Is your visual snow multicoloured?

Is your visual snow multicoloured?


I see red blue and green dots sometimes. When I was younger, I used to use them as manifestation XD. Like 'If I pass my test tomorrow, show me blue.'


Bless your childhood self that’s a cute story


Wait I use to do the same thing as a kid ??? But I mean it worked sometimes lmao wishful thinking is great :D


Me too. It has always been multicolored.


Wikipedia had me worried I was going blind!


Mines red and green


Thanks a lot for the comment I was worried there! That’s the last time I google a medical issue


Mine has always been neon green, pink, and yellow. Fun. But it does change in dim light depending on nearby light source colors, reflections, colors from the tv etc. but that’s usually more peripheral.


mines whatever colour the thing im looking at is


when i'm in a lit room or outside in the daytime mine is white or grey but when i'm in the dark and when i close my eyes its purple and blue


Mine is black and white, although I'll occasionally get tiny flashes of red, green, or blue.


You seem to be the only person in this thread who has the definition that inspired the post! How strange


Mine are tiny dots; blue green yellow purple. The blues are alot more prominent though. At night I see streaks through it but the most annoying part probably is that the dots form a solid object. Sometimes a hindrance when walking back from the toilet to my room in total darkness 😔


Yes same!


Morning is Technicolor when I first wake up. Fades to gray during the day though.


That’s really interesting I had never considered they might change throughout the day for some people


its honestly hard for me to tell, they're so tiny that it looks multicolored but it could just be flashing black and white or something. i think colors are normal though


No color, like an old black and white CRT. its so weird. I have dreams of having my nose pressed up against an old tv tuned to static right before waking up sometimes.


Mine is very multi colored. Also when I close my eyes there are vast swathes of color constantly swirling around in big blobs. Those colors are usually a weird green and kind of a stygian purple. If I focus really hard on the purple areas I notice that it is made up of many tiny random flashes of deep red and stygian blue. This makes me think that my VS seems to be caused by my ocular cells constantly randomly firing, which would also explain why they tire so easily and why I get after images if I look at something for more than ~a second


I think it’s almost always colored. A good way to tell is if you look at the grain in older movies, you can distinctly tell the difference between that and your snow. At least that’s how it is for me


Mine have always been red and green :)


Black, white, yellow and green


mines white/grey


I just had my first ever today it was mostly white and gray but for a few secs it went like 10% normal mixed with the gray white then went full on 100% static and I almost fell. Never heard of this untill google searching this symptom. What the hell is happening, I gotta schedule a dr appt


That sounds like Orthostatic Hypotension to me if you’ve never had it before, visual snow is chronic it doesn’t tend to come and go. Good call on the dr appointment it’s not likely anything serious but could be down to diet, like an iron deficiency. I hope you’re ok!


Thank you I just looked into that but it says that's after sitting and more of a blackout. I have had once or twice when I was younger but that this was totally different. My vision was gone and I stumbled into a wall off balance, my friend said I was like pale green. Also hearing felt heightened. I couldn't see for like 2 minutes though and it slowly came back over the next 5 minutes. It was very trippy looking.