It is for the best at this point

It is for the best at this point


Like the one Anton Chigurh uses in No Country for Old Men?


You are assuming joker would adhere to gender roles.


Batman: Batman Gordon: Male Dent: Male / Bi? Rachel: Female Joker: "I'm a dog chasing cars"


"No, no... They've got a point."


This is the only joker stan worth keeping


“I’m a lot like the Joker…. From the movie Joker”


Elon musk isnt a human tho


You wouldn't even have to change the bolt guns official user if it was used to kill pigs previously.


I'm torn about executing Elongated Muskrat on live TV. On one hand he totally deserves it and it *might* make people realize what a monster he was for driving people to murder him, but on the other hand it runs a huge risk of making him a martyr.


Billionaires aren't human though, they're more akin to dragons


Hey that’s mean to dragons


As a Dungeon Master you can fuck right off. I'm not having my players fight a Dragon only for the dragon to go on and on about profits and taxes and how the kobolds actually love their jobs and totally aren't pissing in bottles.


Idk that sounds like a pretty great DnD villain tbh. Dragon who's fucking everyone over yet inexplicably loved by a bunch of snarky assholes in the nearby town


Eat the rich


I like that the last sentence says joker is the nonbinary one


Don't get me wrong, most billionaires are where they are by exploiting people, but shouldn't you all Americans at least be grateful that your billionaires actually produce useful products/service to your country? At least keep harassing them so they have a chance to turn over for good, not wishing them die.


"Shouldnt you be grateful" Fuck no. No one should be grateful for a billionaire.


They don't produce useful products, their workers do.


Not at all, there’s truly nothing special or unique about any of the billionaires currently ruining our country. If they didn’t produce *part* of the concept for the ideas, then somebody else would have- and just maybe, they wouldn’t have been such a piece of shit about it. They didn’t create any of their companies or products singlehandedly, they just like to pretend so to jerk themselves off and feel like they’re worth a damn. In reality, they’re a bunch of pasty bitch boys that do what they want to take advantage of people for themselves, not for anybody else to enjoy their products. Why should I be grateful to someone like that? I’m grateful for the underpaid, under appreciated workers who want other people to enjoy their products. Billionaires don’t give a shit about my enjoyment, they only care about my money and screwing everybody else out of it.


The Joker IS nonbinary. That's canon probably.


I’m a lot like joker, from the movie joker.