Police investigate after two found dead in Toronto home

Police investigate after two found dead in Toronto home


Dufferin and Eglinton area, for anyone wondering.


OP’s name is mighty suspicious


Suicide murder a la Shermans?


Was it a rental? When's it going to be listed?


It's actually around the corner from me. Saw the big Forensics van there. I know you are joking but it was actively listed. Had a big for sale sign on the front lawn.


My thoughts-I have a son with brain injury in a TCHC apartment building that is over run with bedbugs.He has a brain injury and he had no clue what they were -and I had never experienced them.he was supposed to have services but no one entered his unit to clean it for years and any time I would go over to try and clean up he would say he had help-he obviously did not .He had a unit on his floor that had been taken over by someone else and the door to the hallway had been kicked in-this was for months.He now has police "do not remove tape" on the apartment across the hall from him -on a unit where a very nice man had lived. I want him out of there so bad. if moving him to a park and then getting him into a hotel with services was possible I would do it in a heartbeat. He needs out of where he is Not a drinker or a drug user. Someone who needs help after being hit by a an unknown vehicle while riding his bike. Wish one of those social workers would talk to me. There are people who are in "housing" that would be better off in tents. And I will be a bit ticked if the people who were living in tents get into nice new housing. Petty of me,I know-but that's what I think.


What does this have to do with the article posted?


I think he mistakenly posted to the wrong thread.


My thinking is that these people in the parks who are being offered hotel accomodation and then help getting into proper housing don't know how good they have it to be offered these options when many others are in inadequate housing and no way out-unless they move into a tent in a park.Just find it so frustrating to not be abe to take my son anywhere because of the bedbugs.That's all.Sorry if I rambled on.


These hotels are temporary due to covid. Aside from the fact that they are already full. Nobody has it "so good". People don't choose to take residence in a makeshift shelter in the park because they have other "so good" options. They are however an eyesore to the residents who live in the area so Tory would rather spend millions on police to evict them and other stupid things like changing the name of Dundas street instead of finding a solution to this particular problem.


Consider looking into Diatomaceous earth for your sons bedbug problem. It's cheap, easy, and effective at killing bugs.


Thanks-have been using it and there are so many bugs-just falling off the ceiling.The room has all kinds of the earth everywhere and also in the the bedbug interceptors under all the furniture with legs .Because of his brain injury I cannot explain to him in a way that he will understand is that once clothes have been on the bed they can't be put back with the other clothes.And yes-everything is in plastic bins.Tried to pay for a heat treatment in his unit but they won't allow it.Spray the unit down and then heat treat so the bugs can't run into anoher room and come back but that can't be done. Don't blame people for living in the parks if this is the type of permanent housing they have been offered.But it seems they get the hotel and then can come up with a real home later.Hint-don't take any place that has bedbugs in it!


Yeah, also instead of the interceptors use empty yoghurt containers face up on every point of contact from the bed to the ground. Fill them up with the diatomaceous earth a bit too. You really just want them off of the bed, while awake a person would notice them and kill it.


The Shermans? Finally.