Pope to visit Canada to help healing with Indigenous peoples

Pope to visit Canada to help healing with Indigenous peoples


TRC calls for a papal apology. How about we let the First Nations people get that on thier own terms before we tell him to fuck off and push him away. This is the closest I've ever heard to the Pope be open to the idea let alone acknowledge this.


I hope they bring him in and make him denounce his own religion. Ahhh one can dream.


First you were all demanding he come here to apologize. Now you’re shitting all over him for announcing that he’s coming to Canada. Make up your damn minds.


Welcome to /r/vancouver where complaining is always in season


It's our official hobby!


Do you think it's just one person on multiple accounts posting to r/vancouver?


No no everyone knows it due to the single entity known as "The Media" with their scary unified agenda.


My grandmother's name is on the cenotaph on the site of the old St. Pauls residential school here in North Vancouver which was recently unveiled. As I walked around it looking, I was completely dumbfounded and speechless about how many names of people I knew and am related to are on the thing. What basically drove me to tears was seeing my grandmother's name on there and her age she was admitted to the school, age 7. Right above her name was *her father's name* and that's what really got me choked up. Multiple generations of the same family were forced into these schools. When I think about all the ones who never survived the residential school system, I think about how many more cousins I might have today, how many more of us might've played hockey outside my dad's house down on the rez when we were kids. It's fucked up and surreal. Just thinking about it right now as I type this out makes me sick. If my own grandmother also didn't survive, there'd be no me, no father of mine or my aunts and uncles. I am the grandson of a residential school survivor. I don't see how an "apology tour" from the Pope is going to make things better. One of the other shitty things happening is that many of my elderly relatives in their 60s, 70s and 80s now are being forced to confront all this old pain in the twilight of their lives. Maybe your own grandparents retired into their golden years and are having a good time. Mine seem to be in pain and grief about all this old trauma. It sucks to see. My FB feed for example is now awash in orange and relatives offering help and etc to each other over this.


Bring your chequebook or stay home old man


[He's coming to help! ](https://www.someecards.com/usercards/viewcard/prayer-how-to-do-nothing-and-still-feel-like-youre-helping-d8c3e/?tagSlug=encouragement)


Prediction: He does a speech about it, but it's interpreted as a 'non apology' by the media, so the issue will continue to drag on.


Virtually guaranteed, zero chance they give up this endless outrage machine.


Has a pope ever visited Canada before?


Pope John Paul II visited Canada 3 times. He loved to travel a lot more than any other pope.


I think one did. Montreal back in the early 2000s, I think.


How about using the money from these trip to pay victims and their families instead?


Because that would amount to a drop in the ocean compared to the compensation that is deserved. An apology in person is what First Nations asked for is it is more meaningful than just sending a cheque.


That wouldn't make him look as good , tis why it won't happen, fuck the pope . I hope whoever actually wants him to come and apologize gets what they want after this whole charade is over with


I can't see anyway this go wrong, /s


I like how money makes everything better


He's gonna show up, say some words about how "Jesus heals and forgives" and then fuck off back to his golden palace of lavish furniture, billions of dollars, international immunity, and coven of criminals who touch kids. If hell actually exists, then literally everyone in the Vatican is going there. ​ He'd do a lot more by sending the money the church actually promised and then never showing his face. Yeah I get that a papal visit was on the TRC report, so it could be a good thing. But I suspect it's gonna be more show than in-depth healing. ​ If the pope came to Canada and spent a month with First Nations peoples, learning about them from them and their history while spending time seeing the trauma these schools caused, that might be a step. But If the First Nations peoples are on-board with this, then it's a lead that can be followed. I don't trust organized religions and I especially don't trust the international criminal cabal of child molesters that is the Roman Catholic church.


bring your wallet we’re sick of paying for your organizations attrosities


Honestly, I find it kind of insulting.


To you perhaps, though to many in a larger more general Indigenous population in Canada... This is seen as a pretty big deal: >...representatives of First Nations, Metis and Inuit groups are due to make a three-day visit to the Vatican. Pope Francis is to meet with each group individually, then preside over a final audience with all three on Dec. 20. So they care enough to go all the way to the Vatican for this. As far as what this means for the rest of FN in Canada, the TRC lists - #Call to action 58: >We call upon the Pope to issue an apology to Survivors, their families, and communities for the Roman Catholic Church’s role in the spiritual, cultural, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis children in Catholic-run residential schools. We call for that apology to be similar to the 2010 apology issued to Irish victims of abuse and to occur within one year of the issuing of this Report and to be delivered by the Pope in Canada. I'm going to let the FN take the lead on this. It's something they have been asking for for a long time and they have my full support.


The Catholic church is basically an organized crime syndicate. On that basis, governments should be seizing their Canadian real estate assets and selling them to developers. Proceeds could then be distributed to families of people who suffered at their hands.


HA! The lord of the pedophiles will grace them with a visit. Fuck off.


Can’t wait to see The Beaverton’s take on this.


"Man in white robes visits First Nations peoples to apologize for other men in white robes and hopes not to be compared to other men in white robes"


I wanna see some dirt on his hands. I wanna see him on his knees. He can help dig those bones out one by one and tell us how great the Catholic Church has been while he’s doing so. Edit: If you wanna stand behind this religion y’all got some work to do…


have him serve justice and your fetish at the same time, now that's getting 2 birds stoned at once.




yeah I regularly jerk off to catholic figures. I like the 3 Wise Men from my nativity set, personally


I think this is one of the calls to action? Still doing the bare minimum tho of just visiting. He should also donate to organizations to help those that r healing? Or do something about reserves not having clean water?


Bring your cheque book


Performing miracles *is* a step towards canonization. Edit: do I need an /s for obvious sarcasm?


How about we stop these bullshit theatrics where white rich men just jerk each other off and actually start by bringing clean drinking water to indigenous communities first, that’s the least the Canadian government can do


This post isn't about the Canadian government. It is about the Vatican and the Pope coming to apologize for his church's fuckery.


How about surrendering some of the 5.2 billion dollars in assets that the Catholic Church has in Canada?


[ah yes what a shame happened what happened to those little kids](https://southpark-online.nl/assets/images/clips/operation-nuke-the-imagination-through-the-imagination-doorway.jpg)


Blerg. We don’t want your visit, thanks.


I find it funny that the pope is the big man for Christianity when Catholicism is but one of many different denominations of the same stupid faith. Like why is there no super duper Protestant dude who gets to live in a country plated in gold?


Because Protestants saw a lot of that as bullshit and moved on.