This is the party that bansheed "personal freedom" about wearing cloth over their mouths.


Their personal freedom means " I get to do whatever I want and you have to do whatever I want"


And "my body, my choice" when they didn't want vaccines.


The amount of republicans that have had/paid for abortions staying quiet right now is amazing


“The only moral abortion is my abortion.”


[Link](https://joycearthur.com/abortion/the-only-moral-abortion-is-my-abortion/) for those unfamiliar with the original source of this phrase. EDIT: spelling


I feel a new kind of sad reading that one; damn.


Yah, just a different version of "fuck you and yours I got mine"... Which is really all an extension of with F. Wilhoit described with; *" Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect..."* Which ties in nicely with the fascism of the people who hold such ideologies and the racist roots of the religious right and the so called "pro life" movement. Its not about saving babies its about trying to make sure that the people they dislike and otherwise want to abuse suffer the most. https://www.aclu.org/news/racial-justice/the-racist-history-of-abortion-and-midwifery-bans https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/05/religious-right-real-origins-107133/ https://www.thenation.com/article/politics/anti-abortion-white-supremacy/ Also, for sake of some insight on what really goes on with much of so called "pro-life" ideation; https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/10357009-the-unborn-are-a-convenient-group-of-people-to-advocate *“The unborn” are a convenient group of people to advocate for. They never make demands of you; they are morally uncomplicated, unlike the incarcerated, addicted, or the chronically poor; they don’t resent your condescension or complain that you are not politically correct; unlike widows, they don’t ask you to question patriarchy; unlike orphans, they don’t need money, education, or childcare; unlike aliens, they don’t bring all that racial, cultural, and religious baggage that you dislike; they allow you to feel good about yourself without any work at creating or maintaining relationships; and when they are born, you can forget about them, because they cease to be unborn. You can love the unborn and advocate for them without substantially challenging your own wealth, power, or privilege, without re-imagining social structures, apologizing, or making reparations to anyone. They are, in short, the perfect people to love if you want to claim you love Jesus, but actually dislike people who breathe. Prisoners? Immigrants? The sick? The poor? Widows? Orphans? All the groups that are specifically mentioned in the Bible? They all get thrown under the bus for the unborn.”* ― Methodist Pastor David Barnhart Which being said, these people don't care about the the unborn either.. its just a platform through which abuse, violence and discrimination can be acted on and through. Has nothing to do with preserving life at any stage of the process. Why say that? Well lets look at their positions on prenatal care, post natal care.. hell healthcare in general in addition to other matters involving social support systems which would ultimately help ensure the health and wellbeing of mothers and their children. They oppose all of those things across the board to a point where it is pretty obvious they would not care less if the mother and child died in a ditch sick and in pain. Maybe you'd hear something about "thoughts and prayers" on a lazy FB post, or hohumming about how "it was gods will, and nothing could have been done". These are not good people, and at worst wholly mentally unstable and dangerous as showcased by acts of domestic terror they get in to. Also, about the fascism bit with these religious extremists and domestic terrorists... https://www.openculture.com/2016/11/umberto-eco-makes-a-list-of-the-14-common-features-of-fascism.html Edit: these fundamentalist jackasses also ignore the fact that each Abrahamic religion by scripture not only describe abortion, but when/how to do it, and can even get in to when it is mandatory... so much for what "god wants" by function of core documents describing values of their given "faith". edit 2: Thank you for the awards kind strangers.


And their mistresses can still fly to luxury Swiss clinics so all good lol


Lmao. They don't even need to fly overseas. Just one or a few states over.


Well considering medical privacy is dead, I hope every republican’s dirty abortion laundry starts getting aired the fuck out


Maybe they'll actually reference HIPAA correctly finally?


as my family says "But foster children are expensive and have problems" (this is why its ok not to adopt a foster kid in the mind of a religious person). I guess GOD doesn't want foster kids to be happy. Its amazing watching these people think. Like how did you make it this far?!


These same “Christians” want to open carry everywhere but will call the police if a POC is walking in their neighborhood.


I guarantee you if my Republican uncle’s little princess got knocked up she’d be on the first flight to wherever abortion is legal. 💯


Because in a planet that is dealing with a whole litany of issues - food shortage, inflation fucking everywhere, supply chain issues, a hellish climate, and a bloody war in Europe - instead we have a bunch of regressive dinosaurs focusing their energy trying to kick up their pet project issues to fuck over women and minorities in their country.


You forgot about a pandemic


True, a pandemic too. I imagine a good amount of folks pushing for abortion abolition also pretended the pandemic never happened


I think you mean actively fought against quarantining so they got what they wanted and reopened and then they fought against basic measures to keep people safe and then when an easy fix came to solve the problem they fought against that too.


Yes, that is exactly why they are doing it. It's not a pet project, that's their whole strategy. They are buying time. By eliminating all the progress we've made over the last few decades they get to stay in power for much longer. Edit. To further add to my point, they don't want us to focus on climate change, or all of the other issues, they fully know we have limited time. They are actively stalling action with their culture war.




That wasn't fun at all


Yeah, how do I unsubscribe from Catholic Church fun facts?


Look for excommunication settings in your profile.


*notices its in a slightly lighter grey than the other options and you can't change it*


That’s the neat part, you can’t!


Yet Catholic teachers in Australia are entitled to the same leave and pay conditions as every other teacher regardless of faith or lack of it. The conditions of employment here were forged by unions and employers must comply with the law. It’s up to the state to make and enforce the rules and then the church and every other employer has to comply. You can argue that the churches could and should do better, but without a legal framework, any employer can make up the rules as they go.


The Catholics? You must live in California. We work in the largest public school in Texas, making it one of the largest in the country. We just had our first and last baby and got zero paid time off. We had to exhaust our tiny amount of sick leave. We had plenty of coworkers that would have donated PTO, but our district doesn’t allow that either.


I was just about to point out that it’s the same policy for public school teachers. I was told my first year teaching not to take days off work if I got sick because I would need them in case I got pregnant, and knew multiple colleagues who would do family planning to deliver their babies over summer break.


The Catholic school I work at just added it this year. I couldn't believe it was something they didn't offer when I first hired in.


That's great. I can't believe it isn't standard. It's not even a finance thing it seems... our local Diocese is wildly wealthy.


FTA: >In Brazil, antiabortion politicians celebrated the news from the United States. Just a day earlier, right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro expressed outrage that doctors performed an abortion on an 11-year-old girl pregnant with a child conceived by rape. Fuck Bolsonaro and his ilk.


And double fuck him because he encouraged farmers to burn down the Amazon Rainforest and encouraged mining in the forest. Edit: look up “Amazon rainforest mining” on google and go to images to see pictures of mined areas of the Amazon that look like a desert.


Why do people on the right always take the most fucking awful, horrific position on every possible issue? Ugh.


5+ years ago my answer would have been "money" but now their one single motivation for all of their vile shit seems to be "oWnInG tHe LiBs"...


Honestly.. the shit Trump unravelled, I do not believe we will ever see it go back in our lifetime. What an absolute horrendous state of affairs.


Conservatism is a movement that ~~grew from~~ was a reaction to the fall of Feudalism, they traditionally aim to restore power and privilege to those who 'deserve' it and remove power and privilege from those who don't. This can explain very well most of the shitty hills they choose to die on, and religious extremism can mostly explain the rest


End times fever. They want god to wipe the slate clean and start over. That’s not even an exaggeration, unfortunately.


It's the Left Behind sect. Pretty large in the Midwest. https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Left_Behind


Could they just get raptured already and leave the rest of us alone?


It's illegal to help them on their way


If they're left behind after the rapture, they are the bad ones - no?


Agreed! He called it a “defeat” that the 11 year old CHILD’S “baby”(fetus not a baby) got “killed”(medically aborted not killed). Like wtf? She is a CHILD who definitely did not consent to what happened to her and does not have the capability to deal with the outcome of having said “baby” due to rape would be. I am so sick of these crazy pro-lifers. I know not all pro-lifers are this way but the ones that are need to really look at what they are saying.


Forcing an 11 year old to carry and deliver a baby would be more trauma on top of trauma.


It is also medically dangerous for a child that young to be pregnant.


Good buddy of Trump doncha know.


Bolsonaro is basically Tropical Trump.




[And another POS that's been in the news lately](https://www.cnbc.com/2022/05/20/elon-musk-visits-brazil-to-discuss-amazon-with-bolsonaro.html)


100 more days until we get rid of that piece of shit.


Coming soon..women who suffer a miscarriage will be charged with murder.


It’s already happening. A woman was charged with manslaughter a couple months ago for a miscarriage in Texas. Charges were eventually dropped, but she spent a couple days in jail. Also, just in case you were wondering, she was not white.


Yeah but even if her name was “cleared” and charges dropped, going through the criminal justice system is horrific. All sorts of consequences outside the legal system, of which employment is but one. Bail system, dealing with everybody treating you like a criminal… And then even if charges are dropped it doesn’t erase all the damage that can be done.


That's all on top of just losing your unborn child. Even if it was self induced or whatever it was, that doesn't make it less traumatic. I cannot even come close to imagining the pain and trauma that woman went through and many more will go through. And the fact "conservatives" can sit there and smile at that is fucking disgusting. I leave "conservatives" in quotes because at this point the party should be titled Regressives. Their goal is to undo decades of civil rights work because Pastor Tom says it's all against the Bible right before he goes and diddles the altar boy.


The cruelty's the point.


Don’t read Conservative subs. They say sick sick shit like “Dems about to cause a wire hanger shortage”. It’s not about morals, it’s about winning.


Wait, they're blaming Dems for women not having access to safe abortions? Or are they implying only Dems get abortions, which is FAR from true. Hell, even anti-choicers get abortions and still will.


Absolute second. But from browsing it seems some of the top comments do have some common sense and believe this is going to impact the welfare system. No shit Sherlock.


They can open up their fucking wallets. If the government wants to tell me how to live my personal life then they can fucking pay the bills.


Ah but they won’t! You must pull harder on your bootstraps!


I agree. With a country that has little to no maternity leave, limited welfare for single parents, especially dads, and a formula shortage, this is very very frustrating. Some of the top comments were discussing how this isn't a red vs blue issue, but more a poor vs rich issue, as they will just migrate to different states for their procedures. Which is absolutely true. Removing contraception and sex education, (the second of which is very limited already even in blue states) will just make matters worse and in 10 years time it will be an awful time to be working in foster care.


The funny thing is they are usually the ones on some sort of government welfare. Red states take the most and give the least.


Im pretty sure they were implying the latter. Either way, pretty gross mindset and worldview.


Have you met a conservative? It's all about "owning the libs" to them. Tact is not in their vocabulary.


I don't understand why so many conservatives are so goddamned cruel.


It’s a cruel world and they want to CONSERVE it… because it’s a world where the cruelty isn’t happening to them


They are also the party of "when you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression"


So they’re admitting they don’t care if abortions happen. They’re just deranged.


The conservative subs are pretty disgusting. There isn't even conservative discussion. It's nothing more than hateful memes from Facebook and the comments are nothing more than cheering the meme.


Yep I used to look at some conservative subs just to see what people were saying, what opinions and discussions they were having. It was pretty much a bunch of Babylon bee posts about lol the left is so dumb, to basically any pro Trump anti Biden post. I'm sure Trump has lost some steam there but someone new has taken his place I'm sure


They're literally having a *party thread* in /r/conservative and saying inner cities will burn all weekend long, and that they're checking other subs to 'enjoy the seething and meltdowns.' It's beyond sick how these people get off on taking rights away from others. I guarantee you it's all white men, too.


The second highest comment I saw on the /r/conservative thread was "RIP inner cities". "Inner cities" has long been a dog whistle for black people; the implication being it's a bunch of wild uncivilized "inner city" people having lots of abortions. It's so transparently racist but here we are I guess.


That was a long time ago. You have no idea how fascistic some Latinos have become lately in America. The Mexicans in Texas and Cubans in Florida - absolute bottom barrel of humanity.


You are correct, I come from a family of Mexican immigrants. I was the first of the family born in the US on my dads side of the family, and they are some of the most racist pieces of crap you can ever know. I always bring up how they were born in Mexico and they’ll say yeah but I’m American now. The fact that we are actually really white skinned light brownish gold hair and some of us have yellow and blue eyes makes it worse because they feel superior due to that. It’s pathetic hearing them discuss politics. I do not like relating to that side of the family. They might as well be dead to me.


Cubans in Florida are just that since decades ago.


I was born in the 80's in Ireland and have watched my country go from a fairly conservative Catholic country (where same-sex relations were banned, abortion was illegal, the Catholic Church had a stranglehold on education) to a radically progressive one, same sex marriage was voted in by popular vote (a first in the world), abortion is now legalised and the Church is a shadow of it's former self. Not only am I shocked at this ruling but I'm outraged that such a wide ranging ruling could be put into effect by a wholly un-democratic process. My heart goes out to the millions of Americans who will be effected by this. America is backsliding, I guarantee this is only the start. It's time to stop playing nice.


True. The legalization of divorce only happened in the 90s, for example. And look at the amount of suffering at the hands of the priests. Ireland knows how religion can fuck up a nation.


Ah, Yes, America, the land of the free and the leader of the democratic world. Where a president who lost the popular vote gets to appoint supreme Court judges who have have lifetime appointment and will be deciding on all major issues in the country. Considering that the new appointees are fairly young, pretty much expect another 30 years of this regression, until they are replaced. Also no guarantee that they will be replaced by a more progressive ones. As long as the US keep their electoral college system, does not revamp their congress and does not change their supreme Court roster(either implement term limits or expand the panel), they will keep regressing.


What the fuck is happening to America? I used to want to move there many years ago. These days it seems like the most insane country on Earth, where children getting murdered is normal, police are actively endangering the population and now women's rights are being regressed to a barbaric degree. What the hell is going on


“You must give birth to this child”! “Will I have help raising the child, food, assistance?” “Nope that’s socialism”


Funny how they always harp about "adoption" when you bring this up while ignoring that you have to actually fund child welfare agencies for that to work.


Texas currently has 3,200 kids in foster care needing adoption.


And me and my husband have the house, the money right now to adopt, we are even interested in older kids, more than one, we have 3 spare bedrooms. We are looking for older kids, 4 year plus but he has a paralyzed hand, born with cerebral palsy, he is bisexual, I am diagnosed ADHD and take stimulants, prescribed by a psychiatrist who keeps giving me letters about how good of a mother I would be, yet we would be unfit to parent.


And fuckin McMeth Head Jimmy and his sister wife Jenny get to pop out 5 kids, suck the welfare tit, vote repub, all while blaming the minorites and "welfare queens." When they the ones being the scum of the fucking earth. This is not the fucking country I was promised growing up. Yet here we are in bizzaro world. Why the fuck did they shoot that gorilla? Sorry for the rant.


"Just give it up for adoption!" "Okay, Steve and his husband want..." "No, not like that."


Reminds me of a George Carlin bit : "You would think the church and homosexuals would be natural allies. Who has fewer abortions than gay people?" paraphrasing (obviously). It's a really funny bit.


Also this gem: "Doesn't it strike you as mildy ironic that most of the poeple who are against abortion are people you wouldn't want to fuck in the fist place?"


“Republicans want live babies to train them to be dead soldiers” -George Carlin


Carlin's whole bit on abortion was from 1996 I wanna say, and literally every single part of it rings just as true now as it did back then. It's like The Simpsons, it didn't predict anything, we just haven't fixed any problems since it started airing.


>we just haven't fixed any problems since That's the goal of conservatism, to let problems fester because people in power are profiting from the situation and it would be unjust to change the order of things.


Also can’t campaign on fixed issues. Now that Roe has been overturned, the rhetoric will shift from “leave abortion to the states” to “we’ll outlaw abortion everywhere.” Gotta keep your base angry and afraid.


There are three celebrities I miss the most in this world. George Carlin Steve Irwin Mitch Hedberg We did not deserve them


Robin Williams loss is a deep cut for me


I find your lack of Fred Rogers disturbing.


>"Okay, Steve and his husband want..." They're next. Shit be hitting fans all over.


Yep. Next up… gay marriage & birth control


I mean read the Texas GOP platform. They aren't being subtle about it.


Listen to Clarence Thomas. No they’re loudly affirming worst fears for millions of us.


Yep, given Thomas' comments in the decision, gay marriage is going bye-bye. They'll be trying to ban contraception and criminalize homosexuality next too.


Trans issues won’t be far behind that I think. They would likely argue that medical and surgical changes, while not specifically done to prevent pregnancy - tangentially do, and therefore fall under the category of anti-procreation.


its even stupider that the only thing Thomas didn't comment on being looked at was inter-racial marriage, because then it would affect him


And a monthly ceremony?


Under His Eye.


Exactly. We are desperate for foster families in my state. But queer foster families? They don’t “believe” in that. The religious groups that take state money now have the right to turn away gay/non traditional families from fostering and adoption. And we the people have to fund their bullshit.


I’ve brought up that point multiple times and asked them *when* they’re going to adopt since there’s so many people out there who want to. (Adopt babies. Older kids are useless to them and not worth their time.) “I can’t, that would be expensive and financially ruin me.” “I can’t. I’m not in a situation where I’m able to take care of a kid well.” “I can’t. I don’t want to be pressured to take on the responsibility of a kid.” Congrats you idiot. You just described a few valid reasons why women abort. But you’ll never have to say in regards to adoption “I don’t want a kid because I was brutally raped by a family member or authoritative figure and now I’m being forced to raise their child and fear them taking it and raping it as well.” Edit: I’ve been working in ED Triage for the first half of the night and there has been an unprecedented amount of women coming in for physical and sexual assault. The Level 1 Trauma ED from another hospital just shut down because someone ran in with a gun and fired bullets in the air for celebrating Roe V Wade being overturned. It’s bad. I didn’t think it’d be this bad so quickly. I can and can’t believe that there are men out there celebrating this day by raping their daughters, their “friends”, some random girl.


Hey, anyone up for forming a *well regulated militia?*


I honestly don’t even give a fuck about being on a list at this point, the shit I say to some of my close friends and s/o have probably already have me logged somewhere as a potential future “rabble rouser”. If anyone genuinely wanted to get together to discuss our implicit constitutional rights and carry out our patriotic duty as US citizens I’m so game.


Those lists didn't stop the fuckfaces from storming the capitol so what good were they even? Middle aged white dudes with enough firepower to arm a platoon of marines who watches nothing but fox news and beats his chest on facebook isn't actually a danger to them? Just the brown people or something?


We know how the song goes right? >Some of those that work forces / Are the same that burn crosses There's your answer.


But those reasons don’t apply in their minds. It doesn’t work, just how “abortions will be unsafe now” isn’t an argument for them. They genuinely think that they know what their god is thinking and wants, and that he wants people to be punished for having nasty old sex. They think that well, if a woman dies during a botched abortion that’s just god’s will and maybe she shouldn’t have got herself pregnant in the first place. They think, well, if someone can’t afford their kid or they are with an abusive partner then we’ll theyll just pick themselves up by their tootin’ bootstraps and leave! Because that’s what they would have done by god. They are the types of people that only feel good about themselves because they have their religion, and they are of course better than everyone else because of it. If they didn’t have their religion, then… well, they’d be just the same as all of those other icky people! So no matter what you say, they are going to do mental gymnastics to blame the person getting the abortion, or say that the cases where it’s okay are so rare they shouldn’t even be considered… there will always be an excuse. (Side note - only referencing the “holier than thou” religious people here. I know some religious people who are quite nice and don’t do any of that crap.) EDIT: someone has already reported me, “concerned for my well-being” lmao!


If that’s God’s will then they need to never go to the hospital and if they do they need to be made an immediate DNR. Edit: Unfortunately, I’ve found people with that mindset are legit the first to swing at a pregnant nurse and then blame her for being pregnant and in their line of vision because she’s the perfect victim. Of course, hospital administration is of the same mind.


I've been digging into the downvoted comments on various posts just to see what they're saying and it's always the same sentiment: 'Don't have sex if you don't want to deal with the consequences'. So telling them to adopt isn't putting a dent in their argument. They didn't have sex, so why should they have to adopt - this is what they're thinking. They shouldn't be punished for the consequences of the actions of 'promiscuous' women. If you have the energy and patience to argue with these folks, you need to actually address their sticking points and dismantle those. *Women* suffer more from the consequences of 'promiscuity' than men ever will, for instance. Rape victims weren't even engaging in promiscuity. Pregnancy is extremely dangerous for a woman to undergo. Without medical intervention, fatalities can rapidly escalate for any number of conditions and complications. And then you can also dig into the slog that is the debate on when life begins, if you really must, but the best way to shut that down is simply to say that it doesn't matter if a foetus has personhood or not. Their personhood is not, and cannot be worth more than a woman's autonomy. I actually got into debating as a hobby starting with abortion as a topic. I always knew there were vehement pro-lifers out there. I never imagined the US would backslide this far. All I can say is I'm so sorry. I hope there's a chance to codify the right to choice in law.


Well, those kids have to pull themselves up by their bootstraps learn that Uncle Sam can't give you everything. Now, if you will excuse me I have to make sure those billionaires get big tax cuts and subsidies for anything they want.


And let's not even get into the cost. Adoption means carrying a fetus to term. Dozens of appointments, scans, possible procedures, time off of work, and a massive change to a human body. And a certain amount of risk. Adoption isn't a fucking answer. Plus with our government allowing religious organization to monopolize adoption agency, they still get to impose their own will upon somebody that they hate.


A certain amount of risk is right. Maternal mortality rates in the US are abysmal, particularly where there’s little affordable prenatal care.


Pregnancy can be extremely traumatic. Adoption isn’t the blanket solution.


Also the cost of adoption. My friends are looking in to it and it will cost them roughly $40k.


Indeed. Adoption deals with the outcome of a pregnancy, it doesn't solve the problem of being pregnant


And having a baby isn't cheap


My sister listed this as a reason she was putting it off. My mom didn't believe it was that much. We called a hospital and were transferred 4-5 times before we found someone who admitted the billing would "start at" ~20k. My mom turned white.


5-12K is more of an average cost for a natural delivery and a cesarean delivery is about 8-15K on average. That is still to much for most people. And then you're looking at daycare for 5 years which costs roughly another 10K a year depending on where you live and the kids age. The average amount of money spent raising a child to 18 for a middle income American is a bit over $250,000, a quarter of a million dollars. And that's before college. That's not to say you can't do it for cheaper, but most parents don't want to disadvantage their child by spending the least amount possible on them.


You guys live in a fucked up country. Birth should be a free service.


And all of these rulings assume that pregnancy itself is trivial. I personally know two women who DIED due to pregnancy complications, even with good medical care. Pregnancy is a major undertaking that takes a massive toll on your body. Everyone should be able to choose whether they go through that or not.


Worthy of note that the US has just about the highest rate of maternal deaths among industrialized nations. The country in which a woman is most likely to die in childbirth is the one that doesn't give you an alternative.


So what I gather from all this is that our current Supreme Court wants us to arm every girl who has had their period, concealed carry, so they can shoot anyone who tries to rape them? Did I get that right? Because that’s what it sounds like.


And if that fails they can now easily shoot themselves, because women suicide rates *will go up*.


How is America land of the free if( I'd say 70% of people) don't want this to be overturned but a few people were like let's change this we don't like it?


In the words of rage against the machine "Land of the free? Whoever told you that is your enemy".


When the US was set up, the slavery states full of evil shit heads got special concessions to give them more political power than they should otherwise have. Fast forward 250 years and the present evil shit heads in those evil shit head states have used that power to achieve minority rule.


I really dont get it. Even moderate republicans dont want it overturned. Why did they waste time on this drivel


It's the entire reason 1/3 of the current court were even put there.


It shifts people out of red states. A state like Texas was going purple. If Texas went Blue, goodbye any reasonable path to the presidency for Republicans. Unpopular moves like this are unpopular with both sides, but there’s a better chance it will move left leaning people out of the state, keeping the red majority safe.


Which is why the divide between red and blue states is about to get so bad they might as well be different countries. Good thing there’s no historical precedent that this could end terribly.


As someone living in Illinois it wouldn't be a fun war being surrounded by red states.


No longer conservatives. They’re regressives.


Seriously. Most Dems should be called conservatives, just trying to maintain modern sensibilities. The GOP is purely a regressive party now, and wants to take us back to the 1800's. This isn't a "both sides are the same" thing. This is a fight between the modern age and antiquity.


Considering most first world country's see the US as a right wing country regardless of who's in charge, it wouldn't be a stretch to switch the terms to "Conservative" and "Regressive" vs. The current Liberal vs. Conservative arguments. A US liberal, is most other country's conservative. Makes it funny when Americans talk about "owning the Libs".


The main right wing party in Australia is called the Liberal Party. It has policies similar to the American Democrats.


Although the recently deposed Prime Minister would have cheered the overturning of Roe v Wade. The LNP coalition has been poisoned by the same revanchist religious ideology.


Thank fuck we recently gave them a decisive boot from office. I can only shudder thinking of the press conference Smirko would have held, crowing about how wonderful those decision was and how much he wished to do that here.


That's because it refers to the actual concept of market liberalism. Rather than the way the term is misused in the US. Liberals are centrist by nature.


They're fascists. Unapologetic fascists.


It seems there is a frightening shift taking place in the U.S.


America votes trump and 2016 heralds an era of alternate facts and post truths, 2022 still reeling from this boom and abortion rights could now be at risk across the globe. Now supreme justices want to overturn contraception rights and same sex marriage rights. Religion and state should never mix.


And sodomy laws, with sodomy technically being anything other than penis in vagina sex. So no oral or anal, even for you straighties


It’s a Republican Party power play. Moving away from the federal government having any say in what states can do and not do. Many of these changes like abortion rights will push those that can and will vote out of those states. (Abortion rights are only the beginning). So what they will eventually be left with is full red states. No longer weak, purple or potentially flipped. They will continue to gerrymander and suppress voting rights. More than likely if they lose they will stage another coup. No matter what, the republicans play extremely dirty and democrats don’t do a damn thing to fight back. Sad affairs in the US. Won’t be recognizable in a few more years.


The states rights thing is just a red herring. As soon as the partisan operatives in the Supreme Court killed Roe, Republicans started calling for a nationwide ban on abortion. These people are dishonest beyond words.


Funny how "States rights" is always the excuse when infringing on the rights of others. Abortion, gay marriage, slavery, etc. Gotta love how the right of the state trumps the right of the people within.


They always act like it's a win for freedom when a state takes some power, and they are doing it now, but the state took power away from regular citizens. That's the opposite of promoting freedom. A bunch of people went from being able to choose for themselves to being unable to choose for themselves.


They believe in a "republic" as much as nazis believed in "socialism."


They’ll make sure the states can’t regulate guns though.


No you can’t abort your child. We want it to be killed in a mass shooting when it gets older.


"say the line, Bart"


Thoughts and prayers


YAAAAAAAY\~\~\~!!!! \* Sad Bart sounds.\*


"Now is not the time for politics."


What was that George Carlin bit? Something about conservatives being against abortions because they need a steady supply of young men to ship off to war. Ugh


"Child Worship" was definitely one of Carlin's bits. He was so fkn right too.


They need live babies to be dead soldiers.


Or work unlivable jobs to create a class of people you can put under your thumb and blame for your problems.




Hey now! You can also sign up for the military to kill people in other countries


I read somewhere that the reason this country will never have universal healthcare and paid college is because that’s how the armed forces keep recruiting these poor kids from the rust belt. And it made so much sense that it made me sad, so yeah we’re fucked in this country.


When i was a kid, i dreamt of living in USA. The older i ger and the more i get to know about USA, the less i wanna live there and visit it, sadly. The American people i met are great ppl. The gouvernment is shitty sadly.


Imagine being born here and being told it’s the greatest country in the world, only to see all of this unfolding.


I don't understand why conservatives hate so much Muslim when they have so much in common with the Sharia law.


It’s funny you mention Sharia. Back when Obama was elected and I was a child, my parents were flipping shit saying that Obama was going to impose Sharia law. Now I’m watching the republicans do just that, and my parents are just like “this is the way”


American conservatives is more restrictive on abortion than sharia law. Even sharia law allows abortion in case of rape or genetic deformity. Muslims don’t believe that life starts at conception, they believe life starts at 120 days in the fetus. https://youtu.be/s5T0nMwRw_o This guy is like a hardline Muslim and even he allows abortion.


Ironically many Muslim countries allow abortion.


Wilhoit's Law: >“Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect.” It's never about protecting lives or upholding religious dogma. It's about control. The conservatives of today are the royalty of the 17th century and the elites of the 19th. It's all about having a class system, about having people to look down upon in order to feel better. And how can you feel superior if the common man has access to the same liberties as you? You take them away with an excuse that you are protecting them. Religion is the scapegoat, this is class warfare and always has been.


People should start suing the government for the cost of raising a baby to adulthood, since the government is making someone have a child they would otherwise abort.


And they say the government shouldn’t be so involved in lives of Americans.


There is a serious issue with aging populations and how unsustainable the future is with lots of old people and not enough young people to support the olds. China is in an extreme position but then so is Japan and Thailand. In Europe the countries well known to be in strife are Italy Spain and Germany. Germany accepted all those Syrians. Wonder why? Countries like Australia and Canada manage through migration and growing their populations. USA has the continual stream of migrants from the south, that the Republicans generally don't want. USA has an issue with reproduction because people would like the standard they grew up with but cannot afford it after they pay for education. After their qualification they have to find a partner, get a house and then start a family. Some only end up with one child. In order to increase that family size to 2 or 3 the best way would be to reduce education costs. People would start on the ladder sooner. Or providing more social support such as happens in the Scandinavian countries. Women are not having abortions willy nilly. They have them because they cannot afford to bring up a child when they can barely afford to live themselves. Every loving parent wants their child to have at least the childhood they had...or better. Every child should be wanted and be born when the parents feel they are capable to parent. If the Republicans want life to go back to the early 1960s, a time of wonderful architecture I might add, then they have to also bring in high taxes for the wealthy, low education costs and better design schools.


> If the Republicans want life to go back to the early 1960s, a time of wonderful architecture I might add, then they have to also bring in high taxes for the wealthy, low education costs and better design schools. But that wouldn't be the glory that is neoliberal Reaganite "trickledown" economics. So nope.


>migrants from the south, that the Republicans generally don't want. Oh no. They hire them to exploit their labor. Same reason we have all of our shit built in China. Cheap, abundant labor. Maybe the point of today's SCOTUS decision. Immigrants are detested scapegoats, "murderers" and "rapists," "taking your jobs," and simultaneously cost saving employees. They're allowed to be hypocrites because facts and logical consistency are enemies of fascism. "It's true because I say it is, and if it's not, then it's just fake news." You're either with us or against us.


This is such a step backwards, but I'm sad to say it's not surprising. Banning maths books, running shooter drills instead of fixing the problem, letting religion run politics amongst other shit. Yes our Dutch government is an asshole but they do try and show that they aren't trampling over our rights. I'm a Brit that has lived in Amsterdam for the past decade or so and I can see the same shit happening in my homeland. Boris the fuckwit has broken laws, so he goes and changes the laws. They don't like protesting so it'll be illegal to protest. Unions are now speaking out and the fucker is going to change the law to allow government agency workers to take over jobs at a private company. Conservatives are scum.


It’s embarrassing to live here.


I'm not embarrassed, I'm frustrated. These people fed me bullshit all throughout my schooling about how wonderful we are, how compassionate and free this country is, how we all have access to the same wonderful dream. And now look at us. Worst is that there's no movement to fight this crap, so everyone that opposes these decisions is forced to fight fractured and alone.


Sweet home Talibama!


Of course this is unpopular, but does anybody wish RBG had listened to Obama and retired? Amazing person but quite ironic.


Understatement, the agenda appears to take all women's rights away eventually and lower the age of consent.. and they said the other side was the pedophile ring...


Gaslight, Obstruct, Project


The lowest age of consent in the US is 16 though it is 18 in some states, and the minimum age of marriage in the US is 14 for boys and 12 for girls (Because they are still boys and girls) in Massachusetts. In other words, parents can force their pre-teenage daughters into marriage with any creep they want.


Many states allow child marriage, so, not to long for that


The pro-life people fucking loved the Iraq war. [1] Trump flat out said he separated refugee families on purpose, and his Republican approval rating went up some more. [2] The WIC program exists to feed basic, staple foods to new mothers and children. The Republicans kicked hundreds of thousands of people off of it. [3] As we speak, 12 Republican states still refused to implement the medicaid expansion, denying healthcare access to 7 million people. Some of these states have passed ballot measures to expand medicaid and the Republican state gov still won't do it. [4] My point is this: if you think the Republicans are pro-life, you're a fucking moron. They are not pro-life. They wield abortion like a free pass to do whatever they want as long as they can convince their constituents that the alternative is babykillers. [1] https://www.warc.com/newsandopinion/news/survey-begs-question-did-fox-slant-iraq-war-news/en-gb/14606 [2] https://time.com/5315609/family-separation-policy-trump-doubles-down/ [3] https://truthout.org/articles/trumps-budget-would-deny-food-to-400000-children-and-pregnant-people/ [4] https://www.kff.org/medicaid/issue-brief/status-of-state-medicaid-expansion-decisions-interactive-map/


What a dumpster fire of a country


Doesn’t get much more American than taking away other’s rights. It’s kind of on-brand for us.


Just don't ask them to put a mask on or they riot. Women? Rights? What even is that? - my take on USA


A recently fertilized clump of cells has more rights than the actual person carrying it. If women were just born as guns instead, they’d always have rights and protections.


Fuck conservatives. They’re coming after gay marriage next, and then they’ll overturn the ban on sodomy laws to allow gays to be prosecuted. The normal political process is broken, rigged, and will not work in our favor.


Thomas literally wrote a supporting opinion saying the next to go after were obergefell, Lawrence, and Griswold, aka gay marriage, gay sex, and contraceptives respectively


Thing is, doing that would also invalidate his marriage, as interracial marriage is protected by the same rulings. He's a hypocrite.


He actually very specifically didn't mention Loving, which is very convenient. Thomas is literally comically evil though. He'd be the single dissenting opinion in the 8-1 case of *Cardboard Box Full of Abandoned Puppies v. Actual Evil Robot Hitler*


“The danger of religious faith is that it allows otherwise normal human beings to reap the fruits of Madness and consider them holy. Because each new generation of children is taught that religious propositions need not be justified in the way that all others must, civilization is still besieged by the armies of the Preposterous. We are,  even now, killing ourselves over ancient literature. who would have thought something so tragically absurd could be possible?” -Sam Harris


It's legal in Nevada come on down😁


Nevada: come for the legal prostitutes, stay for the legal abortion


Many things are


America got sent back to the fckn old days cause of a mythical book and it’s nutzo followers . Every woman in America was shitted on today ….WTF 🤬


God, I just don’t care about these conservative christian nutjob’s god or this fantasy about souls entering a body the second a sperm cell and an egg meet, or their need to punish sex because they arbitrarily decided a natural pleasurable impulse is bad. I hate pretending to respect crazy people.


I saw someone earlier asking people “not to shit on religions during this conversation”. Nah. Keeping quiet about the atrocities committed in the name of religion just makes it easier for religion to gain power and push agendas onto the rest of us. I’m not interested in babying anyone because they feel like they’re the “good christians”. Per Pew Research, 84% of white evangelicals voted for Trump in 2020, vs only 12% of those of us identifying as atheist or agnostic. Nobody can sit here and pretend that evangelical ideology isn’t a problem for the rest of us.