Man reportedly kidnapped in Vancouver; police release video of victim

Man reportedly kidnapped in Vancouver; police release video of victim


There is a gambling den at West 41 Avenue and Elizabeth Street. Noted.




So if you live there and thought something was suspicious now you have reason to call it in. Or maybe you are looking to buy a home. Avoid the area. Or perhaps you are generally interested in real estate and notice there are a lot of empty neighbourhoods with high prices and wonder how people cover the costs. Etc.




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My guess is unpaid gambling debts at the heart of this.


Username checks out


typical plot in movies/TV shows ... but definitely not a stretch to happen in real-life.


Killing someone who owes you money makes little sense as it ensures you never get paid.


From them maybe. The dozen others? They’re suddenly HIGHLY motivated….




People pay ransoms for dead people?


How do you know he's dead? It would have already been labeled a homicide if the cops had evidence he was dead. Even then, kidnapping + ransom can easily lead to murder. Happens every day in the Western Hemisphere. [Example from Vancouver.](https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/man-who-pleaded-guilty-to-manslaughter-of-peng-sun-22-sentenced-to-14-years-in-prison)


The cops all but said he was killed. They're just trying to piece it all together.


Then why would they leave his BMW 5X behind with the door open? If he has debts the car is more valuable than the person.


If they’re grabbing him, he prolly owes more than a 100k suv.


VPD must have some sort of video. I wonder how they know he was abducted and not just another missing person.


It says in the article that they found his car with the drivers door wide open




I hope there is. If there isn't... a month is a long time to be gone being kidnapped without a word.. he's good as gone.


Guy was clearly involved in organized crime.


Seems likely.


https://vpd.ca/news/2021/10/25/vpd-releases-video-of-west-side-kidnapping-victim/ Vancouver – Vancouver Police have released surveillance video of a man they believe was kidnapped while walking on a quiet west-side street last month, and hope someone has information that can help solve the troubling case. “We believe Jeffrey Lee was abducted by force and taken to an unknown location,” says Sergeant Steve Addison. “We don’t know exactly why he was kidnapped, but we know there are people out there who have information, and we’re asking them to come forward now.” Lee, 33, was last seen by his girlfriend around 10 p.m. on September 23, as he left her downtown apartment to go gambling in the city’s Oakridge neighbourhood. Police believe he drove a black BMW X5 and parked near West 41 Avenue and Elizabeth Street, then went to a nearby highrise to meet up with friends and associates. Surveillance video seized by police captures Lee entering the Oakridge highrise around 10:15 p.m. on September 23, then leaving the next day shortly before 4 a.m. Investigators believe he was kidnapped while walking back to his parked car. “The black BMW was located the next day with the driver-side door wide open, and we believe whoever kidnapped Mr. Lee did so as he was getting in his vehicle,” adds Sergeant Addison. “Although we’ve gathered a significant amount of evidence during the past four weeks and feel we are close to solving this case, there are still people with information who need to come forward.” Lee was last seen wearing a dark-coloured Hugo Boss hoodie, with black shorts, flip-flops, and a grey shoulder bag. At the time of his kidnapping, he had short black hair and facial stubble. Anyone who saw Mr. Lee on the night of his kidnapping, or knows what happened to him, is asked to call Vancouver Police Major Crime Section at 604-717-2541. Video https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m16qoxninjtee26/AAC-7PCwuj3pTRLrvOUsXlKfa


It's like a return to the 90's


I met this guy a decade ago. He's a chill dude who works out while studying his science text, and goes to the rave lool. My buddies played ball with him everyday. He's the asian kid that studies hard, takes care of his physics, and parties hard. Unless there's a change in his behaviour, I don't see him being a criminal but rather a played with money he didn't have. A month is a long time to be kidnapped, and unless there's a ransom, I think he's gone.


'gone' as in hit the jackpot and spending his winnings in seclusion?


RIP gone.


nice guys don't goto gambling joints in flipflops and man purse.


Ok Jesus Christ.


Hold up. He was last seen by his girlfriend before he went gambling. But they say he met up at 41st Avenue with friends and associates... ? So wouldn't the "friends and associates" be the last to see him? I feel like we are being told a narrative here. Why mention the gambling at all? If its gambling debs he owes, why would the kidnappers leave his BMW X5 behind with the door open. That has some monetary value.


They don't want the BMW, they want the money.


What good is a leased BMW? Take over the lease and pay the monthly?


if there’s only one person saying publicly (or privately) that they’ve seen him, then that person would be the last person confirmed to have seen him. he told her he was going gambling with his friends. If the police can’t get ahold of his friends or if they aren’t cooperating and/or telling the same story, then there you have it. And also, I know we’re talking about kidnapping here, but if a person owes you money, you stealing their car doesn’t exactly make them whole… a stolen car isn’t worth anything unless you can find someone to buy it.


I am sure saying gambling is probably just for CTV to gain views.


Lol I just lost my brain cells reading this


Is there a video link in that story? If so, I missed it.


Ya I didn’t realize there was a casino at 41/ Elizabeth. Must be new.


Was this story reported in September or is this the first time since he was kidnapped?


NOTE TO SELF: don't rack up gambling debts with the Triads as the creditor


*Bangkok Adrenaline* for your edification. You're welcome.


Yeah, he’s as dead as dead.


And watch the sales of K&R policies go up: https://www.chubb.com/ca-en/business-insurance/kidnap-ransom-insurance.html


He got nabbed cause he involed in the drug business.. that gambling place is his he runs it.. The amount he moves or poeple involed his group lead him to get nabbed causes jackets were watching him.. Goodluck


>surveillance video from a nearby high rise shows Lee entering the building. Which "high rise" is this? I don't see any high-rises in that area on google maps. Edit: whats with the downvotes? This is a genuine question lol