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Maybe we should put her abuela behind some fence in some industrial parking lot. AOC might just swing by!


I like how hyper-americanized girls with a single drop of Hispanic blood use the spanish word and exaggerated spanish pronunciation to really get those identity points. Abuela just sounds so much more oppressed that grandma.


Apparently Hispanic people talk in their own language to score “identity points” from GregariousFart here. Jesus Christ, what a fucking moron.


Or, and hear me out here, maybe Hispanic families are more likely to use the word “abuela” instead of “grandma”.


I have a small amount of German blood in me and call my grandparents by opa and oma. My best friend from high school calls his parents nana and papi, and their entire family heritage goes back to the original colonization of America, on both sides. People have culture in their homes.


If you're not calling your grandparents "Grandma" and "Grandpa", are you even American??


Well, I live here, so


Virgin AOC vs Chad Border control officer


i think we missed the point that puerto rico (part of the united states) is still royally fucked