how do I stop from these spam comments spamming my notifications? #YouTubeKilledTrustedFlagging

how do I stop from these spam comments spamming my notifications? #YouTubeKilledTrustedFlagging


7736030279 can you spam this number please


Who's no. is that?


I have the exact same problem and it pisses me off.


this has happened about 5 times already ? from 5 different accounts too, but everytime i click on the comment its not even there so all i can do is mute the user but now that i know I'm not the only one I'm less spooked ;-;


This is happening multiple times a day for me, I reply to a lot of videos myself so that's increasing the number of spam comments I receive. I'd say I receive a spam comment for about every 2/3 comments I post. I'm really sick of it.


damnnn , im sick of it too :[[[ how do we stop it though ?


Considering they're copying other people's comments on the same video I suppose YouTube might have to implement a filter where they automatically delete any comments that are entirely identical (maybe even if possible delete identical comments from different IP addresses, that might also solve other annoying kinds of spam though it would obstruct creators from asking their followers to comment for specific purposes). It's frustrating but YouTube will have to come up with a solution, the problem is absolutely rampant and they haven't yet released any statements about it even though it's been going on for about a month. It also seems that the longer this drags on the more of these notifications we receive. As for what WE can do: report the comment (or even account), mute the user, delete the notification. I'm not sure that will actually decrease the amount of spam you receive but perhaps mass reporting will spring YouTube into action.


YouTube is absolutely ruined.


I’ve been getting these as well! It’s like the porn bots are becoming sentient. They’re not spamming with links or anything, they’re just commenting on my comments with, what looks like, legitimate comments that another human would post. But their username is 100% bot generated, and profile is pornographic in nature. It’s so weird


They copy other comments from the video itself to look like real people


I have the same problem. YouTube could literally just ban any IP with "check my video" or "check my profile" in the username and you're good.


Same problem ... apparently those are bots that targets your random comments and reply to them with the comment from comment section that is most simular or has key words ... mine fuqed over polish language ... and key word ... model ... so yea... just a bot


Well if you go on settings on your YouTube channel you can ban people from viewing your videos


Those pron bots have been replying to my old comments so every time they did that I would block them and then delete my comment. It's no use reporting their comments because CrapTube won't do anything about this.


I do the same


oh I'm not the only one I am just waiting for youtube to fix this and ignoring those notifications, I press the button to hide it. I used to report, but I noticed that it wasn't doing anything so I stopped (I am pretty sure it worked before, back when my notifications were not getting filled with them)


The button to hide is on the three dots at the right of every notification You press that, and then press "hide this notification"


Same problem here


I’m getting those aswell. A lot.


So am I!


Me too…


YouTube is trash. they delete legit comments for no reason but ALWAYS allow tons of spam comments and don't do anything about it. youtube hates actual conversations and loves spam


They deleted my comments about those pron ad bots. Because it contained the word "pron" f ck political correctness. its worse than cancer


spam is harder to detect Legit comments don't get deleted for no reason, they usually get deleted for using swears, using the word stupid, mentioning the name of any politician, among other stupid reasons. It's very inconsistent, you sometimes can say "stupid", and you sometimes can't, but it's always a word I wish they just deleted comments based on their channel name, or at least make it an option for youtube creators. More complex filters


nope, stop always insisting it's because it had a curse word..... They delete comments that don't have ANY filter words. no cursing or suggestive/controversial things at all. You could literally say "cool beans" or "yeah that's a good idea" and there's a chance it'll get deleted. Happens to me sometimes. Other times people will reply to my comment (again, nothing controversial), and when I check that reply an hour later, my comment was deleted for no reason. I know for a fact it wasn't reported because it wasn't controversial, YouTube doesn't do shit about flagged spam comments, and it's happened to me consistently at random times. And it isn't isolated to a specific channel. I've even seen smaller channels say they don't have a custom spam filter and even their own comments answering some simple questions get deleted, and no it didn't have a link....


>stop always insisting why do you say that as if you knew me or if I had said it before? I couldn't be more confident about what I am saying, I always refresh my comments and wait 30 seconds to see if they get deleted. If I repost the exact same comment it will always gets deleted, but if I remove one of the words then it won't be deleted.


I'm saying stop always insisting because people love to reply with your exact response about curse words or controversial words causing the trigger any time a comment is removed when it isn't the case at all... read my post again And funny how you said that then again defend your mute point. How does your specific experience translate to, that's how it goes for everybody when it's clearly not the case. And your point was a complete strawman, you stated an example of you spamming (saying the same comment twice) that got deleted, therefore it means YouTube doesn't delete legit non spam comments at all. What kind of logic is that


I didn't know other people were saying that, some actually told me it doesn't happen at all Why are you so riled up about this? edit: At this point I decided that I was not going to continue this discussion if this is what's going to be like, and I just had more reason not to continue after every reply


You replied to me insisting what happened to me is untrue and giving me the typical troubleshooting response when I clearly stated none of that was the case and gave specific examples. then you didn't address a single thing I said... I don't think you're going to address anything so I will probably stop responding


I don't want to clarify myself or explain myself to someone that is mad at me over something that I just don't feel as mad or riled up. That is just not something fun to do, and a lot of people wouldn't like that. You need to understand that I don't know your background or prior experience with this and other similar subjects. You shouldn't assume I do. We both have very different perspectives, and you should understand that my perspective is different from yours (because if it wasn't, there would be nothing to discuss and nothing to learn for either of us, why even reply?). Your attitude makes me believe that any oppossing mindset would receive the same confrontational response. There are going to be times where you are going to be right and everyone else is going to be wrong, repetitive responses are going to be expected and you should be able to try and prove everyone else wrong in the case it benefits you. Everyone gets frustrated at responses that seem repetitive, and I don't know what to say to de-escalate this to be honest. I guess trust me when I say this is not just some robotic response I am giving that tries to only state the obvious (The n word gets your comment deleted, no big surprise), and I study this filter deeply because I verify that my comments were not deleted every single time. I also know how filters work on other sites, and know that these filters can be very intelligent sometimes. If I didn't study this filter, how would I know that saying the name of many politicians can get your comment deleted? It's not just controversial politicians, or that it's very inconsistent?


yeah you went completely off topic and again refuse to address anything I said. of course I will express discontent if you refuse to address anything I said and just strawman, that's how it should be. I didn't get all angry like you said, I just called you out. it's not that big of a situation that you think it became. You are suddenly jumping to conclusions that I can't handle an opposing opinion, again, a strawman, I encouraged you to challenge my comment with a proper response which never happened.


I said >I don't want to clarify myself or explain myself to someone that is mad at me over something that I just don't feel as mad or riled up. That is just not something fun to do, and a lot of people wouldn't like that. I think that already explains that I am not going to continue this topic if this is what's going to be like, it's not fun. I find it's necessary to address that as a condition that should be addressed before continuing with the main topic, or as a way to walk away from this topic and explain why.


What about the ones that recommend crypto


I was just about to make a thread. I keep getting these notifications every day. I'm not a minor, but if I was, youtube would be in trouble for allowing this.


First time I'm seeing sex spammers.... Wow. They know damn well minors see these comments but they don't care. I'm sure reporting does nothing.


There isbsome problem with google platforms there's porn spams on google drive then gmail and now it came to YouTube


i keep getting this i am a minor


I'm sure they're just robots?? I mean who would spend any amount of their life spamming videos on YouPoop?? But humans are dumb and you'll figure that out as you age. We are not intelligent lol. I'm honestly surprised our species have lasted this long... Considering in the past it was really messed up


There's SO many of them I think they are bots. But they are very clever, as for example one comment was about Hearthstone's Mercenaries mode and a character appearing in the video making them more likely to buy the mode, congratulating Blizzard. Some also describe events happening in the video. The character's name is in the description, but Blizzard or the events of the video are not mentioned anywhere. Going through the other replies to different comments, about every second reply is one of these sex clickbaits promoting their channel. So either the bots have a very advanced AI (GPT3 etc.), there's lots of people involved in this or the comments are copied from elsewhere in the comments section.


got a couple of these. im guessing it's some sort of data breach since i haven't gotten a single one since changing my password.


I'm so sick of these! I'll have like 10 notifications and 8 of them are sexbot spam comments!


I thought it was someone stalking me, glad it's not just me... The thing is I don't think these comments get deleted even if you report them because the actual spam is their actual username. They just copy and paste someone else's comment so it looks legit to the AI.


Yeah. If you go through other comments in the video, you should see plenty more similar comments. So you're not being targeted. I've also reported all of the ones I get for sexual content, but none of the comments have vanished even days later. So either youtube does not care, or the reporting is checking the comment only and not the channel (Which promotes porn sites in the channel image) or name.


Was about to post this as well, what a relief to know I'm not the only one.


Five times in the last ten hours. Flagging them does absolutely nothing.


So tired of these comments that I started to doubt the real replies I get on my comments.


Yep, same here, multiple per day, getting real tired of reporting them all


I don’t think you can. Just keep reporting them. When I was doing YouTube I was also getting spam comments, but it was more of an obvious phishing attempt than what you have.


I know, it's been happening to me too. In my latest video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXQNpv-ag5A](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXQNpv-ag5A) there are like two totally jibberish comments and a few that I've already deleted.


So glad I am not the only one- I was so confused why this started happening all of the sudden. When I first got them I didn't notice the name or the photo- just read it since that is what I usually do. So I was so confused what the hell the were talking about because it had literally nothing to do with my original comment lmao. I think it was a squid games interview video or something and the bot comment was talking about Britney Spears


SAME! I just got 6 notifications and on ONE comment I have 6 Sexbot spams?! Like how are the same 6 bots following anything i comment on? I have 0 subs because I don't post anything 😶


It's genuinely out of control ATM. It's tough because they're using relevant speech patterns for the video and it's probably fleecing YouTube's bot protection. I wonder how long it's going to take for YouTube to step in


from what i've noticed it seems they mostly just copy and paste other comments from on the video so yeah, the content of the comment itself doesn't come off as bot-like


such a thoughtful move by whoever powers this robotic female army


Too long IIRC lmao 😑




I saw this post and the next day I got one of these comments; it’s contagious 😂


Try blocking them go to the page and block them this has happened to me and everytime I just block them


There's hundreds of them


Happening to me aswell


I get them all the time replying to stuff i wrote years ago, it's getting downright on my nerves. I have literally no fking idea where they even came from and the weird part is that all their replies are related to the videos itself.. YouTube, please do something against it already..


This is happening to me as well, it's super annoying.


yeah I came here to talk about this too, I'm getting a lot of this spam accounts that just take one of the most liked comments under a video and repost it as an answer to mine.


Same thing with me, spread the word


I keep getting them too, at first I even thought it was a real person


Post Taiwan is a country and watch how your comments get removed while YouTube keeps their post


Gotta try that


Kashmir independence got it removed as well but I think cause I included Taiwan is a country as well


U want independent Kashmir?


Same happenening with me, is also happening in the Spanish community


Try to get the creator of the bots swatted, its worth it


It's likely they're in a country other than the US.


It’s weird because the comments are always legit comments (in the sense that they’re related to the video and don’t just say to go to their profile) but the account is the thing that’s the spam


really? I stopped reading them tbh so maybe its changed but the first couple I got had nothing to do with the video or my comment, thats what made me so confused at first (because I didnt notice the weird name or photo)


they're top performing comments from the video, most of their comments are just a copy paste of other high performing comments. God these bots are annoying


It looks like they're copying a legit comment from elsewhere in the comments.


Yeah, that is what I thought since I swear I’ve read those comments before 😂


I'm getting 2 or 3 daily. Annoying as heck


I've gotten so many of these jesus


Just made a post on this subreddit about this lmao


Came to this subreddit for this


Same here I have been getting these too


I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one experiencing this! It’s been driving me nuts!!! I’ve been very concerned by them and so have been reporting them all. I really hope YouTube does something about it soon.


Same. I hope it's actually doing something when we report


I can't even report now because they delete the comments and YouTube has no way to just automatically delete the message out of your notification settings you have to do it manually


Me too 🤞


Turn Off Your Non Important Notifications.. it’ll turn off everything expect if you get a noti from a YouTuber you have notis on with


I get so pissed when I see those weird spam comments.


THIS IS THE REASON WHY I COME TO THIS PLACE. Because of this spam, I thought my phone was getting malware or something that I've been getting tracked. I deleted every comment where this notification on :(


They've started deleting the comments right after sending them so the notification just stays in our notif tab... YouTube needs to do something


Yesterday my dad wanted to search for somerhing on Google and this notification popped up...


Show him this page explaining the situation, and how it's happening to so many others too. These people are such trash, man.


You are dead


I also keep getting those! I actually made a post on here a few days ago, but I guess it didn’t gain that much attention. I just typically report them for spam and mute my comments.


Is any of the content creators been informed about this?


not much they can do really. I've had them on videos as diverse as Vtuber clips to Mighty Car Mods videos, Subreddit readings (work), a Colin Furze video. Oddly enough it seems like they're going back through my old comments though which is weird since none of the comments they've replied to are all that high performing.


Thank god its not just me


I just came to the subreddit to see if exactly this was happening to other people as well; I really hope youtube fixes this soon.


I was about to post the same shit. Are they following me around, or is it everyone?


They‘ve been spamming my notifications for the past 2 days aaaaarghh…


Exactly I had to block 14 so far and when did these boys become so advanced they actually know what happened in the vid?


Actually there's some very advanced AIs out there. Like Elon Musk's OpenAI GPT-3, which you can send still or moving pictures and it can know what's happening in them, and is more clever than a real person most of the time. GPT-4 is coming soon, which is scary as it's said to be a massive upgrade. And Musk wants to put it into our heads to make us super smart.


they're just copying a comment from the video


yeah i've noticed that often they'll be a replicated reply to one of the top comments


Same thing happened at tik tok even a fnf clickbait got them


I was about to ask the same thing, because I get a lot of these as well


I hope I don’t get a spam comment from a inappropriate profile picture.


i hope Is Not try stealing my information


I make sure to mute and report all of them. At some point youtube has to notice


You 🤝 me Watching David504 and LinusTechTips


[You🤝me](https://i.imgur.com/rx4FFRv.gif) ^^^this ^^^has ^^^been ^^^an ^^^accessibility ^^^service ^^^from ^^^your ^^^friendly ^^^neighborhood ^^^bot


Ok that’s pretty cool but it made me realize I spelled Davie wrong 🤬


I notice few of them responding to my comments odd - they are in native langue quite accurate to the content and oddly i dont saw more of them in the same video. simillar to the one on ph site..


They are accurate because they copy other comments of the video. I was wondering at first too, but then I recognized some.


I just mute them tbh


I KEEP GETTING THOSE. I thought they were targeting my account or something, so I'm really glad to see it's not just me. I'm getting these replies on comments from years and years ago, it's so annoying.


"so I'm really glad to see it's not just me" Huh? What does that mean?


Getting these replies


came here just to verify it's not just me too


Kinda scared me when I saw a bunch of them in my notifications lol


First thing I did after like the 4th reply notification was run a malware scan even though I have no idea how that would work to get replies through malware XD


I was tempted to, but I decided to search reddit first. I then forgot about it until today, since I got another notification, and now they're all over reddit


I reported a couple that should help


Ignore it and report. It also helps to turn off reply notifications.


Ignore button on youtube is a decoration


I also believe youtube's comment downvote button is decorative. It does not seem to do anything, unlike here. Try it on this comment for example :o)


>ent downvote button is decorative. It does not seem to do anythi Im talking about ignoring but downvote button on youtube already not working, yes its decorative and I think this is good. It will turn reddit otherwise. -10 votes 0 explanations about your mistakes isnt looking good for me.


Haha came here to post the same thing. It's so bloody annoying!


Fr that happening to me tho bot are annoying


These accounts... They copy existing comments and post on random replies... Bloody hell


Ohhh so that's what's happening. I thought there was some saddo sitting at a keyboard and typing up a bunch of messages for the bots to choose from.


If you take your time memorizing/noting down what the bots said in those comments and scroll through the comment section, you will most likely find the original


Yeah I haven't done that, I just immediately delete my original comment and the notification


I really hope someone finds a solution. It's getting wicked annoying.


It has to be a long-term solution for good.


I just wanted to post basically the same Screenshot you have. In the last few days those accounts post answers to my comments that make no sense at all


Let me know if you get to come across a solution 🙂




I got several yesterday on a weeks old comment with no likes from a video that had 6.5k comments, so I have no clue how they even found it. That said, the responses were like any other I normally get just with porn model profiles.


True , I started getting these to .


I got one of those once. Since my comment was just the bot responding, I deleted my comment completely.


Expect to get a lot more recently. I'm getting these replies on comments I left years ago




report all of them when you get them.


they always make new accounts… you really cant do anything or when google disables account creation of this cause


But they might catch some IP to ban or something


What was this reply saying?


Don't know exactly, think it was just something like "you can't do anything about it"


No fucking clue. Came here to ask this too.


oh my freakin god, right. and its always like a week later so i've completley moved on from the comment and get all excited about a new upload


They never do anything about bots


You can't I've got multiple emails from YouTube after I reported them saying that these kinds of accounts and comments are neither illegal, not against YouTube's community guidelines therefore won't be removed... YouTube is f*ed


It's gotta be against the bot-account rules on the grounds that they're copy pasta real replies that almost make sense in context (dog help us if they start using gpt to manufacture replies). Definitely needs a reply group signed letter "attention youtube. If you want us to keep using your platform and not muting \*every\* notification you need to solve this problem". Notifications = site time = ad dollars = attention.


I seen one today....


my whole notifications tab is full of this too. it's so annoying