I hate that rainbows have been turned into Gay Pride symbols...

I hate that rainbows have been turned into Gay Pride symbols...


In Hawaii we all have gay IDs and gay license plates...


Right? You've even claimed the song "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"...


What's the game "Rainbow Six:Siege" about?


Obv its a six way gangbang


Explains why a 46 year old was so keen on playing with us.


hey cutie get online im waiting


I take it *yaoiwantin* wasn't available?


It might have been but my username is from some random 2000s song. I can’t even remember what it was anymore Lol.


**10, there are teams of 5


One russian man fucks six men/women with hockey pucks.


The whole purpose of the game is to achieve penetration.


Hawaii can have it but not LGBTQ? What happened to it being for everyone?


It's a natural phenomenon. Not a symbol for sexuality


So all fish images are automatically owned by Christians ? No! Go enjoy your rainbow and don’t worry about other people.


As for, “Go enjoy your rainbow,” I call bullshit. If I put a rainbow sticker of any sort on my motorcycle, or my car, people are absolutely going to think, “Oh, that belongs to a gay guy,” when they see it. That is *clearly* what the OP’s complaint is, and I agree with him completely.


I have a huge IKEA rainbow bag that I take to the beach. Not gay and not fussed if someone thinks I am because it’s not a ‘bad thing’. Out of interest what would the rainbow sticker be for ? Is there another meaning or reference that had been ‘hijacked’. Legitimate question not being snarky.


I know for women who have suffered a loss in pregnancy or a child died after birth. Then had a healthy thriving baby after the rainbow represents that. A gift after a storm. That's why the term rainbow baby exists.


That’s beautiful


Thank you, I have my own rainbow baby, he's just perfect.


But now if they symbolise it they will be labelled a lesbian. I can understand op's disdain and confusion!


I understand ops point too, But it doesn't bother me that some people see a rainbow and think I'm gay. The rainbow is so much more than one thing. It's a promise of something good, It's acceptance of all things (all colors/genders/sexual orientation) It's accepted by everyone Sure some people will see it as only gay pride symbol, and that can be frustrating and annoying, but to me as long as the person displaying the rainbow knows what it means to them then it's all good.


Facts. I've never once seen a rainbow and thought damn I wish I could enjoy this natural phenomenon but that'd be gay, or not taken a pic of it cuz I was worried someone would think I'm gay. I swear people who complain about this rainbow shit just are homophobic.


Really ?! Where do you live ?


THAT fish image is.


I bet those pagans were pissed that everyone thought they were Christians.


I am not LGBT (I'm pretty sure) but I've always loved rainbow everything and I quantify it as my favorite color so I love my hawaii gay ID :D


As someone that is gay, please feel free to continue enjoying rainbows. We are under no pretense they belong to us. :)


Gays have a monopoly on refracted light.


Pink Floyd should sue.


That bandshirt is useless now.


The fuck it is, I have like 12!


So that was their Agenda all along....


Mike Pence warned us and we didn’t listen!!


That’s why all physics labs running visual light spectrometry *must* have at least one LGBTQ+ person on site. It’s not to meet a diversity quota, it’s to make the machines work.


Oh no they found out *takes out gay phone* ABORT MISSION I REPEAT ABORT MISSION


Thanks, Dmitri.


The true gay icon


Maybe the manly men should try to reclaim it then. Really stick it to those gays


I have a T-shirt that says "I'm not gay, I just love rainbows!" The gay people who have seen it and commented have been amused, but my (straight) daughter thinks it's offensive. I don't wear it out of the house anymore.


I love when people get offended on behalf of others


That's mainstream media and BuzzFeed in a nutshell




definition of sjw


That describes r/blackpeopletwitter's entire sub base


I’m sorry to say it, but your daughter is stupid


Agree, she's a simp. Wear your shirt with pride. Pun intended


Do you know what simp means?


Nobody on this site knows what simp means anymore


I do, it’s an acronym for M.O.R.D.E.C.A.I


From urban dictionary: A man that puts himself in a subservient/submissive position under women in hopes of winning them over, without the female bringing anything to the table. Is that about right?


Yep, it normally entails them spending vasts amounts of money and/or time to appease the woman.




As an LGBT person I 100% say you should wear that t-shirt out! It shows you to be an ally in the “worst” case scenario and you will definitely brighten someone’s day. Go for it hon x


Yeah that basically sums it up, we are greatful (im gay) when someone is supportive but theres times we need to dial them back like that. White knighting (is that the correct term?) Can get a bit out of hand when they are trying to speak for us.


Dude from a gay daughter, wear that shirt it sounds amazing


His straight daughter knows your feelings better than you do, gay daughter. You would be offended if you only knew better. Poor child...


I find those kinds of slogans and t shirts really interesting. To me, the joke doesn't seem offensive, but at the same time know I absolutely wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it because of how it may make other's feel. I suppose any time you're making light of another group's slogans, imagery, flags, etc. then you're at risk of belittling the meaning they hold behind it.


As someone in the LGBT community... I fucking agree. I wanna be able to wear a bunch of fucking rainbows without people thinking I'm making a political statement. *Nah bitch*, I just like fucking rainbows!


Yeah exactly. I'm not in lgbtq or all of that, and I I hate when I mention a rainbow and everybody jumps to lgbtq. I just like rainbows, my username is a rainbow, and everyone just makes a connection that I'm secretly a lesbian and all of that shit. It's really annoying.


It's the "secretly" that would annoy me most. Like, no. If I was a lesbian I'd just tell you. Tf? Oof




Is that a challenge?


Not with that attitude you can’t


Nor that altitude


Tell that to the leprechauns


Skittles: “Taste the rainbow (but please refrain from fucking it)”




Now I want rainbow condoms to exist.


Those people will think you are making a political statement just by existing. Sooooo, too late. Just wear what you want to wear and fuck haters.


Same, I’m apart of the LGBT+ community and I hate it. I don’t care about politics at all and I just wanna wear my fucking rainbow t-shirt cause it fits really well


I have rainbow clothing but I just thinks it’s cute. Nothing to do with being bi


The real question is do you like rainbows BECAUSE you’re gay? You’ll never know bc you’re gay and have always been. Maybe us gays have a predisposition to love rainbows bc we ARE gay.


The real unpopular opinion here is that you think the babadook is a good movie.


This one gets it


bro i cried at the end bc i was so confused n like baffled at wat i watched. but i mean its aightt not the best in my book tho


How did you not love the babadook


I watched it.


Not much happens and when something does happen it’s funny because the Babadook is just like trolling that family for the lulz




I hated that kid but I feel that was the point.




I feel like the Babadook would like the idea of being a dilda.


We got halfway through before we realized it wasn’t satire. The Barbados is awful. Edit: Babadook. Barbados is great lol.


Idk man, it has nice beaches




Woooooah. Slow down there.


I liked it...


right. i couldn't get through it


Duuuddee when I came out as bi last year & my parents had to point out anything and everything that had a rainbow on it for the next several months before I finally told them to shut up about it and it's not that big a deal


Well at least they’re accepting


Damn it man! Let him complain without making him feel guilty for complaining about something others would want.




I mean that just seems like them wanting to be supportive and overdoing it, which might be annoying, but it is one of the best case scenarios.


The rainbow is still everyone's. You can display a rainbow in more ways than in bold blocks. If I see a little girl wearing a rainbow I don't assume she's celebrating the LGBTQ community, I assume she likes rainbows! I don't assume Hawaii's license plates are pride plates. I assume Hawaii likes rainbows! I'm a straight adult woman with a sweater that has a rainbow on it. I accept that if people assume it's that I support the LGBTQ community, weird, but okay. Yay! But it's just a fucking rainbow. On a sweater.


Yeah, pretty much this. _"Rainbows are a beautiful natural phenomenon. They used to belong to everyone. But now? Not so much..."_ - is some of the silliest shit I've ever heard. No-one's stopping you from enjoying or liking rainbows, and if someone thinks you're LGBT because you have a rainbow on your shirt, what does it matter? That mistaken assumption is their issue, not yours, and if they bring it up with you, it's not exactly difficult to just say "oh, I just like rainbows, that's all". That, along with bringing up _Babadook_ being a "gay symbol" of all things (this is the first time I'm even hearing about that!) makes this seem a lot more like OP looking for reasons to look down on LGBT folk instead of just being innocuously bummed by something. I've seen enough of this trend to know for a fact that OP probably wouldn't bat an eye at, for example, hateful alt-right wackjobs appropriating something they enjoy.


The Babadook shit made me laugh. It's a meme to say the Babadook is a gay icon because Netflix accidentally put it into the LGBTQ+ section instead of the horror one. Jesus this shit's hilarious.


Imagine being *that mad* because you don't understand a Queer meme, eh?


It’s because, go figure, OP is actually probably homophobic. No one sensible actually has an issue with rainbow being associated with LGBT, just like no one has an issue with literally any other coloured flag. “I am so sick of the fact I can’t wear red white and blue without people assuming I’m celebrating America!” Smh. Just wear what you fucking want. Edit: the OP used to post in T_D. Go figure they have bias against the LGBT movement.


I suggest you look at the flag for the Inca Nation... it might be a little clearer as to why it might be considered a big deal and very much so is to them.


The flag of Cusco seems to have been invented by a radio host in the 1970s. There doesn't seem to be any historical connection. The flag has become the official flag of the city, but that's not really enough for the overlap to be a big deal.




I really don't even see how this matters or affects you in any significant way. Also the Babadook thing was just a joke since Netflix put it into the LGBT category. It was a thing for like 2 months and then people moved on


The babdook thing makes me think they spend too much time online.


right? like wasn't that clearly a fucking joke lmao


It was a mistake, & OF COURSE people memed on it, it was perfect for that. I personally thought it was hilarious. 😂 But I do think it's a bit odd that OP was so enamored about how "it ruined the movie's reputation". It probably would've easily been forgotten a LOT earlier if it wasn't for the meme, so like, hey, free publicity & relevance. 🤔 OP taking things FAR TOO seriously. & This is coming from a person who often takes things far too seriously. ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


OP is a homophobe


> OP is a homophobe Or even worse, they liked The Babadook.


Eh, I kind of liked it. I watched before all that with my brother who thought it was a pretty meh horror movie, but for me, it really scared me with my anxiety disorder head-ass. But then I saw the meme; it wasn't all that horror; & I learned the symbolism. It made my recollection of the movie more positive. But still. Your joke was funny, because OP seemed a bit too enamored by the movie, when it probably wasn't that special.


For real, this is the only type of comment here that matters. Knowing who this sub tends to cater to, this is seriously just a whiny thread from someone that's really oversensitive over lgbt pride. "Rainbows used to belong to everyone but now not so much"? This couldn't be more obviously someone that's offended by lgbt stuff.


Welcome to /r/popularrightwingrant.


I spend a LOT of time with LGBT+ folks because of my community and this is the first time I'm even hearing about this so.


People always use this sub and others to exert their own homophobia. I don’t quite understand why on earth do they feel like they should bring up certain things that don’t affect them.


Some really are taking it too seriously though. Seen it around reddit


OP is the one taking it too seriously


Welcome to /r/unpopularopinion.


Sort by controversial. They’re comparing rainbows to swatstikas. One guy even compared it to cancer and has lots upvotes feeding into his delusion.


Yup I’ve seen it. Also all the concern trolling about people who want to wave the Inca flag but are terrified of the idea of being associated with gay rights.


It doesnt sound like op has left their home in month omfg


"Had a really hard day". Probably lost some matches in a game.


Don’t attack me like this man!


You can like rainbows and not be gay. I get you feel a little miffed. I was annoyed that I couldn’t get married until the 21st century. But come on. This is like thinking there is an actual gay agenda. People are just out here living their lives. Hell my best (and straight) friend has painting with a rainbow color spectrum. The pride flag has a long history that isn’t “ omg rainbows are so gay lets take it “. It represents the diversity of gay, lesbian, trans, queer, intersex, gender non conforming community. The flag got more popular in 1978 after Harvey milk was assassinated. In 1989 a man named John stout had to sue his landlord to fly that flag. Honestly I would rather the pride flag didn’t exist. Because that would mean millions of lgbtq+ people would not have had to fight for their right to be people. Same reason I would rather not be into politics. But I have to be aware of certain laws and bill that literally discriminate against me. I don’t blame you. I don’t hate the str8s. And I don’t want to come across as yelling at you. You have every right to your opinion. But it’s more complex than “they gays just want to steal our stuff” which is how your post comes across. I genuinely wish you the best. Edit: while I respect you and you ability to have this opinion, I don’t respect the actual opinion. Sorry for any confusion, have a good one!


> I was annoyed that I couldn’t get married until the 21st century. Understatement of the year puts op's complaint into perspective.


Thank you and well said.


I love what you said but I do think his opinion is really stupid and comes from a place of hate. I have a sneaky suspicion that OP is not upset because they can’t wear a rainbow shirt. If they weren’t homophobic they wouldn’t give a fuck if someone thought their rainbow outfit or flag they want to display could mean they might be gay or supportive of human rights. Not every opinion needs to be respected. The only symbol people should be pissed off at is the beautiful Buddhist one the Nazis turned into a symbol of hate.


The whole Babadook thing is what makes me super suspicious, like why would somebody not homophobic get this mad about an LGBT meme?


Agreed. The same as people who "are fine with the gays" but hate the debauchery of Pride marches.




A while back The Babadook (the film) was accidentally filed under Netflix's LGBT movies subgenre and had caught the attention of the media and became a big meme for a summer. Since then the joke has been that the Babadook was gay.


I've liked rainbows and colors for years and if wearing it people assume I'm gay or support the gay agenda then ok. Love is love and also maybe don't assume stuff about strangers simply from an outfit or color choice because that's obviously the bigger issue. Wear your rainbows and who cares if people assume stuff?


Rainbows do belong to everyone. If you have a fear of being associated with the LGBT community by wearing/liking them and therefor you stop yourself from enjoying them, that’s 100% on you. I can assure you that absolutely no LGBT person is going to get butthurt or offended if you like rainbows


When it comes down to it, people who feel like rainbows have been “stolen” from them are just worried that others will think they’re gay for liking rainbows. Which begs the question, why do you care if strangers on the street think you’re gay, unless you associate queerness with something negative?




Agreed, why does it matter what others think of your sexuality? The only situation I can see it being of relevance is when you're trying to flirt with someone.


This seems like an overreaction but hey at least it’s unpopular.


Maybe thinking that Babadoock is a good movie is unpopular. Being so homophobic they are afraid to wear rainbow pattern "cuz everyone will think I'm gay" is unfortunatelly not that unpopular.


First kissing and now rainbows?! Where does it end... marriage?


Does this mean nothing can be a symbol for sexuality? The rainbow is a symbol for gay pride that goes back to stonewall and the first gay pride movements. People still use rainbows for other things and symbols; It still belongs to everybody. It just also is a symbol of lgbt stuff. What would you want to be the lgbt symbol instead?


They want you to just be gay in your little corner where you’re not bothering anyone and can’t be seen.


That’s like saying the swastika is a symbol that dates back to the nazis but anyone can use it. It’s a symbol for anyone. When you see the symbol, you see what it represents. That’s what a symbol is... you can’t have a symbol that’s for everyone. Symbols inherently refer to a select few things. The rainbow is a symbol for lgbt. When you see a rainbow, you think gay.


Exactly. And I see the same thing with swastikas. Westerners get angry when they see the swastika in Asia, and it’s kind of frustrating for Asians to see a symbol like that turned into a symbol of hate, for the Western half of the world at least.




Ah yes, immediately comparing the gays to the nazis. I almost forgot what subreddit I was on for half a hot second.


The swastika is a sacred symbol for many eastern cultures. It's 1000s of years old. It does not represent the nazis.


Except in Western cultures it does represent the Nazis


The swastika predates the Nazis by thousands of years... Nice try though


And what do people think of when they see that symbol now?


You ask an Indian or someone from Asia, they’ll say its a religious symbol that brings good luck. Ask the Westerners, they’ll say Nazis. But of course the West’s POV is more prevalent.


I hope this guy doesn’t like Subaru’s....


The Babadong... LMAO


Imagine being so pressed about rainbows. Relax now, your homophobia is showing. But truly an unpopular opinion so i upvoted.


Somehow I feel that while OP is worked up about rainbows, they have no problem with pink and purple being a ‘girl’ colours.


Not her first project and she does enjoy the joke seriously this is literally a Google search away fucking hell


im personality very offended that Christians have taken the symbol of one vertical line with a horizontal line about a 1/3 from the top.... oh wait, no im not, im a non insane human being.


Are...are you afraid looking at rainbows will make you gay?


I just wanna wear my pink floyd shirt


They still do belong to everyone mate...


Ah yes, the rainbow. Owned and produced by the gays. /s


The rainbow symbolizes diversity and inclusivity. The whole spectre in one box, if you want... I think it's the perfect symbol. I don't see how that's been taken away from anyone. The red star also symbolizes communism, but I have no problem buying a can of Heineken...


Yeah so do I that's fucking absurd rainbows belong only to one creature and that's leprechauns


What do you suggest they use? Let's be honest if they used horse shoes or green clovers, you'd hate that too.


A dick in a box on a flag on a pole in the ground


I suppose it depends on perspective. Having gone through a few miscarriages and using some online support groups, whenever I see rainbows i associate them with having healthy babies after miscarriage.


I do too because I'm gay and hate bright colors lol


You can enjoy rainbows as much as you want though. They’re a symbol of acceptance!


I hate that red baseball caps are now associated with not being so bright.


Unpopular opinion about this unpopular opinion... Babadook isnt a masterpiece. It's a boring as fuck film that does more to stigmatise mental illness than it does to illuminate anything.


Gay people aren’t the only people who use dildos you belligerent fool. I’m personally interested in the xenomorph dildo named Ridley, myself...


The rainbow still is for everyone. It’s up to you if you want it or not


Gay people didn't make rainbows a gay only thing. Straight people made rainbows a gay only thing by being so terrified of looking like they support gay people that they refuse to use them.


I really agree and I’m part of the LGBT community. My wife, who identifies as lesbian, always makes a comment when we see a rainbow like “it’s a great day to be gay!” or something. Like...can’t we just enjoy the rainbow without bringing sexuality into it? I just want to enjoy the beauty of nature!


Um that movie blew more ass than 50 gay pride parades put together.


The worst part of this post is your praise of the babadook. That movie was terrible.


I don't think any cause should be able to co opt a beautiful natural object. The full moon brought to you by colon cancer. The Grand Canyon brought to you by police brutality against minorities.


I don't really care about anything in your opinion except the fact that you called the babadook a masterpiece. It's not. It's ok at best.


The rainbow is still for everyone, you’re just incapable of seeing that because you’re bent out of shape about the prevalence lgbtq. It’s not all about the rainbow for you and you just don’t realize it. Or realize it now, there’s nothing that just makes you gay if you use a rainbow. Just use it, if you’re afraid because you think someone will think you’re gay, that’s a problem you have too.


What made me laugh was when people were mad that Pennywise was showing homophobic tendencies in It Chapter 2 by eating a gay man. For some reason the LGBT had taken him in as an ally. A monster, who indiscriminately eats people. An ally.


100% agreed.


It doesn't seem like you are homophobic so fair! I am a lesbian and like rainbows so I have been cool with it. But I can see your point


I know!! I hate it too! I love rainbow so much. I think it’s so adorable and fun. But I don’t want to make a statement about gay rights by wearing it


i wore a polaroid shirt with a rainbow on it cause that’s like one of polaroids things and i got made fun of at school cause it’s “gay” to have a rainbow on your shirt apparently ppl kept asking me if i was coming out today or if i’m gay


So you‘re afraid to wear rainbows in public because people would assume that you were gay and that would be...bad?


Why are rainbows less beautiful now that they’re associated strongly (but not exclusively) with LGBT+ people? Edit: reading comprehension fail. My bad. I think the larger point still stands, though. Why is this a bad thing? No LGBT people are stopping straight people from appreciating and using rainbows. So the question remains, why do you feel like it no longer belongs to everyone? What’s driving that?


I guess if you wanted to make a somewhat more reasonably worded version of this opinion, you could say that you might be a tad bit annoyed that its a little hard for a rainbow to just be a rainbow. It is pretty crazy how fast this symbol shifted in our general culture. But at the end of the day all it could really amount to is some very minor annoyance to a very few people. You're really right and I don't get the overly dramatic complaining. Its not hurting anyone, anyone is allowed to use the rainbow anyway you like. If you don't want yours to represent pride, then tell people what it represents to you, whether it be general happiness, good luck, or Satan himself, its all up to you.


Because people automatically think LBGT when they see a rainbow And LGBT people are the driving force behind rainbow=gay


yeah! someone finally said it. i personally have no issue with gays, and i'm even part of the lgbtq community, but the fact that you cant wear a rainbow or have rainbows on anything without being thought of as gay isn't okay. i used to love rainbows and i wanted to have a small rainbow streak in my hair, but now i feel like i cant.


Why cant you love a rainbow? Because people may mistakenly think it means you're lgbt? You are, anyway. I dont see the issue.


"I personally have no issue with gays"- dude who probably has an issue with gay people


Idk, I think it’s great that gay people have a way to identify themselves in a world where you are straight by default.


So what? You feel you can't wear rainbows or someone will think you're gay? Why does that idea bother you so much?


I'll take "insecurities" for $1000!


Demetria Martin - “ pretty greedy gays!”


When the LGBTQIA community started using it way back when, we didn't want to claim the rainbow, homophobes just stopped using it, note that this was way back when, when 90% of people were homophobic


I don't get why anyone gives a shit, the gays don't have copyright on a damn rainbow, you're just afraid of using or liking something related to LGBTQ


... everything has a dildo made about it. Literally everything. This is a silly thing to be mad about.


Maybe it's just an American thing since I'm in Australia, but rainbows really aren't associated with Gay Pride unless it's the actual month of gay pride. They're still really just an aesthetic thing. And the Babadook being a gay icon is just a joke. A really, *really* dead joke.


Your second paragraph tells me this isn't about your defense of rainbows, but your disdain for anything 'gay'


Dude you can still use the rainbow if you want to. Why are you so insecure about wearing a pattern of colors?