PSA: If you just want Windows 11 early, DO NOT select DEV build.

PSA: If you just want Windows 11 early, DO NOT select DEV build.


This has been an insider's thing for quite a while, Kinda surprising that people think the dev channel is just early access




I think there are a lot of new people to the insider program.


i actually discovered the insider program via searching, then i used dev, i was worried about the watermark, then i searched and realized that its normal, now im on Release preview


It's **not** the dev build that is unstable. It's Windows 11 that is. No multiple display support is not a build thing. It's just because Windows 11 have issues.




Same, 3 Monitors, and a 42" Samsung Plasma all running just fine ... lol


I thought Microsoft told us loud and clear when we enter insider programs on what channel is for what lmao


We all know how good people are at reading.


Dude, I'm a programmer. I don't even like the dev builds of my own projects.


If you change Windows.old to anything else you can rollback after 10 days, just remember to rename it to Windows. old


Neat trick. Thanks


I went to dev to see if a "bug" resolved (as a troubleshooting thing) with the old release preview. I even rolled back manually, it kept me in dev with other options greyed out. So it rolled me right back forward. Which... is fine. I guess. For now, until it makes me mad in the future.


What about beta? Thanks for this btw. I figured dev would pull ahead of release at some point but it's good to have it confirmed.


Beta is ok


Every bodies wanting to try out Beta = i'm 100% for - it's good/great to experiment/test (apply this to all facets of life). People joining the Dev channel ignoring the warnings - bring their ruin upon themselves. If you're unable to "handle" the dev version's possible wonky nature and ignore the CLEAR warnings before you install/switch to it - I have no sympathy/desire to help.


What's so bad about dev? It's not like it's that unstable. I've used it for a very long time for both work and personal use Or are you just saying that if you simply want Win 11 with the least risk of bugs to use the release preview? That seems to be a clear understanding to me, when one joins the insider previews, but I guess not everyone understands that.


My dev latest version runs fine on my 9710. Very few issues and only random. Noloss of use, ever. I am probably someone that should be on the Beta channrl but I have been happy with dev. version...


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You can also switch out of Dev if you made it to 22000.


When it officially releases do you know if they will do a free upgrade to 11 like they did with 10 release?


Yes, it's a free upgrade like 10 was.


Cool thanks!


what will happen to those who are on release preview when the stable version releases?


Nothing. You just get it early


I did manage to hop onto beta from dev a few builds back. It may not always be possible, but lucky me!


Yeah oops, just realised i made this mistake today fortunately i have backups on my NAS, so i can just roll back a week or two and untick the box


What's the point of getting stable release if it still will have the issues not fixed. I doubt they magically make many issues disappear, otherwise they wouldn't be there in dev channel either. Like no support for multiple display, sleeping restarts PC, instead of sleeping it, crashes (and not even a blue screens) and much more. And performance is bad on Windows 11, it won't be good just because You use stable release.


You can just install 194 build and not need any insider build.


i need to reinstall anyway


So sorry if this has been asked very obviously already, but the beta ring is just the RC build right now?


Yes. It has been related now.


i used the dev build never had problems actually but damn i want the official update now is it possible to do it without fully resetting the pc?


If you find out, please let me know.


Go to Microsoft website for windows 10 and find the downloads and click on the windows 10 installation assistant it will completely remove windows 11 and reinstall windows 10 however it wipes the drive so you have to create a backup if you need to


I wait for windows 12. Microsoft aways releases in waves. - xp was good - vista shitty - 7 good - 8 shitty - 10 somewhat good - 11 ....


Nah, XP sucked when it was released and took several service packs to get it to a usable state. I stayed on Win2000 for years before I finally switched to XP and then I switched to Vista as soon as it was released. Also, Vista laid the foundation for every windows release since. It was actually very good on decent hardware. 8 was pretty rough but 8.1 was decent and was great for tablets. 10 reversed a bunch of the touch friendly stuff that made for a good tablet experience. In fact the touch experience still sucks in 11. My opinion: Win 3.x - ok, but sucked compared to Mac os (ok) Win95 - groundbreaking but buggy (good) Win98 - buggy (ok) Win98se - great, most stable of the dos based Windows (good) Win2000 - amazing. First NT version that was usable from a consumer standpoint. Decent driver support. (Good) WinME - unstable garbage. Removed dos mode for some reason even though it was still based on Dos. Only good was implemented some of 2000s improvements.(bad) WinXP - fugly garbage that offered very little improvements over 2000 but a lot of people liked it because it finally offered NT stability to consumers (most consumers were used to ME) (ok) Vista - beautiful redesign (probably best looking windows os ever) completely misunderstood. People had issues because of installing on underspeced hardware and 3rd party driver support was poor because of a new driver system. (Good) 7 - basically just Vista but it had a new name so it shed most of the bad connotation. The driver woes of vistas early days were solved by this point. (Good) 8 - garbage on desktops, amazing on tablets. Lots of UI stuff unfinished.(bad) 8.1 - fixed some of the desktop issues and UI more consistent. (Ok) 10- just ok. They refered most stuff back to how it was done in 7 at the expense of tablet users. Inconsistent UI once again . (Good) 11- jurys still out but it's probably the nicest looking since Vista. Threw out what was left of 8.x unfortunately. More UI consistently but still needs a lot of work. It will probably be poorly received due to OS requirements (opposite of Vistas problem) (probably ok)


I 100% agree with you. Very detailed.


I also agree with you 100 u/shawnmos. Windows 11 needs some criticism but not over criticism of almost everything.