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It’s cold not hot if you can’t tell


I was about to say, there‘s no way this dude doesn’t scream like he‘s eaten alive


He will in about 20 minutes


^ this guy gets it. I really wanna see the aftermath video


Yeah, I had that done to a wart on my finger and just about passed out when it thawed.


why is that? what will hurt then that didnt hurt before?


Freezer burn, while it hurts initially for the most part the area is numbed from the cold, the aftermath is still a burn so its still gonna fucking kill when it warms up


oh alright. that makes sense i suppose. thanks :)


Ye, I've seen it happen before because when I was in school some dipshits thought it was a hilarious challenge to use a deodorant can and hold it right up to their skin and spray for 30 seconds to a minute. The result was some nasty freezer burns that were fine at first but then basically took the person out for the rest of the day. Though I imagine the chemicals in the deodorant made it somewhat worse.




Now those are some true friends, supplied with money!


>Now those are some true friends Na man, those were his *brothers* lol...frats are so stupid.


Was your junk ok ?


My tired ass read "I joined a fart in college " lol


frats are fucked up.


I did this while blind drunk on the last night of school. 5 years later and there is still a very slight mark there. Yeah I guess it was dumb but honestly it didn't hurt that much and I just accepted that there would be a scar there and it was gonna sting a bit for a couple weeks. Experience was 10/10 though, the guys that were doing it to me said they would stop when I expressed discomfort but in the end they stopped because they could see I wasn't gonna stop them and they knew it was gonna be bad. I really don't remember what happened half an hour later because I blacked out at some point but the next day I had to clean a ton of my blood out of some dudes dorm from the night before so I assume it hurt like hell and I ended up cutting myself somehow?? But yeah wouldn't recommend but glad I did it tbh




I dont want to nitpicky, but freezer burn is what happens to food left in the freezer too long, the water evaporates and it leaves it dried and tasteless. What you are talking about is FROST burn. Damage done to flesh because of cells being destroyed by freezing.


Imo, it takes a real man to admit when they are in pain. With these sort of guys, I always seem to think they are just trying to compensate for something and essentially manipulate people's perception of themselves. Everyone knew a 'pain kid' at high school who would seemingly take any kind of pain and act like it doesn't hurt, but that's all it is, an act. I just realised how overly sour that sounded but I am an old man now.


This guy is literally saying it hurts like hell. He says it twice (in Spanish).


When I was in year one or two the "pain kid" decided to staple his forehead... After doing the normal stapler he took the big industrial one for putting posters on the wall and well... Never did anything stupid after that 😂


Rid your mind of this 'real man' nonsense, as that's where the macho ideal comes from. We can just say, it's absolutely normal and human to not like pain.


Real pain is dropping your phone in toilet after the morning deed and having to fish it out. I never recovered




I appreciate your viewpoint on this one gramps. I never really saw it this way but you’re definitely right they’re just tying to seem cool and badass


I think you are missing the point lol. If it didn't hurt there is nothing impressive about it. The act is the whole point. No shit it hurts but having the pain tolerance, the perseverance to put yourself through it, and the composure to overcome the pain is the entire point.


I’m a retired chef and I’ve had some really bad burns. I’ve noticed that when they are severe they don’t even hurt. It’s actually just numb. A couple days later when all those burned nerves start to heal tho, it’s gonna be hell.


I've gotten a skin tag freezed off and I can tell u it literally felt like fire on my skin I have no idea how u do this with cold or heat it's gotta burn so bad either way


Cold burns hurt just as much I can tell you that


yup... No way a hot brand should stay on that long. I saw a video on Reddit a few years ago, some idiots decided to brand their friend and he agreed. They left it on way too long and the guy was seriously fucked up. It only needs to be on there for a second... He got some really serious muscle and tissue damage I think.


His ribs could have partially cooked so superficial in the spot they used and held it there. Poor kid locked arms in shock. Couldn't find any info on him but a lot of people in the branding community were like he ded


If it killed some of the bones in his chest he might survive, be he would need several surgeries and would be skirting it close the whole time. Would probably be years of recovery and astronomical costs.


Whats the tell-tale sign? Just that the brand isn't glowing? Or the lack of searing sounds?


Both, plus for how long they held it on it would be ***very*** different if it was red hot.


Watch it again,you can see ice on the pole


If you've seen a hot one you can defintitely tell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78hTYLULBLY


How come it leaves such a mark tho?


Extreme cold leaves a s similar burn. I lived in a part of Canada that would get -45c every year and you could get a cold burn from touching metal with your bare hand. They hurt the same and damage the tissue the almost same as a burn from heat. It's interesting though if you cold brand an animal the fur will grow back, but white (assuming the animal doesn't have white fur there naturally).


Theoretically, would it be possible to use freeze branding to permanently bleach my hair?


I think so but it would be horrible torture. Freeze burns hurt every bit as much as a heat burn. http://www.cowboyway.com/What/FreezeBranding.htm


The link you supplied specifically states it is less painful. I’ve gotten a cold brand before, but never a hot one. The cold one wasn’t as bad as you’d think.


It really depends on whether or not you're using it to bleach your pubes.


Haha nope. On my butt and back.


The skin tissue freezes. Normally, when you press on your skin (if you have pale skin, anyway) the blood gets squeezed out of the tiny blood vessels (capillaries) near the surface, and when you let go you can see the blood rush back in. Blood doesn't rush back in when the capillaries have been damaged or blocked.


Isn't it basically a controlled cold bite necrosis?


My brother actually did something like this, but he cannot feel the right side of his torso so he did not feel it.


Weird. Due to a stroke? Specifically just in his torso, or the whole right side of his body?


No, he has Chiari malformation and had to have surgery to correct it. It was only after the surgery that he lost feeling. It is only his right torso and not his whole side. He can still move perfectly. I am unsure if he cannot feel any touch or just pain.


My wife has Chiari Malformation but as we're in the UK they refuse to operate unless it's life threatening. May I ask for some more info about your brother's case?


How are those symptoms not life threatening? Governments need to understand quality of life surgeries are required to be productive citizens. Sometimes the symptoms kill while others commit suicide..


Well she doesn't have any life altering symptoms from it, and it wasn't discovered until she was in hospital for something unrelated. Her neurologist did go a bit mad on the list of things she's not allowed to do, which is why I asked the question in the first place.


A lot of the symptoms were linked to dizziness. So many accidents and deaths happen just from falling the wrong way, so it angers me that this wouldn't be a required surgery. I did read that a lot of people don't know they have it until later in life or due to more people being imaged though.


Question, American here, who is "they" in your sentence? The government, or your health insurance? Do all UK citizens everyone have the same "they" that you answer to for medical treatment? It's confusing cause in the US you can get any medical treatment you want provided you can pay out the ass for it. Hypothetically if you wanted to, could you pay to have the operation done privately?


It would be the NHS, the health service funded by taxpayers, the guys wife could have it done privately but they would need to cover it themself or have private health insurance.


They would probably be the NHS. Most people over hear don't have healthcare because we don't need it, so you can probably pay for it if you want ( there might be certain things that even private healthcare won't touch, unless life-threatening) but unless your pretty rich most people don't tend to deal with private healthcare as it's not essential


Answering your question the "they" that they are probably referring to is the National Health Service (NHS) which is a "free" tax payer funded service available to everyone, you might need to be referred by your GP first for some things but can often go over their head by heading straight to a hospital depending on what it is. Yes we have the option to go private as well and it's ludicrously expensive as you can imagine. The NHS have various levels of waiting lists and vetting processes for cases so the likelihood of actually being treated depends on a lot of factors. In my personal experience its great for stitches and broken bones but going in for long term illnesses can be a harrowing experience and how you are treated is a flip of a coin sometimes...


Not the OC, but I am someone else from the UK with an (admittedly limited) understanding of the country's healthcare system. (Also forgive my terrible paragraphing, i've got no idea how to actually format stuff on this site, which probably isn't helped by the fact that I prefer the old site theme) "Health Insurance" in the UK isn't really a concept in the American sense, we have a singular provider (Known as the NHS, which just stands for National Healthcare Service) which is maintained by the government, and funded through our tax system. - So, in the comment you were replying to, "they" would be referring to the NHS. The NHS covers lots of things - Emergency Transport, rehab (I think? Not 100% sure.), post-surgery / injury therapy (Think physiotherapy & similar), necessary surgeries, carers, etc., basically anything that you'd perceive as vital medical services are free for the average population. The three things the NHS does not provide for free are the following; * Medication Instead of being free, medication is just heavily subsidized (I think that's the right word for it) by the NHS' funding, the only fee paid is a flat £9.35 per month's worth of medication, which is mostly (To my knowledge) to cover provider/supplier costs, as you can just walk into the majority of larger ASDA, Sainsbury's, or any other general store to pick up your medication instead of having to go directly to the hospital / local medical practice. * Non-essential Surgery "Non-essential Surgery" is anything that isn't perceived as being important for your well-being by the NHS, this tends to exclusive encapsulate cosmetic surgeries (Specifically, solely unneeded cosmetic surgeries, surgeries such as facial reconstructions in the event someone's face is severely maimed or otherwise severely damaged, for example, are covered), with corrections for physical deformities that don't immediately (or very reasonably could in the future) impact your quality of life. Obviously you can fight to get decisions like this reevaluated if you think that the surgery *should* be covered, but if the surgery is perceived as minor, this can be difficult. * Dentistry This is somewhat irrelevant as it's not important to the general NHS flow, but i'll go over it very briefly; It's a bit more 'complicated' (In the sense that there's conditions) than just not being free, but until the age of 18, dentistry related services are free. Past that age, you have to pay. My understanding of this is particularly limited though, so I'll leave it to someone else to explain if they want to. As a consequence of this, the concept of paying for most surgeries doesn't really cross people's mind, so there isn't much of an industry around it in the same way as it is in America, I don't doubt that it's impossible to find a place willing to do it for money, but it tends to be much safer to just wrangle with the NHS than it is to seek out for-profit medical practitioners. Hopefully this served as a passable answer, I assume someone could give a better answer (And I encourage them to, since if any of this is wrong I'd obviously benefit from being corrected too), but this should at least help give you a basic understanding of how the core of the UK's medical system differs from the US' one.


I just wanna point out that private health insurance is most definitely still a thing in the UK.


I wonder if “they” could even be the surgeon. I’m in medical school and did my surgery rotation already… the surgeon training me would refuse to do certain surgeries if it was too risky for example: if the patient was severely immunocomprised, or if the patient is very obese or if the surgery itself can cause more problems than just living with the chiari malformation


That's pretty much correct. Consultant neurologist was the one who made the final call iirc and I assume they have a hand in surgeries too.


that's even worse. if it get infected internally or something of this sort he won't feel pain and it can go downhill quick from there


It's kinda crazy how clean that looks


I've got a burn scar similar. It doesnt look that great at all once it heals up.


This is liquid nitrogen though, super cooled instead of superheated.. Not sure how they turn out


Here's one: https://www.reddit.com/r/harrypotter/comments/eyr57i/deathly_hallows_cold_brand/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=&utm_content=post_title Keep in mind that the pic above is RIGHT after getting it; healed looks much different. Edit: also, the most precise scars come from scarification, which is where an artist uses a scalpel to cut skin completely out in order to cause scars. [The before is GNARLY, but the after is pretty cool (NSFW)](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/32/c3/da/32c3dabd5bec7cbe2df8143d94d977bc.jpg)


Huh, that's actually kinda neat


That pic is before healing tho, I'm pretty sure.


Are you sure? We have no way to verify other than messaging the person themselves.


u/tiffynicole care to share your healed scar and give us all an update?


RemindMe! 3 days


Jesus, thaaat looks so painful with the scalpel!! No way would I be able to handle that.


At a tattoo convention once, I saw a dude getting one of those on one upper arm while getting a normal tattoo on his other upper arm. Same time. Then, like an hour later, both his forearms were pierced with big hooks, and he was [suspended (nsfw)](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/69/c0/53/69c05354429450e071d60a56329dc50c.webp) by them. It was insane.


I had a box that when I released what was inside, these freaky dudes would appear and they would suspend people with hooks and tear people apart. One guy was Pinhead.


What the fuck? Why the suspension? I can understand a normal tatoo, i can tolerate a scalping tatoo, but i cant wrap my head around why the fuck someone would to that?


I had a mole removed when the doctor hadn't given the anaesthetic any time to work, scalpels are so sharp it mainly feels yucky more than painful. You can feel all the imperfections in the blade. Maybe just me, but it's more of a barfy, nails on a chalkboard feeling than pain.


That sounds worse than pain.


As a former surgical assistant, there are no such things as imperfections in our scalpels. Your tough mole, maybe.


harry potter ritual scarification


I kind of want to do it now.. but I won’t lol


Motherfucker just get a tattoo holy shit


That liquid nitrogen one looks really good!! Even better than an ink tattoo.


i was wondering why they kept it on his skin for so long


Same! In the Jackass bit they said it hurt like hell


For what it's worth your cells suffer similar fates from extreme cold and heat. Burns cause the water in your cells to boil into steam, which makes them expand until the cell wall bursts. Freezing a cell results in the water inside freezing into sharp ice crystals, which rupture the cell wall. That's why burns caused by heat and cold feel so similar, so I'd assume they heal similarly as well. I could definitely be wrong, though!


I thought you said bum scar at first and I had a few questions. If you're gonna get an intentionally shaped burn though, coat the target area with Vaseline so the skin doesn't peel off on the iron, and don't let it dry out while it's healing or you'll get tearing around the brand and the skin will start to warp and mess up the pattern


This guy burns


This isn't a burn scar, it's liquid nitrogen. They look WAY CLEANER than burn scars.


I think it’s cold not hot.


Thinking the same. Scarring consistant.


It's definitely cold.


it is. very cold just kinda doesn't hurt after a while. if it was hot then it would glow and cause this guy to scream in agony


Hmm only hearsay but I've heard that cold burning is "ok" pain wise at first but hurt like a mofo after a few hours.


Hold an ice cube in a your closed fist....then imagine it being much more cold.


It can be very hot and not glow, and him not screaming isn't a good indicator. When I was younger and dumber I would put cigarettes out on my forearm without flinching. The burning pain didn't really bother me very much. On the other hand, I don't have that mental toughness towards cutting pain at all. It's like I know the burn isn't a serious danger so it's easy for me to disconnect from it, but cutting/stabbing seems more serious for some irrational reason.


Huh, I’m the exact opposite. Burns scare the fuck out of me, cuts don’t. I work with sharp metal, so I guess I kinda just went numb to gettin accidentally sliced open. However, stabs though 😬


Yea, I was a young mechanic working at a dealership right off a highway exit and I got burned so many times it just stopped seeming like a big deal.


I have seen worse tatts that costed 500€ than this lol.


these look fucking horrible when they heal up edit: i was talking about branding with a hot iron, not this. so i have no idea - sounds like it turns out okay


This is liquid nitrogen *branding*. Those actually look decent in the end.


They held the brands on so long, though. A lot of tissue could end up dying as it heals. Then it wouldn't look like much of anything.


I was thinking like unless that's a trashy gang or something that seems pretty clean and good looking actually.


At first, then it's going to look like a messed up scar


They turn out like shit. https://youtube.com/shorts/PI4v84nipNE?feature=share


Oh god that's just stupid as hell! All that pain and suffering, just to look stupid?


Youtube shorts? I agree


It’s just better to get a fucking tattoo instead. The only time you should really use that stuff on your skin anyway is to freeze off things like warts.


The reason cold brands work on animals is it kills off the pigment in the hair follicles leaving a much clearer image of the brand in the form of more of a precise area of white fur. As opposed to a scar.


Lmao. That is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. Darwin Award for sure.


To win a Darwin award you have to remove yourself from the gene pool


He’ll win it at another point in his life


I am talking out of my ass here, have no idea of the process BUT I think that guy just didn’t took care of it. There is prob stuff to use that doesn’tmake your skin all irritated and inflated like that.


Yeah it honestly looks like that one got infected pretty badly.


>There is prob stuff to use that doesn’tmake your skin all irritated and inflated like that. Yep it's called "not burning yourself with a hot branding iron/liquid nitrogen".


Plus it’s not much of a solid canvas


That really sucks. My father was hot branded for his fraternity but it actually turned out alright


What house?


Omega Psi Phi


Michael Jordan has the same thing on his chest. Same house.


Disinfectant is thing, the guy in the video clearly didn't know that i think


Never had a freezer burn/brand but did get a hot grease burn and had boils that size. After 5 years you can’t even tell it was there.


Pain comes after 30 min. He be sobbin


I remember when I was 10 I got a total of 32 warts burned (freezed) off from both of my hands and it wasn’t bad when they did it but about 30 mins after the pain was unbearable


32 warts? How does that happen?


Well I had 7 warts on my hand so I assume it's just....not knowing what to do or where to go in order to have them removed. You just live with them. Then one day you figure out or are told to go to a dermatologist.


I had over thirty on my right hand as a kid and a little more than half that on my left, they coated my fingers in this acid that changed the skin tone and bandaged them on a schedule. This was like ‘91 so it’s been a minute.


I had the same thing but with about half as many warts. The pain started to hit me in the waiting room when my mom was paying and I ended up passing out.


Oh man I've never met other people who were plagued with wart hands. I got my first when I was 12, nothing worked including freezing, and ended up going under general anaesthetic when I was 14 and having all 23 of them removed. Mine were only on my fingers so they were just covered.


Fun fact. This is whats known as freeze branding where they use dry ice to burn it onto the horse/person to keep them calm during branding the pain will occur about 15 mins later and will be just as bad as actually burning which leads me to my next fun fact: this guys gonna be fucked in 15mins


No. If you brand skin without Vaseline or some other non stick coating, the top layers of skin stay on the branding iron, it is a gross mess, like peeling off a paper sticker. Frostbite brands do still hurt like hell afterward though, where's the video of this guy an hour later?


His skin is so clear without acne or scars prior to the brands


I would like to see the after math. This shit is going to torture him for at least a week.


Two buddies of mine each got 666 branded right above their hearts. The first to do it got it done with individual 6s', about 9 inches tall and 6 inches wide. That thing is gnarly as fuck. My second buddy got it done with one single '666' emblem, about 3"x 5", but couldn't take the pain and pulled away. After about 2 years, the scar completely healed and he had to get it outlined with a tattoo to show where it once was. They tried to convince me to do it, but fuck that. I'll take my heart surgery scar over that shit ANYDAY!


A heart surgery scar is much cooler than a dumb brand anyway.


Held on way too long. Dude is gonna be in a world of pain and pus soon.


Now he’s their cattle


They’re just promoting their brand


I'm honestly just impressed that he barely flinched


He’ll feel the pain in the next hour. And it will burn all right.


They ask him if it hurts and it sounds like he says of course.


I mean, how can you not be impressed by that level of pain endurance?


Gonna have to downvote. Doesn't feel like the right sub for this.


Agreed, rarely are there trashy videos on this sub reddit anymore. Just a bunch of karma whores.


This feels like super trashy behaviour




It's dudes branding eachother


Yeah it’s stupid but it’s not trashy. They’re not really hurting anyone other than themselves, and they knew that from the beginning


Not trashy imo


Well that's one way to become a Joestar.


Josè Joestar


I don't see how this is trashy though?


whats trashy about this? people get tattoos all the time. body modification isn't trashy.


why is this trashy? i don't really see how it's different from getting a tattoo.


Chickens are crying for his pain instead of him


My phone speaker isn't working at the moment. Are they doing scarification in an area contaminated with chicken shit? I can't hear how close they are


Gang gang?


why is it trashy? someone please explain


Yeah, I'm not seeing the trashy here. This looks pretty professional and not fundamentally different from getting a tattoo.


Posters on this sub reddit are either overly sensitive or have no clue what trashy means. I came here for trash but get mostly stupid shit regarding politics and/or baby shower announcements. Some folks just starve for attention so they'll post just about anything for the quick rush up votes give them.


I was thinking more just painful than trashy but dude handled that really well… haha


Think it’s more along the lines of stupid. But not really trashy. Like many people commented above, when you cold brand like that, your skin will bubble up and the design will look like shit. So you are going through a bunch of pain and scarring up your skin to have a shitty design on your abdomen.


Because reddit is full of morons chasing fake internet points.


Don't be fooled the title. This sub is a bunch of American prudes. Posts normally fall into one of these categories. Mentally ill Visibly poor Sexually confident Homes that look lived in ( a bit messy)


Can we at least appreciate this mans hard work on his body? Shheeeeaash.


Holding that on there for way too long, what a bunch of idiots.


Should only be a matter of seconds, like three seconds


Yup, they literally ~~cooked~~ froze his meat. He’s gonna get A wicked infection for sure


Its dipped in liquid nitrogen not hot but they probably still left it on there longer then they should. Lol


Damn I never heard of that, kinda want to try now. I would assume just like with thermal branding you would only want to do a few seconds. The longer you hold you are damaging more tissue. An ice burn will have the same risks associated with a heat burn. Thanks for the info!


I used to always walk around barefoot as a kid and once had to get a bunch of plantar warts frozen off. That shit hurt like hell and it was only tiny sections of skin. Can't imagine what a whole frozen brand would feel like.


I had a verucca frozen off and they have to hold it on for like 15 seconds. My foot was shaking and the chiropodist said my toes were sweating.


It's almost disgustingly clean. I'd like to see the hospital video where they get treated for infection


Nope deffian try not cooked. Those are cold brands


why is this trashy? there not hate symbols or something


I’m not gonna sit here and lie and say that doesn’t look awesome.


wait for day 2 [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PI4v84nipNE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PI4v84nipNE)


That video did a real good job ruining that song for me


Jesus. I don't think that's supposed to look like that at all, that shit looks infected.


Do enough meth you won’t feel anything…


Badass and trashy at the same time, I don't know how though


Nothing is badass or trashy about this


The star looks neat


Handled it way better than Bam


My dumbass can’t understand this……can someone explain?


Tell me you're on drugs without saying you're on drugs.


This is cold branding btw, not as painful


What the *cinnamon toast fuck* is this serial-killer bullshit?


Is that gonna turn into a giant scab? The white I mean ....


Ok tbh that looks clean


The star is low key kinda clean tho


This guy is 100% badass... Jokes aside, I branded myself with a grill lighter once when I was young, and it hurts like a motherfucker! The fact that he didn't flinch is amazing... Either he's so drunk he doesn't feel pain, or he's just actually a badass


It’s a freeze brand not a hot brand


How drunk or high is that dude that he's just totally taking it in stride like that? He doesn't move at all when they brand him... Scary...


it’s a cold brand so the initial heat shock isn’t there, definitely couldn’t have felt good in the aftermath tho!


This has Florida man written all over it


How is this trashy? It's just a couple of lads hurting themselves and only themselves