Every company should automatically give everyone a day off for their birthday

Every company should automatically give everyone a day off for their birthday


My last job did this and if your birthday was in the middle of the week they'd let you switch your day off to the following Friday or Monday. That was nice as hell!


I'm 31 years old and have been working for 15 years. Not once have I worked on my birthday. I refuse to. I wish my job gave the day off but at least I get 6 weeks of pto off year so I can easily request it off.


my company gives us floating holidays. 1 for our birthday, 1 for Juneteenth, and 1 for any other special day that matters to you. then since we are a 24/7 operation we can use holidays as normal vacation days and we also get PTO. you end up with almost 3 months time off.


My current job does this! It’s amazing. Just one day, and it does a ton for my morale.


My current employer offers this. There’s a lot of other crap I put up with in terms of crappy benefits goes, but I’m really grateful to have off my bday in April each year.


I just put in for PTO the day after I come back from the previous birthday. 364 days in advance, you have enough time to get the work covered.


I do this exact same thing. About 10 years ago, my birthday was a Wednesday and so I didn’t take it off figuring whatever I’ll just take Friday or something. That day ended up being a huge stressful shitshow and the next day I requested the next year’s birthday off. I’ve done the same thing every year since.


We automatically get it birthday off (or the Monday or Friday if it lands on a weekend) as an extra paid day on top of normal leave. It's booked out on the system automatically so you don't need to book anything. Not every company is bad to work for!


What company..? *I’m… asking for a friend*


Not sure if they still do it, but Stanford University used to give you your birthday off (or you could use it whenever as a PTO day, if you wanted).


The retail company i worked for in the UK did this also. Instore and corporate. And at first I thought it was a really nice policy, until someone pointed out that it is actually just to avoid any birthday related disturbances in store or in the office. No cakes, no balloons, no cards, no drama.


We can take a PTO day if we want, but before covid my boss would take the office out for lunch on our birthday, and the birthday dude got the rest of the day off (paid) after lunch. It was awesome!


I asked for my 21st birthday off over 6 months before the day. I had a bunch of family and friends coming into town and my manager said no problem and put it on the calendar. The week before the day, I saw that she had taken it off the calendar and when I asked her about it she said it was because she was going to Vegas with her mom and since she was the only one who could cover me, I had to work. I argued that her daughter (who worked the day shift, M-F,) could cover me because the day I asked for was a day shift-I worked days on Sundays and nights M-T) and she said she had plans too and couldn’t. I told her cool, I’m not coming in and then that day she called to ask where I was. I told her that I said I wasn’t coming in and she wrote me up. It was lovely.


I wouldn’t have shown up either. I hope you took a photo of it on the schedule and reported her to her supervisor, because that is fucked.


I once asked off about 7 months early for a planned c section my wife was going to have. "It's too far ask again next month" this continued. Every month, until the month before when they told me they didn't have enough warning to have me out that long.


I hope you told them to fuck right off.


Listen you money grubbing pricks. Either the doctors cut me or you do, but this baby is coming out.


Sure, he’s got a new baby to be responsible for, so let’s get fired 👍


I just wait until my birthday on Christmas. Which is always a public holiday here.


The older I get, the more I like to forget my birthday is happening and just have a normal day. I don't need my job interfering with that.


I'm at the point where I regularly forget how old I am. And I'm always depressed on my birthday.


I was born on a year ending with zero, so as long as I remember how many decades old I am, I'll be close enough.


Being in born in 2000 is a blessing lol


Lol as someone born in 1990 (so it's relatively easy to track my age) I've always thought being born in 2000 is basically the ultimate version of that.


Being born in 1979 I also find it very easy to track my age. Personally I put it down to having a good grasp of foundation mathematics


Being born in 1976, I concur!


There is a trick, you have one number to remember and every time you have a birthday you increase it by 1 - it’s not rocket science is it?


> every time you have a birthday Oh god that sounds exhausting.


A complex trick: If you take the current year and subtract your year of birth, you will most likely get your age in years.


Another 45 year old, here.


Hahahahaha! Best comment.


Same! But my age follows the years. In 90 I was 10. In 2000 I was 20. And so on. I was barely born in '79 for reference. By a few days.




Same, it makes things so much easier.


I'll top that. I've come full circle where I celebrate my birthday again because I'm getting closer to being over with this crap.


Same my perfect birthday would be no one mentioning it or making any big deal about me living another 365 days


I'm already forgetting my age. I'm 21 Edit: *22


You've got nothing left to look forward to. Actually, you can rent a car when you turn 25, so you have that.




Probably because you dont have your birthday off.


No it’s definitely the whole “numerically closer to death thing.”


That’s why I just say I’m 29 every year lol


My birthday is on a holiday when most people don’t work so I’d probably get shafted on this.


When I was 26-29 I sometimes still got asked how old I am when buying booze, cause I look young. But I had troubles remembering my age so I'd just blurt out "Uuh, wait.. 26? No wait. 27?" and they'd get really suspicious and card me lmao. Then I grew a beard and it was a lot better. *Then* masks happenend and covered my beard, so I was back to square one lol, until my beard started growing out of the mask. Now I'm 30, and that's at least easy to remember, but I think in a couple years I'll have the same problem again


Lol, when someone asks me I always have to do a quick calculation in my head.. they think I'm lying, but I've just stopped counting.


I've forgotten my own birthday almost every year since I was a teenager. It's something I never cared about or understood why people celebrate it.


Time moves too fast. I’m not very superficial when it comes to birthdays and don’t force the world to go all out, but I do appreciate the little markers and traditions we’ve created as a way to cherish the present a little bit more. Without them I feel like time would actually move faster and things would blend together more. I like that there’s a day where you stop and celebrate being alive and other people have the opportunity to appreciate you being alive. Not everyone has those feelings and it’s okay. But practicing gratitude in general usually has decent effects on your psyche.


Exactly. To me the point has always sort of been, "Congratulations, you're still here!" and that's a nice thing to take a day to remember once a year


I haven’t worked on my birthday since I was a teenager. I refuse to let the rat race take away the one day I’m allowed to celebrate myself.


Congrats on exiting your mothers vagina!!


Thank you! But that was a one-time thing; I don't do it annually.




Not with that attitude


I get not caring but I don't understand people that don't understand birthdays. It's a day for you and celebration of your existence amongst friends and family. What's the mystery?


I'm so smart because I know that calendars are a human construct. I'm above social paradigms, unlike you plebs. If you were a real galaxy brain like me, you'd just wallow in misery until death. /s


The younger i am, the more i want to forget that im probably not gonna live a long or enjoyable life.


It doesn’t have to be long, it just has to be long enough.




In some way even the username checks out


I didnt even notice that, lmao


"Well, you lived a good life." "But I'm only ten!" "I said good, not long."


Same thing, probably wont have either really


You sound depressed honestly. You should probably talk to someone. Life doesn't have to feel like this.


Take solace in the fact that you've already lived longer than hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, of people ever had a chance to. No, actually that's not comforting at all. Life is shit for so many people and it sucks.


Same. Nothing against people who legitimately get excited for their birthdays, but I honestly couldn't care less about mine. It's a big deal when you're six, but once you get past twenty one... meh.


I have a slightly better than average day where I buy nice whiskey and nice beer and do whatever the fuck I want. I like to throw parties, not have them thrown for me and about me




I used to have the birthday depression, but once I realized the functions of life are inevitable I started celebrating again. I've already planned out a small trip this year to take around my birthday and try to have some fun.


You are wired different than some people. Accept than not everyone can simply think positive, and plenty of people see it as one day further from happiness. I don't think either view is particularly right or wrong, But it's a bit condescending to imply it is merely a simple outlook that can be changed easily.


Birthdays should be called Mortals Day and everyone gets a free existential crises.


could i have the day off to cope with my impending death?


I'd need every day off for that


Just invent immortality.


Just take a day off for your birthday.


"Can I have two Thursdays from now off please? It's my birthday!" "No. We're short-staffed." Edit: "next Thursday" to "two Thursdays from now" for you people. It makes no difference in sentiment, but if it makes you feel better. Some bosses will just say no.


Whenever I've worked at a shitty place that doesn't like to give time off I'll just tell them a month ahead of time I won't be in that day. Never ask, just inform.


I told my boss almost 2 months ahead of time I'd be gone for 4 days, he told me he will find covers, not to worry about it, I even warned him like, twice a week for 3 weeks prior and then I got marked up for missing those days, to which they used to fire me.


Sounds like your boss did you a favor honestly.


I feel like that should count as wrongful termination in some way?


They don't need a reason, but the fact that they gave him a reason and that reason is that he took his days off is not going to look good for them.


They actually didn't give me a reason, just could tell that was probably the reason because a couple months later I got food poisoning that lasted for 2 days and they were like "you're sick a lot, I'ma need a doctor's note" and working in the food industry, coming in sick is legally a big No No and the general attitude shift after that. E: I just wanted to add I was fired a day after I got back from being sick for further context, even with a doctor's note.


“Profit comes before safety” What a fitting combo..


thats why you ALWAYS get things in writing. CYA my friend.




Yep, same kinda thing happened to me. Do what you will, but I'll be hundreds of miles away. If you want someone to be here to work, I recommend scheduling someone else.


That’s how I do it in shitty jobs. And if they ask why, I tell them it’s confidential/private and I can’t/won’t discuss it. I’m not asking for permission, I’m telling you I can’t come in and you need to find coverage. Find it or not, I won’t be there. Refuse to put me down for a day off and schedule me on that day and I’ll just call out that morning and you’ll be screwed. You have an opportunity to arrange coverage with at least two weeks notice right now, or you can choose to scramble to find it in a matter of hours day-of. It’s wild how many bosses think they control your life and are entitled to your time, effort, and information. I’m not a child asking permission. I’m an adult telling you what’s going to happen. You want to write me up for it? Go right ahead, I don’t give a flying fuck. They’re my days off that I earned and I don’t owe you an explanation for why I’m making use of a job benefit I worked for.


***"bu-but I pay for your wage, so I own you!"***


But I make $3/hr more than you and my name tag says manager on it, so I facilitate our owners owning you.


When I was in high school, I had job at a restaurant a few nights a week. They had a policy of it being a time off REQUEST that could be granted or denied. As a teenager, this was the most unbelievable, unrealistic, and fucked up company policy I'd heard of yet. So I told them - school comes first. I'm happy to work here, but I don't *need* to work here. School comes first. I had a school trip with the band planned months in advance. Told them about it, and they reiterated policy of "its a request - we'll have to see if we can spare you." They just would not listen.. So they scheduled me for the time I was going to be hundreds of miles away. As soon as I saw the schedule, I told them that I'll be in Florida, like I put on their form and talked to them about. I have other priorities and I'm not going to skip out on school things to come wait tables for you. Idk what happened, but they took me off the schedule and I didn't get in trouble. I still can't wrap my head around it.. What did they expect me to do?


This summer I got fired for going to my dad's FUNERAL because my supervisor forgot to inform my boss that I was gone. I mean, I had to drive 12 hours to get there and I was gonna be gone the whole working week (it was a country club so I had a weird schedule). Made it very clear to my supervisor. I came in my next shift at starting time and my boss called me in to his office and fired me. Of course I protested, but my supervisor who was there in the room said "Well, if you had told me I would've filed time off." I was pissed in the moment but I realize now how lucky I am to no longer be working there. The job was nice, but my boss was not. It's like, dude. I'm not going to come in even if you say no. My dad is fucking dead. So respectfully, either fire me here or give me some leniency. Don't acknowledge it and then fire me when I come back for my next shift after I had gotten up at 4 and driven there. Worst part is, I heard later from a friend that the word around the place was that I "abandoned my job," and everyone thought it was my fault.


“I won’t be available next Thursday.”


I did pretty much exactly that, telling my boss I was going to be sick next week, when FF7 Remake came out lol.


I scheduled a day off for the release of Animal Crossing last year. By sheer coincidence, that’s also the day my company went into pandemic mode and had everyone start working from home. I kinda feel like I burned that PTO for no reason.


If you have vacation time, you get to use it. If your boss doesn't respect that, look for a new job.


Specially right now when everyone is looking for help, if you're short staff and you need to take a day off and give a reasonable notice and your work refuses to give it off, just tell them you aren't coming anyways, they can't afford to let anyone go, right now employees have more power then they realize specially in retail and fast food work


Especially if they are telling you they are short staffed. Just ask them if they'd rather be short staff for one day or for the next few weeks?


Although this may work in the short term, be prepared to lose your job as soon as they find a replacement. It’s not an unreasonable request/demand for an employee to make, but these shitty bosses will view it as a personal attack. They’ll put an ad out, hire someone new, may even have you train them, and then give you the boot the moment the new guy is good enough. The current employment/hiring situation just means it might take them a bit longer than usual to find that replacement. But they eventually will.


Two weeks minimum notice. If only your birthday was the same day every year


I worked at a company that wanted 60 days notice because of our road map and planning sprints.


Then give them a 60 day notice lol


Yeah except you find that sprint priorities change over 60 days and then you cant take your pto anymore.


I changed it to two weeks, happy?


ive adopted the "*im not asking permission for the day off, im advising you that i am taking the day off*" mentality; granted you at least do it with ample notice.


If you only ask about your birthday off one week ahead of time, that is on you. Your birthday is the same day every year.


I always put in the request *at least* a few months ahead of time.


Once, I had a job where my birthday was the only day I ever asked off for, not Christmas, anniversaries, nothing. Just give me my birthday and I'm happy. Turns out the bosses were given a monetary incentive to reduce OT. If I called out, someone had to replace me (prison work) from a other shift. In other words: overtime. I requested my birthday off in my second year there as the first time I'd asked for a day since my last birthday. I put in the request 4 months ahead. I got my request back two months later, denied, because of "short staff". It was written on there. He knew we'd be short staffed on my birthday in 60 days. Bullshit, right? Well, I was told by my coworkers that I should just call out sick and say fuck em. I did not. I tried to be a good employee and I went, pissed, to work on my birthday. I had the next day off after all. I'd just grin and bear it. 45 minutes into work and the same boss that denied my time off called me and told me that I was picked for mandatory overtime the next day. I explained the situation up to that point. He said it didn't matter, just tell him what position I wanted. I had to be there on penalty of my job. Unbeknownst to him, I have an anger problem. Long story, told short: I lost my temper, broke my hand, and missed 4 months of work. ✊ I don't work there anymore.




No. I mentioned the bisque.


Lol if he told the story about beating up a prisoner because he had to work on his birthday it would detract from the *real* issue.


It’s far more like that he punched a wall than a person. What a strange assumption to make.


Lol not spending 1 of my 5 paid days off on a day I could be working. I need those days for when I'm sick.


>Lol not spending 1 of my 5 paid days off on a day You have only 5? I thought it's illegal.


The US has no requirements for any vacation days or holidays.


I actually like to work a half day on my birthday. I’ve generally been friendly with my coworkers at most of my jobs so I enjoyed getting a chance to see them and being greeted on that day. Plus someone usually brings snacks and who doesn’t like that. Plus leaving early has always felt better than a straight day off for me. Otherwise I end up getting lazy and feeling like I wasted the time off.


He doesn't want to "Waste" a vacation day. He wants it for free.


I would rather have X+1 vacation days and no birthday off than X vacation days and my birthday off. I guess if the OP would rather have the other then that probably is an unpopular opinion. But otherwise we're just talking about wanting employers to give more time off, which isn't exactly breaking new ground


I've never worked on my birthday, and I never will


Going on 44 years for me


Me, too. I made it to retirement without working on my birthday. Its the only holiday I really care about.


Yea I don't care for my birthday. I'll work on the day itself, because all I do is get dinner and a small cake and I'm content.


Hard agree. My grandmother who legit raised me died two days before my 23rd birthday. She used to call me at 5 am and sing happy birthday and ever since that first morning with no call I’m just….good on that. I know people like their birthdays. I understand why they like to celebrate. But I’m good with it. I would rather no one but my family knows it’s my birthday because they don’t force me to celebrate it in any way.


My parents divorced about a week before my birthday and always tried to guiltshame me So I decided I'm content with just a small cake and a meal


My ex had an affair and left us for his girlfriend on my birthday before we woke up. He was just gone. Since then, we have had fun on my birthday because it's my damn birthday and I'm not going to let it be the anniversary of a jackass doing jackass things. Didn't care so much about it before that, now it's "fuck it I'm having fun".


I take the day off as a vacation day. That’s why I have vacation days.


This is the way, satisfies it for both types.


Yeah I don't get the post at all. It sounds more like people want enough vacation days a year to make it easier to take their birthdays off.


I'm sure wanting more vacation days is a very unpopular opinion


i mean, it would be nice to have it as PTO without taking away from my sick/vacation time. But as it is, i have to qualms about using sick/vacation/non-paid as long as i am not working.


The USA doesn't have minimum vacation days


My work gives me an extra day off, specifically for my birthday. Woo!


Agreed. We don’t get nearly enough days off as it is.


Whenever I take the day off work for my birthday I end up sitting around doing nothing because everyone else is at work, since it's usually just a random workday


>Whenever I take the day off work for my birthday I end up sitting around doing nothing because everyone else is at work, since it's usually just a random workday Wouldn't it be great if we could work to live comfortably instead of working so much that living free of work is uncomfortable? My time is packed when I'm not working. Not with other people, just stuff I want to do.


Im 38 soon, I love my Birthday Lucky it falls on the weekend but as a person who had to go to school, then college then uni on their birthday, I said to myself when I work full time, im always having a day off for my birthday. And I always do :) just make my day my own, its awesome!


Im with you! My birthday has always been on finals week so no one could really hang out. Really enjoying not having that be an issue anymore.


Holy shit, an actual unpopular opinion.


I don’t care much either way, but it’s weird to me how many people are vehemently opposed to it.


At my work we started giving everyone their birthday off by default. Partly it's a perk, but the thing that prompted it was realising that people never end up doing that much work on their birthday and it tended to be unproductive for other people in the office too because everyone ends up eating cake and chatting shit.


I think you've just stumbled across the major fault with this birthdays off work idea. It will mean there is far less cake in the office.


I always like to take my day off on my birthday


Actually, for smaller businesses, its been clearly shown that they're generally more profitable by giving their employees the option to take you birth date off from the office. Why? Because it prevents your colleagues from holding a small "meeting," just to celebrate with *everyone* AFK, all at once.


I work for a smallish company and years ago when we were finally able to offer PTO and paid holidays, I negotiated for birthdays to be paid holidays. Now everyone gets their birthday off. You can pick which day you want to take off near your birthday so most of us end up opting for a 3 day weekend. Even if you don’t care much for your birthday, no one is gonna turn down a 3 day weekend!


"its been clearly shown that they're generally more profitable by giving their employees the option to take you birth date off from the office." Where .....where has this been....."Clearly shown" that it is more profitable ? Sounds like some bullshit you made up.


It got tiring having to wait out birthdays at my last job, especially when some of them were let go not too long after. Glad management forgot mine.


I have never and pray will never work on my BornDay. I will always always always take it off I don’t care what is going on at my job. I don’t care what day of the week it is. And those saying they have nothing better to do than work is honestly a sad statement. Edit: sorry I forgot to mention. If you need the money then by all means work your birthday. Bless.


I do that myself. Edit: Man, a lot of people are no fun here.


My company actually does this. You get your birthday off or if it on the weekend you get to take that Monday or Friday. Doesn't come out of our PTO. It's nice.


Totally agree, as I sit here having taken the day off to celebrate my birthday by sleeping in till ten and doing absolutely nothing…


Honestly, I'd rather work on my birthday. I don't want to miss out on a day of pay, just to do something that costs money I could do on one of my actual days off. If I come in and my coworkers have something special thrown together great, it means they (hopefully) care.


Same. I’ve never minded working on my birthday, it not a big deal. I can do whatever I’d like on one of my days off. Hell, I’m an adult, I can literally do something special on any day of the year I want.


Exactly! And if you're lucky and working a job you love, then that would make the day that much better!


Today I've learned there are some miserable ass people on reddit. Why not take another day every year to make as joyous as possible? It IS special if it's special to you! Life isn't about being working drones and misery, it's about being grateful for every day we're alive and spreading that gratitude and good attitude onto others! I have nothing negative to say about people who use holidays just as another day to party, whether they know the history of the holiday or not. Party on, Wayne! Be happy!


Holy shit this comment section is depressing as fuck. Have fun for once oh my god! Let loose. Your boss won’t die because you missed a day.


Finally an actual uncommon opinion. Take my upvotes sar.


for real, i'm amazed how unpopular this is, and the general answer is as stupid as: "well i don't care about MY birthday, so you shouldn't care about yours"


Why? It’s just a birthday, once you get over 18 op it’s not a big deal


I mean most holidays are a bunch of mumbo jumbo so what's the difference


(almost) everyone has a day off instead of just you is the difference


yeah but logistically speaking its better for the company to only have 1 employee missing at a time than everyone at once for some arbitrary date that has little to no meaning for most people


But at least holidays are a shared experience and have activities around that.


Birthdays are the one day a year the focus can be on you. The one day. No other holiday is about you. Not that it’s a holiday but the comparison makes sense to me. Why not celebrate you? I’m 30 now, used to not care much; but starting a family now I’m making a big deal out of birthdays. My wife’s? It’s your day I’m gonna make you feel extra special, mom, dad, future kid, all the same. Just gives them one day a year they can hopefully feel a little extra special.


21 is kind of a big deal in the US.


no, it just provokes unfair situations. plenty of people's birthday land on weekends or holidays, they would not benefit from this. also, plenty just dont like celebrating birthdays and this would be more annoying than good for them. just take a day off if your birthday is so important to you.


Agreed would that mean for employees who's birthdays land on a weekend get a Monday or Friday off then. I never have taken a birthday off and usually just plan something on the weekend my birthday is near I feel that way is as little easier anyways getting friends and family together.


My job gives everyone “one personal holiday” per year. We can use it any day of the year. I will be using it on my birthday


I imagine if you hated birthdays, you could still relax at home instead of working and get holiday pay. I don't love Christmas but I still appreciate some time off.


I (29) don’t care about working on my birthday. I would rather take the day off on my kid’s birthday instead because I usually take her to the zoo or something fun. If your job offers PTO and you want to use a day for that, then do it. I would assume that a majority of adults don’t care about their birthday enough to take it off.


I’d also rather have some holidays not off and work on them and get some other days off. My family doesn’t really do big labor or Memorial Day things and there are a ton of drunks on the road, I’d rather have the following Friday off so some other day most of the time.


My work allows you a free PTO day during the week of your birthday. Most people take it on Friday. It doesn't make weird unfair situations, it's just nice. Even if you don't care about your birthday (I don't) it's just kind of a specifically personal free PTO day which is cool.




So.... The way it currently is?


Nope. You get 1 day of PTO to use during your birth month. Simple system. Try to think a little outside the box.


I personally think there should be at least 1 public holiday per month. For the months that currently do not have one people can submit their idea. National renewable energy day or something like that.


I mean what difference does it make? It's the day you were born. I don't really care about mine. It's nice if people want to acknowledge it and I won't ever poopoo it because that's just being an asshole but in reality for me the only significance it holds is that I'm a year older and a year closer to death. I know that sounds a bit morbid but it's not really. I think once I hit my late twenties into early thirties I just stopped caring. For those that do though more power to them and I don't have any issue with people that like to celebrate theirs. It's just not for me.


People that super care about their birthday are honestly really annoying.


People that like when people acknowledge their birthday are fine, but people who go around telling everyone that it's their birthday are incredibly annoying and honestly seem like attention-seekers.


What would one do on their birthday in daytime? All of the people would be on their work. Most of the parties are on evening. And birthday are fun with colleagues be it at work.


I like to take the day off after my birthday. I can get home, relax, have dinner and drinks, stay up late to play video games or watch a movie, and not have to go in early the next day.


My new company does this and I’m grateful


Happy birthday?! False! Today is the anniversary of your birthday. You are only born once! D. S.


I get paid time off for my birthday. It’s even separate from my regular ETO so it doesn’t cut into my vacation hours.. I love my employer


I make sure my employees have their birthday off so they can enjoy the day how they want.


My job gives you an 8 hour float holiday every year for your birthday but you can use whenever. It's a brilliant idea.


My company actually started implementing this back in January as an incentive to keep people on. And if you have a bday on the weekend or too much work to do then you're free to move your paid day off to another point in the week. I'm looking forward to mine in November.


I always take my birthday off for a "me" day


god everyone in this thread is so fucking depressing


Lots of people who have decided their life is over because they're over 20.


Since when do adults care about birthdays that much?


This might not be an adult


Why is there an age that you just stop caring about treating yourself? Birthdays are (or should be) a reminder of that. Stop pretending you’re so callous from time that you don’t want to enjoy a day to yourself away from work.


If you are at a job where you have, say, 15 vacation days per year, they will gladly make this happen...by changing the attendance policy so you have 14 vacation days and your birthday off. Oh, and they might shift people into different areas to avoid having too many simultaneous birthdays.


Just ask off for that day ahead of time, it shouldn't be the company's responsibility to schedule around everyone's birthdays. Everywhere i have worked has a "floating holiday" that you can take whenever


who gives a fck about birthdays it's just another day


I would hate my birthday even more if I were forced to be away from work on it.


Your birthday isn't special


I guess this really is an unpopular opinion from the looks of all the depressing and miserable sounding comments. Lmao wtf is wrong with everyone here? We get it, birthday is just another day to you and nothing special. Hell, I don't even really celebrate my birthday either and don't expect gifts but y'all sound miserable and hateful af towards people who enjoy celebrating their birthdays. OP suggested companies to give their employees a day off on their birthdays but you guys rather go to work? Is work the only thing you guys have in life? You rather go to your cubicles/hard labor on your birthday and not take a free day off?


I'd upvote this twice if I could


The older I get, the more I need the day *after* my birthday off.


The amount of people who don’t care for their birthday here in the comments is concerning


I have never worked on my birthday and I don't plan to.