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Fuck you. … I may have overreacted just now.


The fuck you did, as a matter of fact, fuck YOU for suspecting you overreacted! .... I definitely didn’t overreact just now.


Here’s how I always explain it: for the price you cannot beat the quality and quantity of the food. It isn’t a spectacular place to eat but me and my broke ass friends could always afford to buy a full meal at in-n-out and not be hungry a second later or have the shits.


This, exactly. I also prefer the Habit. A Char Burger or a Santa Barbra burger are insanely good burgers - and In-n-Out fries are typically pretty dull. But that isn't really where In-n-Out competes. Smashburger, 5 Guys, Shake Shack - and other "medium tier" boutique fast-food restaurants - the fact that In-n-Out gets compared with \*those\* guys at all - is a testament to how fantastic they are as a regular \*fast food burger\*. I made the mistake of moving to Ohio in 2007, and quickly realized there was no Weinerschnitzle, no The Habit, no Jack in the Box and no In-n-Out. Honestly, I wasn't worried about In-n-Out - I knew before I left that this was not there. I took it for granted when I lived in California. Every time I visited California, these, along with Round Table - were on my food-binging list. In Ohio, the closest thing to In-n-Out was Steak and Shake - and it is a pretty decent chain that used to do a California burger that is pretty close to a Double Double - but it still fell short of the real thing. The thing about In-n-Out is consistency. I have \*never\* gotten a bad burger or fries so bad I had to throw them out at In-n-Out. It doesn't matter if it is downtown L.A., going over the grapevine, in the middle of BFE in the central valley on I5 or Highway 99, in the bay area, in Las Vegas, or in Phoenix. The \*worst\* one I ever had was at UNLV - and the problem was that the onions were a little less than fresh and too powerful. Onions removed, problem solved. On the other hand, I've walked into every other franchise at this level and turned around and walked out. I've gotten food through the drive-through at Jack's, McD's, Wendy's, BK, whatever - that was inedible and went right back into the bag until I could dump it in the trash. I've never been to an In-n-Out that was disgustingly dirty, regardless of what part of town it was in. Road tripping in the West - In-N-Out is \*always\* a safe bet.


Yo, not sure where you are in Ohio… but you best hit up a Swenson’s if you’re in the NE. Those burgers are cheap AF and amazing.


There are (iirc) four Swenson's in Columbus now too. Definitely worth going to, and they tend to be consistently busy for a reason. The other pretty decent fast food burger around these parts is Culver's. I've tried to get both Steak and Shake and Culver's to mustard grill my patties a-la In N Out to no avail. for /u/piddlyd : Jack In the Box has at least one store off 75 near 275 in Cincinnati, and another store on the far east side of Indianapolis just off I70 if you're ever in those areas. To sum it up, In N Out #1. It's always (no joke, *always*) the first place I go when leaving SFO or LAX.


The only good chain in ohio that is reliably good imo, is raisin canes. It's not a burger joint but their food is always top tier, and is one of the few fast food joints I will actively seek out.


Oh man. Being from Ohio ruined In-n-Out for me due to Swensons. Swensons is just as cheap but so much better. Might only be in NE Ohio tho


Unpopular opinion: in house cut fries suck and are often soggy and bland


how does it compare to mcdonalds or burger king? there are no in and out on the east coast.


I’d say closer to shake shack


Yeah - but I think that sets expectations too high. Closer to Steak and Shake is probably more appropriate. But in any case... what a lot of burger fans don't get is that it is a very basic diner burger. You have 3 basic menu choices - a single burger, a single cheeseburger, a double double, and a 3x3. They come with lettuce, tomato, cheese and optional onions - and In-N-Out secret sauce... which is basically a thousands island thing just like mentioned in Fast Times at Ridgemont High... although most of America thought they were referring to McD's secret sauce in that bit, it was certainly - at that time, a SoCal nod to In-n-Out. The only side is fries. You can get them Animal Style... which is basically cheese, secret sauce, and grilled onions. You can get the onions grilled on the burger too. There is a "secret menu" but it is all just combinations of these basic ingredients. For example, you can ask for anything up to an 8x8 or maybe a 12x12... which are exactly what they sound like. The "secret menu" was originally a SoCal "in the know," thing - and I'm not sure that as they've expanded all In-N-Outs know all the "secret menu" requests. No onion rings, no poppers, no cheese curds. No bacon burgers, no burgers on toast. No mushrooms or peppers or guacamole or anything else. Only one bun choice. No ciabatta or rye or anything else. 3 burgers, fries, shakes and sodas. Entire menu. Here it is: [https://www.in-n-out.com/menu](https://www.in-n-out.com/menu) ​ Don't go in expecting the options of other places. They just don't do that.


As an INO associate of 7 years, just want to say NOBODY is making you more than a 4x4 lol. That’s half a pound of meat. If you need more, order two. Exceptions MAY be made, depending on the situation but INO is a privately owned company; all locations are run virtually the sane way. I know the ins & outs (no pun intended) of that place like the back of my hand. Fun fact: customers used to be allowed to order as many patties as they wanted on a single burger however, it got ridiculous & now the limit is four :)


As someone who had my first In-n-Out when you still had to go to L.A. to get one, and the primary alure was that you could cut the B and R off their bumper stickerd and make them read, "In-N-Out Urge," I'll say that while you may be correct in your *current* experience, you are wrong about In-N-Out historically being willing to accomodate a request for an 8x8. Edit Oh, I missed your fun fact at the end. You are correct on all counts, it seems. ;)


I don't even think the quantity is that good for the price. If you get a meal with drink and fries you're looking at 13-15 bucks. In my experience, fast food never keeps me full. I can be hungry again in like 3 hours.


At In-n-out? It is way less than that for a double double, fries, and a soda. It is of course not 20 dollar restaurant burger quality, it's still fast food.


I can buy in n out for my whole family for around 20 dollars. Meanwhile every other restaurant or fast food is 30 to 40 for four people. These people don't understand that in n out is for California residents. If you fly from out of state it's not worth. If you live in the area, a cheap 5 to 6 dollar meal that is fresh and relatively quick, you can't beat that.


I know for a fact it is cheaper than a quarter pounder meal at McDonalds and also waaaaay better. My theory is they can do it by not being franchised and also having a way smaller advertising budget. So for what it is - A McDonald's competitor - it is hard to beat. I'll admit the fries might not do it for some people, but I don't mind them with some of the thousand island sauce.


They are cheaper than Habit which I prefer, but the opportunity cost of waiting in that line for 20+ plus minutes negates the savings in fuel and time. If I happen to roll past one at 10 in the morning, I may stop in and grab a single.


Habit is good, like the green beans, I do take issue with the burger only having mayo by default - an interesting choice, obviously you just ask for some mustard and ketchup so no big deal.


It’s not just low advertising budget. Even with a lot of their staff being teens, they still manage to keep a low turnover rate. That alone is huge in keeping costs down, and quality up.


I have literally never seen TV ads for in n out.


Have you seen the prices of a Quarter Pounder meal lately? INO is an absolute bargain.


double double meal is $8 my dude


Bro its like 7-8 for a DD, fries and a medium drink.


In LA a 13-15 dollar meal is dirt cheap. But alas there is no accounting for metabolism.


A Vietnamese Pho never sets me back more than $10 in LA and I can’t eat for hours after.


Very true! That’s on rotation for sure! Then we go to the mom and pop Chinese food where they give like triple what panda gives for like $10. There’s also the great food truck saints that hold it down with the tacos and burritos for great prices. I’m all for under $15-$20 for a good bite to eat.


I wouldn't say dirt cheap. That's an hour of work for a minimum wage worker.


Yeah so my math is simple: One hour of work = one in n out meal. I’m ok with that. I say this because the quality of food. You can get a LOT at mickey D’s for that much but that shit will clog more than your pores.


They're burgers lol. Everything is gonna clog your arteries. Maybe I'm just more frugal. Spending an hours worth of labor on a meal is just too much. That's not dirt cheap to me. Dirt cheap is something you could buy everyday and it wouldn't be a strain on your wallet.


Not all burgers are created equally. I like to cook for myself mostly but if I do go out for fast food I try to pick the lesser of evils. I can agree with you being more frugal. I am always getting shot down by my wife for tipping way too much and spending money on things without looking for deals.


If you're getting fast food, it's going to be pain no matter what it is. I eat a pretty strict diet, had an in n out burger, then had the shits a few hours later, it'd be even worst at MCDs or Taco Hell. In n out is just the fresher option.


Might want to double check those prices.


Uhhh maybe at the one at Anchorage Square in SF.


A meal with drink and fries for....... Where the fuck do you live that it cost 2x the national menu price? In fucking inflation city San Diego it's $7 plus tax for a double double combo... You're smoking crack. For what you're describing you'd have to order a 4x4 combo with a large shake and animal style fries and I don't even think that would hit 15$. Which would mean you're a fucking gluttonous pig and will be dying soon from a heart attack.


Yeah how long ago was this? It’s seems fairly average I thought. I may be wrong though


Comparing In N Out to restaurants like Five Guys and Habit is dumb. Those should hardly be considered fast food. I could probably get two meals at In N Out for the price of one at those chains.


They both serve burgers, fries, milkshakes that get wrapped up in paper bags ordered at the counter... there's no reason you can't compare them. Price is literally the only difference and we aren't talking about some super fancy sit down restaurant with menu service here.


It takes about 30 minutes to get a burger at 5 Guys... Fast food it's not


If you aren’t waited on , it’s fast food.


I would say they’re fast casual. Same tier of restaurant as places like Chipotle and Panera.


If it has a drive-through, it is almost definitely fast food (though some fast casual restaurants are exploring drive-throughs in response to COVID).




I am also upset.


For me it is that they offer grilled onions. That just changes the flavor profile of a burger. Granted, I can get a burger with grilled onions at other places, but not at that price.


I get it. I live in Texas, and my controversial opinion is that Whataburger is just okay.


A lot of people just like to follow what everyone else is doing 🤷🏻‍♀️🐑


It's why people go to church.


For the price the quality is excellent. Put it side by side with McD’s or Wendy’s and tell me in n out doesn’t run circles around it.


It’s a delicious burger at a reasonable price, and I understand the ingredients are very fresh (for a fast food place). I love the double double, protein style, animal style. Extra pickles. Yum!! The fries have historically been bad. They’ve gotten a bit better since they started adding salt, but even still…


The Habit is gross and over priced.


the habit is not gross…. but it’s not better than in n out


The fries suck


You gotta order the fries cooked “well” they come out way crispier and better


I like my fries slightly light. A little more potatoy.


You mean the styrofoam strings that they give you? My god, its not just the consistency but the sound as you are chewing them too.


Yep. Even animal style can't cover up how much the fries suck. But animal style fries are overall a delicious dish.


I like the fries personally but I think I understand why everyone hates them.


Im from Chicago where most people go go Portillos or ShakeShack as a goto for fast-food burgers, but after trying In-N-Out for the first time in LA id say nothing I've had in Chicago matches the price for quality I had at In-N-Out. For $4 you get a pretty good meal. That said it's not enough for me to miss In-N-Out and give it shit tons of praise


I also have a buddy from Chicago that loves innout.


Well Chicago has Au Cheval. That place is like burger heaven. (Not apples to apples comparison price-wise of course)


It's *way* cheaper than Habit.


But Habit is more yum


Sure. It's in a different class. but you wanna know why it's popular? It's one of the best burgers you can get *for the price.* Ingredients are fresh, menu is simple, animal style offers unique, new options, but most of all it's cheap.


But no one ever mentions the price, ingredients, or freshness when they hype it up, it's always "it's the best burger ever." only when there are debates about it's actual quality do people mention it's price.


Also true


I concur


They got me to start mustard grilling burgers at home. It's fantastic.


Culver’s gang rise up


Not from the Midwest or West Coast but have had both Culver’s and In-And-Out. IMO, Culver’s > In-And-Out Mind you, Shake Shack blows pretty much everything else away in the relatively large or larger chain category. (And for the record, I’ve had Habit Grill - very good burger, but inferior to Shake Shack, plus Habit’s fries aren’t good.) But Shake Shack is also fast casual, not fast food.


Shake Shack also costs a lot more 🗿


Like I said, Shake Shack is fast casual, which means it isn’t really fair to compare it with fast food places like In-And-Out or Culver’s (or Whataburger in Texas).


Shake shack is better than both but I prefer In n out it’s much more worth it money wise


They're decent quality Burgers for a cheap price.


I grew up with in n out, i worked at in n out, i absolutely love in n out. But i get it. In n out just provides a unique taste satisfaction to me that cannot be replicated. Im picky with burgers, but i love the Habit! I would put that right up there with In n Out. Its whattaburger that i dont get.. id put whatta burger on par with Carls Jr. And Burger King.


Just tried Whataburger for the first time last weekend and was extremely disappointed. The way people talk about it, I thought it was going to be on the level as In N Out but I agree it’s more like Carls Jr


Whataburger was always that weird orange place I didn't understand once i moved to Phoenix. But over time... I have grown to really love the place over Carls Jr. and ESPECIALLY over Burger King.


I could have written this exact comment. Agree 100%


Love whataburger. Patty melt and fries with their spicy ketchup.


I'll give that a shot if i ever go back.


On par with Burger King now that’s laughable


Yeah, I've outgrown it. I was all about it for a while but the last time I ate there, which was like 2-3 years ago now, I just remember sitting there with a friend, 87 crumpled up napkins all around us, grease and slop all over my hands, and being like, "Why do I like this place again?"


Tf did he just say???? No, my eyes must be acting up, he did NOT just say that


Fries are trash


That I can agree with, their fries are garbage. Unfortunately they’re not even hot garbage usually.


That’s not an unpopular opinion




I mean if you compare a burger that costs $4.50 to another that costs $7.50 there's going to be a quality difference. The fact that you're even comparing the two is a testament to how good a burger In-N-Out makes.


I tried In n Out for the first time a few months ago and was pretty disappointed. The burger and fries were both just alright. Nothing special at all. Way overhyped. I would choose most other fast food burgers over it.


It’s the catchy name


The most ironic name in all of fast food history


You need to see an ears, nose and throat doctor right away. Your sense of taste is clearly not functioning properly.


Must be lol


C'mon, I love In-N-Out but it's not like it's even the best fast food burger. It's just a great burger *for the price* and offer unique things like mustard grilled burgers.


It is absolutely the best fast food burger. It just has a taste that is not reproduceable.


Try some other places, there are way better burgers out there


Must be the bible verses.


I agree it’s alright but definitely way overhyped. I would easily go to Shake Shack before In-n-Out.


Costs more than twice as much


Not really but I still rather pay a few bucks more for a better meal. Literally the only thing decent at in-n-out is their burgers, fries suck and shake shack makes better shakes


Every time i go to shake shack i spend 20 bucks. In n out is more like 7. The fries aren’t that good at shake shack either. The shakes have more variety, but are also really expensive at shake shack.


Shake shack has by far the worst fries I’ve ever had at any fast food place ever. I’d rather get fries from a day old taco truck. And while the meat at shake shack is decent the entire ensemble leaves much to be desired. All in all shake shack for the price point is just not good


I agree. Heard about how fabulous it was and when I tried one I thought it was just barely ok


In n out is the best burger spot in the world. I 100% disagree with you


I super agree. It's not special at all, and it's not shit.


5 guys is far superior


Hell nah and it’s overpriced


In a vacuum it is ok. But compared to what is available out there in terms of price, quality and overall consistency, it's superb. Unless you can list a chain (or chains) that can beat it then sure. But I don't think you can. If so, probably just 1 or 2 being subjectively better. It's relative my friend. You're not assessing it correctly. A one-eye guy rules the kingdom of the blinds my dude


Totally agree. Lived in Cali for most my life and could never understand the love. Wait in line for 30 mins to get a tiny basic burger with a hard bottom bun and strange tasting fries.


This is how I feel about Chick-fil-A, very popular in the east coast and gets supper packed


Oh they’re packed in California too.


Austin people should know P Terry's > in n out


All day baby


Never had their food.


Eh, I visited Vegas and tried In-n-out for the first time and it tasted like every other fast food burger I've ever had. Wasn't super impressed. BUT, I want to know why these fast food chains are like this. McD's is the worst. People swarm the restaurant, there's always an insane amount of people in the drive thru, and the drivers will basically try to kill you to get in and out of the place bc in my experience they almost never look before they pull in and out. And it makes me wonder, what on earth would people do if these fast food places didn't exist? Lord forbid you have to go home and eat your own food. That would be ridiculous!


I agreed with you until the second part. You've never been short on time, had something make you late for dinner or just flat out didn't want to cook? I eat at home plenty but come on, man. Fast food places are fine. Let people live.


This is a popular opinion with people who visit the west coast. Every person I know whose visited California and tried In-n-Out has been disappointed.


Nah, just the haters.


I have a friend from Chicago and he’s jealous that he doesn’t get to have In-N-Out as much as me


I was in agreement with the OP until they mentioned The Habit. OP is a crackpot.




I don't think I've ever seen an In-N-Out advertisement.


They actually have radio ads in LA since they started down here. They don’t play them a lot mind you, and I have never heard them anywhere else in CA, but there is even a jingle they use: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AOpTv-d8Vfw


There’s a radio jingle for everything in LA. Especially the car dealerships.


It all comes together when you’re a little peckish after getting that new car at Keyes on Van Nuys and ready to introduce some onion smell to the interior.


Burgers are alright but their fries are the worst fries I’ve ever had


Mannn I wish yall knew what Poritillos was. Long ass lines but so worth it


There actually is one in California, in Buena Park by Knotts Berry Farm of all places.


Yeah it's nothing special


Dude I honestly feel the exact same way, Santa Barbara char is soooo good


I very much agree. It's just so generic. The fries are kind of like cardboard sticks. They don't even have bacon or ranch. But that's just my opinion.


Burgers ok. Shakes not great. Fries hilariously bad (like seriously, how do you make French fries that bad). I’ll go to five guys instead.


I swear I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like Five Guys.


I’m with you. Way too big of a gut buster and I felt disgusting after both times I tried it. The size, the mess as it falls apart coming out of the foil, everything. With In-N-Out I can go about the rest of my day. It appeals to a more=better crowd and the fact that the baseline is 2 patties and you have to order a “Junior” to get a single patty is kind of gross IMO


Five Guys is indeed amazing. I go there weekly. But the two aren’t comparable. For the smallest meal possible at Five Guys I pay about $16. In-n-Out’s BIGGEST meal is like $8. Five Guys = amazing and expensive In-n-Out = amazing and cheap


Five guys is expensive but a lot more food. A double double and fries is around 1000 calories. A five guys cheeseburger and regular fries is around 2000 calories, basically all the food you’d need for a whole day, and that’s before you load up on free toppings. So from a value perspective I still tilt five guys.


Five guys is not amazing it’s over priced and overrated


Honestly I prefer habit as well. They have a wide variety of burgers.


I completely agree. Born and raised in Cali and never understood the hype. The burgers are decent but the fries are horrendous by themselves (I guess that's why everyone says to get animal style). I guess the redeemable quality is the price. Not very many, if any at all, options that are better for the price.


I never understood Californian's obsession with it either


This was one of the most overhyped places I’ve ever gone to


5 guys is better imo.


I went to San Diego last summer and in n out was just ok. There's way better burger places(especially the locally owned places).




People have been trying to invest for 40+ years. It's family owned and they won't sell or expand faster than they want. It's a private family owned company of religious nuts.


It seems to be like an affect with burgers places around here, and it’s not just with In-n-out. I had it a few times and they were alright, but then later on I really started to crave it more. I guess it’s an acquired taste


It's the best burger you can get in a drive thru. Low bar though


Tried it many times, especially the double protein-style burgers while dieting. Still don't understand the adoration friends express. Fries are pretty good.


It’s because of the secret sauce!


You have to eat it when you're starving and also while you are in the parking lot. It's pretty good under those circumstances.


They also treat they’re employees well and give them an actual living wage. So service is usually really good. It was a dream job in high school lol. The managers get paid six figures so it’s no joke.


If it's 'just ok' what is a great burger then?


the burgers are delicious and as someone who no longer lives in california i miss them but those fries… just cardboard sticks


I find In-n-Out Burger always too salty.


I honestly can’t stand it. The place smells like a locker room.


“I prefer habit burger” Its twice as expensive, or more, but maybe marginally better. What makes In-N-Out so good is the value. It may not be the best burger, but you cannot beat it for the money.


Habit is a far better burger and comes out fast as hell, plus the fries are worlds better.


You have alerted the hoard


I’m from Cali and I like In-n-Out. I tried it in Texas and idk why but it was just not good. Actually it was down right nasty there.


Quality at all fast food restaurants in Northern California has suffered during the pandemic. In-N-Out has never had the best tasting burgers. What sets them apart is that everything is fresh. Nothing was ever frozen, including the beef. Each restaurant must be within a few hours drive of a regional distribution center because of this. The burger meat is ground fresh daily. The vegetables are obviously fresh. The potatoes are sliced just before they go into the fryer. Seriously, you can't find a fresher burger at any chain restaurant. But fresh doesn't necessarily mean best tasting. A frozen patty cooked over hickory charcoal and slathered with barbecue sauce would taste better, but it wouldn't be fresher.


I'll never understand the hype about this burger... I could make the same shit and even better at home


Habit is shit that says enough about this opinion


I’m with OP. A 13 hour (not exaggerating) drive thru line isn’t worth it. I’ve had it before and while it was good for the price, I’d never consider fighting the crowds for it. I’d much rather go to a great local burger place.


Animal style burgers are very good. The fries are the worst in the industry. All they need to do is just double fry those things. People keep saying it's because they are fresh cut with no additives - and that's true, but plenty of other places do this exact same thing as well and make their fries not taste like spongey cardboard.


Who knows?!? In-n-Out Burger came to Texas with multiple Houston Suburb locations. The burgers are good but the fries dissolve in my mouth which is weird. It’s not a place I normally go to and I think it’s overrated for what it is.


Had it once in Southern Cali and enjoyed it. I'm more of a 5 Guys... guy, myself.


The patties are way too thin, the fries are average, I don’t get the hype either. Five Guys is a little more expensive, sure, but I always walk out of there satisfied.


I lived in Cali (Long Beach) while stationed there in the military. As a native member of the East Coast, I was blown away by the blind loyalty Californians had for this place. It is, at best, OK for the price.


It’s the bun- the one major thing on the burger you can’t find elsewhere.


It’s overrated. I still enjoy it and like it but there are better chains


That’s giving it too much credit… it’s pretty bad


Love the double double but god the fries leave a lot to be desired.


Habit is better, so is 5-guys and Fatburger These are my favorite hamberger places in-n-out is overated, the meat has no flavor and the fries are skinny trash, no taste period.


The burgers are amazing, the fries are ass. Dry, unsalted, bland.


I grew up in the Bay too and I hated burgers growing up. Especially with American cheese on them. My mom would always order them and I would tell her I didn’t like it, didn’t want to eat it, and it would make me feel nauseous. One day, we went to In-n-Out Burger and I tried one of their hamburgers, no cheese. I was amazed! It tasted so good! It was a happy day. I actually liked burgers. Now a days? No thanks. I’ve tried their burger a few different ways, no cheese, no heated bun, no special sauce. Still don’t like it. Fries suck too.


This food is so below average. Unsalted fries and flavorless burgers.


Average burger and poor fries. Don't get the hype.


I've lived in Texas all my 34 years I am absolutely over what a burger.... Bring on something different already


It's gone to shit...I'm from Corpus, home of the original


I live in Florida so we don't have those. Is it like Sonic?


They don’t have the order from your car and the bring it to you concept. And sonic has a bigger menu


How dare you


F U in and out is the shit. You’re just jelly.


if it's your first time having a burger with thousand island, it's kinda mind blowing. After that, it's not as great, but it's always consistently good. You won't have a bad experience at in n out. It's cheap and dependable but if you're looking for the best burger, it's not at in n out.


It’s definitely better than Habit & please stop hating on these guys just cuz they’re the only ones with the balls to go against the stupid vax pass, in counties with ludicrously high vaccination rates.


My gripe is the lines, not the food. The time commitment to go to one in a busy area like in the Bay Area or LA exceeds what I want from a drive thru most of the time.


Coming from someone who's tried In-n-Out several times, I'm of the opinion that it's about even with Dick's Burgers in the Greater Seattle Area (woohoo!). I've also had the chance to try Habit Burgers now that there's more stores in Washington, and it's comparable with Five Guys. All four places taste great, but in terms of price and quality and quantity it's hard to compare the four to each other, In-N-Out and Dick's are very casual, and have a sense of regional nostalgia, while Habit and Five Guys are more expensive for smaller portions but higher quality. Five Guy's Cajun fries will be forever superior to Animal-Style In-N-Out fries though, no competition.


As a born-and-mostly-raised Californian, I totally agree. I won't knock it every now and then, but I mean...let's face facts people, their fries are the worst thing on their menu, and animal style only helps so much.


At that price, I dare u to name a better burger place


Food trucks


I moved from California to Oklahoma for my family and we don’t have In and out here. We have a place called Whataburger and it is absolutely disgusting one of the most horrible fast food places I’ve ever eaten but people somehow love it. I do enjoy in an out although their fries are not very good because they make them fresh and anyone that knows anything about the restaurant business knows that frozen fries are always better. But for the price it really can’t be beat.


Get the fuck off this planet


Burgers have evolved so much but in-n-out delivers a consistent old school style burger that probably is overhyped but very good. Lots of people in CA grew up with it so totally get the nostalgia. Ton of burgers that get your attention out there. Killer burger in Oregon where I live is great. Shake shack is pretty good. I’m from out east originally so my dirty little secret is that I love White Castle and as the Beastie’s said, their fries only come in one size


I think shake shack and five guys is better than in-n-out and it’s worth the couple extra dollars. All in-n-out has that the others don’t is super fresh produce (which is great) but it’s marred by thin, unremarkable patties and atrocious french fries