Gymnast leotards shouldn't be sexualised

Gymnast leotards shouldn't be sexualised


> you are sexualising the sport. That's like one of the few reasons to watch sports.


>you are sexualising the sport. What? If I see a girl in a tight fitting, skimpy clothing, I am gonna enjoy the view and possibly get aroused. That's all there is to it, I mean, come on, it's pretty straightforward.


What is DDLG?


Daddy and little girl. From what limited knowledge I have on it it's more or less the same as a dom/sub relationship with more care and pampering involved




It's not like it's a choice we make, it just is. Our brain likes what we see. Women like erotica about doctors and rich guys.


I feel like the OP was maybe objecting to the specific age of most gymnasts which tend to be very young. Maybe I'm reading into that though.


OP did mention that so I should clarify that it's not the clothes that are sexy, it's the adult wearing the clothes is.


So that I have no issue with. An attractive, athletic, sexually mature woman wearing tight, revealing clothing... there's probably going to be some sexual attraction.


You can’t control what people get turned on by, some people will get aroused by seeing certain feet


A. Don't kink shame man not all DDlg are sexual. It can also be about the relationship dynamic, ie caring for and being cared for. B. Men are visual by nature if you put only a thin piece of skin tight fabric on athletic, flexible, healthy and probably fertile women its uhh... gonna have an affect. You may be right in saying we shouldn't overtly or actively sexualize it, but that's the way she goes boys.


DDLG should always be shamed.


ddlg is disgusting


Do you think it's also creepy for people to get turned on by cheerleading, maid, and nurse outfits?


I'm not a gymnast so this might be an ignorant question, but is there a need for the leotards to basically be a one piece swimsuit? Couldn't a boxer-brief spandex thing work just as well without ass-cheeks hanging out and giving constant wedgies?


I agree it falls into the same category as ddlg, and I wish neither of them were things that existed tbh. But in this age of kink we live in any criticism will not go over well.


I know a woman who loves football because it’s men in shorts. So she is a sick sexual predator too I guess? Also a pedo because some kids wear shorts I guess.


Here’s a thought. Halloween is next week and there’s a ‘sexy’ version of pretty much every costume out there but you’ve never seen a ‘sexy gymnast’ costume right? That’s because those outfits are sexualized as-is. There’s nothing else to be done to them to make them more form fitting or revealing.


Disagree. On the point of age, yes, but as far as being attracted to the leotard outfit itself, I don't see the problem. It's a price of clothing that compliments the figure. Yes, the main functionality is movement and flexibility, but in that process we get what you're referring to. I mean aren't people turned on by short shorts and leggings too? They designed for regulating body temperature and movement too. But they still are "fetishized." Or guys in sweatpants abd tank-tops? There are very few articles of clothing designed for the *sole* purpose of being sexual that can be worn casually or in sport. If a person can *only* think sexual than I do think a problem could be present. But finding it attractive or sexy isn't something I find unusual. Nor can it really be controlled.


A lot of men are going to sexualize women's clothing in general. I honestly don't think it's any worse for leotards than average length skirts or well fitting jeans.