn't port the number. If so then he literally paid a scammer to give the scammer a key to all his accounts lol.


I stopped reading at "Sent him $500 for the plan (lifetime)"...


Yeah. This is around the same level as a junkie calling the cops to complain about getting ripped off.


Yea I have the same business lines deal with friends and it comes to literally $180 per line for a year. Aint nobody doing lifetime for $500 lol.


Yeah this whole post is weird af.


I’ll be in the minority of this sub (the internet is cruel without having to reveal their faces) and thank you for the PSA to prevent others from this scam. Sorry about being scammed.


https://m.youtube.com/c/VlogsAndCoTV/videos This is the face of your scammer. If you want, I have his full name, address and phone numbers. Instagram accounts, girlfriend’s accounts, snapchat accounts. Etc.


* $500 for a life time plan---> Sounds to good to be true. * $500 for life time plan & and iPhone 13 -----> Even harder to believe * Accepts payments in form of Cash App ------> Dead giveaway it's a scam.


Some people have this idea that “business accounts” get better deals. Which is never true in 9/10 industries.


People that think personal bank accounts have a lot of fees haven't tried to setup a business bank account. lol


With cell phone plans it is definitely true.


This is 99% your fault.


Well in 4 years and 8 months you can finally put this terrible decision behind you.


More like in 4 years 8 months. 500$ for 10$ a month covers just that. Also, the plan is without taxes. So it's not really 10$ a month anyway. Annnd, a free device on top, surely something doesn't add up by then right ? Supposed not for OP


You're right, I wasn't thinking well on my maths!


DashGeeks LLC (603) 803-2001 https://goo.gl/maps/fJ1wN3wQvv6Wxvz27 This is their Google page of their website Dashgeeks. I would go through the pics in case it helps you with your police report. There maybe some information there. He had opened a reddit page for his company and publicised it earlier.


Never use cash app zero protection at least use paypal , since you used cash app if you used an credit card file an charge back I did that last year got scammed also


Good luck with cash app, my ex works for them and she tells me all the time that they refuse to refund for things like this since it was the persons fault being scammed. She flat out tells me not to use cashapp even though she works for them. Paypal is always the safer way to do business online but still take a risk. It's ALMOST as bad as buying off a rando on the street to go find out the phone is blacklisted.


Thats so odd, I was selling an old iphone and I had 2-3 ppl try to buy it using cash app and I'd ship it to their "cousin" I only used cashapp back when it was: email [email protected] cc the person you wanna send money to. So idk what it's like these days. but I figured these people had figured out some way to hack accounts or something and I would be out my money and phone. But you're saying they refuse to reverse transactions. so I wonder what it is...


Same thing those scams always are. The bank account attached to the app has no money in it. They send you money, you send the phone, CashApp later realizes they didn't get any money from him and pull the funds back from you.


They won’t do anything if you email them saying you got scammed. But if they tell the BANK to recall the money, they will. Basically they send you money, then tell the bank it’s fraud. So bank takes it back from Cashapp and cashapp takes it back from you.


This guy just deleted the post not too long ago.


Get rekt


Well, at least the Uni City cops have a reputation for being badasses, :\] . Maybe they'll whup his pasty hynie. OTOH, you certainly have some culpability for biting on such a scammy deal.


How does the poor OP even know that scammer was in that city?


Have no idea, other than the OP mentioning the SA/UniCity PDs. Uni was/is noted for being one of those 'speedtrap' towns too [next to Randolph AFB], if you're ever in the neighborhood. Probably got it from some correspondence in the process of getting scammed. There are many ways to ferret out info from online stuff, it might scare your socks off.


You’re the fool. If a deal sounds way too good to be true, that’s because it is. You seriously thought that some guy would give you a new iPhone and a lifetime of cell service for $500 lol


Sorry you got scammed, but this one is pretty obvious




Lmao, you should know better 😂


lol get wrecked son


I'm sorry but once you said "CashApp" I stopped reading. This is sad that someone scammed you but also sad that you decided to set up T-Mobile with someone via CashApp. Red Flags all day.


I got a great chuckle reading this.


YOU DID WHAT lolllll


...what did you think was going to happen...? No disrespect intended, but everything you just described absolutely *reeks* of a scam... like, it was all right there in front of you, and you still sent $500 to someone you don't know, via CashApp? What were you thinking? Did you get their actual name? Address? Anything? CashApp isn't going to get your money back - you sent it willingly. So hopefully you've got something concrete on them to pressure them to get your money back, but if they have an ounce of sense they didn't give you any real information about themselves. Again, just crazy that people fall for this kind of stuff... sorry you ended up a victim, but wow... again, what were you thinking?!


Yea, you are an idiot for sending a stranger that much money. T-Mobile is not able to help on this and Reddit doesn’t care that you got conned. Take the L and move on buddy


you sent $500 to a random guy and not to Tmobile? Really? wow


What do you mean? It's just a ["misunderstading"](https://www.reddit.com/r/tmobileisp/comments/r7ds1e/how_often_does_the_tmobile_home_internets_public/hn0tur1/)... /s just in case.


Lots of scammers and trolls on this subreddit. You just need to take for granted that whenever someone makes a post, there's a good chance they are lying, especially if it's a new account created 10 days ago.


I mean obviously it was a scam.


That’s a real deal that Account Executives are doing. The cash app part is not legit. You shouldn’t have had to pay anything through cash app at all.


The user opened a legit account, but then was reselling it to Reddit users. So they knew they were joining something shady, and then are surprised when they got ripped off. Every time someone posts either asking to join someone’s family plan, or offering their own, you’ll see many comments advising against it.


The best way to scam someone is to appeal to their greed.


The $10 a month plan part is (it requires minimum 50 lines ordered). With that being said, there is absolutely no deals surrounding that plan and ANY device offerings, in fact, the document in C2 states clearly that devices are either BYOD or full retail price.


According to my RDM, it’s a 25 line minimum.


Sorry to say this but a grandma wouldn’t fall for it. Everything about it is plain wrong


I like the part where you took the word of (assuming the most generous terminology possible) a sub-retailer on getting a lifetime deal to service. Shoot me $350 and I'll get you a lifetime membership to Sam's Club.


Yea if someone advertises a 10 dollar deal with a device , I'm running as well. Thanks for ruining this whoever you are. I wanted people to take advantage of my plan and now im sure everyone would be hesitant


I got scammed for $70. I thought it'd be OK because I've done the same thing over at r/visible guess not.


Visible has party pay, you don’t have to send anyone anything. You can just join the 39k-member Reddit party and get the $25/mo price.


Can confirm. Have done it before. Worked like a charm.


Cash app? If someone is legit you’re not going to be a paying them via cash app. Unless it’s a quick peer to peer simple transaction.