Tokyo scraps public viewing of Olympics

Tokyo scraps public viewing of Olympics


The only thing that's left to happen is an Earthquake and a Tsunami during the opening ceremony, the IOC jinxed it by calling for an apocalypse to stop the games.
















Now you have a friend in the diamond business


Tom Shane?








And a kaiju, though that might bring it all the way around to 'most epic' games.


The Gundam could go rouge


I don't think Gundam turning red is anyone's business.


So Char stole it and painted it in his colours? Cool.


That's Yokohama, not Tokyo.


Why, is ANA not flying anymore?


Godzilla v Mothra Olympic Tetherball.


Ohh, I like this, they could mount the ball on Tokyo tower. I was thinking more along the lines of very exciting javelin throwing.


Javelin is a great one. Pole Vault seems like a pretty terrifying prospect. They could introduce ground to air missile catch.


The new coronavirus variant, the "G" variant, masses together into a massive single virus the size of the Tokyo Tower. Don't miss this exciting event where Godzilla takes on his most deadly rival yet: Godzilla vs. King Corora!!!!


At least they’ll be worth watching then


Or Majin Buu


All the Olympians getting isekai-ed.


*Truck-kun has entered the chat*


Earthquake, tsunami, mechagodzilla, mothra, and how about the giant gundam somewhere around there


IIRC from the history lessons than japan has some magic/cursed anime that initiates earthquakes when watched on TV


I believe that’s Minky Momo! I watched a video on it, super interesting.


Will have the best rating though


Clamp is releasing the end of X/1999?


Godzilla "my time to shine!"


"The three values of Olympism are excellence, friendship and respect." They forgot the fourth; money. [https://olympics.com/ioc/faq/olympic-rings-and-other-olympic-marks/what-are-the-values-of-olympism](https://olympics.com/ioc/faq/olympic-rings-and-other-olympic-marks/what-are-the-values-of-olympism)


That would be the zeroth.


Things are getting crazy here in Tokyo now. NOBODY wants the Olympics. There are people in front of stations protesting against them. How can they hold the games when the overwhelming majority of people are against them?




Yes but at this point it's not Japan being greedy. Thanks to the IOC if Japan wants to cancel or postpone, they'd have to pay for it on top of the expenses of the stadium. It's a terrible situation where the IOC is strong arming a country during a pandemic- pretty shameful


It was always the IOC being greedy


* IOC, only slightly less corrupt than FIFA


I really hope IOC is raked over the coals for their treatment of host countries after this mess. I'd really like to get behind an international competition that isn't seemingly run by a greedy, corrupt organization. Ideally, one so mega-rich that they can build an artificial floating city to host the events each time instead of preying on nations desperate to increase their standing in the world at the expense of their economy.


Is that you, Comstock?


fucking amazing game, the next one couldn’t come sooner


Good gameplay but the story was a mess. You never go back to the universe where you are doing someone a favor so there is no reason to do most of what you do and obviously Songbird was cut out for the most part because it never really did anything.


What. The story was amazing, but the game itself was unplayably boring.


My country is expected to winnthe bid for the next games (only bidder). I don't want us signing the contract anymore


I think we should start the Olimpics with a different organization. Until that one becomes corrupted.


> It's a terrible situation where the IOC is strong arming a country during a pandemic- pretty shameful This is the ideal world in the mind of capitalist elite class. A capitalist org can easily coerce foreign govt to sacrifice lives of their own people for some inflated fiat green paper.


Money is still the motivator whether Japan is being greedy or not


I could have sworn countries actually lose money by hosting


Most of them do, but usually it’s largely their own fault, and not the IOC Canada spent a metric fuckton on that stadium that’s falling apart in Montreal, and it is now the laughingstock of the city


Australia did well out if it back in 2000. Used the expense to revitalise a massive section of the Sydney which is now a central location for all sorts of sport, shows, conferences, concerts, exhibitions, and other large public events. As well as a wetlands conservation site/national park, heritage/aboriginal parkland, and residential suburb. A pretty good example of how to do it right.


Countries with their shit together tend to do well. They usually have a lot of the infrastructure already in place and use the Olympics as an excuse to build infrastructure that is needed and will actually be used afterwards by the public. They also ensure there is money to fund the transition to general use afterwards and that their are sustainable public or private organisations ready to take responsibility for the infrastructure. Sydney and London both did a pretty good job. They both redeveloped central areas of their cities that are still used to this day and have links to permanent public transit. Then you have places like Athens and Rio. They struggled or failed to get the infrastructure done on time to begin with. Funding was uncertain to pay to transition the infrastructure to sustainable sizes or pay to use them after and often didn't materialise. They developed areas disconnected or far away from everything with little to no permeant public transit to facilitate people going their afterwards. The vision for use afterwards was absurd and the Government stopped caring the minute the spotlight of the Olympics was gone leading lots of it to fall into disrepair and be a monumental waste.


I was going to mention Sydney, the Olympic park is great, has many artists perform, pool is great, Easter show is excellent And this is all helped by the transport system they kept around. Much better than rio (feel like that was the most recent example of shitty reuse)


Rio got a nice metro line to Barra though.


The Barcelona games were some of the best examples of an Olympic properly done too. [Lots of infrastructure improvements were done](https://twitter.com/JoaquimCampa/status/1404843612924436480) (too many imo, but still), the city was placed on the world stage, catapulting it to one of the most visited in the planet, and all of the infrastructure is still being used. The Olympic village is nowadays another neighbourhood in the city, next to the also purpose built Seafront Promenade, which massively improved the beaches of the city.


The only Olympic Games to be profitable recently was Los Angeles 1984. That was only because the IOC was strapped to get LA to host. This left LA in the driver’s seat to push to use existing stadiums and facilities. This savings made the games profitable for LA. Since then, every 4 years each host country has to build a couple $B in boondoggle facilities that will never be used again. Does Rio need a white water rafting park? Look up pictures of the Sarajevo Olympic stadium today. All are a complete joke and waste of money!!!


I heard that in Mr. Krabs voice.


You see, the people have no power. They can cry all they like, the government doesn't actually have to listen to them.


Because the contract is absolute bullshit


Wow, how naive. [Sorry, I don't mean to be hostile]


It's naive to not want to hold the games?


It's naive to think that the games have anything to do with the people of the host city wanting them.


This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.dw.com/en/covid-tokyo-scraps-public-viewing-of-olympics/a-57964417) reduced by 60%. (I'm a bot) ***** > Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike said on Saturday that the city administration is canceling all public viewing events in the Japanese capital to prevent the risk of a surge in coronavirus infections. > "These are necessary measures to make the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics a success,'' she told reporters after meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.". > There had been six planned viewing sites across the Japanese capital, including Inokashira and Yoyogi parks as well as a university in Tokyo. ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/o3fllz/tokyo_scraps_public_viewing_of_olympics/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~583528 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **Japanese**^#1 **Tokyo**^#2 **Games**^#3 **public**^#4 **Koike**^#5


This whole thing reminds me of Rainbow Six(the book), except instead of of it being a secret, we know there is a deadly virus and we are going to spread it on purpose.


When the pandemic first started, soon after the hype for a war with Iran, I thought life was starting to play out like Executive Orders, just without having to rebuild the government from scratch and the actual war.


Phenomenal book. Got me into Tom Clancy. I loved that the older games used some of the characters from the book as well.


Protecting the paying Japanese public.. The athletes, not so much. If one athlete on a team tests positive, how will they accommodate the standings and scoring? What about exposures during events? Oh, no! X tests positive - teams/opponents have to isolate! A do-over of the whole event? Ignore exposures and contacts? Everyone shuffles up one standing? Is a positive test an elimination, like a drug positive? Or an injury - caused by the event itself (and the organizers?) (The lawsuits might be *epic.*)


Most of the athletes will have been vaccinated by then.


It's not the 'most' we have to worry about. It's the self-important 'i know my body better than you' athletes who cannot help but feed their gluttonous, fragile ego that makes them think they're invincible to disease because they're atheletes.




Bro your ignoring the context of this comment chain. One person asked 'what happens if someone gets covid?' Next comment says 'most athletes will have been vaccinated by then'. *Then* i pointed out that there's been a rash of athletes who are antivax. I can understand if you didn't like what i said, but i still stand by my statement that alot of athletes are deluded and think their peak fitness and health gives them immunity others have. Trust me, I'm hoping the 2021 Olympians are smarter than idiiots like Cole Beasley, Novak Djokovic and others. Time will tell. I sincerely hope that nobody is Ryan Lochte levels of stupid this time around, but these people aren't being selected for their smarts.


> i still stand by my statement that alot of athletes are deluded and think their peak fitness and health gives them immunity others have. Trust me, I'm hoping the 2021 Olympians are smarter than idiiots like Cole Beasley, Novak Djokovic and others. Ok. I think I was wrong. I didn't know many athletes are anti-vax


It's alright lol. I'm putting my hope that the young people going to Japan at least see how worried the Japanese are about over the Olympics, seeing as they're having trouble getting the country vaccinated before the events kicked off.


Most, hopefully.. many with the Russian and Chinese vaccines (which may be less effective).. and the new variants will be there too, from all over the world for all the teams to be exposed and redistribute them all over to different places all over the world... The games should've been cancelled.


they train for this for years. if i was them i'd be totally willing to take that risk, it's their life.


And if they bring home Covid variant Epislon, maybe it's granny's life. The point of social distancing is to prevent spread. The olympics is *global* non-distancing.


Yes get off the plane. Screw covid tests or quarantine and immediately hug Granny without a mask!


That's exactly how countries without travel quarantines are doing it. *cough* USA


How much longer do you want us to do this shit for? If we live in fear of variants we’ll never have the olympics, never travel and never return to normal.


Simple: until the vast majority are fully vaccinated and the positive test numbers plummet. Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate. I was in school when classmates died of whooping cough, polio and other diseases - that are preventable with vaccines. Same thing with Covid19.


Positive test numbers already have plummeted


Not everywhere.


> Positive test numbers already have plummeted The number of confirmed cases worldwide is still 2~3x what it was last summer, and countries with outbreaks now don't have the testing infrastructure. https://ourworldindata.org/covid-cases


there's 7,674,000,000 people in the world. around 12,000 will compete in the olympics. they represent 0.00000156% of the population if you think this will make any dent in covid you're nuts


And *you* haven't been been following the news for the last 18 months. Or learning anything about Covid, or the pandemic...


do you realize there are baseball games going on right now with a live audience in the USA? have you been protesting that? how about children soccer games? children basketball games? have you been to the public recreation center gym recently? it seems like you and half of the commentors on here have no idea of life outside of their home.


I don't live in the USA. Where *I* live, we're practicing social distancing, no crowd events at all (except covid-denier rallies). Masks mandatory. Three people died here yesterday (my town) and another 250 tested positive. Just like most days. Oh, and our vaccination numbers are better than the USA's.


You're right, we should live in fear for the rest of our lives.


Americans already do. Thats why you guys carry guns around 24/7


Please don't rile up the Americans about the guns thing! They get terribly excited and often end up invading someone on some thin pretext.


Doesn’t seem to matter… and so it begins. Ugandan athlete who has been vaccinated with AstraZeneca has tested positive upon arrival… https://www.google.co.jp/amp/s/au.sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/olympics-2021-athlete-tests-positive-covid-19-japan-023656114.html. The first, but definitely not the last. Vaccine does not make you immune, but merely activates immune system and likely to make symptoms mild.


That's not strictly true.... When our immune systems eat a virus, little pieces are left behind that our immune systems use to recognize the virus and mobilize super fast next time. Vaccines introduce those pieces (in a roundabout way) so you don't have to get sick first. So, technically it's true that a vaccine does not make you immune.... but practically it does for most people. Saying it just makes the symptoms more mild is not strictly speaking true. Yes, the virus gets in. Then the immune system squashes it. If everything works as it should, which it usually does, there's not enough viral load to make you infectious, which is what's really important. It's not 100% effective. Of course not. But still, don't lie about vaccines...


I think some people have idea that “immunity” means “personal force field” rather than “your body kills it so fast you probably won’t even get a sniffle.”


Sure, sure. It's still possible to get sick after getting a vaccine. Possible, but not probable. Still? Those people that say vaccines "just" make symptoms more mild are bending the truth so far that they're either lying on purpose or ignorant and need correcting. Vaccines are awesome.


While I take your point, the mRNA vaccines are a bit different. They convince your body to make odd proteins that are similar (in this case) to the spike proteins common to the SARS-CoV-2 strains and get an immune response that way. It seems to work even better than the old methods so Huzzah!


Yes, I know. That's why I said "roundabout". The IMPORTANT point here is that people who say it "just" makes your symptoms mild are either ignorant or purposefully lying.


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vaccination does not mean they can't still carry it and infect others.


That's why those who are most at risk of dying of the disease should be the first ones to receive the vaccine. The athletes can still compete. If they're afraid of spreading it upon arrival home, they can isolate for however long. The virus won't stop the worlds top athletes for a once in a lifetime competition.


Ha, but still positive. Go Uganda.


The olympic is one of the world’s biggest fuck fest too, so many athletes will have literally negative distance between them, so to speak




However, considering the long term effects of Covid could maybe not kill them but definitely kill their career, they should absolutely be careful.


The athletes should have been vaccinated. And the open conditions in large space with little close contact is not really a major risk. I’ve been mostly opposed to the olympics but if they hold them without crowded stands and viewing areas I think it mostly comes down to the athletes to make their own choices


Being vaccinated isn’t a 100% guarantee you won’t get it…


Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of countries that don’t have access to vaccinations so it’s not a choice for some.


I’m not sure if it’s the case but I would assume that organizers arrange exceptions for athletes? Regardless it is their choice, but outside of a handful of events like wrestling(and even there the bouts are pretty short) there really isn’t much possibility for intra athlete transmission as it lacks the close and extended contact necessary


kinda annoying how redditors downvote anyone who disagrees with them even if the points are valid.


Sure is. But karma is meaningless so it’s not that big a deal


It's hit some of the UFC fighters hard. There are a couple that might have to retire due to lasting effects and complications. It might not kill them but could completely ruin their athletic career. I would imagine they will have strict testing and quarantines for them though so probably not a very high risk of picking it up if they aren't exposed to the public.


Interesting. Your reasoning?




Look at the [first (CDC) chart](https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/covid-data/investigations-discovery/hospitalization-death-by-age.html): same chance of a young athlete getting infected as a 60-year old coach. Or their 85 year old granny.


Completely missing the point. And forgetting that plenty of athletes still suffer from illnesses such as asthma.


great idea to put all the world's best athletes in one place. this will quickly turn into 'which country has the best/worst immunities?'


Most if not all should be vaxxed


... and most of the vaccines are not enough for herd immunity. For herd immunity with the Delta variant you need ~90% population immunity. Only the mRNA vaccines are good enough at providing immunity to get you there alone.


There isn't a side-by-side comparison of mRNA vaccine efficacy versus adenovirus vaccine efficacy. I am not sure why people keep circulating this perception on reddit.


Make it a new Olympic competition.


IOC gives a fuck you to athletes. Money money money. It’s a rich man’s world.


That sounds like a funeral. My grandma had a public viewing.


Tourist revenue is how they make the money back, so why not postpone a year? This never made any sense


You mean to postpone the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?


Roll over the 2020 Olympic to back to back 2024 Olympic lol


No they can't do that. That would be other countries turn than. But they can have it in 2023.


TV rights.


Next year is the Commonwealth Games, many of the countries are already committed to competing in that competition... if it still goes ahead. Olympic games should be cancelled and give Japan the first option on the next Olympics up for grabs.


TV and ad revenue are the biggest income.


so this is what loss of sovereignty looks like. Japan: Now is not a good time, we wnat to cancel/postpone the olympics. IOC: No Japan: hope you like no audience... and I dunno, electricity!?!?!? The pandemic continues to be an eye opener... leaving no question who runs the joint, and it is not governments


Next step, cancel the whole thing all together. Last thing we want is thousands of people from around the world mixing in one place. We should cancel Euro too...


Or how about maybe make it a requirement that athletes are vaccinated?


What would that do? I think OP is talking about the mass of people traveling to Japan to attend the Olympics. Not the athletes. Edit: I’m dumb. And wrong on the above.


That's already been cancelled. No foreigners without competition credentials are allowed.


Oh shit! My bad. I obviously did not know they made that decision.


I thought that was what this article was about


> I think OP is talking about the mass of people traveling to Japan to attend the Olympics. Not the athletes. I don't think that is what OP meant, since they cancelled all public viewings already, yet OP thinks it should be cancelled completely, so OP must have been referring to athletes and all workers involved.


Yup! Sorry about that! I totally didn’t know they banned non locals from attending until someone informed me in this thread! I’m a tool.


lol, its ok :)


Lol you must not be following this dilemma at all Japans economy hinges on the games not only happening but bringing in enough to cover the costs The IOC is going to leave Japan to foot the bill with no recourse and no make up games if they cancel the games The effect on Japan is one thing, but this would also effect the world economy to an extent depending on how bad things actually got There needs to be intergovernmental intervention to come to an agreeable cancellation


The games were already massively over budget before covid even happened. I just hope that this comes as a signal for countries to stop paying insane sums to hold the olympics wasting their tax payers money.


You and me both. Politicians are getting their own pockets lined to support IOC ambitions and ignore IOC corruption. People need to start removing and investigating any politicians who support expensive Olympics programs. Make them start paying the price and they'll stop supporting those boondoggles, and the IOC will have to start holding their own hat as they come asking for hosts again.


I just hope that this comes as a signal for countries to stop paying insane sums for any sports, wasting their tax payers money. -FTFY


Saying Japan’s economy “hinges” on the games happening is being a little dramatic. Will it cost them a lot of money to cancel? Yes. Their economy won’t come crashing down if the games don’t happen though. Olympics are quite often a net loss for a country financially anyway. I do think they will go forward with the games either way.


The Olympic contract is with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. If the Japanese national Government feels that holding the Olympics is detrimental to the safety, health, and well-being, of the Nation then they cancel it. Tokyo, beyond their control, can no hold the events, and the IOC pays the bill. But, the IOC has already paid off the members of the Diet that have the power to shut things down in the best interests of the country.


Where are they getting the money from? I was under the impression that typically tourism is what pays for this stuff but since only those associated with the Olympics are allowed thats obviously off the table


Tv deals


Did they manage to negotiate extremely good terms for those this year or something? In the past at least the host city doesn't even get half of the income (IOC gets most of it) generated from televised broadcasts. Generally the profit they get from the actual Olympics itself pales in the actual costs of all the infrastructure and operating costs they get hit by. The argument for it being that they will make more money over the long term and the initial boost in tourism is usually very substantial so it's seen as an investment into the economy, to which that won't really be happening this time. I dunno, I guess at this point they might see it as too late to cut their losses, but it seems like the most prudent thing to do would have been to cancel it before paying all those infrastructure costs and just eat the lost bid and already invested cash.


Oh I definitely agree, I’m just thinking that’s their last glimmer of any kind of income for this shitshow.


Japan's economy doesn't hinge on the games being held. Will it be a large debt to pay off? Yes, but they have a strong economy (3rd strongest on the world) and will bounce back.


Japan’s good at bouncing back from stuff. They’ll be OK.


Only because they move on to the next hot topic and pretend that everything is fine. Japanese people in the cities especially are voluntary amnesiacs when it suits them (the countryside however has a history of anti-nuclear demos, among other things. Odd how the countryside tends to be more progressive than the city). Oh, and if the fault is Japanese culture, *cough* Fukushima *cough*, that especially gets swept under the rug.


LOL no, they've been in recession for around 30 years now. So much for 'bouncing back' lol.


https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/NY.GDP.MKTP.KD.ZG?locations=JP&start=1990 This graph shows ups and downs. As a recession is 2 quarters of reduced GDP how have they been in a recession for 30 years? The data shows otherwise.


While they may not technically be in a recession, if you extend the graph to the 60s you can see an overall decline in GDP.


People don't understand the difference between nominal GDP growth and real GDP growth, the first doesn't account for inflation while the second does. Japan had had virtually zero inflation since 1991 while countries like the US had an average yearly inflation rate of around 2%, by those terms alone in nominal terms, the US economy has "grown" by 40% or more since 1991 while Japan hasn't. But inflation growth isn't real growth since there has not been any actual increase in the quality of life or production of goods for the average citizen. In real terms if you want to compare the growth trajectory of two countries and whether the quality of life has increased for the average citizen in per capita terms, you have to account for inflation, exchange rates and yearly population growth so you get the true value, under those terms using IMF numbers, the Japanese economy as a whole has grown by around 21% in real terms since 1995, and the Yen right now is heavily undervalued vis-à-vis the US dollar.


Nominal vs real shouldn't change the fact that Japan hasn't been in a 30 year recession.


When people look at this stuff usually the first thing they look at is nominal GDP, and if you do that, it does give the appearance that Japan hasn't grown at all since 1995 which is why this "factoid" about the country having no growth since the 90s keeps being repeated, so I was clarifying that.




I thought it was already established that there would be no foreign spectators and the athletes would be vaccinated? Not sure about the vaccinated part, I'm assuming these top level athletes wouldn't want to risk this rare chance at competing in the Olympics. Probably a bold assumption.


It's still tens of thousands of people. Athletes, their staff, trainers, coaches, doctors the list goes on...


I still think it's a reasonable risk if they've all verifiably had vaccines.


They did not.


Haha, well then that's idiotic


I mean, vaccinating tens of thousands of people is still an immense task. Who's going to organize it? Who's going to provide the vaccines, the staff, the record-keeping? Who's going to pay for it? Organize this over basically every country on Earth before the Olympics are set to begin next month? Invest all that resource and manpower into athlete's vaccine efforts when less than 7% of the Japanese population are fully vaccinated? It just can't work.


It is divided up among every participating country though, they should already have vaccine programs in place. All they would have to do is show documentation of it. Doesn't seem all that daunting to me.


We should just cancel everything for the next two years yeah ahaha


Reddit shut-ins trying to justify their sad lifestyle.


This comment thread needs some popcorn and a reality check for some (the ones that think that the pandemic is just getting better because of lack of news in their area or just not paying actual attention).


Or you can live in New England and rightly believe that.


Fuck the Olympics. Huge waste of resources.


100% yes


I'm not going to leave the house till this is over


Now if only the actual Olympics could be as entertaining as watching this parasitic organization's event fall apart during a unprecedented pandemic.


Just cancel. The pandemic isn't over yet.


Do I still get my private viewing tho


Well that's interesting. Why did they cancel a public viewing? Do they mean televised as well, or just an audience in the stands?


Maybe read the article


You’re a dick


Will continue being a dick to people who only read the headline and then expect someone to explain the rest to them.




Lol, no


the whole thing should be scrapped




This is incredibly sad. The people of Japan should be able to watch the games they are so generously putting on.


I think you mean the games that they have been fighting NOT to have but the IOC refuses to cancel. Japan overwhelmingly doesn’t want the olympics to occur. Problem is the contract doesn’t let them cancel it. Blocking public viewing is the closest they can realistically come


It was criminal to delay them last year. Almost as bad to not allow tourists this year. Now they won't even let their own citizens watch. Japan should rightfully be upset with the IOC about this. Another delay is not a solution though. Japan has worked very hard to get everything ready and they would be crazy not to want to watch their hard work pay off.


From my understanding the Olympians have to be vaccinated? If this is the case I say we need this as a world. If nor I'm still for it with proper precautions. The awe of the Olympics can help sooth some wounds or at least give us hope again that we can all come together for a purpose other than the really bad events in the world.