TIL that Nazi Germany made a New Testament Bible where they removed the genealogies of Jesus that showed his Davidic descent, removed Jewish names and places, but left any mention of Jews that showed them in a bad light, in an attempt to Aryanize Jesus.

TIL that Nazi Germany made a New Testament Bible where they removed the genealogies of Jesus that showed his Davidic descent, removed Jewish names and places, but left any mention of Jews that showed them in a bad light, in an attempt to Aryanize Jesus.


Must have been a pretty skinny Bible


Well, can't have the kids spend too much time reading, they might grow up to be feeble intellectuals that we'd have to gas. Better just keep them busy with physical exercise and marches so they will be good at dying for the Fuhrer and popping out Aryan babies.


Username checks out


Editor: "King of the Jews?" Well that is right out. Edit: Jesus christ I know that was done as a mockery. The joke here is that nazis are stupid. For fuck sake.


Well I didn't vote for him


You don't vote for the messiah


Some armored tart lobbing folks onto crucifixes is no basis for a form of government!


Be quiet!


Ah! Now we see the violence inherent in the system! Also r/unexpectedmontypython


Help! Help! I'm being oppressed!


Bloody peasant!


Bloody pagan!


Unless you're attending the Council of Nicaea.


Grew up with racist. They believe that line means he was their master because they are lesser.


What? How?


Mental gymnastics


Racists pulling a racism Not surprised


I feel like that's more just insanity.


Stupidity doesn’t often concern itself with rationality.


You'd think that people reason on things to try to figure out what they say, but bigotry requires _motivated reasoning_. They start with the conclusion (in this case, "Jews bad") and then hunt for evidence/interpretation that supports their conclusion. It's the exact same process that leads to conspiracy nuts; any evidence that supports the conspiracy theory is accepted, any that contradicts it is re-contextualized and re-framed so that it fits the theory.


Sadly, that's how MOST people reason on MOST things, not just bigotry. 1. Have your feelings 2. Look for evidence that supports what you already believe. 3. See, there's evidence! I arrived at my beliefs totally logically!


Example, the curse of Ham. Racists needed moral justification for African slavery, so they came across a brief passage in the Bible where Noah gets drunk and passes out naked. His son Hamm sees his naked father. For the crime of seeing someone passed out drunk without clothes, Noah curses the children of Ham to serve the children of Hamm’s brothers. So the racists decided that Hamms children must have went to Africa and got darker skin as a “sign” of their curse, so God approves of their enslavement thousands of years later. Really had to stretch for that justification.


This is pretty ironic. Their theory assumes that being white is the 'normal', 'default' or 'original' skin colour for human beings, and people got darker skin when they moved to Africa. Actually, as far as I know (please correct/nuance me if I'm wrong here), the most excepted theory in science right now is that it actually went the other way. (Watch the racists use this as a reason to claim that white folks are the more 'advanced/developed version' of humanity)


1. From about 1.2 million years ago to less than 100,000 years ago, archaic humans, including archaic Homo sapiens, were dark-skinned. 2. As Homo sapiens populations began to migrate, the evolutionary constraint keeping skin dark decreased proportionally to the distance north a population migrated, resulting in a range of skin tones within northern populations. 3. At some point, some northern populations experienced positive selection for lighter skin due to the increased production of vitamin D from sunlight and the genes for darker skin disappeared from these populations. 4. Subsequent migrations into different UV environments and admixture between populations have resulted in the varied range of skin pigmentations we see today. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_skin_color


The ego makes up stories in order to make us feel good. Some people identify completely with their wounded ego. Racism and prejudice is the result. (In some cases at least this is true).




As Britain proves, you don't have to from there to be king of there...


Doesn't that completely undercut his entire story about being persecuted?


No see Jews are so awful they needed a twelve-year-old to teach them * my 100% serious uncle


Well of course they're going to persecute him if they think he's better than them! Or something


Lol, no. "The Jews killed Jesus because they are evil and hate God" is an ancient anti-jewish (not antisemitic, because that was invented later) statement.


> anti-jewish (not antisemitic, because that was invented later) wtf is that supposed to mean


Dear God, he was literally a Jewish Hebrew


No, of course not. He was a Anglo-Saxon man born in Bethlehem on Ireland. How can you think he was a Jew? /s


And here I thought he was born in Missouri. Damn Mormons steering me wrong.


No that’s the garden of Eden


How dare you, he's of Korean decent and was born with the body of a strongman.


Explain his sandy blond hair, Sky blue eyes and aquiline nose then. Checkmate.


I had a coworker who claimed that "since God is white, then Jesus was at least half white". Sigh.


That’s an interesting thought experiment. I’d have had follow up questions. Is God all white, or is God multi-racial? If the latter, how much of each ethnicity is God? Is God like equal parts each, or is it weighted by population or something? If the former, what sort of white? Like an albino? More Northern European, or more Southern European? What are the rules with this? Also- how would Jesus be half white? Is your coworker implying that God is white, but Mary wasn’t? I’m sure I have more, but I feel like the dude would’ve been done talking to me by now.


Ha! Yes, he thought Mary wasn't white- he also thinks British people aren't white, as only White Americans are white. And I'm guessing that by the second question he would have called you a "fag" and walked away.


“Christians” who hate Jews have always been a mystery to me. This is interesting… in a way


Lol, wait until they find out Jesus is a Jewish man from the middle east. Do they not realize some of the most well known Bible stories are Jewish scriptures? I cant imagine what Christianity would even look like if Judaism was removed. The lineage and central figure stems from Judaism.


King of the Dudes.


INRI? More like NAZI!


Initiate Nail Removal Immediately


I thought the title was supposed to be sarcastic in the bible.


That's certainly how the Romans meant it.


It was to make a mockery of him while being crucified. Like - here is your "king" pathetically dying on the cross


It was because one of the charges against him was that he claimed to be the king of the Jews. This accusation was made because the Romans didn't care about the blasphemy charges.


"Wait, what am I doing? Are we the baddies?!.... naaahhhh"


Well I never said we weren't fun, but like it or not, pirates are still the baddies


They also stole a Hindu religious symbol and the Aryan race thing which are historically the people from Iran to India that are descendants of the Greeks from the time of Alexander the Great. The Nazis were pretty much stealing and making things up as they went along.


It's even worse, as the swastika was used in Europe too before the nazis, not only by the hindu.


Yes there's actually a WW1 memorial outside of Balmoral Castle in Scotland that has Swastikas around the base with a little plaque telling you that they used to be used a peace symbol.


I once saw a Twilight Zone episode where a US WWII pilot crashed in the desert. His plane had swastikas on it, but that was never explained. I had to Google it to find out that it was a good luck charm used by the allies.


Do you mean WWI? Swastikas on a WWII-era Allied plane would denote the number of enemy planes shot down. [Example - this pilot shot down six Japanese and six German planes.](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3a/James_Howard_April_1944.jpg)


And one from Switzerland.


Say what you want about Switzerland. At least the flag is a big plus.


There’s a very large and prominent auditorium in Kansas City built before WWII that has swastikas on the outside. It’s a very basic geometric shape. It’s allll over the place. It’s pretty common in ancient tile work because it’s a shape that can interlock and repeat easily.


Greek key pattern borders are often jsut long strings of swastika too


The symbol was used world wide as a symbol of good luck.


It is so *bizarre* now to try to think of it as being a benign symbol of something good.


The toothbrush mustache was also popular at one point.


It's a shame, as it's one of the oldest "complex" symbols (IE not a circle or square or the like). Many thousands of years old.


It's also really easy to arrive at naturally. I can't even count how many times in Minecraft I was trying to build a consistent pattern that started with a cross (a basic windmill shape for example), only to realize part-way through if not after completion saying to myself "shit well I need to change this design now". And then the natural idea for symmetry is to add a prong in the other direction too, but then you have an iron cross depending on the size of the design. 🤦🏻‍♀️


Hopefully it won't be the same for ,,👌".


There are many hate groups who are trying to incorporate other traditional symbols like the Celtic Cross or Pagan runes and turn them into hate symbols. Hell, Mac Tonight and Pepe the Frog are examples of how beloved internet culture can become appropriated.


I don't know if world wide, but it sure as hell was all over Eursaia (which is like 2/5ths of the world anyway).


They find swastikas on native American artifacts in north america from long before Europeans arrived so its pretty worldwide


Probably because it’s a symmetrical, dynamic symbol but pretty simple. The Whirling Log is a spiritual symbol from some Southwest Native American cultures. I saw a quilt celebrating good relations between a native nation and the US. It had US flags alternating with whirling logs (which look just like swastikas). Really trippy to look at now


I don't have the images, but I recall Coca Cola using it in ads, and some sports team using it as a symbol in America, pre WW2.


Have you met the windsor swastikas? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windsor_Swastikas Not to be confused with the fernie swastikas https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fernie_Swastikas


Yep, Everywhere, including here in America by indigenous people. It's a shape that has symetry and four cordinal points; North, South, East, West. We find this symbol in so many cultures. It's kind of like pyramids. Pyramids are a relatively simple shape architecturally so they were built everywhere by early civilizations.


mm they really aren't. The Aryans migrated to northern india around 1500 BC. Alexander invaded there only in 327 BC.


That’s not what Aryan means and they didn’t steal the symbol from Hindus. The word Aryan long predates Alexander the Great and has nothing to do with Greeks, it was used by the Indo-Iranians as a self identifier long long before Alexander came around. The Nazis adopted it from the linguistic and racial theories of the day, which had correctly identified Iranians as being related to Europeans, and claimed they were the most pure of the original Indo-Europeans who had migrated into Europe (with a bunch of other bullshit from wider European racial theories and their own made up crap thrown in too). The swastika is a simple geometric shape found all over the world, but it particularly common among Indo-Europeans, and was used all over Europe for thousands of years. The Nazis adopted it from it’s pretty-existing use in Germanic culture, it most likely had nothing to do with its use in India.


The aryan migration into the Indian subcontinent predates Alexander by like, a lot


I wouldn't be surprised , they were a busy evil


There was a slave bible also created that removed any mention of freedom and the like Edit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slave_bible


"I have to go now, my desert needs me." *Moses died on the way back to his home desert*


Let my people toil!


To be fair, the Israelites did complain about the desert conditions on occasion, and they begged to go back and be slaves. Edit: a word for grammar


Moses: They’re complaining again. God: Murder them, same as last time. Duh


God didn't murder them, c'mon. God said 'fuck this generation, wait until they all die out'.


Just like us with the boomers


Are you telling me that [Veggietales didn’t just make this up for a joke?](https://youtu.be/oF3NzVf8bMw)


Nope. Numerous times they said they'd be better off back as slaves because they didn't trust God would provide.


"at least we will be fed".(manna got old quick)🐝


*dramatic voice* "Let my people go!" "No, do you have any idea what that would do for our profits and bottom line?" *In the same yelling, dramatic voice* "That is a very good point, I did not think about that. Goodbye."


The Southern Baptist Church was created for the express purpose of making slavery ok for Baptists. The Northern Baptist churches took the stand that slavery was a sin, and the Southern Baptist churches initiated a schism to preserve their congregations. That part about the altered Bible you mentioned was executed to make slavery out to be "divine right" for slave owners, and was used to further control the slaves themselves. Similar to what was done to the indigenous population, slaves were forcibly introduced to the concept of Southern Christianity and told that they lived to serve as ordained by "God".


You would think needing to edit your religious texts to suit your distasteful behavior would be a signal that something is wrong.


Cognitive dissonance isnt easy to overcome


especially when you're not trying lmao


Well. It requires the 'courage' to objectively self-examine. And I feel like that just boils down to a simple decision.


On the one hand, editing the bible is somewhat of a common thing to do. It took a long time and a lot of debate to determine what was 'canonical' and what wasn't, as the books of the bible were not originally conceived as a cohesive document. The earliest churches only had the couple of letters/gospels that were written to them, which were then slowly shared from one church to the next and a consensus was formed. There are other famous edits, like Martin Luther tossing out a few books during the Protestant Reformation only a couple hundred years earlier, and Thomas Jefferson made his own personal bible that removed all of the supernatural parts. On the other hand, yeah if you're excluding specific canonical passages for certain groups/people and not everyone.... you might have a problem.


One of the most interesting parts of seminary in the SBC seminaries are dissecting sermons defending slavery in the Baptist Heritage class.


> they were a busy evil Heh that’s an understatement


Until I read final chapters of "Monuments Men" and Rydells "The Book Thieves" I had no idea how gigantic their book-collection project was. Grotesque.


How massive was it?


At least for the "French Section" it is mentioned that an entire line of train-cars filled with book cases was stopped by the Resistance when The Rosenberg Collection tried to move back.


Hitler absolutely despised Christianity. He considered it meek, which isn’t surprising considering Nazi ideology was built on strength and purity. That being said, there were Christian Nazis - and atheists, and Heinrich Himmler’s desire to rebuilt Norse paganism. Let’s just say that basically Nazism had a ton of weirdos in it.


Specifically, he blamed Christianity for the fall of the West Roman Empire (and Jews for the fall of the East Roman Empire). ...of course, that was also one of the main conclusions of historian Gibbons, which influenced the separation of church and state in both revolutionary France as well as the founding of the US.


My parents almost named me Aryan. No they're not Nazis, they're Indians.


I mean the word "Aryan" just means a virtuous person or prince in sanskrit, or when applied ethnically it could mean someone from Northern India or Persia, it's only when you start equating it with "the whitest white people" that it becomes sketchy.


This is correct. The Indian subcontinent had the name aryavarta, or land where pious people live.


Exactly. Arya is a name, but also just a word that means *noble*. You can't completely extricate the name from it's spiritually significant origins. From my understanding, a good translation for arya would be *saintly* or *enlightened*. Arya has the same etymology as *arhat*, or self-enlightened being (in Buddhist teaching).


fun fact: both places Aryana (ancient name of afghanistan) and haryana (a province or state of india) also means "land of the noble"


Ya it's a very common name in india


I mean it does sound like a beautiful name, it stinks it was absolutely ruined by the Nazis :(


Its very common in india


Swastikas too, IIRC.


Swastikas don't have the same meaning in India as in Europe. So it's perfectly normal.


The word swastika comes from Sanskrit: स्वस्तिक, romanized: svastika, meaning "conducive to well-being". In Hinduism, the right-facing symbol (卐) is called swastika, symbolizing surya ("sun"), prosperity and good luck, while the left-facing symbol (卍) is called sauwastika, symbolising night or tantric aspects of Kali.


Keep in mind that not many people in India really makes the distinction between the swastika and sauwastika, the difference is often overstated by people on Reddit. Both symbols are used as a generic good luck symbol and nobody really cares which way it faces, whether it has dots, etc.


Swastik. It’s interesting, the concept of an Aryan “race” originates from India. Once you delve into the deeper parts of it, the nazis took lots of liberties from the Indian/Hindu culture. And I’m editing to clarify, the Aryan race from India and the original concepts that the Nazis took from Indian culture we’re definitely not used in the same way originally. Basically Nazis took some stuff and made it terrible


Swastika, in the context of Buddhism, is a pretty symbol too, also ruined by the Nazis


Right?! They just completely stole it and turned it sideways, it really stinks that it can’t be used as much anymore for fear of it being confused for a swastika :(


Basically only in the West, where it wasn't used much anyway. Swastikas are still used all over Asia, and wherever Buddhism/Hinduism had a reach.


I didn’t know that, that’s great it hasn’t been ruined everywhere!


Ruined by lies. Goebbels just made stuff up. The Aryans came out of central Asia and had a big impact on northern India. But they never actually made it to Europe. A lot of them settled in the country that still bears their name. Iran = Aryan Hitler and the Nazis never let little things like facts get in their way.


Goebbels also believed that Aryan women were so 'pure' is because they carried around magical crystals in their vaginas all day. So just take anything Goebbels ever said with a grain of salt. Got that info on a tour of the Ordensburg Vogelsang, one of the guides knows a ton about all the occult Nazism that they believed and practiced back then.


When I was in high school, my social studies teacher gave us an assignment where we had to research and assess the sources for and against Aryan Migration Theory (or whatever it's called) and everyone was super stressed out about it because no one could find any reliable sources arguing in favor of it, just a bunch of shady blogs and stuff, nothing remotely academic or legitimate. It was a trick assignment to show how it's completely bullshit lol


Thank you! Yes! The on the topic of Nazis ruining Iranian stuff, they also ruined a perfectly nice female name in Iran, نازی (Nāzi) meaning "cute". It's still popular is Iran but I can't imagine any expats going by Nazi. They probably use Nancy.


Same with isis, regardless of the fact it was an Egyptian God.


Actually Aryan history is far more unknown to us because of how little was recorded. There are indications they came from Eurasian steppe and most certainly settled in Northern India. As for whether they were in Europe - they were nomadic people, they may very well have but Hitler's vision was certainly made up. https://youtu.be/q_GF7rs8n80


could have been worse, they could have named you swastik


"Swati" means stars, and I had an Indian friend who liked to use the user name "SwatiSkies." It always made me do a double take


Excuse me, my name is Swatsika


They could've named him ultra hitler


Its ok name for indian/persian dude, sounds similar to Armin.


A very popular name where I'm is Izan.


I know a girl named Arian in the US.. it’s kind of weird when you first hear it but her personality is really bubbly and silly so that broke the historical association for me lol


Doesnt it mean peaceful? I know it can mean a person of indo Persian descent or an Iranian.


Means noble


> The Institute produced a Bible without the Old Testament and remade the New Testament; removing the genealogies of Jesus that showed his Davidic descent, it removed Jewish names and places, quotations from the Old Testament unless they showed Jews in a bad light, and any mentions of fulfilled Old Testament prophecies. It remade Jesus into a militaristic, heroic figure fighting the Jews using Nazified language. Also from [here.](https://www.researchgate.net/publication/336266009_An_English_translation_of_the_Forward_to_Die_Botschaft_Gottes_Die_Botschaft_Gottes_is_a_heavily-edited_version_of_the_New_Testament_produced_by_Christian_theologians_within_Nazi_Germany) > The Institute for the Study and Elimination of Jewish Influence on German Church Life was a theological institution dedicated to establishing positive links between Christianity and Nazi Ideology. Die Botschaft Gottes was the Institutes version of the New Testament, which sought to remove positive references to Judaism in an attempt to Aryanize Jesus.


That must have been an extremely small bible. Just cut out the old testament entirely, and remove anything Jewish related in the new testament. Which is tough seeing as the entire religious tradition Jesus was brought up in was Judaism. Doesn't leave you much to work with.


Just replace the names and no one will notice. Friedrich ,who parted the sea, left egypt with herman and the bavarian people. They got lost in the schwartzwald for 40 years and founded the city of wurzenburg.


Three wise men come see baby Ubermensch Jesus: Melchior, Gaspar, and "I was born in Dusseldorf that is why they call me Rolf!"


Life has many doors, Christ-boy


They came bearing gifts of gold, sauerkraut, and bratwurst.


There's even a point when he's debating in The Temple that the person agrees with him. It's when he says the two greatest commandments are "to love God with all your heart" and "to love your neighbor as you do yourself". All anyone wants to talk about is the Caesar comment though and how Zachiaphus had it in for him.


My favorite line in the whole Bible. Especially these days.


It’s more of a pamphlet really.


This what the Marcionite Bible was. The rival gnostic movement in early Christianity was anti Semitic and removed the Old Testament. They even claimed that YahWeh was a demiurge god, essentially a repressive demon acting as God until Jesus came. Additional fun fact, the biblical canon was established because Gnostics made a canon first; the marcionite Bible mentioned above.


What would Nazi Jesus do?


freeze to death in Stalingrad




>It remade Jesus into a militaristic, heroic figure fighting the Jews using Nazified language. You don't want to know :-/


So, like, supply side Jesus today?


Unironic Kenobi Jesus


These are not the sins you're looking for.


What would blue eyed Caucasian Jesus do?


Vote against free lunches for school children, probably


Couldn't they do what some people already do and blame the Jewish community as a whole for Sadducees and Pharisees turning on Jesus in the first place? Seems like a lot off work for something that could far more easily be misinterpreted for their interest. Much like people do today with whatever agenda they don't agree with.


They were trying to push the idea that the Jews are inferior biologically, so they had to hide the fact Jesus was born Jewish.


Yes. If one reads the Gospels and other books of the current collection of books we call the New Testament, they all have a leaning in one way or another as to whether one thought being a Jew was necessary to be a Christian. After all, Jesus was a law abiding Jew. Some even thought that following Jesus didnt change anything. He was the fulfillment of scripture. Others concluded from the same writings that being a Jew was antithetical to following Jesus.


The earliest Christians were Jews. The distinction came later.


[Aryan Jesus](http://i.imgur.com/pjSJEEV.jpg)


Looks like that Pixar filter that's all over the front page


Okay THAT'S scary! I wouldn't trust anything with eyes like that, and why are his lips dead?


maybe he's dying inside, for your sins


>It remade Jesus into a militaristic, heroic figure fighting the Jews using Nazified language. "Ja, genau. We must slaughter the Untermensch und make it so their children can no longer interrupt us when we have our afternoon kaffee. Naturlich."


The paintings of Jesus with long blonde hair from the middle ages must have given them an idea on how to Aryanize him even more...


White Jesus with the 6 pack abs, seen at a church near you.


You’ve made me realise that the way Jesus was depicted in medieval times was probably their equivalent to brad pitt. They probably thought he was gorgeous.


I mean, if the son of god isnt sexy AF, then who would be? Edit: guys if god is real, he MUST be like, soooooo fucking sexy, right?


The authors of the bible rated Jesus as a 5/10 on the looks scale, apparently.


Idk no one is gonna be following a 5 around. Even if he was promising salvation. He had to have been at least an 8.


What if he was a 5 from the front but a 8 from the back?


Wait, so you’re saying “religion” has been used in a way to manipulate people?


Well, that's never been done before. Those damn nazis.


There goes their last goodwill....


To be fair, the Bible book of Revelations literally states that anyone altering its word (other than translating for language and clarity) will receive severe divine punishment. The Nazis must not have read that far.


It really sucks, as a Christian it makes me so sad and frustrated when people twist the religion to fit their “beliefs”, “love thy neighbor” does not mean you can just hate people because of some arbitrary reason or difference in beliefs :( Jesus preached unconditional love for *everyone*, not just other Christians.


And he *specifically* says for our enemies, numerous times, going so far as to say "Praying for people you love isn't enough. It's not even that special. Even villains pray for the people they love"


That's why I always balk when people say Jesus' message was easy. Nevermind the fact that "love your neighbor" involves every crappy neighbor you've ever had—even the ones who wake you up at 2am with crappy wannabe DJ sessions. This stuff can go against every first instinct we tend to have. Loving our enemies is a call for mercy when we would otherwise want wrath. In a news cycle where we're constantly tempted to dehumanize our perceived enemies, this is a reminder that all humans are made in the image of God. Even if one eschews the religious angle, it's a reminder that all humans are made in the *same* image, and therefore have common ground upon which to come together.


Yeah, and while I interpret "neighbor" to usually refer to "the people near you, your community" I do think enemy extends to every person on the planet. You ever hear about that [irish guy](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordon_Wilson_(peace_campaigner)) who was in the troubles, when a bomb went off? He and his daughter were trapped under the rubble, helpless. He held her hand and spoke to her while she died in ear shot of him. That dude forgave the bombers and appealed to their humanity. It was a critical moment in de-escalating the violence that was tearing ireland open. Who has got the balls to say that guy chose the easy path?


Reminds me of [Supply Side Jesus](https://imgur.com/gallery/bCqRp)


Yeah, Nazi theology was wack. Apparently they believed that a member of the Roman Guard had been from the Germanic areas of the Roman Empire and was stationed in Galilee at the time of Jesus, then became his father. Basically, they did leaps and bounds if logic to try and say that Jesus was actually German…


Um. I feel like Jesus having a human father *kind of defeats the point*


Tbf Hitler wasn't religious and only used Christianity because it was popular in Germany prior to his rise in power. They did whatever they could to twist christianity in to propaganda for Nazi Germany.


He wasn’t human he was German


Naughtious Maximus was his name...


Sounds like [Conservopedia's Conservative Bible Project](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conservapedia#Conservative_Bible_Project)


I thought Conservopedia was almost entirely trolls now?


The problem with trolling is that if you do it too much for too long, your troll becomes your genuine belief.


I'd say it's not as much that as it is, if you troll too long, you start attracting people who genuinely believe such things who don't realize the entire project is rooted in jokes made at that very person's expense. Most the OG users probably thought it was trolling and, when people joined later on not realizing the facetious nature of the site, much of the trolls probably left because they "ruined the joke", leaving only the most zealous, serious supporters behind.


>The Bible project has met with extensive criticism, including from fellow evangelistic Christian conservatives.[95][96] Rod Dreher, a conservative writer and editor, described the project as "insane hubris" and "crazy"; he further described the project as "It's like what you'd get if you crossed the Jesus Seminar with the College Republican chapter at a rural institution of Bible learnin'".[97] Ed Morrissey, another conservative Christian writer, wrote that bending the word of God to one's own ideology makes God subservient to an ideology, rather than the other way around.[98] Creation Ministries International wrote "Forcing the Bible to conform to a certain political agenda, no matter if one happens to agree with that agenda, is a perversion of the Word of God and should therefore be opposed by Christians as much as 'politically correct' Bibles."[99]


Thanks fellow Christians, I'm glad we managed to muster up revulsion at this garbage.


The articles each pedia has on the other are quite interesting to read. Some real shade thrown out. From Conservapedia: > Most of Wikipedia's articles can be edited publicly by both registered and anonymous editors, mostly consisting of teenagers and the unemployed. As such, it tends to project a liberal—and, in some cases, even socialist, Communist, and Nazi-sympathising—worldview, which is totally at odds with conservative reality and rationality. It’d be funny if it weren’t so sad.


It's obviously a bad thing. But I kinda want a copy of that edit for novelty's sake.


It certainly is fucking insane and a terrible thing to have done to the Bible, I think it should be preserved in a museum or something as a piece of history showing us just how evil the Nazis were


You know, the more I hear about these Nazi guys, the less I like them.


One of these days I just might have to have an opinion about it!


I mean blonde haired blue eyed Jesus is the norm for most evangelicals these days.... Despite him being middle eastern to black being the most likely cases.